Name: Nguyen Ngoc Tram The table illustrates the portion of the grown-ups who have utilized

the Internet for three months prior to be interviewed in UK from October 2000 to October 2005. Overall, it was a remarkable increase in the rate of all bands. As demonstrated, the given period witnessed a significant rise in the initial three years accompanied with the going up excluding the group 16-24. The percentages of users in 25-44, 45-54 and 55-64 in 2005 were 81%, 75% and 51% respectively, which were approximately 28% more than these ratios in 2000. Regardless of the decline by 3% in 16-24-age to 87%, it is possibly inferred that Internet is becoming the functional instrument for adults’ consultations. Concerning to the proportion in accordance with age, the group 16-24 overwhelmed the remaining ages. In 2005, this rate was 87%, followed by 25-44 and 4554 age brackets with 6% and 12% less, correspondingly. Noticeably, the quantity of the first group was roughly double the ultimate. Briefly, the elder the adults, the fewer consuming Internet for conversation. In summary, the percentage of British adults who utilize Internet for interview had increased annually. It is notable that young people were frequently preferable.

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