From New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur

Airport Fee Airport Fee Processing Fee Refund** (per guest per sector) Booking service fee*# Convenience fee ## Fuel Surcharge Fuel Surcharge Flight change / Cancellation (per sector) International Name change (per booking) International Service Fee Infant Sports Equipment* (up to 20kg) Pick A Seat Standard Seat Hot Seat Baggage Supersize (Pre-book) Supersize Regular - International (up to 15kg) Supersize Medium - International (up to 20kg) Supersize Large - International (up to 25kg) Supersize Xtra Large - International (up to 30kg) Baggage Supersize (Check-in counter)# Supersize Regular - International (up to 15kg) Excess Baggage Excess Baggage Charges (also applies to Excess Sports Equipment) per kg Lost Baggage Compensation (per kg) International


Rs 283

Rs 250 Rs 500 Rs 165

Rs 750

Rs 2150

Rs 3100

Rs 1800 Rs 1200

Rs 600 Rs 1700

Rs 700 Rs 1000 Rs 1700 Rs 2000

Rs 900

Rs 700

USD 20

Note : **Please note that all airport tax refund is subject to a processing fee as advised. *#Applicable to all bookings made via Call Center, Sales Offices, Airport Sales Counters and Group Desks and Indonesia AirAsia Carrefour booth ## A non-refundable convenience fee is charged when payment is made (with credit, debit or charge cards) per guest for each way & only for the initial booking. *Sports Equipment Fee is applicable to Surfboards, Snowboards, Bicycles, Scuba, Golf and Skiing gears. Any other sporting equipments (that was not stated earlier) are accepted as part of the baggage allowance. #Excess baggage fee apply for above 15 Kg.

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