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This project (ACTIVE

CITY ADMINISTRATION) mainly deals to create a user-friendly

online interface for citizens to communicate with administrative body and, reduce the distance and time barrier between citizens and administration, to create a online platform where people can share ideas, issue complaints, create suggestion/petitions for improvement of city administration, and to encourage the citizens to actively participate in city administration to bring transparency and flexibility in system. Motivations to build this system can be defined by two reasons - Limited hour service availability in the current system, Lack of involvement of people in exhibiting their responsibilities towards society. The Users of the System can be Citizens of city, Local municipal authorities, Administrators. NGOs. The technologies to be used in this project are UML, HTML, XML, e-Forms, Web 2.0, etc...The tools that are specified are ROSE/RSA / DB2 UDB etc

Team Guide:
Mrs.N.Chandhra Jyostna. Srikanth (08131A1217)

Team Members:

Md. Aamir Abbas (08131A1229)

P.R.V.K Chakravarthi (08131A1236) R.ARUN KUMAR(08131A1243)