Title: Page Table of Contents I. COMPANY DATA A. Brief History/Background of the Company/Company Profile B. Inclusive dates of training C. Name(s) of Personnel (supervisor, liaison officer, training officers/instructors, etc.) involved in the training program with their respective designations. II. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM A. Objectives 1. General 2. Specific B. Schedule/Timetable C. Areas of Training D. Reference Materials (e.g., Manuals, textbooks, etc.,) used during the training COMPILED WEEKLY REPORTS


PERSONAL EVALUATION OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM Reaction paper by the trainee to include comments on the following areas: 1. Significant Achievements 2. Technical skills and new technology learned 3. Equipment, machinery, testing apparatus, etc., handled 4. Experiences with the company personnel involved in the training 5. Strong points 6. Weak points and suggested solutions V. RECOMMENDATIONS A. Potential of the company as a training ground  Availability and appropriateness of facilities, equipment and machinery  Company personnel cooperation B. Duration of training (too long or too short) C. Suggestions for the improvement of the training program D. Advise to future On-the-Job Trainees

APPENDICES A. Evaluation Form (sealed) . Copy of the Endorsement Letter B. Trainee’s Curriculum Vitae D. Certificate of Completion E. Copy of the On-the-Job Training/Practicum Agreement and Liability Waiver C.VI.

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