Letter of Recommendation I am writing this letter in support of Ms.

Prachi Zirape, who graduated in Information Technology Engineering from this College recently. During the fouryear Bachelors Program, I taught her the VIII-semester course in ‘Artificial Intelligence’. I have also monitored lab session for the ‘Soft Skill’ in third semester. She was a dedicated student with excellent record of interest in AI. She delved deeply into the subject with intense curiosity, which strengthened her fundamentals. Good interpretative ability is another of her strength. For these qualities she may be found useful as an assistant in research work at your University. Also, she is articulate in voicing her ideas, which aids her in presentations and in team efforts to answer the questions from her audience. Her curiosity, stemming from intense interest involved her all the time in delving deeply into the subject. Thus, Prachi is a disciplined, industrious and serious student. She is unstinting in her efforts to keep abreast with the latest technologies. In my unbiased opinion she has a rich blend of creativity, temperament and discipline required of a person desirous of pursuing a career in Computer Science. I strongly recommend her to the graduate program in your esteemed University with full assistantship.

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