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Pace the 12-Minute Fitness Revolution-Mantesh

Pace the 12-Minute Fitness Revolution-Mantesh

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Published by Alliyah Brown

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Published by: Alliyah Brown on Dec 25, 2011
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Dardik IJ. Te Origin of Disease and Health: Heart Waves – the
Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability and Ischemic Precondi-
Cycles. 1996;46(3):67-79.

A review of the risks associated with a reduction in heart rate vari-
ability (HRV). Retrospective examination of the efects of reduced
HRV revealed that reduced HRV is associated with increases in
infant mortality, sudden-infant death syndrome, coronary artery
disease, multiple sclerosis, type-2 diabetes, as well as all-cause



PACE: Te 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


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PACE Revolution


Al Sears, MD


The Wellness Research Foundation


Primal Force


Glycemic Index


American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine


American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)


American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)





American Council on Exercise


Framingham Heart Study


Jonathon Wright, MD


Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD


Coach Yari


Jonny Bowden


John Defendis


How to Get the Most Out of PACE

Congratulations on being part of the
PACE Revolution.
Measuring your heart rate is critical
to the success of PACE. Your heart
rate gives a clear and accurate picture
of your progress. It helps you …

Track Recovery Time. Your recovery time is a marker for your
heart health. If your heart rate doesn’t slow down at least 30 beats
in the first minute, you’re in poor shape. If it slows down more
than 50 beats in the first minute, you’re in excellent shape.

Gauge the Intensity of Your Exertion. Measuring intensity is an
important aspect of your PACE workouts. Underperform and you
won’t get the benefits. Overperform and you’ll put yourself at risk.

Determine Whether You’ve Entered the “Supra-Aerobic Zone.”
When you finish an exertion period and go into a recovery period,
your heart rate should go up a few ticks. This usually takes place in
the first 10 to 15 seconds. As your recovery period continues, your
heart rate will start to come down. This is a sure-fire way to know
you’re doing PACE correctly and will help you build a bulletproof
heart and powerful lungs.

Using a heart rate monitor makes it much easier to track your heart rate
than stopping to count pulse beats.
This easy-to-use heart rate monitor has everything you need to gauge
your exertion levels and find out if you’re reaching your supra-aerobic
zone. In fact, it has three different audible alarms (two visual alarms)
that help you track your progress.
It’s durable, lightweight, and comes with a chest strap and wristwatch.
This is the best kind, because the chest strap rests right up against your
heart, so you know you’re always getting an accurate reading. All you
have to do is look at your wrist, and everything you need to know is right
there on your easy-to-read monitor. It’s as simple as that.

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/hrm

Getting Lean Is as Easy as
Pushing Play

Dr. Sears takes you step-by-step
through PACE, giving you an in-
sider’s look at the revolutionary exer-
cise program that put aerobics out of

In this hour-long video, Dr. Sears
and his team of fitness experts guide
you through the techniques that make PACE work and how to do them.
You’ll discover the PACE fat burning secrets and see them in practice.

Applied to actual workouts you can do yourself, you’ll see the PACE
principles laid out in front of you. It’s as easy as inserting the DVD and
following along. No more guesswork… no more wondering if you’re do-
ing it right… You’ll get the whole story in a way that’s easy to understand
and easy to do.

Hearing Dr. Sears explain PACE in his own words gives you an instant
sense of recognition. And when you combine his instruction with an
actual demonstration of some of his best techniques, everything falls
into place. The ease and simplicity becomes clear. If you ever had trou-
ble following PACE, this will wipe out any confusion.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that burning fat is hard work that takes
hours to achieve. But compared to cardio or aerobics, PACE is easy and
takes up much less of your time.

PACE is fast and to the point. It’s not the grueling drudgery you may be
used to... it’s not at all what cardio feels like. You feel invigorated after it’s
done, not tired and bored.

Aside from hearing Dr. Sears explain PACE in his own words, you’ll get
sample PACE routines for both indoors and out. If you don’t have access
to a gym, it’s not a problem. You’ll find a PACE program that fits your

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/pacedvd

Burn Fat Without Dieting or Counting

Dr. Sears busts the biggest fat-loss lies in High-Speed Fat
Loss in 7 Easy Steps

Learn why:

• Counting calories won’t help you lose weight
• Eating fat won’t make you fat
• Traditional exercise won’t keep you lean and trim

High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps returns you to your native diet and
makes hitting your ideal weight a sure thing.

Dr. Sears uses these same techniques to slim down his patients. With
amazing results… Many patients make double-digit drops in their first
month: 12, 18 even 22 lbs. of fat loss in the first 30 days!

Within minutes you’ll put these easy-to-understand principles to work
and effectively burn fat – even if nothing has worked for you in the past.

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/flb

Clinically-Proven Plan of Breakthrough Health
Secrets Helps You Build a Powerful, Disease-
Free Heart

Dr. Sears’ bestselling book, The Doctor’s Heart Cure,
shows you how to stop heart attacks and strokes in a way
that’s easy to understand and simple to follow. You’ll learn
how to determine your own risk and put together a program that fits
your own needs.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the lightning fast and deadly strike of a
heart attack or stroke. The Doctor’s Heart Cure lowers your risk to zero.

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/dhcb

Put One of the Most Dangerous Myths
of Our Time to Rest

Your Best Health Under the Sun, gives you everything
you need to enjoy the sun safely, while using its power to
prevent disease, burn fat and power up your sex life…
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:
• How 20 minutes in the sun can prevent 17 deadly cancers
• The 7 dangerous chemicals in sunscreen that increase your risk of
skin cancer
• Why skin cancer rates are skyrocketing in cities that get the least
amount of sunshine
• The little-known secret that powers-up your sex drive and boosts
your sex hormones by an amazing 200%…
How sunlight controls your blood sugar, improves your response to insu-
lin and helps you burn fat…
There is no need to feel guilty, stressed out or worried sick when you are
in your native sun… Your Best Health Under the Sun gives you an easy-
to-follow guide for taking full advantage of the sun’s disease-fighting
power. And best of all, you’ll feel better almost immediately!

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/sun

Switch on Your “Immortality” Gene

There’s a hidden switch in every cell of your body. It
controls how long you live… and when you die. It has
the power to extend life—maybe indefinitely.
Most doctors have never heard of it. A group of scien-
tists stumbled upon it just ten years ago. They watched
in awe as generation after generation of cells multiplied … without aging.
For the first time ever, you can slow down and even reverse aging.
You’ll be in the front row as Dr. Sears and a team of leading anti-aging
experts walk you through the process in his brand-new DVD.

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/ta65

Attention Men: Have More Sex… More
Ambition… More Gusto… Stronger
Muscles…Bigger Dreams…

Fact: Many modern chemicals closely resemble estrogen.
These hormone look-a-likes get into your body and send
powerful and confusing messages to your tissues and
organs. They can feminize your body and wreak havoc
on your sex life.

That’s not all: Loss of muscle, ambition and sex drive will zap your en-
joyment of life.

But here’s the good news…

You Can Get on the Fast Track to Super Manhood – Today!

Dr. Sears’ book – 12 Secrets to Virility – exposes the dangers of estrogen
and gives you quick and powerful ways to:

Toss Your Viagra in the Trash: Dr. Sears’ Simple 2-Step Strategy
for Turbo-Charging Your Sexual Performance Will Keep You Rock
Hard and Ready for Action – No Matter What Your Age.

Eat the Foods You Love – Guilt Free: Stop Torturing Yourself with
Low-Fat “Health Food.” Dr. Sears Shows You How to Enjoy Your
New York Strip and Improve Your Heart Health at the Same Time.

Live Pain Free: Jump out of Bed, Run to the Store, Walk a Round of
Golf… You’ll Use the Quick and Easy Solutions that Slash Your Risk
of Arthritis and Wipe Out Joint Pain Forever.

Never again will you have to listen to a doctor tell you, “It’s just part of
the aging process…” 12 Secrets to Virility will reveal the real truth about
male health and aging.

More importantly, the secrets you will learn will transform you. You’ll
lose your gut, strengthen your body and regain youthful sexuality.
Starting as soon as you begin practicing the secrets in 12 Secrets to

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/12sec

Give Your Brain the Power of Total Recall
and Extreme Alertness

As you age, your mental functions slow down. Both
your thinking and your reaction time slow. It’s probably
natural. But is it unavoidable?
Despite what you may have heard, cognitive decline is
not inevitable. What’s more, maintaining your memory has
little to do with genetics, and even less to do with drugs.
In this report, you’ll discover a different approach. It’s the best way to
improve your mental performance and stave off age-associated cognitive
decline. And, it’s free!
Many of these simple exercises take just minutes a day. They’re easy to
understand and easy to do.
You’ll find:

1. Tools you can use to reverse cognitive decline
2. How to beat the brain-destroying effects of cortisol
3. The best way to protect yourself from dreaded Alzheimer’s disease

Think of your brain as a dynamic system. The neurons respond to en-
vironmental factors and mental stimulation. By stimulating your mind,
you preserve your memory, and can even restore the clarity you had in
your youth!
Research shows the more you use your brain, the less your risk of
Alzheimer’s. The more connections, or synapses, you can develop be-
tween brain cells, the more resistant they are to the disease.
How do you create these connections?
Discover now in Dr. Sears’ Free Report – Repair Your Aging Brain... in
Just 15 Minutes a Day! Get your FREE report INSTANTLY... along with
the latest health news and little-known health solutions that really work.
Simply sign up to receive Dr. Al Sears’ FREE Health Confidential e-letter,
(published 5x per week), plus access to over 420 articles on the HOT top-
ics that affect YOUR health, and we’ll immediately send you his exclusive
research report… Absolutely FREE!

Call 866.792.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution.com/rybreport








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