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“Dr. Sears blows away the conventional medical wisdom – could it be that cardio training is bad for your health? Dr. Sears makes the impossible seem possible, well written and referenced. If he’s right… it changes everything.” Ronald Klatz, MD, DO Founder and President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine www.worldhealth.net “Dr. Al Sears has distinguished himself as a leader in the area of Anti-Aging Medicine and recently in cell and telomere biology. Now, he boldly introduces the PACE fitness program. This challenges present day exercise theory. However, the program is backed by considerable research, and I predict it will become a standard part of a progressive Anti-Aging Protocol.” Frederic J. Vagnini, MD, FACS; Medical Director of the Heart, Diabetes and Weight Loss Centers of NY “Unlike any exercise program that’s come before it, PACE enables you to get fit and stay fit regardless of where you started. It gives your body the chance to make the changes you need to stay lean, trim and disease-free.” Dr. Lynne Kavulich Founder and Director of “American Wellness Care”

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


“If you exercise, you should read this book, and immediately improve the quality of your workout time. If you don’t exercise, you should read this book, and start right away on the road to a longer, healthier, more vibrant life.” Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, ABAAM Medical Director, The Nevada Center for Anti-Aging Medicine Author of Bursting With Energy and The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough “The current fad of ‘cardio’ exercise, despite some benefits, is unnatural and may result in harm. PACE is the way to go.” Khalid Mahmud, MD, FACP Innovative Directions in Health, Minneapolis, MN “Dr. Sears masterfully explains how we can flip the switches that allow access to the store of human vitality that resides within each one of us. We understood how to do this when we were young and now Dr. Sears gives us the evidence-based means to tap into our potency, strength, and stamina with intention.” Paul L. Hester, MD, MBA “Dr. Sears has done a fantastic job of not only explaining WHY this exercise approach works, but HOW to do it in simple terms that anyone can apply to their own lifestyle and condition. Get the book, and get moving!” Ted Cole, MA, DO, CTN, FAAIM, BCIM Founder, The Cole Center for Healing “PACE lives up to its name as a ‘ fitness revolution.’ Dr. Sears cuts through much of the health misinformation presented to the public as gospel. He clearly shows why long aerobic workouts are counterproductive and why low-fat, high-carb diets don’t lead to weight loss. Read it and improve your fitness level today.” Terry Grossman, MD iv www.pacerevolution.com

“In this terrific manual, Dr. Sears once again takes on the hide-bound myths of the fitness and health establishment and tells it like it is about exercise—what works and what’s a waste of time. Brilliant!” Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS Author of The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth and The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer “As a doctor trained in Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Health, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor and former competitive bodybuilder, I find the principles outlined in Dr. Sears’ book refreshingly practical and effective, as well as scientifically sound.  Not only has Dr. Sears formulated PACE from good scientific support, but also he has garnered the information from the personalpractical application of what those of us who’ve exercised regularly for over 30 years have found works!” Douglas Husbands, DC, CCN, ABAAHP www.drhusbands.com “People who have been inundated with years of ‘low fat’ diets and ‘cardio’ exercise plans will really need to be hit over the head with the reasons for change, and Dr. Sears lays those out in no uncertain terms.” Shannon Ginnan, MD Medical Director, Reveal “The research about different types of exercise was ‘new news’ to me, and I found it very interesting. I plan to incorporate these guidelines into my own yoga practice, and I have already begun sharing some of Dr. Sears’ exercise information with several clients – it just makes sense!!  How wonderful to have access to a dynamic range of exercise without the expense and inconvenience of gym memberships!” Dani Hudspeth, RN, LMT, CCH, DHom

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


Al Sears’ book.” David Brownstein.” Dave Woynarowski. MD www.pacerevolution. Sears explains in detail the science of his PACE program and how simple it is for anyone to achieve athletic wellness and victory over degenerative aging. this new second edition blends the best of the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with modern scientific fact. Sears’ book tells you how to overcome illness and achieve health by incorporating a simple exercise regimen. Dr. comes out swinging and wins the fight for your better health. MD “The accepted medical mantra is to exercise for weight loss – but Dr. Sears presents compelling evidence that ‘cardio’ and aerobic exercising are counter-productive to the body. Dr. Sears crumbles the cardio myth and explains a different approach to exercise.com “Dr. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution is a much-needed book.drbrownstein.” Ellie Phillips. More importantly.com . In his book. DDS Author of Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye www.“As with the first edition of PACE.CleanWhiteTeeth. Dr. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to achieve their optimal health. Al Sears.com vi www. MD takes on a lot of exercise and medical dogma. What appears important is the type of exercise needed for fat burning and health.

Sears scored in the 99th percentile on his MCAT and graduated with honors in Internal Medicine. Sears… l Sears. Brazil. India. anti-aging. Sears travels the globe to bring back to his patients the latest breakthroughs in natural therapies. Psychiatry and Physical Medicine. and nutritional supplementation. Florida. Dr. His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract thousands of patients from around the world to his Health & Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach. Recent trips to Peru. One of the first doctors to be board certified in anti-aging PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution vii A . and Jamaica have yielded important new discoveries in anti-aging and alternative medicine. As the founder and director of Wellness Research Foundation. A graduate from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. Dr.Meet Dr. Neurology. a non-profit research organization. MD is a board-certified medical doctor specializing in alternative and preventative medicine.

He currently writes and publishes the monthly newsletter.pacerevolution. arguably the most important breakthrough in anti-aging medicine today. Health Confidential. including The Doctor’s Heart Cure. CNN and ESPN. Doctor’s House Call. Sears has appeared on over 50 national radio programs.com . published author and enthusiastic lecturer in the field. Professional Memberships American Medical Association (AMA) Southern Medical Association (SMA) American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) Herb Research Foundation (HRF) Certifications Board certified in anti-aging medicine Board certified in clinical nutrition ACE certified fitness trainer viii www. ABC News. Sears is an avid researcher.S. Dr. Dr. to administer TA-65. and contributes articles to a host of other publishers in the field. He is the first doctor licensed in the U. and High Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps. Sears is the author of seven books. Dr. and daily email.medicine.

..................................................297 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution ix .................................... Jonathan V................................................ Wright....203 Chapter 12: PACE for Life ...........Table of Contents Foreword By Dr..................................................................... 53 Chapter 5: Join the PACE Revolution Now ..... 171 Chapter 11: Pocket-Sized PACE Power ....125 Chapter 9: Rebuild Real Strength ............ 255 Appendix C: Research Summaries................... MD ......... 1 Chapter 2: Throw Away Your Jogging Shoes ....................................................................................... 253 Appendix B: Common PACE Questions Answered ......... 143 Chapter 10: Stay Lean for Life ................... 231 Appendix A: PACE Workbook ...... 37 Chapter 4: Relight Your Native Afterburner .....................................................279 Appendix D: Resources ............................................... xiii Chapter 1: Are Your Lungs Dying? ........................ 73 Chapter 6: Unleash Native Fitness in 12 Minutes .................xi Introduction: PACE Reawakens Your Native Fitness ............................................................................................................. 105 Chapter 8: Supercharge Your PACE ........................................................................................................ 93 Chapter 7: Track Your PACE Fitness ......................................... 21 Chapter 3: Aerobics Put to Rest ...............................

pacerevolution.x www.com .

Scientific study backs him up. Even I can fit that into my schedule. Al Sears’ PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution. Dr. as Dr. Sears cites multiple scientific studies proving that short bursts of intense exercise are best for restoring more youthful lung capacity. lowering cardiovascular risk. cavemen (and cavewomen) didn’t go jogging. MD ooking for an exercise program that fits into your busy schedule and really works? You’ve found it here in Dr. Sears writes. As you’ll read in the book. for the majority of humanity’s time on Earth. and reducing body fat while building muscle. For the vast majority of human history. running a marathon creates an inflammatory storm indistinguishable from the early symptoms of heart disease. weight lifting was done only when there was actual work to do. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution xi L .Foreword By Dr. What exactly is Nature’s exercise pattern for humans? Put briefly. and fully activate your body’s fat-burning capacity? By following a fundamental principle of good health: Copy Nature! Even better. the usual human exercise pattern has been running as fast as possible for only as long as necessary to catch lunch or to avoid being lunch. How can 12 minutes a day do what’s claimed by this book—rebuild your heart and lung function. Wright. Few if any individuals did repetitive daily running. multiple recent research studies are proving that copying “Nature’s exercise pattern for humans” is best for your health and mine. Jonathan V.

Gaby M. and in a fraction of the time. significantly less body fat. while she gained 9 pounds of muscle. not to mention lower cardiovascular risk.com Author of: Dr. Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormones (2010) xii www. Although the twins had the same lean body mass and body fat (24. increased lung capacity.D. For me.pacerevolution. Ph.com . I know which one I’ll choose.. after 16 weeks. and the other did traditional “cardio” exercise. in which one of the 18-year-old women did the PACE program.D..5%. Optimal Wellness (2006) Co-author with Lane Lenard. MD Medical Director Tahoma Clinic Renton.D.. The “cardio” exercise twin decreased body fat to 19.. I’ll copy Nature! How about you? – Jonathan V. rested. The “cardio” twin ran up to 10 miles a day.tahomaclinic. including most recently: Co-author with Lane Lenard Ph. and actually lost 2 pounds of muscle. Natural Medicine. the “PACE” twin sprinted 50 yards as fast as she could. and repeated this six times. Why Stomach Acid is Good for You (2001) Co-author with Alan R. body fat decreased to 10% for the “PACE” twin. Wright’s Book of Nutritional Therapy (1979) – over 1 million copies sold And 11 other books. it’s a “no-brainer”. Significantly more muscle. Wright. Sears’ very own “identical twin study”.5%) at the beginning of their programs.One of my favorites is Dr. Washington www.

deadliest and most widespread disease epidemic the world has ever known. Their daily routines provided them with the physical challenges that kept their bodies lean and muscular.S. Unless we do something about it.Introduction Y ou and I have a big problem. we are not designed for the world we live in. That’s our modern predicament. alone and. the World Health Organization has recently announced that for the first time in history these modern “chronic diseases” have surpassed all other causes of death worldwide. To put it simply. Two out of three Americans are now overweight. sick and will probably kill us. we are in the largest. we have rendered it unnatural. Our world has changed so much in such a short time. Diabetes is nine times more likely than it was just 30 years ago. In the space of a few hundred years. this problem will make us weak. Our ancestors evolved to thrive in the world in which they lived. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution xiii . Heart disease kills over a million people each year in the U. tired. As a direct result of these changes. we dramatically changed almost everything about our living conditions.

lungs and bodies to maximal exertion.Being effortlessly energetic with a naturally lean.com . In our world we don’t have any of the physical challenges that push our heart. shrink your lungpower and encourage your body to make more fat. These so-called solutions just don’t provide what our bodies thrived on for millions of years. aerobics and weight lifting. Our “answers” to inactivity are variations of cardiovascular exercise. predation and infectious diseases. Modern exercise advice has failed you. native people were energetic and robust. all of which are unnatural and ineffective. high-performance body without doing anything conscious to accomplish this is what I call native fitness. And far from making us stronger and more resilient. It isn’t natural and it doesn’t work. With strong teeth and bones and lithe bodies. Now don’t misunderstand this observation… ancient life was usually brutal and shortened by high infant mortality. It’s the state of vitality that arises when your body is perfectly matched to your environment. jogging. It was a natural consequence of their intense struggle to survive. And our modern exercise habits fall short to fix this problem. Enduring hours of drudgery only to increase your risk of disease doesn’t make sense. they actually have made us more vulnerable to disease. Our ancient ancestors achieved native fitness without thought or effort. I’m not suggesting a return to this predator versus prey struggle.pacerevolution. As you will learn in the book. They typically had anatomy and physiology traits we would envy. But I’ve studied native cultures around the world. xiv www. these misguided forms of exercise downsize your heart’s output.

But how? PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution xv . escaping from predators or fighting for their lives. Better sexual performance. They didn’t run marathons or jump around for an hour at a time without a break. is hardwired in your genes. ancient humankind lived in a world where short. New muscle growth and stronger bones. vitality and long life. High-speed fat loss. The trigger that makes it happen is short bursts of exertion followed by rest and recovery. And the way they work together with the challenges of your environment is the formula for strength. Reserve capacity in your heart. followed by rest. intense exertion was followed by periods of rest and recovery. A small group of astute exercise and health professionals have come to the same conclusion: what we need to recondition our bodies and reclaim our native health is short bursts of high intensity intervals. This natural rhythm produces: • • • • • • Expanded lung volume. exertion came in short bouts followed by rest. The body you have right now is a result of this lifestyle.For our ancient ancestors. bones and organ systems are reflections of this genetic design. Your genes define the kind of movement and exertion you need to survive and stay fit. Your muscles. This pattern of brief intensity. Whether hunting prey. Millions of years of evolution have crafted the heart that’s beating in your chest at this very moment. A higher metabolic rate with increased insulin sensitivity.

You must do something. In an ideal world you wouldn’t need to exercise. What about the people who need it most? PACE is the only system ever designed to safely and effectively recondition our average modern bodies back to optimal fitness. heart disease and cancer rarely existed. PACE reawakens your native fitness. PACE overturns years of failed ideas and exercise advice.pacerevolution. The PACE revolution leads us back to ancient times when our bodies were perfectly matched to our environment. But those days are gone. Our bodies are already programmed and perfectly equipped to respond to these challenges.The average person can’t go out and perform at a high intensity for any “interval. PACE is a growing revolution.” As you will learn. PACE is a clear path that realigns your modern mind and body with the instincts and rhythms of your ancient past.com . It’s already practiced by thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world. PACE upends current exercise trends by revealing their flaws and offering a more effective. By starting off easy then gradually and incrementally focusing on the right changes. more natural way of moving our bodies. these interval training programs are really only adequate for highly conditioned athletes. PACE is the answer and the action. This book will show you how to replace the flawed and xvi www. Today you must act. The result is total health. to a time when obesity. we recreate the challenges of our ideal natural environment. not just fat loss or a stronger heart.

Your muscles will be their intended size. no bigger or smaller. Your chest will be robust. super-fit native inside you. even while you rest. It’s rightfully yours. MD PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution xvii . Avoid heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Native fitness is your birthright. Awaken the dormant. motivated and ready to take on any challenge. only 12 minutes per day. Develop a powerful and disease-resistant immune system. you’ll: • • • • • Build strength and reserve capacity in your heart and lungs. To Your Good Health. your waist thin and your breath will be deep and focused.ineffective theories that have been mistakenly accepted without proof of what really works. Join me now as we reawaken this vitality. Join the PACE revolution and your body will soon become naturally strong and resilient. In a matter of weeks. Al Sears. Burn fat. And the best news is that joining the PACE revolution takes. Dramatically increase your energy levels. on average. You’ll join the cutting-edge group of thousands who now feel energized.

com .xviii www.pacerevolution.

Kannel and Helen Hubert. Doctors involved in the Framingham Study. The groundbreaking Framingham Heart Study looked at data stretching back six decades and concluded your lungs tell you how long you’ll live.Chapter ONe Are Your Lungs Dying? It’s the Most Destructive Effect of Aging… I bet your doctor never told you this: As you age. William B. here’s what they said: “This pulmonary function measurement appears to be an indicator of general health and vigor and literally a measure of living PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 1 . And here’s the real eye-opener: The smaller your lungs. both from the Boston School of Medicine concluded: your lungs are the number one predictor of death. To put another piece of this monumental discovery in their own words. causing your lungs to shrink. This ongoing research is particularly convincing for two reasons: it’s the longest running study in medical history and it has no involvement from the big drug companies. cells in your lungs start to die off faster than you replace them. That’s bad news not just for your strength and stamina but also for your ability to fight off disease. the greater your chance of dying – of all causes.

And.capacity… Long before a person becomes terminally ill.com . Dean Ward. You won’t hear that from your doctor and you won’t read about it in the newspaper. your life depends on it. Have a look at this graph: Age Related Loss of Lung Function 100 90 80 J J Percent Remaining 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 30  J J J J 40 50 60 70 80 Age Maximum Breathing Capacity Adapted from “Biological Aging Measurement.” Dr. The Framingham examinations’ predictive powers were as accurate over the 30-year period as were more recent exams.” 1 That’s a remarkable equation: Your ability to breathe equals your ability to live. But you can do something about it.pacerevolution. vital capacity can predict life span. 1988 2 www.

Don’t wait another day. WP. Yet 35 years later.” This study was published back in 1974.209 people over 18 years. blood glucose and age. Both a persistently low and recent fall in vital capacity [lungpower] were associated with increased risk of congestive heart failure. pulse rate. Here’s a quote from the study: “Examination of the net contribution of vital capacity (a measure of lung function) to risk of congestive heart failure revealed that a low vital capacity was associated with development of congestive heart failure even after taking into account other contributing factors including blood pressure. relative weight. W. Seidman.49(6):1160-1166. ECG-LVH. the medical mainstream still ignores the power of the lungs to predict disease. in the prestigious journal of the American Heart Association. JM.. Circulation. Kannel WB.More Revelations From the Framingham Heart Study: Reduced Lung Function Predicts Congestive Heart Failure Following 5. Just a half hour a week could mean the difference between a heart attack and a healthy. those who had smaller lung capacity had up to a 1. cigarette smoking.. heart enlargement on X-ray. Vital Capacity and Congestive Heart Failure: The Framingham Study. But as the years went by. Fercho. Circulation. Put PACE to work for you right now. the people in the study showed no sign of heart disease when their lungpower started to shrink. Castelli. researchers discovered that the risk of congestive heart failure goes up 10-fold as lungpower decreases.000 percent greater chance of developing congestive heart failure. 1974. disease-free life. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 3 . What’s more.

Yet doctors and the media continue to overlook or ignore this critical breakthrough. Dr. Hubert announced their findings back in the early 1980s. More recent studies confirm your lungs’ ability to predict lifespan and risk of disease. If the Framingham Study were the only one to make this point.” 2 4 www. Dr. “It is surprising that this simple measurement has not gained more importance as a general health assessment tool. it might be easier to understand. Schunemann remarked. By the time you’re 80. But it’s not. tested the predictive value of lungpower in both men and women after 29 years. The researchers. you lose over 60 percent – and that’s just an average.com . In addition to confirming the link between lungpower and death. Schunemann. led by Dr.By the time you’re 50 years old. Kannel and Dr. In 2000. The Framingham Study found your lungpower drops 9 to 27 percent per decade. they also found an increased risk of death for people with moderately impaired lungpower – not just the people who had the worst damage. The results were consistent… and sobering. 40 percent of your lungpower is gone.pacerevolution. If you’re on the high end of that scale you could lose 80 to 90 percent by the time you retire. Holger J. Don’t expect much help from mainstream medicine. the American College of Chest Physicians published a 29-year follow up to an earlier study from the University of Buffalo.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 5 . they will tell you it’s impossible to maintain or increase your lung capacity. They respond to the right challenge. It may be accepted as “fact. And with that loss your risk of disease and early death will skyrocket. This has been verified using independent labs with the latest maximum lungpower-testing technology.” but your lungs are not helpless.That’s quite an understatement. As of this writing I am 53 and have the lungpower of an 18-year old. I accomplished this simply by following PACE. If you ask your doctor. It’s Not Too Late to Stop the Loss… Rebuild Your Lungs and Enjoy the Energy of a 30-Year Old If you do nothing. you’re at risk. you can build healthy. In my own practice I monitor my patients’ lungpower and give them simple. A pulmonary function test is a tool every doctor should be using. Your lungpower is the primary predictor of your health and your future. I’m living proof. In the same way you can build real heart strength. they will probably tell you lungpower is not important. Even if you have just a moderate loss. robust lungs. which most people do. What’s more. easy-to-follow steps to rebuild lost lung capacity. You’ll find those techniques in this book. But that’s not true. you will quickly lose precious lungpower.

The study’s co-author. Hancox RJ. The evidence is clear: the damage starts when you’re in your 20s and 30s. CRP is a risk factor that leads to heart attack. Dr.com . Bob Hancox said. but as far as we know. and then again when they were 32 years old. Green JM. Thorax. 6 www.pacerevolution.62(12):1064-1068. 2007. et al. Poulton R. “Increased levels of inflammation markers have previously been found in older people with reduced lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). inflammation and the risk of heart disease. this is the first time it has been reported in young adults without lung disease. PACE is the only program designed to build lungpower and eliminate the risk of heart attack and stroke associated with inflammation.” In other words. stroke and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).Small Lungs Boost Risk of Heart Disease – Even in Young Adults… The University of Otago in New Zealand discovered a link between reduced lungpower. reduced lungpower is related to inflammation. And inflammation leads to heart disease and stroke. Systemic inflammation and lung function in young adults. Measurements of lungpower and blood inflammation were taken when the study participants were 26 years old. Researchers found higher levels of a key marker of inflammation – C-reactive protein (CRP) – in the blood of those with smaller lungs.

PACE challenges your peak lung volume. after they had finished a long-duration cardio program. their lungpower had shrunk. I always wanted to be a gymnast but I wasn’t that good in tumbling routines. Much to my initial shock. I do the same for my patients. What’s more. The coach asked me what weight lifting routine I used to develop shoulder. Over time. Short bursts of intense exertion followed by rest send a signal to your lungs to expand. When I told him that I didn’t lift weights he asked me to assist in strength training the team. the strain of lost lungpower speeds up the aging process. But I could do the strength moves better than anyone on the team.I first observed and documented lungpower when I was an undergraduate in college. I’ve helped people across the board. This would be our starting point. your body adapts to the challenge by increasing its lung volume and power. I ran another series of lung capacity tests. I ran a series of pulmonary function tests. making you even more vulnerable to infection and chronic disease. right? A few months later. arm and back strength. I had a job at the school infirmary so I borrowed their equipment to measure as many parameters of strength that I could. As part of this assessment. That’s when it all began to click… If you don’t challenge your lungs’ maximum power you’ll actually give up lungpower. have problems like PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 7 . Whether they’re recovering smokers. I put those with the lowest lung volumes into running programs because everyone “knew” that long distance running would make you develop more lungpower.

1990. Thieme. M. Oxygen Multistep Therapy. the German physicist and inventor Manfred von Ardenne tested the relationship between exercise and lung function. In one set of studies von Ardenne showed the average loss of lungpower over time.com . This graph reveals his findings: Building Younger Lungs Maximum Oxygen Uptake Kg min 60 50 40 30 20 10 0  = Elderly people practicing high-intensity intervals similar to PACE  = Average people X X X X X F F F F FF A ml F F X XX X X X X X X X X X F B F 0 10 20 30 40 Age 50 60 70 80 90 100 Adapted from: von Ardenne. I have proof that even if you are in your 70s it’s still possible to regain and maintain the lung capacity of someone in their 30s.emphysema or COPD.pacerevolution. But he also measured the lungpower of older men and women who used one of the techniques in my PACE program – short bursts of intense exertion followed by rest and recovery. PACE successfully rebuilds their lungs and gives them greater energy. Starting in the late 1960s. 31 8 www. stamina and performance power. or simply have a moderate loss of lung function. He discovered that people who challenge their lungs with the right type of exertion could have the lungpower of someone much younger. p.

you can do it successfully with little effort. Overall. intense bursts you mimic the movements of our ancient ancestors. By the time you’re 80. By keeping your routine focused on short. you have lost almost 60 percent of your lungpower. But the people who challenged their lungs had younger lungs. And you send waves of life-giving oxygen through every cell in your body. foraging and escaping from wild animals. And the benefits go far beyond your lungs. Even in spite of their age. keeping them younger longer. Rebuilding your lungs is not only possible.You can see that maximal oxygen uptake starts to drop off in your 20s and falls sharply as you age. Another man in his early 70s maintained the power of a 30-year-old (Point B). This improves the way your organs use oxygen. the men who exercised had younger lungs (diamonds) compared to the people who didn’t (circles). This included hunting. Manfred von Ardenne discovered that your cells produce more energy when you practice short bursts of intense exertion – a capacity you build with my PACE program. This loss over time is represented by the black line. Aside from keeping them lean and muscular. a man in his early 50s had the lungpower of a 20-year-old (Point A). PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 9 . In one example. this pattern of exertion followed by rest flooded their bodies with oxygen. For thousands of years our hunter-gatherer ancestors stayed fit from activities that involved intense exertion followed by rest.

(BV) 1. The difference is important.000 Adapted from: von Ardenne M.000 25. Your brain gets almost twice as much blood and oxygen during maximal exertion than it does with light or medium exertion. Oxygen Multistep Therapy.com .500 9.Have a look at this table: Your Blood Flow at Different Levels of Exertion Blood Flow (ml/min) Rest Brain Coronary Lungs Skeletal Muscle Cardiac Output 750 250 Basic Value. Blood flow to your lungs and your cardiac output increase by more than 400 percent.500 Heavy Exertion 1. Traditional exercise has failed you.200 5. When you look at “maximal exertion. The numbers are stunning. 144 This table shows how blood circulation increases with exertion. 1990.” a capacity you achieve from your PACE routine.800 Light Exertion 880 350 1.400 1.pacerevolution. Compare that to the relatively small increases during light exertion. circulation – and therefore oxygen transport – goes through the roof. p. you won’t build your lungs by 10 www. And. the kind of exertion level you achieve when you practice a medium-intensity challenge like aerobics or cardio.100 4 x BV 22.4 x BV 4.000 750 3 x BV 12. Thieme. By not recognizing the rate of blood flow associated with different levels of exertion.500 Maximal Exertion 1. aerobics and cardio miss the point.500 17.

working up a sweat. you give it everything you have for a very short period of time.” 3 It’s a serious situation. In other words. there’s no one to turn to… no one to point you in the right direction on what to do about it. This. Then you rest. No one says anything about them until disease strikes. longduration activity you get when you practice cardio or aerobics. Your lungs are ignored. And by then it’s often too late. yet most doctors have no clue. Some would even laugh at the idea. or by jumping around for an hour while you watch a Richard Simmons workout video. Modern exercise strategies leave them out completely. You build your lungs by challenging their maximal capacity. led to a “high number of inappropriate and potentially harmful actions. And if you’re lucky enough to find out.training for endurance. except that your body was not designed for the kind of medium-intensity. of course. What could be simpler? Why Didn’t Anyone Tell You This Before? Medical students don’t learn much about breathing. cardio and long-distance running are all designed to give your heart more “endurance. repeating the same body movement over and over with no break or rest? PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 11 . Can you think of a situation when cavemen needed to run for hours on end? Or jump around.” That sounds great. One study of med students in the UK found they weren’t able to reliably tell the difference between normal and abnormal breathing. Your lungs are your number one predictor of death. Aerobics.

Ancient man had no application. Animals instinctually exert themselves in small bursts followed by rest. never running too slow.” Notice it’s a very narrow band. The middle section – where you see the short.com . It’s called “tidal breathing.pacerevolution. It’s the same in the animal kingdom. 12 www. whether on land. no need and no context for continuous exertion without rest. Your heart and lungs were designed for short bursts of intense exertion followed by rest. wavy lines – is your normal. different forms of quick acceleration (like sprinting) were essential. You will very rarely see animals run for hours on end. And that’s a critical observation. And that’s the exact opposite of what modern “fitness gurus” tell us to do. or in water. That kind of movement is not the daily norm in nature. challenged the lungpower of our ancestors. everyday breathing. It was not a part of their daily routine. And this kind of activity. Cardio is designed so that you plod along. The body you have right now is a direct result of thousands of years of collective movement and evolution – refined over 100. Tidal breathing only represents a small fraction of our total lung capacity. Think for a moment… when was the last time you ran as fast as you could? It’s probably been a while.000 generations. Check out the graph on the next page. But what is the purpose? In ancient times. never running too fast. Your lungs need to be challenged to their maximum capacity in order to thrive and stay healthy.

you see one bigger wave.Inspiratory Capacity (IC) Vital Capacity (VC) Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV) Tidal Volume (TV) Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) Total Lung Capacity (TLC) Expiratory Reserve Volume (ERV) Residual Volume (RV) Residual Volume (RV) Adapted from the standard output of a spirometer. our breathing stays within that narrow band of tidal breathing. Doesn’t it make sense that if you want to preserve your lung’s vital capacity you need to challenge it? Of course. day-to-day stress makes breathing short and shallow. right? But we never do. Rosalind Wright of the Harvard School of PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 13 . Here’s what we face: Our vital capacity drops quickly with age. In the middle of that. And you almost never reach total lung capacity. your breathing will expand – but you never challenge your vital capacity. In the article.” That wider band represents your vital capacity. Dr. And if you go to the gym or practice cardio. During the course of our busy days. Vital capacity is what shrinks as you age. found a connection between anger and decreased lung function. most of us never experience what it’s like to breathe fully. Adding fuel to the fire. Have you ever noticed that you tend to hold your breath when you’re tense or stressed out? A study from Harvard. And during the course of our lives we do nothing to change that. published in the medical journal Thorax. In fact. Inside that bigger wave are the letters “VC.

“hostility is associated with poorer pulmonary function and more rapid rates of decline among older men.com . It’s the only effective program designed to rebuild and restore your lost lungpower. That means it’s a constant problem that continues over many years.pacerevolution. Harf A. PACE is different. Obesity Puts Some in Death Spiral Doctors discovered that obesity restricts a person’s lungpower by as much as 20 to 30 percent. Zerah F. 14 www. By increasing the normal loss of lungpower that comes with age.103(5):1470-1476. Lorino AM. You don’t notice because you don’t have anything to compare it to.” In later chapters you will learn how some of my patients lost as much as 18 pounds in a single month. Often times you don’t even realize you’re not using them to the fullest – or that you can’t. Atlan G. Lorino H. obesity accelerates the aging process and puts people at a higher risk of other chronic diseases. Effects of Obesity on Respiratory Resistance. Perlemuter L. it activates your “native fat burner. PACE not only reverses loss of lungpower. 1993. which in turn diminishes the lungs’ vital capacity. Loss of lungpower is common and chronic. The extra weight pushing on their chest and lungs creates a respiratory resistance that must be overcome in order to breathe. Chest.” 4 Modern life is stressful and our lungs take a beating. And it doesn’t take more than 12 minutes a day.Public Health stated. three times a week.

They call this your “aerobic zone. Conventional wisdom tells you to exercise at a moderate intensity. you’ll become short of breath and pant. The concept is easy to understand: Highintensity activities need lots of oxygen fast. But when you stop sprinting.” But staying within this narrow band never challenges your limits. the demand for oxygen is so intense you can’t go for even a minute. When you’re jogging. You will be exhausted after half a minute or so. the amount of oxygen required to PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 15 . But when you’re sprinting fast. your body can inhale enough oxygen to keep that activity going for quite a while.Supercharge Your Performance by Racking Up an Oxygen Debt The oxygen debt triggers bigger lungs and more lungpower. It happens when your body needs more oxygen than you can give it… like after a short burst of intense exertion. Once you cross over from medium exertion to intense exertion. It’s one of the key features of PACE. As you approach maximal exertion. you need more and more oxygen to sustain that high level of activity. you can’t sprint for very long. When you do a high-intensity activity – which becomes easy with PACE – you challenge those limits. Oxygen is the basic fuel your cells need to keep moving. Sprinting would be a good example. Of course. This is your body’s way of getting oxygen back into your body as quickly as possible.

tight lungs and decreased cardiac output. By doing those kind of activities you actually “ask” your body to make those changes. you can change your body’s experience with exertion. it does. You might even think that pushing your body to that point is counter-intuitive. Plateaus are broken. Changes are made. if you don’t train your body to make changes in response to challenges. But when you give up these long. If you don’t give your body new challenges. your body reacts by increasing your lung volume and boosting your heart’s output.pacerevolution. your body responds. why would you want to starve your body of oxygen? The answer lies in your body’s “adaptive response. If you want small. you’ll actually start sliding backwards. it won’t make these changes. And in response. You may wonder why an oxygen debt is important. When you achieve oxygen debt.” Think about what those words mean for a moment… an adaptive response is a change your body makes after confronting a challenge. No progress will be made to build back lung capacity because you are not challenging your current lung capacity. 16 www. you won’t grow or progress. boring workouts. You can train your body to make any kind of change you want.com . First and foremost. because you are “preprogrammed” to lose capacity with age. In other words. That’s one of the reasons why aerobics. In fact. cardio and long-distance running are not the best options for your long-term health. After all. then keep jogging.keep you going will exceed the amount you’re taking in – that’s the point when you begin accumulating an oxygen debt.

Even after adjustments for other risk factors. Cook DG.5 year follow up of 7. Instead of breathing with no thought or intention.735 men. then shoot for an oxygen debt each time you do an exertion period with PACE. discovered those with even a moderate loss of lungpower had a more than two-fold increase in heart attack risk. 1988. Their findings were published in the European Heart Journal.9(11):1215-1222. Shaper AG. Here’s an easy example: Let’s say you’re on a stationary bike and you’ve cranked up the resistance level… enough to give you a considerable challenge. lung function and the risk of heart attack. You will need to breathe more deeply and more quickly to sustain that level of intensity. Breathlessness. When this happens. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 17 . your breathing will change. Even a Moderate Drop in Lungpower Increases Your Risk of Heart Attack by Over 200 Percent Researchers at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London. pay attention. the increased risk was still over 200 percent.But if you want the kind of longevity and heart attack prevention that comes with bigger lungs and a stronger heart. European Heart Journal. in a 7. put some focus on your breath. including smoking. After a few minutes.

every high-intensity exercise is short lived.pacerevolution. you have to gain control over your breath. Get into a rhythm and be completely aware of each breath. It doesn’t have to be sprinting or cycling on a stationary bike. You can achieve this during any kind of high-intensity activity. Both in front and in back. It could be anything. get into a rhythm you can follow. The key is self-awareness and observation. One. do it quickly and fully. two. two. Watch yourself. Think of your lungs as two big barrels that fill up quickly all around. Then exhale quickly and fully. Give in to it and let go. From that regulated. Inhale fully. fast in. Regulate your breath. your breathing needs to be fast and full. No resistance. In order for you to sustain a high-intensity activity. you’ll have to stop after a few minutes. breathing. Imagine your lungs filling up on both sides of your chest. The panting will be faster and feel more desperate and out of control. you’ll stop your activity and break into a pant. But when you do. pay attention to your breath. The rhythm of your breath will change.When you inhale. Exhale fully. And when you’re in the heat of the moment. And by that I mean allowing yourself to inhale and exhale 18 www. Of course. No hanging on. And even after focusing on an intense breathing routine. fast out. Imagine those barrels depleting – like two dried up raisins. Even fast walking. be very aware of that moment. As your breath accelerates. As you start to exert yourself. Repeat this process quickly and steadily. Count it off… One.com .

Hulme J. You can do it too. Grant BJ.118(3). And if you follow these simple guidelines. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 19 . Rebuilding your lungs is not impossible. Using the oxygen debt is a surefire way to regain the power.. Boca Raton. 2000. As you read to the end of your PACE book I will talk about the oxygen debt in more detail. you can achieve it every time. cardio and marathon running are “good” for your heart. 3 Perkins GD. Inc. Resuscitation. flexibility and stamina of your younger days.: Social Issues Resource Series.61:863-868. First. 2.64(1):109-113. Birmingham assessment of breathing study (BABS). Pulmonary Function is a Longterm Predictor of Mortality in the General Population. Chest.656-664. FL. When you’re pushing yourself during PACE. Thorax 2006. Angry breathing: a prospective study of hostility and lung function. 12. 4 Kubzasky LD. Winkelstein W Jr. It’s one of the techniques I use to keep the lung capacity of a 20-year-old. “Making Old Age Measure Up. Vol. Stephenson B. 2 Schunemann H. Endnotes 1 Miller. And I’ll show you exactly how to use it. that regulated breathing will be fast and deep.fully in a repetitive and consistent manner. 1981. Dorn J. Art. Trevisan M. Monsieurs KG. 2005. JA.” Aging. let’s throw out another popular exercise myth… the misguided notion that jogging.

I’ve tried it.com .PACE Success Stories: “PACE is awesome! I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and nothing I’ve tried works. IN 20 www. Who would have thought it could be this simple?” Denise B. My body fat is the most stubborn you’ll ever imagine. I really feel like you can max-out your aerobic workout in a short amount of time. ‘Wow.. Did I mention I’m a cardiac patient with a pacemaker? I feel better than I have in years. until my husband touched me and said. I never lost weight. That’s right. and the best part is. Alpharetta. in reality.pacerevolution. exercise programs. you name it. no matter how much I jazzercised. Diets. I’m in and out of the gym in a few minutes! I used to spend hours there! When I think of the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on their weight loss solutions that were. and I’m wearing clothes I’d given up all hope of ever wearing again. you feel different. People keep asking me what I’m doing and I can’t say enough about PACE. I would recommend PACE highly to anyone. GA  “Since I have been doing PACE. or sweated to the oldies. I could cry. You have a waist!’ I’m in my 6th week of PACE. 2 weeks! I thought maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. walked. no solution.” Stephen W. Bremen. Responds to nothing! PACE gave me visible results in 2 weeks.. I feel my body-fat percentage has gone down and my wind and stamina are a lot better.

” Go to any gym and the trainer will devote some of your workout to “cardio. Second.” You probably don’t like it. one thing is apparent: doing continuous cardio exercise is a waste of time. it raises serious concerns. diseased or injured hearts and average people in between. After all. but you feel like you have to go along with it. It doesn’t increase PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 21 G . First. It just doesn’t build what your heart needs. But if you stay in survival mode too long it’s very destructive. Yet when you study the heart’s reaction to repeated sessions of cardio. After 30 years of working with extremely fit athletes.Chapter tWO Throw Away Your Jogging Shoes o to the book store and you’ll see magazine covers loaded with creative ways to frame the same advice: You need “cardio. patients with failed. who doesn’t want a healthy heart? We accept the term “cardio” (short for cardiovascular endurance training or CVE) as a synonym for heart conditioning. It induces short-term survival strategies. this type of continuous challenge simulates episodes of prolonged stress from our once-native hunter environment. it doesn’t really strengthen the heart because endurance and strength are two separate things induced by opposite exercises.

9 0.your heart’s ability to respond to real demands.pacerevolution. Yet for decades now. For starters. it backs me up on an opposite point of view. even the new food pyramid from the USDA all focus on durational exercise. the Harvard Health Professionals Study followed over 7. The American Medical Association.com .1 Exercise Intensity and Risk of Death 1 0. The Institutes of Medicine. A separate Harvard study compared vigorous and light exercise. The more intense the exertion.95 0. you only reduce your ability to handle life’s stressful circumstances – the last thing you want.000 people and found that the key to exercise is NOT length or endurance. the lower their risk of heart disease. But if you look at the science. for all your effort. It’s intensity. you’ve heard this advice from nearly every public agency with anything to say about health. In fact.8 Risk of Death High Exercise Intensity Moderate Low High intensity exercise is also safer.85 0. 22 www.

you train your heart and lungs to get smaller in order to conserve energy and increase efficiency at low intensity. the very first marathon runner dropped dead after his historic 26. Another runner in his 20s made it to our station but had to kneel down to wait for emergency assistance. Yet we are constantly made to feel that if we could just overcome our laziness and make ourselves do enough of this boring drudgery. he collapsed and died. His heart continued to violently race. I provided emergency care for marathon races. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 23 . as we put an oxygen mask over his blue lips. As a soldier and messenger. And here’s why: When you exercise for long periods at a low to medium intensity.2-mile run. Twenty years ago. He was weak. If this were true. Phidippides ran from the ancient city of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of the Greeks over the invading Persians. As soon as he yelled. this phenomenon has a 2.500-year history.2 Aerobics. In ancient Greece. The Harvard study clearly shows that this kind of exercise increases your risk of heart disease and death. I was surprised to see a thin young man collapse to the ground just yards from our emergency aid station.Those who performed exercise that is more vigorous had a lower risk of death than those who performed less vigorous exercise. why do very “conditioned” endurance runners drop dead of heart attacks at the height of their running careers? Unfortunately. dizzy and frightened – with a dangerously irregular heartbeat. jogging and marathon running are low-intensity. “Nike!” (Victory!). it would solve our health problems and protect our hearts. long-duration exercises.

Exercise scientists from the University of Guelph in Ontario proved interval training boosts fat burning. the lead author of the study and an exercise scientist at the University of Guelph in Ontario. Here’s a quote from the article: “After interval training. The clinical research used for their story was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Borderline sedentary subjects and the college athletes had similar increases in fitness and fat burning. Talanian. the amount of fat burned in an hour of continuous moderate cycling increased by 36 percent. they still saw a significant improvement. While interval training is better than typical cardio.’ Mr. Talanian said. So in (Continued on the next page…) 24 www. It didn’t matter how fit the subjects were before. Cardiovascular fitness – the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to working muscles – improved by 13 percent. it is still a fixed routine. But PACE is NOT interval training. It doesn’t focus on the most important element of progression and it doesn’t “train” your adaptive responses.The New York Times Publishes Clinical Research Supporting PACE In their article “A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion.” Interval training has been around for years and it’s far more effective than cardio. said Jason L. circulation and cardiopulmonary output.com .pacerevolution. ‘Even when interval training was added on top of other exercise they were doing.” The New York Times highlights the effectiveness of the PACE principle intensity. aerobics or long-distance running.

The New York Times. In the early 1980s. 2007 Later I came to call this pattern the “Jim Fixx Phenomenon. San Francisco and the Twin Cities.” after the popular fitness guru of the 1970s. Reference: Jaret P. And it’s difficult for beginners. two police officers. He went out for his usual morning run and dropped dead of sudden heart failure. one 53. And on October 29th. When you combine the proven benefits of “short bursts” with small step-by-step increases in the rate that you burn oxygen and other key components of PACE. Unfortunately.(Continued from the previous page…) many ways. PACE is the only complete program designed to reignite your native fitness. In fact. the tragedy continues. you get a winning combination. In March. A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion. interval training has the same problems and pitfalls as aerobics or cardio. the other 60. This happens because adding repeated “cardio” to our busy days and pushing for greater endurance produces the opposite result of what we need in the modern world. May 3. Three runners in their early 40s all had fatal heart attacks during marathons in Chicago. at least 6 runners lost their lives in marathons in the US. Jack was the brother of actress Grace Kelly. In 2006. at the Marine PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 25 . Fixx claimed that the secret to heart health and long life was endurance running – up until he died of a heart attack – while running. the same thing happened to Jack Kelly. He was also an Olympic oarsman and a president of the US Olympic Committee. died of heart attacks at the Los Angeles Marathon. most people just can’t perform at high intensity intervals.

4 In 2008 a young woman collapsed and died three miles from the finish line during the Dallas White Rock Marathon. never to recover.pacerevolution. He drew the second sample immediately following. Science Finally “Discovers” the Risks of Marathon Running Dr. the director of internal medicine at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard University has authored more than two dozen studies on runners of the Boston Marathon. These tragic deaths are not by chance. There was also a fatality at the Little Rock Marathon the same year. Dr. A third runner died during the London marathon. Arthur Siegel.com .3 In 2007.5 And at the New York City Marathon two men died during the race and a third runner died a week later. In October of 2001. He drew the first sample just before the marathon. Siegel published two studies in the American Journal of Cardiology. And there’s clinical evidence to prove it.6 Between 1996 and 2001. he drew three blood samples from middle-aged male runners. 26 www.Corps Marathon. a 56-year-old man collapsed at the 17th mile marker. one in Chicago and one during the Olympic trials in New York. Marathon running puts an unnatural stress on your heart. and then a third sample a day after the marathon. two high-profile marathon related deaths occurred in the United States.

The runners (41 men and 19 women) had normal cardiac function before the marathon.8 They also checked for evidence of cardiac problems in runners’ blood. They used troponin. Its presence is also used to determine whether heart damage was sustained during a heart attack. In addition. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 27 .The results: 24 hours after the race. and 40 percent had levels high enough to indicate the destruction of heart muscle cells. most had noticeable changes in their heart rhythms. 60 percent of the group had elevated troponin levels. troponin shows up in the blood. If the heart is traumatized. Twenty minutes after finishing. Increased Risks for Marathon Runners7 • Heart Attack • Hardening of Arteries • Lower Back Pain • Repetitive-Stress Injuries • Sudden Cardiac Death • Stress Fractures • Blood in Urine • Permanent Bone Damage In a more recent study – published in the medical journal Circulation – Dr. as a marker of cardiac damage. Results from Boston area hospitals reveal the risks and damaging effects experienced by dozens of marathon runners studied over the last ten years. Siegel and his colleagues from Massachusetts General Hospital tested 60 runners before and after the 2004 and 2005 Boston Marathons. Each runner had a cardiogram to look for abnormalities in heart rhythm. the men – none of whom had any history of heart disease – exhibited early-stage signs of cardiac damage strikingly similar to the symptoms that appear during a heart attack. with no signs of troponin in their blood. a protein found in cardiac muscle cells.

Dr. and more energy than you know what to do with… and you bypass all the dangers of traditional exercise. boring routines a thing of the past.com/id/27460551/. 2008. “Your body doesn’t know whether you’ve run a marathon… or been hit by a truck. a leaner body.com .” 9 Exactly! During long-duration exercise. your heart is under constant stress with no time to rest and recover.” The impact of these studies is consistently glossed over by the media. As Dr. Arthur Siegel’s groundbreaking research into the dangers of long-distance running. Reference: McGrath T. The “inflammatory storm” triggered by the stress of running a marathon creates all the symptoms of heart disease. PACE makes long. But the message is clear: your body was not designed for running marathons. “Their hearts appeared to have been stunned. Results were sobering. Are You Running Yourself to Death? http://www. Siegel puts it.MSNBC Warns About the Dangers of Long-Distance Running: Are You Running Yourself to Death? Participating in a Marathon Can Put Severe Stress on Your Body This is the headline that reminded the world of Dr.msn.msnbc. PACE consists of short bouts of intensity followed by rest and recovery. Siegel said. 1. Updated Nov.pacerevolution. PACE gives you bigger muscles. His studies were published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation. If it goes on for long 28 www. Total exertion is never more than 20 minutes.

Inflammation can be a good thing. But if you do this recurrently and purposely as you exercise. you induce chronic inflammation of your heart and blood vessels – putting you on the fast track to heart disease. indicating they were at a higher risk for a heart attack. “sets off a cascade of inflammation in the body. NOT cholesterol. It’s a natural response to damage and it starts the repair process. Wood of the Cardiac Ultrasound Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital added a new layer to the picture of damage sustained by marathon runners. That’s an increase in plaque buildup of over 50% in runners compared to non-runners.enough.” 11 In yet another study. is actually the leading mechanism of heart disease.12 New research led by Dr. About 35 percent of the marathon runners had significant plaque buildup in their arteries. In The Doctor’s Heart Cure.10 Dr. Only 22 percent of non-marathon runners in the control group had the same amount of blockage. your heart is traumatized and your body reacts by triggering a wave of inflammation. I showed that inflammation. which in his own words. researchers at the University of DuisburgEssen in Germany were surprised when men who had completed at least five marathons each were given an advanced type of heart screening called a spiral CT scan. This unique exam measures coronary artery calcification. researchers PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 29 . Malissa J. Siegel concluded that running a marathon causes injury to the skeletal muscles. Published in the November 2006 issue of Circulation. or the amount of calcium plaque buildup in the arteries.

by repeating the same movement. think of your body as an engine with the additional feature of being able to gradually redesign itself. it will gradually change the systems involved to meet the challenge more effectively. This type of demand could have occurred rarely.used ultrasound and blood tests of 60 runners who finished the Boston Marathon. Your body is not a simple machine. Yet nature has designed your body to adapt to whatever environment it encounters. Test results showed some of the runners’ hearts had trouble refilling chambers. It’s an adaptive organism that has its own intelligence – it is constantly adjusting how it rebuilds itself to try and stay in balance with its surroundings.13 So why are studies finding these results? Your Body Was Not Designed for Long-Duration Exercise Routinely forcing your body to perform the same continuous cardiovascular challenge.com . at the same rate. If you ask it to perform this activity repeatedly and routinely. Doctors also noticed abnormalities in how blood was pumped from the right side of the heart to the lungs. But what adaptive changes does this activity cause? To help answer that question. without variation. thousands of times over.pacerevolution. without rest. is unnatural. but not in the daily environment of a native society in balance with its surroundings. 30 www.

Traditional Exercise Shrinks Your Heart’s Output So what’s wrong with increasing durational capacity through downsizing? Instead of building heart strength. overheat or be overwhelmed with metabolic wastes. at a relatively slow speed. You’d waste fuel with a Ferrari sized engine going 20 miles per hour. blood vessels and muscles. One of the ways your body adapts is by gradually changing the capacity of your heart. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 31 . continuous. And you’d waste money buying and maintaining a monster truck if you don’t carry heavy loads. it robs your heart of vital reserve capacity. continuous. Long duration exercise produces some unique challenges your body must overcome. Forced. Your heart’s reserve capacity is that portion of its maximal output that you don’t use during usual activity. To go those longer distances your body will give up maximal output while trying to keep the minimum “horsepower” required. You wouldn’t build a Formula-1 car to drive in a school zone. endurance exercise induces your heart and lungs to “downsize” because smaller allows you to go further… more efficiently… with less rest… and less fuel. lungs. low output.If you want this engine to repeatedly go non-stop for long distances with low resistance. It must not run out of fuel. your reserve capacity is the “pedal” that you have left on your accelerator before you hit the floorboard when you’re cruising at your typical speed. long. To reuse the car analogy. it will adapt to become more efficient at light.

If your heart is in good shape and you only use 40 percent of its capacity during your normal daily routine. Your heart works on the same principle.com . Siegel’s research at McLean Hospital near Boston is not the only clinical evidence to reveal the dangers of durational exercise.000 in your checking account. Dr. If you have $50. A groundbreaking study of long-distance runners showed that after a workout. you’ll have enough reserve power to help you when you need it. They occur when there is a sudden increase in cardiac demand that exceeds your heart’s capacity. This forces them to operate dangerously close to their maximal output when circumstances challenge them. But if you live paycheck to paycheck and your credit cards are maxed out.500 repair you didn’t expect. this is a problem you don’t need. you won’t be bothered by a $1.pacerevolution. So if you downsize your heart and lungs you have traded greater reserve capacity for greater efficiency. For your heart. Heart attacks don’t occur because you lack endurance.Think of it as money in the bank. They also found that prolonged running disrupted the balance of blood thinners and thickeners. a sudden stressful event can trigger a heart attack. any surprise could mean financial disaster. 32 www. the blood levels and oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides increased. But if you don’t have any reserve power. Giving up your heart’s reserve capacity to adapt to unnatural bouts of continuous prolonged duration only increases your risk of sudden cardiac death.

In simple terms. You don’t want LDL cholesterol to oxidize. Under normal conditions LDL cholesterol is your friend.14 That’s bad news. And inflammation causes LDL to oxidize and harden inside those cracks. CVE is bad for your bones too. And many of the subjects in this study stopped the exercise complaining of boredom. not your enemy.15 Long-Duration Exercisers Showed Signs of Heart Distress Increased LDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides Shrinking Muscle Mass Increased Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol Elevated Clotting & Inflammation Factors Loss of Bone Density and Increased Risk of Osteoporosis These changes do not reflect a heart that’s becoming stronger after exercise. Exercising for long periods makes your heart adept at handling a 60-minute jog. This is true for both men and women – and women had an increased risk for osteoporosis as well. but it accomplishes this by giving up its ability PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 33 .elevating inflammatory factors and clotting levels – both signs of heart distress. long-distance running activates the cycle of inflammation and LDL oxidation that causes artery-hardening plaque to clog your blood vessels. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that long-distance runners had reduced bone mass. But when small cracks and tears appear in the lining of your blood vessels it triggers inflammation.

to rapidly provide you with big bursts when circumstances might demand. this too is little more than a myth.16 (High triglycerides dramatically increase your risk of heart disease. Conventional wisdom tells us you need programs like “aerobics” to keep your heart in good shape. The real key to prevent heart disease and protect and strengthen your heart is to activate the opposite adaptive response produced by continuous cardio and increase your heart’s reserve capacity.) Another study revealed the duration of exercise routines predicts the risk of heart disease in men. Even those free exercise classes at your local gym can cause problems. But as you’ll see in the next chapter. faster cardiac output more immediately available on demand is what you really need.pacerevolution.com .17 The dangers of long-duration exercise are not limited to marathon runners. Bigger. Recent clinical studies show us the benefit of avoiding longduration routines and exercising in shorter bursts. Researchers from the University of Missouri found that short bouts of exercise were more effective for lowering fat and triglyceride levels in the blood. 34 www. They found that several shorter sessions of physical activity were more effective for lowering the risk of coronary heart disease.

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6 times a week along with my body-weight exercises 3 times a week. About a year ago..com . I have lost 13 lbs. I now do PACE for 20 minutes. I am proud to say that I can now do three sets of 8 chin-ups! In addition to my exercise I have been following a low-glycemic diet. In fact. But what’s more amazing is the fact that I am leaner than I have been in years. eating foods with an index under 45. So I decided I didn’t want to be part of that particular bit of history. I feel amazing…” Bob D. Sears’ advice. When I first started I could only do three. I started PACE. And in no time I started to see results. One of the exercises I did was chin-ups. NV 36 www. Naples.PACE Success Stories: “My family has a history of heart disease. FL  “I use PACE for every workout and love my body more and more every day! I bought skinny jeans that didn’t fit and now fit beautifully. I then started doing body-weight exercises to go along with PACE. I started out doing it 3 days a week. My body fat percentage went from 35% just one year ago to only 16% today. Henderson. I sleep better and I have so much energy..pacerevolution. I decided to be proactive and sought out Dr. I get so many comments from friends about how small my legs are getting! Yeah! Thank you!” Sandi J.

you’re in trouble. But if you need extra power fast. • It won’t even boost your energy. tired and old before your time. long duration exertion are not as natural as you might think – and will likely cause you problems. A small engine might be fine for long road trips. and aerobics will make you sick. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 37 . you have to keep the intensity at the medium level. you have to work out for a long time before it will do anything. Even worse. • It won’t make you lean. it is no longer aerobic activity. aerobic training – the kind most doctors and even the federal government tout as the path to good health – can actually wreck your body. • It won’t protect you from heart disease.Chapter three Aerobics Put to Rest R emember Jane Fonda’s workout video or Richard Simmons jumping around in spandex? Well. If you increase or decrease the exertion level much. When you exercise aerobically. Do it for long enough. These repeated bouts of moderate intensity. At this low rate. finally that exercise trend is dying. Let’s get back to our car analogy. I’ll explain this more later. But not soon enough! “Aerobics” is not the way to exercise.

Reserve capacity means your heart and lungs have the power to get more oxygen to every cell in your body at a moment’s notice. These activities all require extra energy fast. or enjoying a night of lovemaking. But other events in your life require quick bursts of fresh blood and oxygen too. But if you need to make a quick getaway.By staying in your “aerobic zone. There are many activities that need extra oxygen and increased blood flow.com . It’s common for people – especially elders – to suffer a heart attack after hearing terrible news about a loved one. Sometimes an emotional shock needs the support of that extra power. like lifting something heavy. You don’t need turbo power in normal traffic. Think of this extra power as the “turbo” in your car.” you can never give your strength. that turbo will get you out of trouble by giving you extra power at the moment you need it. This is the adaptive response your heart and lungs make so they can withstand longduration workouts. power or capacity any challenge. jumping away from an oncoming car. This has the effect of shrinking your heart’s output and restricting your lungs. climbing stairs. If you get hit with an unexpected expense and don’t have money in the bank you’ll wind 38 www. Your cells burn through energy very quickly and need more oxygen to replenish their supply. In your everyday life turbo power is essential. It’s easy to see why running requires more oxygen. you lose your reserve capacity – the ability to get extra power fast. That’s why reserve capacity is critical.pacerevolution. But as a result.

MBBS. PACE is designed to give it back. Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. A recent study by Harvard researchers shows that those who do short-duration. Massachusetts. medium intensity exercise does not build reserve capacity – or to refer back to your car – your turbo power. you need to kick it up a notch and do a higher intensity routine. And there’s plenty of evidence to support PACE style workouts. To do that. ScD. How did we get so far off track? Back in the late 1960s.up broke. Boston. a patient of mine – EP – came to me very out of shape. The real irony here is that our modern forms of exercise have taken away your reserve capacity. the study came from the Department of Epidemiology. Crossing the aerobic threshold means PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 39 . He said his cardiologist told him to never exceed his “aerobic threshold” when he exercised. If you get hit with an unexpected demand for oxygen and you don’t have any reserve capacity you could wind up dead. But this theory was never really proven.1 Lead by researcher I-Min Lee. high-intensity workouts reduce their risk of heart disease by 100 percent more than those who practice aerobic exercise. Kenneth Cooper published Aerobics as the “perfect” way to “train” your heart and boost your aerobic conditioning. What’s more. He thought that medium intensity aerobic exercise practiced three or four times a week was all you needed for health and longevity. Skip Your Aerobics Class and Discover Your Supra-Aerobic Zone A few years ago.

running. But you don’t have a lot of ATP on hand at any given time. In the aerobics world that’s a cardinal sin. you could walk for hours and not run out of fuel and not feel too tired. The faster pace requires more energy. you have to breathe harder to get more 40 www. But let’s say you start jogging. Let’s say you’re walking down the street. At first. Your cells have two different systems to generate ATP. Then to replenish ATP. your body kicks in its aerobic metabolism.com . In your muscles. you have to replace the ATP you burned if you want to continue the activity you’re doing – whether it’s walking. we need to take a closer look at metabolism. It’s the first source of energy your muscles use. etc.pacerevolution. That means your cells will use oxygen more quickly. you can easily obtain enough oxygen to make all the ATP you need.switching from medium intensity to high intensity. ATP molecules are the basic unit of cellular energy. Metabolism is how the cells in your body process different nutrients to obtain energy. Because walking is not a strenuous activity.” So your aerobic metabolism combines oxygen with carbs. Using this model. The more you exert yourself. To keep the system working. the more ATP your body needs to make. But here’s the problem: If you never cross that threshold you never signal your body to increase lung strength and reserve capacity. To better understand what your aerobic threshold is. your body will use available ATP to feed your muscle cells. After a few seconds. Aerobic means “with oxygen. adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the molecule they use for energy. aerobic and anaerobic. fats and proteins to make ATP.

After that five or ten second burst you can’t produce ATP with oxygen fast enough. When you’re using your anaerobic system. Jogging is a typical aerobic exercise because it can be sustained with oxygen metabolism (aerobic metabolism).” This system converts carbs – and some fats – into energy without using oxygen. For the first five or ten seconds. And you’ll notice that when you stop sprinting you will continue to pant heavily for oxygen. Panting means that you’ve created an oxygen debt. Anaerobic means “without oxygen. your heart starts to beat faster in order to get the oxygen to muscle cells more quickly. you can sustain that high output with oxygen – but not for much longer.oxygen into your cells. This will sustain you in a sprint for a while. You can get a very high-energy output from this system but not for very long. That’s the point at which your anaerobic energy system kicks in. you are training your high-energy output system. Understanding when the anaerobic system kicks in is critical. This is also known as crossing your aerobic threshold. This occurs when your muscles ask for more oxygen than your lungs can supply at that moment – like when you’re sprinting. But what happens when you ask your body for more? Let’s say you start sprinting. That’s the “turbo power” that gives you extra power when you need it. Pretty soon your muscle cells are depleted. At the same time. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 41 .

pacerevolution. Reference: Science Daily. 2003) — COLUMBIA. – Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. This has a direct impact on the way you think and feel. For the past three decades experts have vacillated in their recommendations concerning the amount and intensity of exercise required to alleviate stress and anxiety. a new study by researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that a relatively high-intensity exercise is superior in reducing stress and anxiety that may lead to heart disease. Jul 15. 42 www.High-Intensity Exercise Best Way to Reduce Anxiety. I call it your “feel good factor. PACE reduces anxiety and supports a healthy feeling of optimism. Combining all the elements of PACE gives you the complete strategy for native fitness.” But remember… the evidence supporting high-intensity training is just one piece of the puzzle. However. the researchers found that high-intensity exercise especially benefits women. The mental and emotional benefits of high-intensity training are just a taste of better things to come. 2003. Here’s why: the high-intensity portion of my PACE program ramps up your levels of human growth hormone (HGH) and helps restore optimum brain chemistry. most experts have agreed that a moderate to low amount of regular exercise can ease personal tension and stress. Recently. These results surprised researchers… but my patients who practice PACE tell me endless stories about the mental and emotional benefits of PACE. Adapted from materials provided by University of Missouri-Columbia. Mo.com . The amount of stress and anxiety a person experiences is a major factor in cardiovascular disease. Moreover. University of Missouri Study Finds ScienceDaily (July 15.

there’s no such thing as anaerobic exercise. your aerobic system is still functioning. But now you will add more energy from your anaerobic energy system. I have a better term. When you’ve exceeded your aerobic limit and are exercising more intensely than aerobics. One does not replace the other. When you’re sprinting. trainers and fitness “gurus” have been telling us to never cross that aerobic threshold – because they believed in the myth of aerobics. For all these years. If you exceed that rate. Therefore. But let’s take this a step further… And this is a big misunderstanding I want to set straight: aerobic and anaerobic can only be used to describe metabolism. when your anaerobic system kicks in. Aerobic and Anaerobic Don’t Apply to Exercise This is where modern exercise science has steered us in the wrong direction. but you are still breathing – still using oxygen. It’s possible for your cells to make energy without oxygen – but it’s impossible for you to exercise without using oxygen. Like in the above description.When this happens. So the term anaerobic exercise really makes no sense. expanding your lung volume. you will continue to produce the maximum energy you are capable of with aerobic metabolism. triggering the production of growth hormone and melting away fat. You PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 43 . doctors. In fact. you are successfully building up reserve capacity in your heart. I call it supra-aerobics. Aerobic energy production is simply limited in how much energy it can produce per unit of time. your body will start its anaerobic metabolism.

5 times a week • Hard to stick with Supra-Aerobics • Teaches your body to burn fat and build muscle • Increases your lung capacity • Enhances secondary sexual features – builds a desirable. you’ll lose your broad shoulders and deep voice.pacerevolution. Men. no excess fat and a long life. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that men and women who exercised with supra-aerobic methods had: 2 • • • • Lower blood pressure Lower triglycerides (blood fat) Higher HDL (good cholesterol) Less body fat Let’s take a closer look at how aerobics and supra-aerobics stack up… Aerobics • Teaches your body to burn muscle mass • Diminishes your lung capacity • Reduces your secondary sexual features. 3 to 4 times a week • Easy to stick with 44 www. youthful features. By shedding this aerobics dogma and training yourself to find your supra-aerobic zone. you’re going to restore native health benefits remarkably fast: A bulletproof heart. Women.com .are exerting yourself at a higher than aerobic level but you are still using your aerobic energy systems as well. you’ll lose breast tissue and your curvy figure • High rate of injury • Lowers your overall energy levels • Takes 60 to 90 minutes. attractive figure • Low rate of injury • Raises your energy levels • Takes 12 to 20 minutes. powerful lungs. strong muscles.

Your Ancient Ancestors Used Their “Supra-Aerobic Zone” Until recent times – and until “experts” told us not to – we have always. Instead of death that came in seconds. We still have the genetic make-up to respond to the challenge – and we need to. instead of energy stored as fat. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 45 .” “Thousands of generations ago (we) may have become another creature’s meal… Now … (we) are just as surely killed by diseases that were almost nonexistent. As my insightful colleague. All animals are either predator or prey. infection or injury. even in the elderly. at times.” 3 With short bursts of intense exercise. Dr Phil Goscienski put it in his Health Secrets of the Stone Age: “Most modern humans do not exercise as if their lives depended on it – but they do… If we don’t push our heart and lungs toward their limits they will have little reserve. we were both. back in prehistory. our dying takes years. however grisly those last seconds must have been. In the case of the human animal. incapable of meeting the demands of stress. exerted ourselves with extreme intensity and purpose. This teaches your body to store more energy in the muscles – not as fat – so it’s available for quick bursts of energy. your body burns the energy stored in muscle tissue.

claim medical researchers.” This article shares the findings of a leading research team at McMaster University in Ontario. 2005 46 www. Moderately healthy men and women could cut their workouts from two hours a day. according to a study. These are the missing pieces most researchers overlook. To be effective – especially over time – applying rest. The two-minute workout requires cycling furiously on a stationary bike in four 30-second bursts. Canada and highlights one of the PACE principles: short bursts of intensity.com . The Telegraph. Professor Martin Gibala. It shows how effective short intense exercise can be.Leading British Newspaper Reveals: Six Minutes of Exercise a Week “Is As Good As Six Hours” Just six minutes of intense exercise a week does as much to improve a person’s fitness as a regimen of six hours. said: “The whole excuse that ‘I don’t have enough time to exercise’ is directly challenged by these findings. This has the potential to change the way we think about keeping fit. to just two minutes a day and still achieve the same results. Dr. But intensity is only one part of PACE. Blood sugar is used more efficiently.” This is no surprise… short bouts of high-intensity exertion trigger adaptive changes in your body. Reference: Zimonjic P. fat is easily burned and your performance ability skyrockets. Six Minutes of Exercise a Week is as Good as Six Hours.pacerevolution. Gibala added: “We thought there would be benefits but we did not expect them to be this obvious. Later in the article. three times a week. Jun 5. the author of the study. recovery and progressive changes are critical.

At the center of the breakthrough is lactic acid. It turns out lactic acid is not your enemy. To the contrary. fatigue and soreness you feel after “overdoing it. it’s long gone before you get sore. build reserve capacity in your heart and melt away your fat stores. it cannot create the after workout soreness because it is rapidly removed as you burn it for fuel. intense. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 47 . In other words. But this theory never jived with the real world experience of the benefits of exceeding your aerobic threshold (which would build lots of the dreaded lactic acid). supra-aerobic workout is exactly what your body needs to increase your lungpower. The idea that you had to avoid lactic acid helped spur the aerobics craze that reached its peak in the 1980s.4 What’s more. A short. Dr. Lactic acid starts to build in the muscles when your anaerobic system kicks in. George Brooks from the University of California at Berkeley recently found that lactic acid is taken up and burned for energy by your mitochondria – the energy factories in your muscle cells. especially if you’ve ever had a coach or a trainer. it’s fuel for your muscles.Aerobics Myth BUSTED! Lactic Acid Is Not Your Enemy… It’s Fuel Finally. You’ve probably heard of it.” We were told to exercise aerobically and not cross the dreaded lactic threshold. one of the last “old theories” of aerobic training is crumbling under the weight of new evidence. Conventional wisdom said you had to avoid lactic acid because the build-up in your muscles caused the pain.

the key feature is this: Create an “oxygen debt” as I described earlier.Remember… aerobic exercise is low to medium output held for an extended period. These short bursts of high-output activity fine tuned our ancient ancestors and kept them fit. They had to run or fight – fast and hard. Ask your lungs for more oxygen than they can provide. Why is this important? For one thing. Here’s another example: let’s say you pedal as fast as you can on a bike for 15 seconds. This is very different from doing an aerobic workout for 45 minutes. When you stop. The difference between the oxygen you need and the oxygen you get is your oxygen debt.com . I began using most of this program 25 years ago. This is the kind of high-output challenge you can’t sustain for very long. Simply exercise at a pace you can’t sustain for more than a short period. This is the basis for your PACE program. 48 www. your workouts can produce remarkable results. you continue to pant. but short in duration. Our ancestors lived in a world where their food fought back. I added progressivity to increase the benefits. Supra-aerobic exercise is high output. This will cause you to pant and continue to breathe hard even after you’ve stopped the exertion until you replace the oxygen you’re lacking. Predators attacked without notice. it restores an element of your native environment. You have reached your supra-aerobic zone. To move your workout into the anaerobic range. And you only need 12 minutes to achieve the desired effect. We still have the same physiology yet have lost that kind of challenge. By making small changes in the same direction. More recently.pacerevolution.

2 Williams P. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 49 .107 (8): 1110-1116. Oguma Y. Relationships of heart disease risk factors to exercise quantity and intensity. May 16.In a matter of weeks.. 2nd ed. Arch Intern Med. Oceanside. Health Secrets of the Stone Age. The New York Times. 3 Groscienski P. 2005. 2006. Relative intensity of physical activity and risk of cardiovascular disease. 1998. 4 Kolata G. Sesso HD. Lactic Acid is Not Muscle’s Foe. it’s also a poor tool for getting lean… Endnotes 1 Lee IM. Paffenbarger RS Jr. Circulation 2003.158(3):237-245. you can: • Build functional new muscle • Reverse heart disease • Build energy reserves available on demand • Strengthen your immune system • Reverse many of the changes of aging But hasn’t modern exercise science proven that cardio and aerobics are the best way to get rid of body fat? Actually. It’s Fuel. CA:Better Life Publishers.

but that reserve is there because we have been doing what he says.com . shoveling. there we were chopping.PATIENT STORY Joel and Carolyn Senter – Cincinnati. Ohio From an email sent to Dr. We have had ice and snow. Sears says and taking his nutrients for about 3 years. My husband is in his late 70s and I am in my middle 60s. lots of both. we’ve been doing PACE and eating the way Dr.pacerevolution. 2009: “You have probably heard on the news about the weather up here in the north. BUT. I just wanted to tell you that we are drawing on that reserve that Dr. 50 www. We still have plenty more to chop and shovel since we have about 1˝ or more of ice and about 4˝ of snow on top. Today I ‘stepped off’ the area of our driveway and it is almost 1000 square feet. my husband and I thought that we should try to start to dig out. Sears talks about. Both would be considered senior citizens. Sears because the only reason we stopped to take a break was because my husband’s toes were too cold. So. Today. It was covered in ice. and thanking Dr. On top of the ice was about 4 to 5 inches of snow. Sears’ office on January 29. which ranged from 3/4 inch to almost 2 inches.

Tomorrow. had dinner and marveled at how we didn’t hurt or ache or even feel unusually tired. we’re off to chop and shovel some more. Please thank him for us. took hot showers.” Carolyn Senter PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 51 . we came in.Later.

treadmill or swim sprints.” Frank M. I feel the same way as I felt after 2 hours of exercising… pleasantly tired. NV 52 www. In the end. One more thing.” Marina T.5-2 hours a day in the gym 5-6 times a week.PACE Success Stories: “I used to spend approximately 1. but I have been unable to shed unwanted fat pounds even though I would do 1 hour on the elliptical. slowly enjoy my lunch and I still have time left before I head to work.com . I love to sing and after my first day with PACE. New Canaan. taking a shower. At one point I was even gaining weight. CT  “I am 6΄ 4˝.. I was just exhausted. Las Vegas. 260 lbs. I love it. I started PACE only recently. With PACE I now do 15 minutes on either the elliptical. Now I have more time for myself. sweating like a pig and having tension in my muscles that gives me this sense that I did something for my body. instead of running home from the gym. I could sing with more power while holding a longer note. I thought that there is something wrong with my health. Now I can sing in the shower. I love it mostly because it has shortened my workout by 45-50 minutes while making me feel better. BUT my weight never changed and I did not see any improvement.pacerevolution.. grabbing some lunch and out of the door to work. I have been doing it for about 2 months now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

because you’ll lose muscle. The idea is to increase your lean muscle. They tell you to get into your “fat burning zone. John says. like many others in his field. John Defendis. I tell everyone I train to never do cardio. Many of the very leanest people in this sport (some of the leanest people on the planet in fact) insist that part of their success was because they never do cardio. As a good example.” and stay there for as long as possible. For starters.” He. USA and world-class bodybuilder. feels that avoiding cardio is the only way to keep your muscle and stay lean. Yet there are several problems with this exercise theory. To do that effectively you must intensify and be progressive with workouts.Chapter FOur Relight Your Native Afterburner Burn More Fat by Avoiding Your Fat-Burning Zone M any in the exercise industry will tell you “cardio” and aerobics are essential for you to burn fat and get lean. told me he. former Mr. “The key is not to do cardio.” PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 53 . consider the experience of body builders. “never does cardio. In his own words.

but when someone 280 pounds with the incredibly low body fat of 4% reports that he got that lean while avoiding cardio. it raises an interesting question about the necessity of cardio training to achieve low body fat percentages.com . Sprinters like Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis – who use workouts similar to PACE – have lean. Your body can select from several fuel sources. it can burn carbohydrates like glycogen or it can get energy from breaking down protein. native farmers? Hunters spend less energy in shorter bursts but have nearly universally lower body fat than farmers who spend hours of durational exertion in the fields all day. To answer that let’s look at a simple model of our metabolism. muscular bodies. science gives bodybuilders more reasons to avoid cardio.1 Compare sprinters to marathon runners. Marathon runners on the other hand often have sunken chests and too much belly fat. 54 www. When the muscle biopsies of 7 marathon runners were analyzed.pacerevolution. How about native hunters vs. But again. Conventional wisdom asks us. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows the muscles of long-distance runners actually shrink. “Don’t you have to exercise for at least 15 or 20 minutes before you get into your fat burning zone?” After all. And.I don’t recommend body building. the association of shorter exertion with lower body fat raises a valid point. Many factors could account for this observation. researchers found their muscle fiber size had decreased and atrophied. that’s what the fitness gurus tell you. It can burn fat.

For the first couple of minutes. Look at the table below. As you’ll see. But your supplies of ATP are limited.1999. Katch V. you see that at low intensity activity your body derives most of its energy from carbohydrates and only 15% from fat.When you exercise for different lengths of time or different intensity levels you change the amount of energy you get from each of these three sources. this makes sense. From the chart. NY: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Sports & Exercise Nutrition. your body switches to carbs stored in muscle tissue. After 2 to 3 minutes. your body uses something called ATP – the most readily available source of energy. What Does Your Body Use for Fuel? Activity Level Resting Low Intensity Moderate Intensity High Intensity Protein 1 to 5 % 5 to 8 % 2 to 5 % 2% Carbs 35 % 70% 40% 95 % Fat 60 % 15 % 55 % 3% Adapted from: McArdle W. New York. But your body makes fuel choices based on your activity level as well. Low intensity activity – like walking long distances – was natural for hunter-gatherers. When you look at the lifestyle of our ancient ancestors. This lasts for 15 to 20 minutes before you switch to fat. Katch F. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 55 . this means your PACE routines are very short – never consisting of more than 15 to 20 minutes of total exertion.

remember the analogy of your body as an engine but with the added feature of changing itself to better meet recurrent demands. Notice that if you increase your activity to high intensity you dramatically reduce your dependency on fat and derive nearly all your energy from carbs.com . it turns out to be the wrong advice for getting lean. And. Although this seems logical. These numbers inspired people to exercise at moderate intensity because that’s how you burn the most fat. One by one you stack them up with a layer of mortar in between. What adaptive response do you induce by burning fat as your principle fuel? Your body builds more fat to better prepare itself for mediumintensity activity. “Walking is exercise for the soul. Here’s another way to look at it: Imagine for a moment you’re a bricklayer.pacerevolution. you increase the percentage of the energy burned from fat to 55% of the total. as Henry David Thoreau once said. To help explain. 56 www. long walks are effective exercise. Every morning you kneel down in your backyard and lay brick for two hours.” But when you step up your activity level to moderate.Even today.

Your body replenishes your fat each time you eat and becomes efficient at building and preserving fat necessary for long aerobic sessions in preparation for the next endurance workout. medium-intensity exercise. “I have lost 17 pounds over 9 months. Are You Telling Your Body to Make More Fat? Burning fat during exercise tells your body it needed the fat. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 57 . You need fat to burn when you exercise at medium intensity for long periods. In doing so. it sacrifices muscle and preserves fat.What do you need to continue this hobby long term? A lot of bricks! Now imagine your neighbor takes notice and delivers a new load of bricks to your house every morning. Sydney. Your body will fight you in the effort and you can only do it by sacrificing lean tissue like muscle and internal organs.” David A. I have not changed my diet – I’ve used PACE.. your body delivers a new layer of fat to provide you with the materials you need for long-duration exercise. Australia This is the process your body goes through when you practice long-duration. Being a helpful neighbor he wants you to have all the materials you need to practice your bricklaying. So don’t bother trying to use this strategy to lose body fat. Like the good neighbor who delivers a new load of bricks every morning. I love being in and out of the gym in such a short time. This trains your body to make more fat for the next time you exercise.

Researchers from Loughborough University in Leicestershire. This is common as your body gets into the routine of making the extra fat. And eventually. Many just get bored. Others find they have to stop cardio because this unnatural activity has caused degeneration of their joints. bone. and rob you of muscle.And if the sole purpose of your exercise was to maximize energy derived from fat. That’s how your body adapts to this kind of activity. England tested growth hormone levels in sprinters and 58 www. boost destructive cortisol levels. why not just rest? Notice from the table that your body burns a higher percentage of fat (60%) while resting.pacerevolution. you’ll put on even more fat very rapidly. if you stop your cardio routine. Durational exercise tells your body to build fat. organ mass and strength. And another point: If you persist with this unnatural exertion through middle age and beyond. Think about it… you burn fat at a higher percentage of calories burned by watching TV than you do running on a treadmill! The fitness gurus who preach cardio because of the percentage of calories derived from fat seem to overlook this fact. nearly everyone stops doing cardio. It’s an endless cycle.com . It doesn’t just shrink your lungs. cardio accelerates some very negative effects of aging. Then. in my patients I’ve seen it lower testosterone and growth hormone. But short-duration exercise – like PACE – actually increases levels of growth hormone. Most stop because they can’t continue to devote the time because it takes so long.

is more important than what you burned during your exercise. over the long run. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 59 . The short duration group cycled in multiple short bursts of 15 to 90 seconds with rests in between. since you never exercise long enough to use the fat during each session.” And it. It means all you have to do during your exercise is stimulate the adaptive response you need – like reducing your need for fat or building reserve capacity in your heart. The way you exercise affects your metabolism for several days.endurance athletes.3 They had the long duration group cycle 45 minutes without interruption. On average. The important changes begin after you stop exercising. To illustrate just how powerful the effects of this afterburn are. take a look at this: Researchers in Quebec’s Laval University divided exercisers into two groups: long duration and repeated short duration. which are stored in muscle – not fat. Burn Up to 9 Times MORE Fat by Exercising LESS Short bursts of exercise tell your body that storing energy as fat is inefficient. This is known as your “after burn.2 The biggest point they missed is this: The most important changes from exercise occur after. Your body will continue making the important changes afterwards – while you rest. Instead you burn carbohydrates. not during. This is good news. Then you start to use slow-burn fat after your workout – while you replenish the carbs. the sprinters had 3 times as much growth hormone as the endurance runners. Exercising for short intense bursts will use these high output carbs during exercise. Carbohydrates stored in muscle are high-energy output fuels while fat is a low energy output fuel. the exercise period.

The long duration group burned twice as many calories.) • Improve your cholesterol profile. sexual dysfunction. when you realize that exercise continues to affect your metabolism after you stop. low libido. In addition. (People in a study of exercise bursts showed a decrease in total cholesterol and an increase in “good” cholesterol). In fact. even I must admit to being surprised by the power of short bursts to burn fat and make people lean when cardio hadn’t. In my practice. It will: • Improve your maximal cardiac output. when the researchers recorded their body composition measurements.com . you’ll be able to get these benefits with much less of your time – no need to spend hours at the gym. accumulation of fat.” (Your peak stroke volume is the greatest amount of blood your heart can pump per beat when maximally challenged. And. However.5 • Make you lose weight in less time by burning much more fat after you stop exercising. exertion in brief bursts will produce other benefits to your metabolic health that may surprise you. the interval group lost 9 times more fat than the endurance group for every calorie burned! You may be thinking – doesn’t this defy the laws of physics? Not really. • Promote quicker cardiac adjustments to changes in demand. which fights against memory loss. the interval group showed the most fat loss. • Achieve “higher peak stroke volumes during overload. The short bursts stimulated a greater afterburn. and loss of strength and bone.4 • Provide a great anti-aging benefit by raising your testosterone. 60 www. so you would assume they would burn more fat.pacerevolution.

diabetes and heart disease. After just 16 weeks. almost 50 percent of the people practicing PACE-style movement were declared free of metabolic syndrome. PACE may be a cure for modern times. Almost 25 percent of adults and 12 percent of children have metabolic syndrome. In a new study published by the American Heart Association researchers discovered high-intensity exercise was hands down the best way to treat metabolic syndrome. This cluster of symptoms include: • High blood pressure • High blood sugar • Abnormal cholesterol levels • High insulin • Excessive fat around the belly Metabolic syndrome is one of the leading indicators of future disease. It left aerobics in the dust. It’s a common condition and rates are rising every year.PACE: A Cure for Modern Times Short Bursts of Exercise Proven More Effective Than Aerobics for Treating Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome is a collection of symptoms that lead to chronic diseases like cancer. (Continued on the next page…) PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 61 .

• Reduced oxidized LDL (bad cholesterol) by 17% while aerobic training showed no reduction. • Boosted levels of NO (flexibility of blood vessels and sexual performance) while aerobic training showed no gains. Aerobic Interval Training Versus Continuous Moderate Intensity Exercise as a Treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome: A Pilot Study. Lee SJ. et al.118:346-354. 62 www. Rognmo O. (I’ve seen these same results in my own patients. Turn Up Your Body’s “Fountain of Youth” Hormone New research has uncovered startling changes that take place in your body within hours of starting PACE. raise your “good” cholesterol. • Pumped up HDL (good cholesterol) by 25% while aerobic training showed no improvement.pacerevolution. 2008. and reverse the negative effects of aging.(Continued from the previous page…) According to the study.” Just look at the results. Originally published online Jul 7. Circulation 2008. PACE-style training: • Improved VO2max (a measure of lung function and use of oxygen) twice as much as aerobic training. “high-intensity exercise is superior to moderate-intensity training in reversing the risk factors of the metabolic syndrome. improve bone density. burn fat.) Here are just a few of the added benefits: • Raise Your Levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH): HGH is your body’s “anti-aging” hormone.com . It’s been shown to build muscle. Reference: Tjonna AE. • Showed a “significant improvement” in fasting blood sugar compared to aerobic training.

• Bigger. • Tap the Strength of Large Muscle Fibers: Regular aerobic exercise uses smaller muscle fibers. Stronger Heart: The PACE program gives your heart a boost you’ll never get from traditional aerobic exercise.) • Burn More Calories: PACE turbo-charges your metabolism. PACE draws upon larger muscle fibers. This process takes anywhere from a few hours up to a whole day – meaning you’ll burn calories long after your workout is over. which generate more power but get tired more easily. (Critical for mobility and independence as you get older. your body needs to burn extra calories to repair muscles.Blood levels of HGH rise dramatically during and immediately after PACE-type exercise.) • More Strength. By exercising these larger muscle fibers.” PACE helps you break through those dead spots and keeps you moving forward. you’ll be able to pump more blood and deliver more oxygen to your muscles – raising your energy levels like never before. Moderate aerobic workouts tend to ignore these larger fibers. you get stronger muscles that can handle heavy-duty demands. Greater Fitness in Less Time: After a few weeks of a “cardio” routine. replenish energy and bring your body back to its “normal” state. as these fibers are more oxygen efficient. leaving them weak and shrunken. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 63 . After intense bursts of exercise. Within just a few months of PACE. you stop making progress and hit a “plateau. (Traditional aerobic exercise has no effect on HGH.

This never-ending need for muscle continues throughout your 64 www. • Strengthens your immune system to decrease disease risk.. Laranca. your heart adapts by increasing both its heart rate and stroke volume (the amount of blood your heart can pump in one beat).” George P. This increased pumping power makes your heart stronger – and last longer. reducing fat gain. Cyprus Shorter episodes will help you keep your muscle.com .. which provides energy for the body. energy and can easily control my weight. Burn MORE Fat While Saving You Precious Time One thing you must do differently from previous standard exercise routines is to decrease the length of time for each exercise interval. • Stores glycogen. • Increases your metabolic rate. sagging skin and bone fractures.Because PACE demands more oxygen. “I need considerably less time to exercise and I feel fit. have more endurance..pacerevolution. • Helps you to perform daily activities necessary for an independent quality lifestyle. When I taught anatomy and physiology classes at Barry University. For instance you may begin with 20 minutes every other day. then break those 20 minutes into smaller “mini-intervals” as you get into better shape. • Helps maintain a proper glucose balance. As your conditioning increases. illness. I emphasized that muscles do more than facilitate movement. you will use shorter and shorter episodes of gradually increasing intensity. Your muscle mass is interconnected to your metabolism in the following ways: • Fights fatigue.

life. fewer chronic illnesses and a longer. he had 50% body fat and took 11 drugs for his physical problems. What’s more. as further proof of PACE results. 70s and beyond. Mike achieved a body fat score of 10%. People with greater muscle mass benefit from proficient mental functioning. especially as you reach your 60s. healthier life. Mike also lost 66 pounds from February 2002 to April 2003. he lowered his body fat to 30% and in 18 months. As you can see from the chart below. In just 12 weeks. When Mike first visited me.4% 33 193 6 8 14 28 10% 22 195 02-05-03 226 04-29-03 217 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 65 . Date Weight 02-08-02 283 04-22-02 263 Skin Fold Chest Abdomen Thigh TOTAL % Body Fat Pounds of Fat Lean Body Mass 48 60 50 158 42% 119 164 30 42 30 102 31% 82 181 10 12 20 42 14. PACE helps you build new muscle and it puts your body into fat burning mode – automatically! Mike Started PACE and Lost 97 Pounds of Fat… Mike gave me permission to share his statistics and progress with you. he threw away the prescriptions for the 11 drugs he was taking.

When they arrived for their initial assessment. (Body composition measures the amount of body fat and lean body mass. Over the course of 16 weeks.pacerevolution. both twins ran one mile each. both twins – age 18 – had almost identical body composition measurements.After PACE Proof of PACE in Action: Dr.Before PACE Mike .) At the start of the study. or muscle. three times a week. Sears’ Twin Study My Wellness Research Foundation put PACE to the test in a clinical study of two identical twins. the “PACE” twin 66 www.com .Mike .

Here’s a look at their stats: BODY FAT LOSS Trad.5% body fat all the way down to 10% for a total fat loss of 18 pounds.5% body fat for a total fat loss of 8 pounds. the cardio twin actually lost 2 pounds of muscle. By the end of the study. Not bad. but not as much. Each set had a 50-yard exertion interval followed by a recovery period of 30 seconds. She also started at 24. What’s more. she gained 9 pounds of pure muscle. the PACE twin was sprinting 6 exercise sets. The cardio twin was jogging 10 miles straight with no breaks.progressively decreased her distance to fit the PACE program. The “cardio” twin progressively increased her distance to match a traditional cardio routine. but instead of gaining valuable muscle. Cardio PACE Body Fat Loss LBS 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Pounds  Trad. Cardio  PACE 1 2 Time Period 3 4 Time Period PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 67 . The cardio twin lost fat. The results? The PACE twin went from 24.5% body fat but went down to only 19.

43(7): 814-818. Eur J Appl Physiol 1984.pacerevolution. Effect of Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise of Equal Duration and Work Expenditure on Plasma Growth Hormone Levels. et al. J Appl Physiol. 2 Vanhelder WP. Single muscle fiber adaptations with marathon training. Metabolism. 1994. And she did it while exercising for one quarter as long. As you’ll see later. 3 Tremblay A. Radomski MW. 2006. Harber M. 68 www. Goode RC.com .Lean Body Mass Change in Lean Body Mass (lbs) 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 4 8 12 16  PACE  Cardio Time in Weeks Note that the PACE twin gained 9 pounds of muscle during the study period while the cardio twin lost muscle. some of my patients have experienced even more profound results. Bouchard C. 101:721-727.52(3):255-257. Endnotes 1 Trappe S. And that’s just the beginning. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism. But even more striking – the PACE twin lost more than twice as much body fat than the cardio twin. All using the same easy-to-follow principles you’re learning right now. Simoneau JA.

 Hardman A. 34(9): 1468-1474. Biddle S. 2002. Effects of heavy-resistance training on hormonal response patterns in younger vs. Newton RU. Med Sci Sports Exerc. J Appl Physiol. Neville C. 1999:87(3) 982-992.4 Murphy M. older men. Häkkinen K. cardiovascular risk and psychological health. Accumulating brief walking for fitness. 5 Kraemer WJ. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 69 . Nevill A.

I have been able to finally lose the weight I have so desperately wanted for several 70 www. The first thing we discussed was a new type of eating. A freedom that comes with insulin no longer poisoning my body and taking away years from my life.PATIENT STORY Name: Byron Black Age: 67 Diagnosis: Obesity and Diabetes Home Town: Burleson. Sears is one of having my life back. The comparison to when I had my first visit with Dr. we discussed exercise and what I was doing at the time. One that is full of energy and with no highs or lows. and I take only two prescriptions now. I am no longer a prisoner of poison that was depriving me of life. He instructed me on how to start and build on the PACE Program to help all aspects of my health. He instructed me not to eat anything on the list over 35. Second.pacerevolution. I no longer take insulin injections. My weight at the time was 250 lbs. Sears’ office: “I saw Dr. It has now been 9 months and my weight is between 210 and 215 pounds. I had blood tests done so he would have a baseline of where I was at that time. My resting heart rate is 45 to 50 when I get up in the morning and my blood pressure continues to be at a normal level. Prior to my visit to Dr. He then told me about his PACE Program.com . Sears in December of 2007 wanting help with losing weight. I was on a number of different types of medications and I was taking four injections of insulin a day. Sears. TX From a letter sent to Dr. He provided me with a Glycemic Index for most types of food.

They say they have their Dad back like he was when he was younger.” Byron Black Before After losing 40 lbs. My wife notices the changes each day.years. They remark on the added energy. She supported me during the years of diabetes and has supported me in this new phase of my life. healthier person who is not dying before her eyes. My family has noticed a change in me. She sees a happier. Each day I have felt better and that has made it easy to stay with the diet. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 71 . and the ability to enjoy life free from insulin.

72 www.pacerevolution.com .

high-performance body. you’ll have all the basic building blocks to get you started and keep you going. A Throw Off Decades of Misleading Exercise Advice… PACE Puts You on the Fast Track to Lasting Fitness PACE is a complete and natural approach to fitness. you’ll have in hand all you need to start PACE without difficulty. stress. or strain. I hope you will now allow PACE to liberate the native fitness within you. Instead of forcing you into an artificial fixed routine. This chapter is completely self-contained. PACE is indeed a revolution. Your native fitness comes with the feeling of being effortlessly energetic with a naturally lean. Even if you don’t read any further. And by the end of this chapter.Chapter FIVe Join the PACE Revolution Now fter seeing the flawed conventional exercise theories exposed to logic and science. And it’s growing… Thousands of people from around the world practice PACE. PACE simply leads you back to your own native fitness. It’s the PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 73 .

of muscle. and in balance with. more cardiovascular fitness. Genetically you are still identical to those ancestral hunters. Because we were built by that ancestral environment to match that ancestral environment.pacerevolution. fat. Challenge our maximal capacity or face living weak. It happened without effort. And there’s the rub.state of vitality that arises when your body is matched with. our bodies still need to be pushed in the same ways. In ancient times native fitness was a given. Over millions of years our human bodies developed. and not working out for hours on repetitive exercises. A “strenuous” day might mean lifting a box or carrying groceries. Challenging your maximum capacity requires the intensity of your exertion to “flirt. Our physiological limits need to be explored.com “Fantastic results – stronger.” at least a little. Our ancestors were physically challenged in ways that promoted lean muscle. We don’t get this from our current environment but the requirements remain. strong hearts and robust lungs. with your current capacity… 74 www.. crippled and diseased. tired. The body you have today is a result of this long-running. swim. CA . Hillsborough. used and challenged. evolved and adapted along these lines. gained 8 lbs. Today we spend most of our time indoors. climb. Gone are the days when we had to forage. your native environment. continuous fine-tuning. hunt for our food or run away from predators to save our hides. But our environment has markedly changed. lost 1/2 inch in waist. And they faced these challenges everyday. I love PACE.” Jerry N.

PACE is enjoyable. With this phrase I simply mean to give your heart and lungs a bit of a stimulus to do more – to provide more oxygen. Exercise can dramatically change your body over time only when PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 75 . not bored and exhausted.but your capacity will change quickly when you challenge it… so your experience of intensity changes over time. Progressivity: Repeated Changes in the Same Direction By progressive I mean repeated changes in the same direction. This is the most important element of the solution. Now let’s look at the two principles that make PACE unique and so remarkably flexible and effective. of how to build back your native fitness: You only have to challenge your cardiopulmonary capacity a little bit at a time and your body responds with added heart. PACE = Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion® Here’s a quick overview of what PACE means: The last two words in the acronym PACE are cardiopulmonary exertion. You can use any physical activity that gets you breathing harder and increases your heart rate. It never feels like a burden. Just the opposite of what you may have experienced with aerobics and cardio. Then the next exertion period will feel easier because of your bigger lungs and stronger heart – so you PACE at just a little higher rate without really feeling an increase in perceived effort. You’ll feel energized afterwards. lung and skeletal muscle capacity while you rest.

It’s the usual reason for the fitness “plateau. This is the principle of acceleration. today and years into the future. During your workout you will progressively increase the intensity of your challenge.com . can have a monumental cumulative effect. You will find a simple way in this chapter. As you train your body to respond faster each time you exercise. Doing the same routine over and over – especially with cardio and weight training – will lead to some minor gains at first but then your progress will stall. Acceleration: Training Your Body to Adapt Faster to Demands As you train your adaptive response. they will become intuitive. This is perfectly okay to still benefit 76 www.” Your body needs a new challenge in order to adapt and grow. your physical condition improves faster as well.you change what you are doing over time. You have to do a little more of one component each time you do it.pacerevolution. or a little more or somehow differently. Like interest on a bank account these little adaptive changes and little new challenges. As you get more familiar with making progressive changes to your routine. When you start PACE. To have progressivity you have to change your routine over time. This will train your body to respond more quickly – and adapt more quickly – to the demands you make on it. There are many ways to do this. Each time you do PACE strive to do something new. These progressive changes will allow your body to continue to make adaptive responses. it will take several minutes to get your heart rate and breathing up. you will give it new demands a little faster as your body gets used to it.

The same applies dur“The gift of this book is that it is the ing your recovery. M. I usually decrease total time because patients become quicker at both gearing up and recovering.when you are out of shape. or de-conditioned. But as you progress. Whether you’re an amateur athlete or a PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 77 .” With PACE you can start anywhere. encouraging and training the speed of the response time of your heart. a long time to recover Where else can one get the insights of from exertion. These two features of the accelerating nature of PACE. Fitness Magazine mal more quickly. Your heart rate swimming pool?” comes down faster. oxygen and energy for you more immediately available on demand. is acceleration. you’ll reach your target heart rate more quickly and your breathing will get deeper and more efficient sooner when challenged. lungs. PACE Gives You the Space and Freedom to Be an Individual Don’t worry if you’re not in “peak condition. blood vessels and metabolic machinery. have the added advantage that you don’t need to increase the time you spend with PACE as you become more fit. you’re out of shape it takes medicine and practical fitness theory. This Founder. with practice. your recovery time way around a workout room. But as you a medical doctor who also knows his adapt. Your Greta Blackburn breathing returns to norEditor. You will be stimulating. In fact. This also has the priceless benefit of making you feel more energetic. track or shortens. So you train your physiology to have higher levels of fuel. FITCAMPS too. When perfect marriage of modern science.

you can use your local gym to do your PACE program. Then you will gradually increase your level of intensity until you are panting and breathing heavily. Your backyard will do just fine.stay-at-home mom. Your heart and lungs will respond immediately. shedding fat. either. You will start at a speed and level of intensity that feels comfortable to you. PACE is flexible. or special machines. 78 www. weights.pacerevolution. You can do it anywhere. And your first workout will take just minutes. When you reach this level of exertion you will stop and recover. Or a box or a flight of stairs or even a chair. you can start PACE right away. You won’t struggle with the obstacles you may have faced with other fitness programs. You won’t have to dedicate months or years of effort without anything to show for it. any time. Or the grassy hill at your local park. The results will come in a matter of weeks – sometimes in a matter of days.com . You can do PACE using any kind of machine or exercise you like. You can even do PACE in your living room – and get exactly the same benefit as you would in a state-of-the-art athletic facility. You’ll start building muscle. with nothing more than a few spare minutes and a bit of space. Getting Started: Your First PACE Workout Your first PACE workout will be a single period of exertion followed by recovery. Of course. But you don’t need a gym. That’s it. You’ll begin at a level that’s comfortable for you. and creating lifelong health and power from your very first workout.

If you are out of shape or not sure how you will react when you exert yourself then you might consider walking. For now. You should feel a little PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 79 . As you progress you will have the freedom to improvise and make changes to your routine. run. you gradually increase the intensity. an elliptical. a bicycle. etc. Start by adjusting the seat and getting comfortable.During your first workout you will make a few observations: • How long does it take before you start breathing heavily? • How long does it take for your breath to recover after you stop? • What was your approximate heart rate during exertion? This is the foundation of PACE. But for now. To get started. You start off easy. The seat should be high enough to give you some leverage and pedaling power. and you stop and rest. swim or choose an “instrument. these are the basics. Set the resistance level to a low setting. but not so high that your legs become fully extended. you can walk.” An instrument is simply an exercise device like a treadmill. let’s say you’re using a stationary bike. It will be easier to control your speed and is a safe place to start. you reach a level of maximum exertion. a rowing machine.

Abnormal EKG. Make note of the time. Fibrillation.tension but should be able to pedal freely and easily. it’s important to start out light and increase your effort over time. Pedal for another minute and turn up the resistance 80 www. Heart Murmur. or Another Lung Condition Note: When beginning an exercise program. Especially if any of the following factors apply to you: Risk Factors • Over 50 Years Old • No Medical Checkup Within Two Years • 25+ Pounds Overweight • High Blood Pressure • Heart Attack. For now. Chest Pain After Exercise • Taking Heart Medication • Angina. This is how tired you feel. Emphysema. As you continue. Start pedaling. Rapid Heart Palpitations. simply make note of how you feel. This is not a scientific measurement and will be different for everyone. These are extremes at either end of the scale. But it’s an important observation. After a few minutes of pedaling at low resistance. Rheumatic Heart Disease • Blood Relative Died From Heart Attack Before Age 60 • Asthma. Use caution and always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program. Tachycardia. Some of my patients feel a high level of exertion after walking for 60 seconds. turn up the intensity. start thinking about perceived exertion.pacerevolution. Others can sprint for 50 yards and not even break a sweat.com .

Keep turning up the intensity until you’ve reached your limit. Your breathing will get faster and deeper. your level of perceived exertion will increase. This is your exertion time. stronger. How long did it take you to get winded? One minute? Ten minutes? It doesn’t really matter. Your body is trying to get as much oxygen as quickly as it can. Stop pedaling. Your face will feel flush.again. You’ll start to sweat. This occurs when you ask your lungs for more oxygen than they can give you in that moment. If you have more experience.” Martin H. Keep pedaling. you’ll run out of steam. Now rest. But here’s the idea: Progressively increase the intensity over time. There’s no right or wrong answer.. My strength and endurance have increased. do it slowly. You’ll start to pant. your starting point. At this stage you’ve created an oxygen debt. It’s your baseline. I’ve lost half off my excess waist measurement and I look better. That’s why your breathing quickens and deepens. Make note of the time. Your breathing will be uncontrollably heavy. How do you know when you’ve reached this point? Simply stated. I have better lung capacity. you can jump into a more intense level earlier on. As you keep pedaling. Your breathing will be too deep and demanding. CO PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 81 . If you’re feeling out of shape. When you’re in this state you won’t be able to speak clearly. I feel better. How quickly you turn up the resistance is up to you. “PACE has indeed helped me. Colorado Springs.

Feel around the area of your wind pipe.” Now take your pulse again. When you’re winded and breathing heavily you’ll feel a robust and vigorous pulse. It’s when you feel rested. 82 www. This is your recovery time. Write it down. lowintensity level. you are simply observing and taking notes. You want to see how long it takes you to “get back to normal” after you finish. During your first exertion period followed by recovery. It’s when you feel like you’ve “caught your breath. Look at your watch and count your pulse for six seconds. For example. Let’s review. Now multiply by ten. That’s your first PACE session.pacerevolution. Make note of the time.Now reach up and take your pulse. That’s your heart rate. It might take you 4 minutes… it might take you 20 minutes. Again. if you find your pulse and count 14 beats in six seconds your heart rate is 140. The easiest place to find your pulse is on your neck.com . (14 x 10 = 140) Now relax. How do you know when you’re back to normal? It’s about perceived recovery. This is not a scientific measurement. you: • Chose your instrument and started at a comfortable.

Do each one for 4 to 6 weeks before trying the next.• Progressively increased the intensity. If you’re ready to experiment. You can take these workouts to the gym. But your PACE will always follow this basic structure: You alternate between exertion and recovery. This will help you practice PACE on a regular basis. • Continued until you felt a high level of exertion. Again. Even better. go back and do the first. You can use any instrument you like. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 83 . let’s give your PACE program a little more structure. while making progressive changes. to the park or stay in the comfort of your own home. but change some element of the workout to make it different. you can cycle between these three workouts for as long as you like. • Made note of your heart rate and exertion and recovery times. try running up a hill or get into the gym and try using stair master. Below you have three basic examples of PACE. After you finish the third. You only need to use its principles. it’s your choice. • Stopped and rested. There are many different ways to do PACE. • Created an oxygen debt while breathing heavily. Now that you have the hang of it. If you feel like taking it slow. Each one has a different feel. start by walking.

even if you only do a single set.com . PACE workouts are never wasted. let’s have a look at the 3 basic PACE workouts.Ideally. consistency counts. For now. I can feel it in the back of my thighs this evening! I’m excited about this!” Richard N. You will make some gains from doing PACE once a week – or even once a month. you can take PACE to the next level. Basic PACE Workout 1 Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 4 min Set 3 2 min X min 1 min X min 3 min Set 4 Recovery Done Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Total exertion time: 10 minutes. Dover. You’ll find everything you need in the following chapters. This chapter gives you the basics of PACE. I did my first 10-minute program this morning using Hindu squat for exertion and an exaggerated walk for recovery. I recommend three times a week. 84 www.. “I finished reading PACE recently. but you can stay with the basic program for as long as you need. The benefits start rolling in. Once you’re ready. But even if you can only manage one you’ll be ahead of the game. MA As with everything in life. you will practice PACE three times a week.pacerevolution. But to get the body you really want… to maximize your true potential.

Take as long as you need. Your second is 3 minutes. As you begin each set you will increase the intensity. But as soon as you catch your breath. Your first exertion period is 4 minutes but your intensity level will be low. etc. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 85 . Basic PACE Workout 2 Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 2 min Set 3 2 min Set 5 2 min X min 2 min X min 2 min Set 6 Recovery Done X min 2 min Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Exertion Recovery Exertion Total exertion time: 12 minutes.This workout features a descending pattern of exertion time as you progress through each set. or do them in the gym. Instead of using a descending pattern with increasing intensity. jumping rope. you can apply any instrument or setting. Like all three of these basic PACE programs. The recovery time is intentionally left open. swimming. You can do them indoors or out. You want to give this last set everything you have. For example. Your 4th set is only 1 minute but your intensity level should be high. You can do them walking. start your next set. running. Any machine you like. your first exertion period is 4 minutes.

Getting through 6 sets will challenge you all on its own.pacerevolution. As you progress your performance will improve. so if you have to slow down a bit that’s okay. Slightly increase the intensity with each set. You won’t be able to increase the intensity as much with this routine. But you can use instruments in the gym as well. 15 seconds. high-intensity exertion period and move on to longer exertion periods. Basic PACE Workout 3 Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 45 sec Set 3 2 min X min 4 min X min 90 sec Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Total exertion time: 8 minutes. You may fight fatigue. But start with a medium to medium-high intensity right from the start. As you increase the exertion time of each set you’ll slightly 86 www.com . This pattern is useful if you’re outside running or going up a hill. you’ll start with a short. By the time you get to sets 5 and 6 you will really have to push yourself to finish. This PACE program is the opposite of the first program. Instead of starting with longer exertion periods and steadily decreasing.this workout gives you 6 sets of 2 minutes each.

First. your cardiac output and your recovery time will improve. Apply the element of progressivity. And your recovery time will shorten. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 87 . Keep it up. Change it up. The idea here is getting started. You’ll learn a lot from Terri… her story starts at the end of this chapter. I want to share a story with you. Push to the end. Make note of your heart rate and your recovery rate. • Add one more set to your routine. don’t let the intensity drop. • Change your instrument. • Add more resistance to each exertion period. Don’t forget to keep track of your progress. You can alternate between these three workouts for as long as you like. You’ll notice there’s a lot of flexibility in these workouts. As you progress. But get creative. I’ll give you more tips for tracking your progress in later chapters. When you get to your last set. You may think this is easier… but this is just as challenging if not more so. These are milestones you don’t want to miss. They’re designed to give enough structure to practice regularly but enough freedom to give you room to grow. You’ll notice your heart rate will climb higher and reach its target faster. When you need to add something new to your routine here are a few ideas: • Increase the pace of each exertion period.decrease the intensity.

AZ 88 www. mental or emotional – or a combination of all three.pacerevolution. PACE lets you start anywhere – and make small. PACE is a “can do” activity regardless of how out of shape you are… or how discouraged or disabled you might feel. And you see results quickly.PACE Gets Results FAST – Even If You’re Out of Shape or Think You Can’t Exercise Many times my patients tell me they want to exercise and feel better… they just can’t get around the roadblocks that get in the way. Scottsdale. PACE is the antidote.com . Even more typical is the frustration that comes from not seeing results. These blocks can be physical. And just as common to have an injury or health problem that makes you feel like exercise is impossible. “I love [PACE]! I have lost considerable body fat and couldn’t be happier! To think I could lose belly fat exercising 20 minutes was a dream that is now MY reality! I couldn’t be more pleased.. progressive changes that get you in shape regardless of where you started. cardio or interval training. Unlike aerobics. That may be the biggest stumbling block to staying fit.” Danna G. It’s very common to feel afraid or intimidated by physical exertion.

Because Terri agreed to a long-term study. low-carb diets.” Even daily chores drained her energy. When Terri went to her local mall the extra walking would trigger lower back pain and leave her fatigued. During her first visit she ran down a list of routines and diets she had tried: pilates classes. Her journey was typical of so many: a lot of starts and stops with nothing to show for it. she would feel exhausted just from carrying her beach chair a quarter mile from the parking lot to the shoreline. And each time she tried something and it didn’t work out for her.PATIENT STORY Case Study: Terri Lyttle Age: 56 Source: Ongoing research through Dr. I brought in one of my PACE-certified trainers. colon cleansing. I trained him here at my clinic in PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 89 . swimming. When she got out of the car or off the couch she would strain and hold her breath as she rallied to get up. gym memberships. When she went to the beach. cabbage soup diets… all with no results. Sears’ clinic and Wellness Research Foundation When Terri first came to my office she weighed 250 pounds and told me she felt like she was “dragging her feet all the time. fast walking. Coach Scott was one of the first fitness trainers to finish my PACE certification program. weight-loss supplements. high-carb diets. Terri said she had tried everything. cycling. When she enrolled in the PACE program we did a round of blood work and measured her body composition. she quit. In terms of exercise. coach Scott Wood.

Within the space of just a few weeks. All she did was walk for a few seconds and rest for a few seconds. In her words.pacerevolution. It shocks most people but Terri started doing PACE by walking for 45 seconds. It’s true. As you can see. Today she can run. It wasn’t intimidating. then repeat.com . That was the level she felt comfortable with. sprint and workout with weights. “It wasn’t scary.South Florida. Terri made remarkable progress: Body Fat (lbs) 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 09 20 6/ /2 10 009 /2 21 9/ 009 /2 18 8/ 009 /2 14 7/ 009 /2 11 6/ 009 /2 15 5/ 009 /2 16 4/ 009 /2 17 3/ 009 /2 18 2/ 009 /2 16 1/ 90 www. He works with my patients and answers questions on my online PACE forum. then stopping to rest. The program we designed for Terri is a great example of how you can start from nothing and completely change your level of fitness in a way that is non-threatening and easy to follow. Terri went from walking for 45 seconds to “powerwalking” up steep hills.” Starting with a very humble and easy workout we slowly made progressive changes to each of Terri’s workouts.

Lean Body Mass (lbs) 140 138 136 134 132 130 128 126 124 122 120 09 20 6/ /2 10 009 /2 21 9/ 009 /2 18 8/ 009 /2 14 7/ 009 /2 11 6/ 009 /2 15 5/ 009 /2 16 4/ 009 /2 17 3/ 009 /2 18 2/ 009 2 6/ 1 1/ HDL (mg/dL) 58 56 54 52 50 48 46 44 42 40 Baseline 3-months 6-months 290 270 250 230 210 190 170 150 Triglycerides (mg/dL) Baseline 3-months 6-months Over the course of nine months. from fat loss to PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 91 . Terri: • • • • Lost 66 pounds of fat Built 14 pounds of new muscle Raised HDL (good cholesterol) by over 30% Lowered Triglycerides (blood fat) by over 35% PACE is proving effective across the board.

lighter In Terri’s own words. Terri’s lungpower is on the rise. “ just so doable…” 92 www. she describes PACE as. Before 66 lbs. Now she bounds up the 25 steps three or four times a day without thinking about it.cardiovascular health and beyond. too.com . Terri’s office is on the second floor.pacerevolution. Before she started PACE she would always take the elevator. Lowering triglycerides is especially helpful for Terri as triglycerides are more of a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in women than in men.

Most Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes regardless of their sport use interval training because it works. Interval training – sometimes referred to as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) – shares a common feature of PACE. They seldom practice aerobics. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 93 . But that’s where the similarities end. Interval training techniques are used by professionals around the world to enhance their training programs and their track records.Chapter SIx Unleash Native Fitness in 12 Minutes W hen I introduce PACE to a new patient I occasionally hear the comment. “Isn’t PACE just a form of interval training?” I don’t blame them for making the comparison. Interval training can produce great results. Both use short bursts of exertion followed by rest and recovery. They know better. But that’s one of the problems with interval training: you need to be in great shape before you can use it effectively. And they don’t run marathons unless that is their sport. PACE is not interval training.

Carl Lewis is a good example. but they do the same thing over and over. (Some of my patients can barely walk. Interval training was originally designed for elite athletes who could train at a very high level. For the non-athlete you must be in excellent physical condition before you can even attempt the routines. not everyone can do 8 sets of sprints at 100 yards each without any practice or prior training. Remember Terri from the last chapter? She started out walking for just 45 seconds. That’s a far cry from the heavy demands of interval training. high-intensity workouts. They may use short bursts of high intensity. 94 www. He endorses interval training and says.) PACE allows you to start from any level of conditioning.”1 There’s no doubt that interval training works. He’s won more gold medals than any athlete in history. you can do PACE. Keep in mind that interval training tends to be a fixed routine – just like aerobics and cardio. The supporters of interval training may disagree. But interval training has drawbacks. “interval training has been used for decades by the world’s greatest athletes. There are hundreds of clinical studies showing the effectiveness of short. But everyone I talk to who uses interval training falls into the same trap: They don’t change their workout.com . I’ll share some of them with you in this chapter. After all. If you can stand up. It has a progressive element that helps you achieve a competent level of fitness regardless of where you started.pacerevolution.

I’ve also been able to increase the intensity of my workout. That comes from using short bursts of high-intensity exertion followed by rest. The benefits stop. and by always changing some aspect of the workout.When your body gets used to a particular routine it stops adapting. You can create any type of adaptive response you want… good or bad. It’s the change your body makes after you give it a particular challenge that has the powerful cumulative effect. But without the progressive element you hit a plateau. But it happens with interval training too. As you’ve read in earlier chapters. I feel great. PACE overcomes the limitations of interval training by allowing anyone to get started. Exercise works. As a result you hit a dead spot in your training. ME Interval training will help your body increase its lung capacity and expand its cardiac output. A plateau is a barrier that prevents you from making progress. 70. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 95 . This is often called a plateau. “With PACE. PACE works because it continues to create an adaptive response with each new progressive change in PACE. when you practice aerobics and cardio your body adaptively responds by decreasing your lung capacity and cardiac output. Brunswick.. It’s very common in cardio and aerobics.” Bill P. That’s not the kind of response you want for long-term good health. Compared to other types of cardio. is a good thing. But what kind of adaptive response should you be training? As bad examples. Your body stops responding. I’m able to exercise without pain or injury – which at my age.

According to their original workout.PACE progressively increases the level of your challenge. You always progress. – bigger lungs and stronger cardiac output. Interval Training Is Not Really New… In Fact. They understood it was during the rest period that the bodies of their athletes made adaptive responses.com . You never hit plateaus. They called it “interval” training because each burst of exertion was followed by rest.e. Interval training was formalized back in the late 1930’s when German coach Woldemar Gerschler teamed up with Dr.pacerevolution. world-class athletes were using interval training to improve their performance times. Together they created the first interval training program: multiple sets of 200-meter sprints with intervals of rest in between. During that time they had to get their heart rate down to 96 www. It’s Much Older Than the Aerobics and Cardio Crazes Long before Jane Fonda started jumping around in her leg warmers. To them it was the most valuable part of the workout. a healthy heart and a robust set of lungs. Exactly what you need to avoid disease and stay looking and feeling young. By making small changes in the same direction you give your body the ability to adaptively respond over time. PACE ensures a lean body. runners had 90 seconds of recovery. i. Hans Reindell.

0 seconds. finishing in 46. In 1954. And it was never designed with native fitness in mind. It’s just not practical for most people. You might as well try and fly to the moon. If you’re out of shape this would be impossible. But interval training has limitations. The athletes they trained broke world records. Less than a month later. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 97 . If they needed more than 90 seconds it was an indication the workout was too difficult and needed adjustment. after incorporating the techniques of interval training into his daily one-hour training program he became the first man in history to run a mile in under four minutes. This is still considered one of track and field’s landmark performances. Rudolf Harbig ran the 800-meter in 1:46.7 in 1955. It’s a step in the right direction. Imagine trying Coach Gerschler’s workout… sprinting for 200 meters with only 90 seconds of rest in between. The history of interval training and the clinical evidence that backs up its effectiveness is an important milestone in the history of fitness.6 – beating the world record by a remarkable 1. Rudolf Harbig’s 800-meter world record lasted 16 years until Roger Moens – another student of Coach Gerschler – finished in 1:45.120 beats per minute. On July 15.6 seconds. It’s the first time we’ve adopted exertion levels that mirrored our ancient ancestors. Perhaps the most famous athlete to set a world record using interval training was Roger Bannister. 1939. Harbig set a world record for the 400-meter. Did they get results? You bet.

a wife and CEO. In a recent exam and lung test in my doctor’s office.If you’re not a professional athlete it takes more time to recover between exertion periods. This is a deadly mistake. Special Consultant to Early to Rise 98 www. PACE enables you to get fit.pacerevolution. Founder/CEO. Now we have more time for each other and our kids!” MaryEllen Tribby. Sears and his creation of the PACE Program. Sears shares not only what to do but why to do it. In the second edition of PACE. You need dynamic rest. Your heart and lungs were not designed for continuous exertion.com. I had a patient who walked for just 30 seconds and needed 15 minutes to get her heart rate down. WorkingMomsOnly. As a busy mother of three small children.com . With PACE. he told me I have the lungs of a 30-year-old and I’m 48! After that I went home and got my husband started on the program as well. just 12 minutes a day gives me the peace of mind that I am improving my mental and physical health. regardless of where you started. “I am so grateful to Dr. And in a way that any non-medical person can understand and execute for fast results. trim and disease free. In our society we’ve stopped training for recovery. but not uncommon. This is an extreme example. Dr. And it gives your body the chance to make the changes you need to stay lean. and stay fit. A lot more. That’s when your body makes important changes. I simply do not have the time or inclination to spend working out unnecessarily. Unlike any exercise program that’s come before it.

Dr. Inspired by the interval training program used by Japanese speed skaters. but also raised the amount of oxygen their body could produce during their workouts.” This workout. high-intensity workouts improved their VO2max by 14 percent and their anaerobic capacity by a remarkable 28 percent. and the anaerobic capacity of two groups of cyclists. The other did short. Izumi Tabata made sports science history at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo. One group did medium-intensity long-duration routines like aerobics for 60 minutes. The cyclists who did the 4-minute workout burned more calories in a 24-hour period than the cyclists who labored for an entire hour. After six weeks. This performance boost enabled them to hit their supra-aerobic zone and trigger the adaptive responses that create a lean. In today’s busy world it’s easy to see the advantage of having a 4-minute workout. As a result of his research Dr. high-intensity workouts have on your lungs.Japanese Researcher Reveals the Science Behind Interval Training During the 1990s. Tabata’s program helped with fat burning too. high-intensity routines like PACE for just 4 minutes. His most famous shows the powerful effects that short. the group doing the short. Dr. Japan.2 The high-intensity workouts not only improved their lung volume. Tabata developed what’s often referred to as “The Tabata Protocol. He measured the VO2max (the amount of oxygen that gets transported to cells in a given amount of time). disease-free body. Dr. based on his PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 99 . Tabata initiated a now famous set of interval training studies.

If you have a coach or a skilled trainer. sit-ups. there are literally 100 www. It’s applied to all types of exercise including squats. PACE on the other hand is accessible to everyone. pull-ups. I am 70 years old and I have noticed more energy and lung capacity.experiments became the new benchmark for interval training. Great program. PACE makes real change possible. Marysville. It mimics the daily routine of our ancient ancestors and promotes native fitness. You are on to something BIG with this program. I have lost 5 lbs. rowing and weight lifting. Its level of difficulty is very high and it’s certainly not for everyone. The history of interval training gives us a valuable perspective on fitness. Aside from Dr. and 1 inch from my waist. It’s well researched and is backed up by decades of published. WA The real value of interval training is what it teaches us: Short bursts of high-intensity exertion followed by recovery is the most effective form of exercise. But it still has the same limitations. The key is execution. Gym-goers and athletes alike use the Tabata Protocol as their primary form of interval training. push-ups.pacerevolution. interval training may be a possibility. Like other forms of interval training the Tabata Protocol can be effective when executed well. “After 30 days. Tabata’s published research. peer-reviewed clinical studies. No matter how overweight or out of shape you may feel.com . It consists of 8 sets of 20-second high-intensity intervals followed by 10-second intervals of rest. But most people don’t.” Gerald P..

4 Interval Training Builds Muscle Function and Improves Blood Pressure in Diabetics Sports medicine scientists from the Netherlands used intervaltraining techniques with type 2 diabetes patients.6 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 101 .3 High-Intensity Interval Training Ramps Up Fat Burning in Only 2 Weeks Another McMaster University study found that just seven sessions of interval training over two weeks marked a significant increase in fat burning for women.hundreds of others. the lining of your blood vessels. which allows blood vessels to relax and dilate. In just 10 weeks diabetics showed better muscle function. To give you an idea I’ve included a few examples here. Just 6 Sessions of Interval Training Boosts Oxygen and Endurance Researchers from McMaster University in Canada found just six interval workouts (short sprints) over two weeks increased oxygen available to muscles and doubled the runners’ endurance capacity. Researchers at the University of Missouri discovered that interval sprint training enhances the health and performance of the endothelium. This is critical for cardiovascular and sexual health.5 Interval Training Strengthens the Lining of Blood Vessels The lining of your blood vessels releases nitric oxide. lower blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

The studies above are just the tip of the iceberg. power and natural muscularity your ancient ancestors enjoyed. PACE uses a facet of interval training but is designed to do much more. That’s your birthright. But the question is how? The answer is PACE. PACE allows you to start anywhere and get to a level of fitness where you can do HIIT.Professional Cyclists Resist Fatigue and Ride Faster At the University of Cape Town in South Africa.7 Interval Training Better Than Aerobics for Your Heart and Lungs When VO2max (how much oxygen you can take into your lungs) and stroke volume of the heart (how much blood your heart pumps in one beat) were measured.com . Interval training has a long history and plenty of clinical proof to back it up. 102 www.8 Case Closed: High Intensity Beats Aerobics and Cardio Hands Down So the best way to fitness is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). PACE reconnects you with the strength. But interval training is just one piece of the puzzle. VO2max and stroke volume improved significantly more for people who used interval training. That’s the state of vitality that arises when your body is perfectly matched to your environment. cyclists improved their 40-km time trial performance and increased their muscular resistance to fatigue – just from a simple four-week interval training routine. The goal is native fitness.pacerevolution. interval training easily outperformed aerobics.

 Dennis SC. Hawley JA. 1996. 102(4):1439-1447. 4 Talanian JL. 2007. Hughes SC. European Journal of Endocrinology. Jonkers RA. 98(6):1985-1990. PACE lifts you up and puts you on the path of healing. 5 Praet SF.. 2002. PACE gets your blood racing. I can already see a difference in my heart rate recovery time. J Appl Physiol. Improved athletic performance in highly trained cyclists after interval training.28(10):1327-1330. cardio or interval training. 3 Burgomaster K. Woodman CR. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 103 . 7 Lindsay F. 96(1):233-244. Gibala MJ. Galloway SD.What’s more.158(2):163-172. And by progressively adding new challenges. Kauzaki M. 1996. Six sessions of sprint interval training increases muscle oxidative potential and cycle endurance capacity. van Loon LJ. 2008. Helgerud J. Interval Training for Fitness. Schep G. Nishimura K. 2007. Instead of plugging yourself into a fixed routine or something theoretical. Schrage WG. J Appl Physiol. J Appl Physiol. my resting heart rate and my energy level. Heigenhauser GJ. Kuipers H. Endnotes 1 Nitti JT. Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and highintensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max..28(11):1427-1434. et al. Schomer HH. Myburgh KH. 2 Tabata I. 6 Laughlin MH.39(4):665-671. Bonen A.” Joan W. Heigenhauser GJ. but I am very impressed by it. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Two weeks of high-intensity interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women. Keizer HA. Gute D. Spriet LL. PACE is fluid and adapts to your changing life. not a set routine or theory like aerobics. Interval training enhances endothelial function in some arteries. Wang E. It sets you on fire. Aerobic high-intensity intervals improve VO2max more than moderate training. 2005. Type 2 diabetes patients respond well to interval training. “I’ve only been on the program for a week. et al. Stehouwer CD. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Bradwell SN. PACE reconnects you with your natural instincts. Northampton. It gives you the exhilaration and intensity you could never get from jogging on a city street. 8 Helgerud J. MA PACE is an approach to exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc. Price EM. London: A&C Black Publishers. Høydal K. 2004. Noakes TD.

including 6 inches off her waist. After her victory. At one point. Valerie lost 13 pounds in one week.com . Overall. Valerie.pacerevolution. “being free of the food addiction I’ve had for so long…” Congratulations. Valerie said the best feeling was. even though the challenge is over. Job well done. she used PACE to lose 40 pounds in six months. Before 40 pounds lighter 104 www.PATIENT STORY Valerie Valerie was the winner of my PACE Fat-Loss Challenge in 2008. She’s a courageous and focused lady who is still losing fat and building her confidence.

Chapter SeVeN

Track Your PACE Fitness

etting on your bathroom scale every morning to see if you’ve made “progress” won’t help you. It’s not an accurate way to measure fitness. When patients come to my office I measure their body composition. That tells me exactly how much fat they’re carrying… and how much lean body mass. I also keep track of their heart rate and recovery time, and measure several features of breathing capacity. These measurements are a much better gauge of health and fitness. And I recommend you keep track at home. This chapter will show you how. Heart rate and body composition are easy. To test your lungs, talk to your doctor about taking a pulmonary function test. You can also track your lung strength at home with a peak flow meter. They are designed for people with asthma, but you can use it as a way to monitor your lung strength between pulmonary function tests. Peak flow meters are small, portable and inexpensive. You can find them online.


PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


Let’s start by measuring your body composition.

Ignore “Experts” and Find Out If You’re Fit or Fat
Measuring your body composition is a simple matter. But most doctors and fitness “experts” never bother. They rely on BMI or Body Mass Index. However, you need to know that BMI is an unreliable and outdated system. It’s a calculation based on height and weight. But it doesn’t differentiate fat from muscle. Muscle is denser than fat and it will increase your BMI score more than fat will. That means having a lot of muscle will give you a high BMI, even if you are lean and trim. And this failure leaves BMI open to a huge potential for error. “I have been getting fantastic results [with PACE] – lost 15 lbs. in one and a half months, down one pant size, and have gained inches in my arms and chest.” Paul S., RN, Philadelphia, PA

My own BMI calculates to 29. This would lead you to believe that I’m overweight, almost obese. Yet, I have only 12% body fat. Under the BMI system, people with a lot of muscle will have a higher score and will be considered “overweight” (BMI score of 25 to 29.9) or “obese,” (BMI score of 30 or above) even though they may be extremely fit. According to the BMI, these celebrities are “overweight”:
Celebrity Michael Jordon Will Smith George Clooney Height 6’ 6’’ 6’ 2’’ 5’ 11” Weight 216 210 211 BMI Score 25 27 29



I bet these Hollywood insiders never realized they were “obese”:
Celebrity Mel Gibson Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Height 5’ 9” 6’ 2” 5’ 9” Weight 214 257 228 BMI Score 32 33 34

Body composition measures how much of your weight is fat and how much is lean muscle mass. Men should have 10 to 20% body fat and women should have 15 to 25%. There is little point in measuring more than once every two weeks. Once a month is usually enough for most people. As you progress with PACE aim to increase lean body mass and reduce body fat. The ratio of fat to lean body mass is your real measurement of health. To go back to our twin study from Chapter 4, here’s the body composition of the “PACE” twin who lost 18 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle over 16 weeks.
Date Weight % of Body Fat Lbs. of Fat Lbs. of Lean Body Mass Apr 7 118 24.5 29 89 Apr 28 116 19.5 23 93 May 19 113 16.3 18 95 June 2 113 14.2 16 97 Aug 18 109 10 11 98

Notice her percentage of body fat dropped from 24.5 percent all the way down to 10 percent. By the end of her PACE program she had the body of a professional athlete.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


You can easily measure your body composition at home: 1. Electrical Impedance – This is not the most accurate testing method (calipers are better), but it’s easy. One version is a scale, similar to your bathroom scale at home. You enter a few numbers like your age, weight, etc. and it gives your body fat percentage. Another version is a hand-held device that looks similar to a video game controller. Like the scale you enter a few numbers then hold it with both hands. After a few seconds your body fat percentage appears on the screen. This method uses your body’s conductivity to calculate your body fat, since water-based tissues are good electrical conductors and fats are insulators. You can find both types on the Internet. 2. Skin Fold Test – This is the most accurate and easiest way to measure your body composition. Using skin calipers, you measure skin folds to determine your percentage of body fat. In less than 5 minutes, you can get a correct measurement. You can find calipers on my website: www.alsearsmd.com.

Your Heart Rate: The Key to Effective Exercise
Your pulse rate or heart rate is the speedometer of your heart. It tells you the number of times your heart beats per minute. You can measure your heart rate at two pulse points: inside your 108 www.pacerevolution.com

wrist and the carotid artery in your neck. (The carotid artery carries blood to your brain and can be found by running your index and middle fingers along your windpipe.) You will use three measurements to approximate your heart health and track your PACE progress: • Resting Heart Rate • Maximum Heart Rate During Exertion • Recovery Time Your pulse or heart rate is measured in beats per minute (bpm). Each “beat” is actually a contraction as your heart squeezes to pump blood. Your heart rate rises to meet the demands of an activity and then recovers when you rest. Generally speaking, the lower your resting heart rate, the fitter you are – unless you have a pacemaker or heart disease. The speed of your heart when you’re at rest is your resting heart rate. As you start to exercise, your heart rate speeds up. The “top speed” your heart achieves at the peak of your exercise routine is your maximum heart rate during exertion. This number will vary depending on your age and level of fitness. People who are young or very fit can achieve a heart rate of 190 to 220 during exertion. On the other end of the scale, maximum heart rate might be 110 to 130. This is common if you’re out of shape or recovering from surgery or heart disease. The time it takes for your pulse to go from its exercise rate down to its resting rate is called your recovery time.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


As you get into better shape your resting heart rate and recovery time will decrease. And your maximum heart rate during exertion will increase. This is how you measure your heart’s progress. When you begin your PACE program don’t be overly concerned or discouraged by your measurements. It’s normal to have a high recovery time when you’re starting out. Simply observe and take notes. You’ll see steady improvements over time. These three measurements are the key to making progress. However, many of my patients ask me about another measurement: “maximum heart rate.” They say things like, “Dr. Sears… my doctor told me never to go above my maximum heart rate for my age.” This is a common concern. But as you’ll find, guidelines designed for large groups of people are just that – guidelines. “My legs look the way they did when I was in my 20s. They are firm, muscled and very strong. My arms are muscled and growing firmer every week. Belly is strong and flat. I feel better than I have – maybe ever. I’ve been health conscious since my 20s, but, in retrospect, I realize I never felt 100% good. Aches and pains are gone, my mind feels clear, and I feel happy every day. Did I say that I turned 69 this summer? When I hit 70, I will be in the best shape of my life. Thanks to your dedication to rectifying all the misinformation about diet, exercise and supplementation, I’m on the right track.” Linda C., Dallas, TX



Let’s look at how maximum heart rate is usually defined. rigid references are not always accurate. Your max heart rate may be lower. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 111 . Your maximum heart rate actually achieved during exertion is more helpful. But is your maximum heart rate a useful number? Should you use it during exercise? The answer is both yes and no. But it may not be true for you. That reference is true for everyone who happens to be 64 years old. In the real world. But after using your PACE program your max heart rate will likely increase. So any guide you use to gauge your heart rate should be flexible. If you’re 64 years old your maximum heart rate is commonly defined as 156 bpm. Textbooks and conventional wisdom calculate your maximum heart rate using your age. Your maximum heart rate based on your age is a reference that’s the same for everyone. 156 may be unrealistic. If you’re 64 years old and very out of shape. Finding your max heart rate based on your age is a good signpost. It’s a reference. But your PACE program is not fixed around this point.Does Maximum Heart Rate Matter? Your maximum heart rate is the highest number of times your heart can contract in one minute. The most popular equation for figuring out maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.

pacerevolution. multiply your age by 0. Gauge yourself as an individual.com . PACE reflects life in motion. that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get your own heart rate that high.According to this formula. what does maximum heart rate mean? How should it apply to your PACE routine? Your maximum heart rate is simply a guideline for measuring your heart’s level of conditioning.7. Then subtract 42 from 208. It’s “progressive. That gives you 166. An individual who is always in a state of growth and progress.” not fixed or rigid. if you’re 24.7] = Maximum Heart Rate If you’re 60. your maximum heart rate is 196 bpm. (220 – 64 = 156) This formula is still used and is the most common. That gives you 42. Many feel it’s not accurate. (220 – 24 = 196) If you’re 64. It depends on your level of fitness. 112 www. and slightly underestimates the maximum heart rate for older people. But there is some controversy. By the same token your max heart rate may be higher than 166. If your max heart rate is “officially” 166 for your age (if you’re 60). it’s 156 bpm. The problem with the “220-minus-your-age” formula is that it slightly overestimates the maximum heart rate for younger people. Now that you’ve established this reference. For a better estimate. this formula is more exact: 208 – [Your Age Multiplied By 0.

Two years later.. for example. and comparing it to future observations will give you an ongoing measure of health. your cardiac output may have increased dramatically giving you a new max heart rate. Not as an absolute. When you’re doing your PACE program the “60 to 80 percent rule” doesn’t apply.” You’ll hear this from personal trainers. recording it. “I have been using PACE with my recumbent bicycle for about 8 weeks now. The same can be said for the common advice. I feel like I have broken out of that rut and have momentum going toward weight loss and improved health. I am particularly grateful to PACE as I had spent months exercising with ‘traditional aerobics’ only to see no results or a few pounds of gain (ugh!). So far I have lost about 6 pounds and my clothes are looser.” Patty S. Use it as a tool. working out at 60 to 80 percent of your max heart rate was designed for long-duration activities. If you want to monitor your heart rate and find some reference point that’s fine. VT If you’ve pushed your limits and achieved an oxygen debt you’ve had a successful PACE workout. If you know you’re getting your heart up to PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 113 . The idea is to get you into your “fat burning zone” during cardio or aerobics. you’ll burn more fat by staying out of your fat burning zone. Finally. Keep in mind. “workout at 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. Observing your current level.Your max heart rate may be lower when you start your PACE program. As you discovered in Chapter 4. Newfane. The primary goal is giving yourself a worthy challenge and progressively changing some aspect of your workout.

do the following: • Sit quietly for two minutes and then find your pulse. 114 www.com . To find your resting heart rate.pacerevolution. Your Heart Rate Guide Age 40 50 60 70 80 Maximum Heart Rate (bpm) 180 173 166 159 152 60% of Maximum 80% of Maximum (bpm) (bpm) 108 104 100 95 91 144 138 133 127 122 Now that you’re familiar with some of the terms. You’ll also see how the numbers stack up when you calculate 60 and 80 percent of maximum. Forget the former and stick to the latter. There’s a big difference between exercising at 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate and using it as a reference point. A month or two later. let’s explore them further. that will act as a guidepost for you. This will help you find and use these critical measurements.70 percent of its maximum. Find Your Resting Heart Rate The average resting heart rate for an adult is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Well-conditioned athletes can have a resting heart rate between 40 and 60 beats per minute. you might find you’re hitting 80 percent. • Count the number of beats you feel in 6 seconds. Here’s a table with some max heart rates based on age.

But that’s okay. • This is your Resting Heart Rate. It will change slightly from day to day. • Repeat this process two more times and record your results.• Multiply by 10 and write it down. As you become more conditioned your resting heart rate will gradually become lower. Number of beats in 6 seconds (1st time) × 10 = Number of beats in 6 seconds (2nd time) × 10 = Number of beats in 6 seconds (3rd time) × 10 = Total Beats ÷ 3 = Resting Heart Rate Taking the measurement three times is simply a way to get a reliable average. it might be lower than the max heart rate recommended for your age. When you’re first starting out. What Is Your Maximum Heart Rate During Exertion? Your maximum heart rate achieved during exertion is the heart rate you achieve during your workout. Keep in mind that your resting heart rate will be a little higher if you’ve just had a cup of coffee or other caffeinated drink. This measurement is a more accurate gauge of your overall capacity. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 115 . • Calculate the average of these three results.

with PACE.Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re 60 years old. your maximum heart rate during exertion will increase. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. To use this example. So if you feel 14 beats in six seconds your heart rate is 140 bpm. 116 www. perceived exertion is more important. There will be days when you don’t achieve your usual heart rate. Measuring is easy.pacerevolution. Your recommended maximum heart rate is 166 bpm. When you’re at the end of your exertion period – when you are winded and panting – record your heart rate. Count the number of beats you feel for six seconds and then multiply by ten. Remember. But during your workout you only get your heart rate up to 140 bpm. If all you can achieve is 140 bpm that’s quite all right. It reflects you as an individual. So what do you do? Using the actual results you get during a workout is always more useful. You can do this a number of ways.com . That’s fine. That’s your baseline. your starting point. if your maximum heart rate during exertion is 140 bpm. If you’re wearing a heart rate monitor simply make note of what it says within a few seconds of finishing your exertion period. In that case your maximum heart rate during exertion is lower than the maximum heart rate recommended for your age. there will be times when you only hit 130 bpm. As your heart becomes stronger and your cardiac output rises. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor find your pulse on your neck and look at your watch.

” Eva J. This pattern of exertion followed by recovery is the basis of the body you have today. that is a successful PACE routine. And none of them were as easy as and worked as well as Dr.. that’s fine. perhaps even millions of years. And they all fit! I owe it all to Dr. fast and deep breathing. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 117 . “I’ve tried just about every diet and fitness program out there since I turned 16.If you feel like you’ve pushed yourself and you’ve achieved heavy. Sears. Recovery – or dynamic rest – is just that. Sears’ fat loss plan I weighed 169 lbs. I lost 7 lbs. As we’ve discussed. And the mechanism of benefit is clear. When I started Dr. Today I have lost a total of 19 lbs. That’s perceived exertion – when you feel like you’ve given it everything you have. animals in the wild always exert themselves in short bursts followed by rest. and my body fat went down to 30%. so far and my body fat went down to 22%. Sears’. and had 34% body fat. it’s dynamic. Today. It’s a lost art in our culture. It’s a pattern that’s worked for hundreds of thousands. Boynton Beach. So did ancient man. I feel absolutely great! I went into my closet the other day and pulled out a bunch of dresses I used to wear years ago. This is never the case in the natural world. FL Recovery Time: Your True Measure of Heart Health Recovery is one of the keys to successful PACE training. If your heart rate doesn’t always match what you achieved during a previous session. In the first month. conventional exercise wisdom pushes you for long stretches of time without ever letting you catch your breath.

Both of these adaptive responses are clearly dangerous. your body makes an adaptive response by shrinking your heart’s output and lung capacity. The German doctors and track coaches that invented interval training understood this.When you rest and recover between exertion periods you’re not wasting your time. melting away the fat for hours after you finish your PACE routine.pacerevolution. PACE is different. Over time that will make you fat and put you at high risk for diabetes. Your body makes adaptive responses all the time. The idea is to get your body to make the adaptive responses you want. And it’s during your recovery time that these changes start to take place. • Your muscles refine their capacity for quick. During your dynamic rest period you may not be “exercising. 118 www. When you eat high-glycemic foods. When you exercise aerobically. powerful responses. PACE takes it to the next level by making these responses available to you regardless of where you’re starting. PACE encourages your body to make adaptive responses that are life-affirming.com .” but your PACE program has set in motion a series of physiological changes that are quietly powering you to peak fitness: • Your native afterburner kicks into gear. Adaptive responses are the changes your body makes when it’s given a challenge or a new stimulus. Something vital and active is going on inside your body: adaptive responses. your body makes an adaptive response by creating more insulin. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to get the benefits.

• Your lung capacity expands to meet the new demand for more oxygen. • Your heart’s output grows and becomes stronger. In other words you rest until you feel like you’ve caught your breath. A few years ago. So don’t be concerned. what happens during recovery is just as important as what happens during exertion – if not more so. I told her to stop and rest. Make note of the time. Make note of the time. Take a drink of water and relax. Within sixty seconds she was ready to fall over. I put her on the treadmill at a low intensity. I had a patient – JF – who was very out of shape. Track Your Recovery Time for a Stronger Heart and Robust Lungs Keeping track of your recovery time is easy. This is dynamic rest in action. gradually adapting to develop greater reserve capacity and maximize the amount of blood it can pump with each beat. As you can see.” This is perceived recovery. Wait until you feel rested – until you feel like you’ve “caught your breath. Even if it takes you a long time to recover you can still make speedy progress with PACE. stop and rest. After a full 5 minutes of recovery her heart was still beating at 140 bpm! PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 119 . Writing it down and keeping track is all you have to worry about. How much time has elapsed? Three minutes? Ten minutes? There’s no right or wrong answer here.• Your pituitary gland triggers the release of youth-enhancing growth hormone. After you finish your exertion period.

After a few weeks when your body adapts and your heart strengthens. 120 www. her heart was fully recovering from her exercise routine in just over two minutes. Also see a doctor if you feel any of the following during exercise: • An irregular or rapid heartbeat • Light-headedness. Because their hearts are young and resilient. So keep a log and write everything down. After 12 weeks. Children often have very fast recovery times.pacerevolution. I measured again only 15 seconds later. when my son was 5 or 6 years old.She was discouraged. (At the end of this book you’ll find a website with log sheets you can download and print. they can run around at break-neck speed and be back to normal in seconds. I had him run around the pool as fast as he could. dizziness or fainting • Shortness of breath or chest pain And please… always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. A few years ago.) Fast recovery is a sign of youth and vitality. It was an extremely fast 240 beats per minute.com . I made sure she kept a log of her workouts and then followed up with her a few months later. It had returned to 120 bpm! Watch for Warning Signs: Be Safe When You Practice PACE Consult your doctor if your heart rate shows no sign of dropping within a few minutes of stopping exercise. I then measured his heart rate. but I told her not to worry about her results. your recovery time will start to drop.

But what about between sets? If you’re doing four or five sets in your PACE routine. UT The fatigue that builds up after doing a number of sets is called cumulative exertion. That means your recovery time between sets will vary. you will feel increasingly worn out. I wonder if there are any records of an ol’ guy like me continuing improvement over my age?” John M. After doing four sets your fatigue factor will be higher. how far do you recover between sets? This is a common question. When you finish your first set your recovery time will be faster than after you finish your fourth or fifth set. It will take you longer to recover after your fourth or fifth set than it will after your first set. Layton.. Rely on your sense of perceived recovery. after you finish one set you may feel winded but you probably won’t feel fatigued. Simply observe and take notes. This is natural. But after each successive set.How to Gauge Your Recovery Between Sets Measuring your recovery time is easy enough. For example. This is part of the process. and it is amazing to me and others that I am continually improving a little all of the time. “I’m 92. Simply make note of how long it takes your heart to return to normal after you exert yourself. And this will affect your recovery time. Start your next exertion period after you feel like you’ve caught your breath. When you’ve PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 121 .

A shorter recovery time means your heart is stronger. The most important recovery time will be your last one. This is the recovery time measurement that will give you your best gauge of progress. You’ll go cold. Just don’t wait around too long. This will give you an even deeper feeling of freedom and progress within your PACE program. The formula is very simple. Now that you have the tools to measure your progress. let’s explore a deeper level of progressivity. This is the amount of time it takes to recover from your last exertion period.caught your breath and you feel rested you’re ready to move on to the next set. healthier and more responsive. As you become more conditioned your recovery time will come down. 122 www.com .pacerevolution.

Sears transform the lives of his patients for years. even the occasional dessert and cigar after dinner.PATIENT STORY Michael Masterson “I dropped my skepticism when it started working for me…” “I’ve seen Dr. and the benefits were long lasting. And I don’t doubt it. The secret behind Dr. I continue to enjoy all my favorites: steak. I felt something new and quite remarkable: my lungs started to balloon inside my chest. I could begin to see the difference in my chest when I looked in the mirror. Dr. I felt like I could get twice the oxygen I was used to. I had never experienced anything quite like it before. I had more energy. I didn’t change my diet. extra oxygen has given me energy and an unshakable feeling of optimism. And when I put it to the test. Within a few weeks. the scientific proof behind it is logical and easy to understand. Sears told me your lung capacity is your best indicator of ‘all cause mortality. the bigger your lung capacity. That’s why I’m so excited now. wine. But I was still a bit skeptical when he first told me about his 12-minute program. cheese. And it just makes sense.’ That’s doctor speak for ‘all the ways you could possibly die. I saw results almost immediately. Best of all. the longer you’ll live.’ In other words. Many are friends of mine. I dropped 20 pounds of fat. Not a thing. I’ve seen other people do it too. seasonal fruits and vegetables. When I started PACE. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 123 . Sears’ fat burning revolution is his PACE program. Not only have I experienced it for myself.

pacerevolution.Life has never been better.com . And my friends are taking notice… The fat around my belly is gone and my face looks young and lean.” Before After 124 www.

Once you build native fitness you build and keep greater independence. You can call the shots and keep your mobility for life. When you challenge your body in the right way – in the way it was built to be challenged – it pays you back with greater vitality. In case you’re not old enough to fully appreciate the value of this possession. It has been programmed to do so. With the right plan. let me tell you from my experience in anti-aging therapies for the very elder – it’s preciously rare yet priceless! PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 125 I . Where others wind up bedridden or dependent. It reconnects you to your environment and gives you back a keener sense of purpose. you take care of your body and it takes care of you. power and confidence. Native fitness is the core of self-determination.Chapter eIght Supercharge Your PACE n a matter of weeks PACE will rebuild your native fitness. With your vitality restored and sustained. you’re on the move. Being effortlessly energetic with a naturally lean. It will get and keep your heart pumping stronger. your lungs expanding and your muscles responding better for decades longer than current medical expectations. high-performance body breeds stamina. you win back greater personal autonomy.

PACE will give it back. I’m talking about change. won’t get you very far. And they’re both set on working your heart and lungs continuously for a set time period. Break Free of the Rigid Routines… PACE Shatters All Convention As you start your PACE program. you need to do something else different from what you are used to when you think of “exercise routines. You won’t keep muscle and lose fat. But in the fitness world. Eventually it will start to injure you with useless wear and tear. It’s the overriding rule of nature. That’s the way we’ve been trained to move. PACE breaks both these misguided traditions as well and puts you in touch with a principle that makes some people nervous at first. this natural gift is lost. PACE workouts are in a constant state of flux. Repeating the same routine for an hour.pacerevolution. And that scares some 126 www. mimicking the instructor in the same way every time. it’s often ignored or forgotten.” Aerobic classes and cardio workouts have two more things in common: they’re both designed around fixed and repetitive movements. Because these buttons were laid down and refined by millions of years of interaction with an environment now gone.That’s the gift that nature has programmed your body to give you… and it will… if you push the right buttons. They’re not static.com . and you won’t save yourself from a heart attack. And. You never do it exactly the same way twice. It’s truly the only constant in the universe. our bodies thrive on it.

you’re making creative solutions and breaking through plateaus. You stop progressing. We’re talking about two key principles you’ll be using as you continue your PACE practice: PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 127 . By changing your workout. But that doesn’t reflect the change inherent in nature. lighter. Traditional exercise doesn’t always involve creativity. By looking for this and listening to your body. And to practice PACE means listening to and accepting change. It doesn’t ask you to contribute or listen. FL that point you stop making adaptive responses. In this way.” no longer challenging.. you’ll give yourself new challenges as the old ones become tired and predictable. From a fitness improvement point of view. it’s always new and exciting. At this stage. it’s and now am 25 lbs. It simply demands the repetition of mechanical movements with no variation. Most folks are creatures of habit and want to do things the same way every time. you’ll need to change gears and do something differently in your practice. At Clifford H. This is different than what you might be used to.” You’re still spending the same time. doing the same work. When your body gets used “I started PACE in late February to a particular challenge. PACE is not a form of aerobics or cardio. You will then be stuck “hitting a plateau. It’s a different animal. And it doesn’t lead to native fitness. nothing is happening. PACE is never a chore. but you’re no longer moving forward. Pembroke Pines.people. When you know the basic features of a PACE workout you can always change it up by altering the progressive element. Let’s review for a moment.

like increasing the intensity. You can practice inside or outside. Let’s say you start off with one of the workouts you tried in Chapter 5. These are all good signs. During the first couple of weeks you feel both challenged and rewarded. adding a set. If you can do anything. i.• Recognizing the basic features of a PACE workout. You notice some improvement in your recovery time. They will form the foundation of your PACE practice. This kind of freedom is both liberating and intimidating. You make small changes to your workout. you create an oxygen debt. – making incremental changes and applying creative solutions. Recognizing when you’ve hit a plateau is part of the game. You’re monitoring and recording your maximum heart rate during exertion. There are limitless possibilities. • Breaking through plateaus by applying a progressive element.com . you hit your supraaerobic zone during exertion. You can use an instrument or simply walk or run. 128 www. what do you choose? In this chapter I’ll provide you with some ideas.e. when you finish your exertion period you feel winded.pacerevolution. You rest and recover. How you do that is up to you. When you catch your breath you do another period of exertion. You can do one set or you can do multiple sets. But you’ll add your own creative solutions as you progress. etc. After each exertion period you feel winded and out of breath. These are the basic features you want to include in every PACE workout. By now you’re familiar with the basic features of a PACE workout: You give your body a worthy challenge.

You do something different. At that point you change your workout. the feeling starts to change. Your heart rate doesn’t go as high… you don’t feel as winded after each exertion period… you start to get bored… These are signs of reaching a plateau. but you do it in a new and creative way. You apply the same basic features of PACE.But let’s say after following this course for six weeks. That act of creative change brings back the exhilaration and it brings back the adaptive responses your body makes to a new challenge. This is the key to a long-term successful PACE experience. Below are some ideas with tips on what to do and what to look for… PACE 8-Week Program WarmUp Weeks 1&2 3&4 5&6 7&8 3 min 3 min 2 min 2 min 3 min 2 min 90 sec 60 sec Set 3 Weeks 1&2 3&4 5&6 7&8 Exertion 3 min 2 min 90 sec 60 sec Recovery X min X min X min X min 3 min 2 min 90 sec 60 sec Set 1 Exertion Recovery X min X min X min X min Set 2 Exertion 3 min 2 min 90 sec 60 sec Set 4 Exertion Recovery Done Done Done Done Recovery X min X min X min X min PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 129 .

Your first exertion period is three minutes so you set your incline at “4. But make sure you increase the incline or intensity. I needed to use my Albuterol inhaler afterwards each time. Within 3 weeks. then resting. We rode 20 miles more than I’ve ever attempted before and while the few hills were hard. The idea here is keeping your exertion level consistently high for three minutes. I no longer needed to! I just took an introduction to a road cycling course. decrease the exertion period to two minutes.pacerevolution.” The incline or the resistance settings will be different depending on what kind of machine you’re using. let’s say a setting of “4” is a low setting – something that will provide you a bit of a challenge but is not hard to maintain for three minutes. After two weeks. you’ll increase the intensity every time the exertion period gets smaller. CA Here you have a basic 4-set workout. 130 www.” Katie B. When I first started doing PACE. To make it more challenging. but do it for a shorter period. let’s say you choose an elliptical machine. I didn’t have any difficulty breathing.“I have exercise-induced asthma. Every two weeks the exertion period decreases. But for the sake of example. keep track of how high you get and what level gives you a feeling of exertion.com . Benicia.. For example. If your elliptical has a “strides per minute” read out. Make it harder to do.

As you PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 131 . you should be sprinting. I’d like to draw your attention to an idea here… we’re creating variations on a theme. By the time you reach your 6th exertion period. Outdoor Running: Distance Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 1/8 mile Set 3 100 yards Set 5 50 yards X min X min X min Set 2 1/8 mile Set 4 Recovery X min Recovery Done 100 yards Set 6 50 yards X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Exertion Recovery Exertion If you’re in good condition. If you can’t sprint the entire way. After each recovery period. The last three will really test your stamina. This is an aspect of progressivity. that’s fine. This is a great workout.Play around with this workout but be mindful of the basic features of your PACE workout. The first three will feel easy. Here’s yet another variation: Do this routine running uphill. slightly increase the intensity. Tailor it to suit your own level of conditioning. you can start your first exertion period by running an eighth of a mile (220 yards). It’s one of my personal favorites. Your intensity level should be moderate. Do what you can and strive to give it a little extra effort each time you do it. Here’s a good variation: Run all six sets at 1/8 of a mile.

Sears. After I retired. Sears right now!” Margaret V. Then I started packing on the pounds – and I couldn’t get the weight off! I had tried what seemed like thousands of diets.. I weighed 121 lbs. Outdoor Running: Timed Exertion Periods Warm-Up 1 min Set 1 2 min Set 3 60 sec Set 5 30 sec X min 20 sec X min 45 sec Set 6 Recovery Done X min 90 sec Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Exertion Recovery Exertion Like the distance program. The last two sets should be sprints. my entire life until I turned 45. you can make it more difficult by running faster or running uphill. I could kiss Dr.practice a particular PACE workout consider different variations to keep it fresh. Loxahatchee Groves. When you’re running outdoors.. I ended up losing 24 lbs. I came to see Dr. right off the bat! Now I’m remembering the good old days! I’m so happy.com . “It’s a miracle.pacerevolution. FL 132 www. start at a low to moderate intensity and increase the level of intensity after each set. Your local area and terrain will determine which works best.

I like to start and finish with a longer exertion period. timed interval workout above – with a few slight variations. You also have the option of holding on to the side rails if you feel winded. Use it. (Remember to wear proper running shoes with cushioned soles that absorb the impact of running. you have a lot of freedom.) A sample treadmill PACE program will look similar to the outdoor. Start your first exertion period from this point. Having said that. You can raise intensity via speed or incline at the touch of a button. Increase the pace and lengthen your strides into a brisk walk. Bear in mind that it’s easier to run fast or sprint when you’re outside. Begin walking at a comfortable pace for a few minutes until your muscles feel warm and loose. Here’s another option: After you’ve steadily increased your PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 133 .Treadmill Treadmills are a good option if walking or running outdoors isn’t possible or convenient. allowing your body to adapt. Note: For treadmill programs. If you apply the basic features of PACE. When on a treadmill. it is easy and works well to increase the intensity after each recovery period by slightly increasing your speed. experiment with this program and make it your own.

speed over a period of maybe four to six weeks, drop back to your original starting speed but increase the slope and repeat the entire cycle with the higher slope.
Warm-Up 1 min Set 1 3 min Set 3 1 min Set 5 2 min X min 2 min X min 1 min Set 6 Recovery Done X min 2 min Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Elliptical Machine
The elliptical trainer provides a high-energy, low-impact workout. This is a good option if you enjoy the feeling of running but don’t like the pressure and impact on your knees. Turning up the resistance on an elliptical triggers muscle growth in the quads and glutes (thighs and buttocks). At high levels it can be very demanding. Most elliptical machines give you the option of adding an upper body workout. To work your arms, focus on pushing and pulling the handles; for more of a lower body workout, rest your hands on the handgrips, turn up the resistance and push harder with your legs. After each recovery period, increase the incline so it takes more 134 www.pacerevolution.com

effort. You may want to hold on to the side rails for stability. Once you are used to this machine you can, for the last 2 exertion periods, run as fast as you can for 30 seconds each. You’ll definitely feel the burn in your thighs. One possible variation: Make each exertion period 2 minutes long. Your cumulative exertion will automatically make the last sets more difficult. Note: To help you run faster, put the weight in the balls of your feet and lift your heels slightly. You can also raise your knees higher.
Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 2 min Set 3 60 sec Set 5 30 sec X min 20 sec X min 40 sec Set 6 Recovery Done X min 90 sec Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Stationary Bicycle or Recumbent Bicycle
When I’m in the gym, these two are my favorites. Both are great for working the larger muscles like the gluteus, quadriceps and the muscles of the lower back. The stationary bike requires a little less effort, as your body is positioned over the pedals and your legs are pumping down. It also helps to improve your posture. Because both your hips and hands

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


support your weight, your spine is in a horizontal position and gets a stretch in the lumbar region. The alternating hip motion created by your legs, works the muscles of the lower back, which affect your posture. The recumbent bike is a good choice if you have edema (swelling) of the legs or problems with circulation. It also helps if you have lower back problems. When exercising on a recumbent bike, you’ll sit in a bucket seat and lean back against the backrest in a reclined position. The pedals on a recumbent bike are set horizontally in front of the seat, so your legs are straight out in front of you instead of below you. This puts less pressure on the joints, but makes resistance from the pedals a bit higher – giving you a more intense workout in a comfortable, natural position.
Warm-Up 2 min Set 3 90 sec X min 60 sec Set 1 2 min X min Set 4 X min 60 sec 2 min Set 2 X min Set 5 Done

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

This workout will challenge your endurance, so start at a low to moderate intensity. Increase the intensity as you progress. Feel the burn in your legs and take deep breaths making sure to exhale fully as the intervals shorten. After a few weeks, turn up the heat and try the following program. The intervals are a bit shorter, so you should focus on intensity and maximum effort.



Warm-Up 2 min Set 3 30 sec

Set 1 1 min X min Set 4 1 min

Set 2 X min Set 5 X min 20 sec Done

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery X min 20 sec

Outdoor Bicycle
Like outdoor running, you can vary your routines with both distance and time. To vary intensity, look for paths and terrain that go both uphill and downhill. You can use flat, straight-aways to work with timed intervals, increasing your intensity by going faster. Depending on your bike, you can also change gears to make it harder or easier to pedal. The workout is similar to outdoor running, except the exertion distances are longer to account for the speed of a bicycle. Biking is ideal if you’re overweight; it’s an exceptional fat burner and there’s no impact to injure joints. “My story is only beginning, but I’m so excited, I had to write. I was at my ideal weight 2 1/2 years ago, but then went through menopause and gained 26 lbs. despite constant attempts at modifying my diet and exercise routine. I only started PACE five days ago, have had three workouts on a stationary bicycle, and have already lost 3 lbs., 2 1/2 inches around my waist, 1 inch off my hips, 1 inch off my bust, and 1 inch off of each thigh. And my resting heartbeat has dropped by a full 10 beats!!” Gia B., Los Angeles, CA PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 137

Outdoor Bicycle: Brief Measured Distance Program
Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 1 mile Set 3 1/2 mile Set 5 1/4 mile X min X min X min 1 mile Set 4 Recovery X min Recovery Done 1/2 mile Set 6 1/8 mile Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Outdoor Bicycle: Longer Timed Exertion Periods
Warm-Up 2 min Set 1 4 min Set 3 3 min Set 5 2 min X min 1 min X min 3 min Set 6 Recovery Done X min 4 min Set 4 Recovery X min Set 2 X min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery

Exertion Recovery Exertion

Exertion Recovery Exertion

As with all of these workouts, experiment. By now you understand that PACE is the dynamic or creative application of a few basic principles. As long as you achieve the basics during each routine, the exertion periods can be as long or as short as you like.



Just bear one thing in mind…

Keep Your Total Exertion Under 20 Minutes
I often refer to PACE as the “12-minute fitness revolution.” In my experience I’ve found 12 minutes of total exertion is enough to trigger the adaptive responses we’ve talked about. By “12 minutes of total exertion” I mean that all your exertion periods add up to 12 minutes. So if you do four sets of three minutes each, that’s 12 minutes of total exertion. While 12 minutes is a good PACE workout, you can certainly go beyond that if you like. Just keep your total exertion time under 20 minutes. You can do as many sets as you like, but the total amount of exertion for the workout should not go over 20 minutes. For example, if you did six sets of four minutes each, that would equal 24 minutes of total exertion. That’s a bit too long for a PACE workout. Why? It’s about fuel. As you’ve learned, your body changes its fuel sources. During the first few minutes, you’re burning ATP supplied by your cells. Then you switch gears and burn carbs from your muscle tissue. Finally, after about 20 minutes you start burning fat. Remember… you don’t want to burn fat during your workout. That’s why you never exceed 20 minutes of total exertion. After your PACE workout is finished, your body will replenish your muscle tissue by burning your fat stores. This fat burning goes on for hours after you finish, even while you’re sleeping.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


When the two met. Carlos looks about 10 years younger. And he responded to PACE quickly and with a lot of enthusiasm. Being a talented soccer player. Scott felt like Carlos was a great candidate for PACE. of fat 140 www. Before After losing 50 lbs. brought Carlos to our clinic after meeting him at the gym.pacerevolution. Carlos was very active in his 20s but fell out of his fitness routine when the demands of his career and family got to be too much. my PACE-certified fitness trainer. Like many guys. Carlos was eager to get back in the game.com . In his “after” picture.PATIENT STORY Carlos Menendez Coach Scott. Carlos was trying to get back in shape after “letting it slide” for a number of years.

As of this writing. In that time. Carlos has been doing PACE for six months. he: • • • • Lost 50 pounds of fat Built 29 pounds of new muscle Raised HDL (good cholesterol) by over 65% Lowered triglycerides (blood fat) by over 10% Body Fat (lbs) 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 10 4/ 24 /2 5/ 6/ 7/ 9/ 4/ 3/ 20 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 3/ 4/ 22 /2 00 18 /2 23 /2 10 /2 /1 3/ 20 00 9 24 /2 00 9 00 00 00 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 09 20 09 09 Lean Body Mass (lbs) 9 9 9 9 10 4/ 5/ 22 /2 6/ 18 /2 9 7/ 23 /2 9/ 10 /2 3 /1 0 /2 00 00 9 00 9 00 9 09 141 .

com .pacerevolution.HDL (mg/dL) 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Baseline 4-months 80 78 76 74 72 70 68 66 64 Triglycerides (mg/dL) Baseline 4-months 142 www.

but isn’t so good for building real strength that you can use. Weight lifting is the best exercise for creating muscle bulk. First. they’re probably going to tell you to lift weights – right? But if you want real strength that you can use. And those machines with cables or rubber bands are even worse. If you go to the average gym today and tell the staff that you want to get stronger. you can’t count on conventional advice to solve this problem. These problems are similar in two ways. our environment is no longer providing the challenges to our muscles that we were designed to get from our daily activities. forget lifting weights. Weight lifters look N PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 143 .Chapter NINe Rebuild Real Strength ow that you are well on your way to building real strength and power in your heart and lungs. it’s time to ask a related question: What about muscle strength? Your muscles have a problem very much like the problem I exposed with heart and lung strength. Second.

To get there. Fast and Youthful Muscle hypertrophy. is the prize of most body builders. Indeed when we look at practical strength tests we find that strength and hypertrophy are very much different and are produced with different training programs. if you watch very hypertrophied bodybuilders play sports they’re unusually tight.impressive because they have created muscle hypertrophy. “I loved the PACE book and Myofibrillar hypertrophy is the am into my second week. But there are actually two forms of hypertrophy: one that leads to size but not strength. But big muscles are a cosmetic feature.com .” but with a smaller increase in the Tom R.2 While body builders may appear to have more size. muscle size. PACE encourages myofibrillar hypertrophy. This is typical of most Nova Scotia. “PACE Strength” Keeps You Nimble. Canada 1 strength trainers. There’s which builds muscular strength hope for the elderly. The muscle development they work so hard for actually gets in their way. or the increase in muscle cell size. increase of contractile proteins. This is typical of most body builders. and one that translates into real muscular strength you can use. you focus on progressively increasing your challenge to continuously stress the contractile proteins..pacerevolution. sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is achieved by exhausting the muscles to the point where 144 www. clumsy and awkward. the kind that builds real strength. Congratulations. In fact. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy is the rise of sarcoplasmic fluid in the muscle cell but with no increase in muscular strength. Antigonish.

In this way you’ll not only make progress faster but you will ultimately reach a level of power.3 Not what you want for longterm health. independent. and out of the nursing home until the day you arrive at the Pearly Gates. strength and competency you never imagined possible. As you are doing PACE you’re working on functional strength training. You can further improve your functional strength training with PACE by making a few simple variations. And it never feels like a chore. it PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 145 . By the time you finish your first challenge you’ll feel exhilarated and recharged. functional strength keeps you mobile. It’s what enables you to climb the stairs while you’re carrying four bags of groceries without injuring yourself. It’s one of the benefits activated every time you do PACE. is practical strength. strength and mobility. And as you get older. Functional strength propels you out of bed in the morning and helps you carry out life’s daily tasks. fast and youthful. In this chapter I’ll show you how. Weight Training Doesn’t Train Anything… Except the Risk of Injury Rarely is muscle hypertrophy alone the goal of my training programs. If done properly. It keeps you nimble. Functional strength on the other hand.they are fatigued and unable to move. You can use your own body weight to focus your training on specific muscle groups. And you can keep this level of confidence and fitness as you age. It’s not as hard as you might think. In those uncommon cases progressive weight training to near exhaustion is the best tool for the job.

This new muscle mass becomes dysfunctional because it’s disconnected from the central nervous system’s primary purpose of muscle control – to work with other muscles to move your body. weight lifting has a darker. But for many in my clinic.com . And much of it is still emerging. Aside from the widespread and well-known weight lifting injuries like torn muscles and trauma to the rotator cuff. But even then it is best combined with some type of more functional strength training. tearing fibers and creating bloated hypertrophied muscle fibers in response. For someone with low muscle mass. knees and lower back. What’s more. more dangerous side to it. elbows. unnatural patterns of movement.will cause your muscle to enlarge. surgeons at Yale-New Haven Hospital first discovered a potentially fatal danger for weight lifters. malpositioned joints and sets you up for injuries. coach. In all my years as a personal trainer.pacerevolution. rose to levels of 300 146 www. your body isn’t designed for the mechanics of weight lifting patterns. the recurrent unnatural strain has produced too many injuries. And it’s certainly not the best way to build functional strength you can use. What you’re actually doing is conditioning your muscles to tense up. tension and size imbalances. In 2003. Blood pressure. Long-term weight lifting creates strength. which is usually 120/80. a welldesigned lower body resistance workout can help restore the lost muscle mass. fitness consultant and anti-aging physician I can’t escape one more very negative limitation of weight training – you’re not really training anything.

published in the journal Cardiology. Nature designed your body to build and maintain muscle in response to the demands of your own body weight.” 6 Their discovery is tragic but not surprising. were summed up by lead surgeon and researcher Dr.5 Their follow up results. John Elefteriades: “Of the 31 patients.4 Keep in mind. bench-pressing their own body weight is considered to be a moderate challenge at best. We weren’t designed for that kind of exertion. This time the Yale surgeons called for widespread heart screenings of anyone considering weight lifting. Repetitive heavy lifting to the point of exhaustion isn’t natural to our bodies. for the average weight lifter. Their study.e. This tearing of the lining of the largest blood vessel in the body is fatal unless treated immediately. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 147 . the Yale researchers concluded the intense pressure led to ruptures of the internal layer of the aorta. After seeing five young patients with heart damage following weight lifting. An accomplished body builder can routinely bench-press twice their body weight or more. 10 of them are dead.or higher for people who bench pressed weights equal to their own body weight. i. published in JAMA. Pumping your muscles for the sake of size and not strength can lead to trouble. the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Exercising” this natural function. was followed up three years later with more evidence and a direct warning. called aortic dissection. – moving your body weight – is also the most effective way to strengthen ligaments and tendons.

Alleviates lower back pain and increases lower back strength. push-ups. physique. The American College of Sports Medicine. these eight health enhancers turn on like a switch: 1. 6. 2.Turn on the Top 8 Benefits of Strong Muscles Once you combine PACE with a strength-training program. After trying it all myself and testing and researching strength building for 30 years. going to the gym used to mean boxing.pacerevolution. keeping you safe during daily activities. wrestling. Muscle strength is increased and muscle loss is prevented. Improves personal appearance. 4. Reference: Ross J. Reduction of symptoms associated with Type II diabetes: depression. sleep disorders. 8. 7.com . osteoporosis and depression. a disease that affects bone fragility. cardio and weight lifting took over and created the commercialized modern gym. Lower resting blood pressure. Reduction of body fat. 3. Improves functional flexibility and strength. the best way to build the kind of functional 148 www. 5. Increased bone mass and density to protect against osteoporosis. chin-ups and calisthenics. self-esteem and self-confidence. 2004 Power Up New Muscle Strength With Nature’s Fitness Trainer Before the modern fads of aerobics. Strength Training for Seniors.

in the office. Bodyweight exercises are a type of “functional exercise” because they train function or real world use. anywhere” exercise. The Greek word “calisthenics” comes from “kallos” for beauty and “thenos” for strength. Liberty. Green Berets Mark P. You can do calisthenics whether you’re on the road.strength that you use in normal daily activities remains exercises that use your own body weight. bodyweight exercises good old-fashioned calisthenics. In this way they mimic the challenges that we were designed to face but now lack in the modern world. With a little variation you can use different calisthenics to challenge different muscle groups in functional patterns to generate considerable muscle strength. This recent trend in muscle strengthening science – away from weight training and toward body weight exercise – is really not new at all but simply returning to an earlier more natural and wiser method. The good news is that you are already addressing muscle strength with PACE. No special or expensive equipment is necessary and with a few simple maneuvers. Practiced over time. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 149 . In fact. They have long year’ as a cop and at 60.S. they make it easier to perform routine physical tasks. I am fully been at the core of the able to handle the daily rigors of the strength-training program job. They employ positions and motions that you use to move your own body. Because all my PACE programs employ your body weight in natural movements.. metabolism and immune “I am now completing my ‘rookie function. you will be building real muscle strength. and they improve bone density. you could call most functional.” for the U. or at home. you can exercise multiple muscle groups. MO and Navy Seals. It’s the perfect “anytime. I owe most of that to PACE.

especially those needing to recover from heart disease. upper body rotations. You’ll need to build up your stamina by starting slowly and increasing your endurance.com . muscle wasting causes us to lose the ability to move our bodies. begin slowly.As with any exercise program. such as calisthenics. you also improve your stamina and stability. Moving your body through these physical motions will prevent injury by loosening joints and tendons. you should see results if you remain consistent and stay with the program. Strengthening your muscle capacity creates positive muscle adaptation. In just a few weeks. Speed Your Recovery From Heart Attack and Heart Disease People of all ages benefit from muscular conditioning. and hurdle steps. often requiring the assistance of walking aids and wheelchairs. By increasing the size of your muscles. This makes performing everyday physical activities less challenging. is your best approach to muscle conditioning. Here’s How You Do It: More Power and More Strength in 3 Easy Steps PACE gets results by adding a progressive element to your 150 www. Using a functional resistance-training program.pacerevolution. leg lifts. As we get older. I like to begin with several repetitions of arm circles.

How long did it take you? Twenty minutes? Forty minutes? An hour? It doesn’t matter. You do another 40 and then rest again. My favorite strategy is simple: Time yourself and try and do it faster next time. I like to start with: • Jump Squats • Jump Pull-Ups • Push-Ups When you’re ready. You’re working all the major muscle groups in a way that promotes strength. You do 30 without a break. coordination and new myofibril growth. And PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 151 . You do the same with push-ups. You start with jump squats. Now here’s the progressive element of this training program. You stop and rest. Start by selecting three calisthenics or body-weight exercises. pick up the count where you left off. This is a simple yet very effective way of doing PACE with calisthenics. If you need to take a break that’s fine. Now… you’re done. you time yourself again and shoot for doing it a little faster each time. Calisthenics are no different. riding a bike or running on a treadmill.workout. do 100 repetitions of each. As soon as you are able to get going again. You keep going in spurts until you finish. Then you start your jump pull-ups. As long you time yourself and do 100 of each. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking. Next time. Time yourself. You do 30 more then rest. Here’s an example: You look at your watch or use a stopwatch.

You’ll be able to monitor your progress more effectively. “I love PACE.by challenging yourself to do it slightly faster each time. 100 repetitions • Dips. Try choosing one routine from each category below to make a new challenge.) Looking for variations or new ideas? The three exercises mentioned above work brilliantly together. make note of how long it takes to do each exercise.com . 100 repetitions • Crunches.pacerevolution. (If you get too tired doing normal push-ups. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. For new challenges. The first time I did this routine it took me about 15 minutes: Four minutes for the jump squats. It’s helpful if you record your heart rate at each stage too. combine with other calisthenics mentioned in this chapter. You are more likely to make progressive changes if you keep a detailed report. see below.. FL For descriptions of the exercises. Be patient and be diligent. especially at the beginning. 4 minutes for the jump pull-ups and 3 minutes for the push-ups… and about 4 minutes of rest in between. you’re using the PACE techniques of progressivity and acceleration. try doing wall push-ups or knee push-ups. 100 repetitions There are infinite possibilities here. My clothes are big on me!!! Yippee!” Sharon B. Boynton Beach. 152 www. Remember: take it slow. Here’s an example: • Alternating Lunges. But you can use others. I have had a lot of success with the program.

• Gluteus muscles in your buttocks. Your three biggest muscles work to flex and extend your hip joint. These muscles are bigger and meant to be stronger. These muscles are: • Quadriceps on the front of your thighs. • Hamstrings on the back of your thighs. They provide your foundation and you should focus on strengthening them first. PACE keeps you functional in these key areas: MOVE Climb stairs Walk about CARRY Luggage PICK UP Children Boxes GET UP Out of bed ENDURE In the cold wind On endless shopping trips Groceries Packages Out of the car In the hot sun Off the couch On long travels Run for cover Supplies Lower Body Strength: Your Key to Life-Long Mobility Here’s another point you are unlikely to hear from your gym: when it comes to restoring your native strength.Stay Independent and Mobile as You Age 3 No Wheelchairs 3 No Dependence on Others 3 No Assisted Living Facilities Don’t give up control over your own life. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 153 . your lower body needs more attention than your upper body. In our native world they would bear the biggest challenges but are the most neglected in our modern world.

palm side up. As you pull back. exhale. From this position. 154 www.pacerevolution. parallel to the ground with your hands open and palms facing down. Inhale briskly and pull your hands straight back. turn the wrists up and make a fist.Four of the best exercises for these muscles are: • Hindu Squats – Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. This brings you back to the starting position: standing straight up with your arms extended in front of you. Extend your arms out in front of you. your elbows should be behind you with both hands in a fist. bend your knees and squat.com . Let your arms fall to your sides and touch the ground with the tips of your fingers. hands open and palms facing down. At the end of the inhalation. Continue exhaling and let your arms swing up as you stand.

you’ll be able to do 100 repetitions in a set. take a step forward with your right leg until your front knee is bent 90 degrees and your back knee almost touches the ground. Once you are comfortable with the form. Rest. Repeat until you feel winded. (I do 500 every other day…) • Alternating Lunges – With your hands on your hips. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 155 . recover and do another set. you can increase your speed to one squat per second. Push off from your leading foot and return to the starting position. Once you’re conditioned.Repeat at the pace of one repetition every four seconds. Repeat with your left leg.

Return to standing position. squat as far as possible. Simultaneously. Repeat. head straight and level. quickly straighten legs and jump upward as high as you can. extend arms and reach overhead. Bring your arms forward. 156 www.com . without losing your balance. quickly return to original position. After landing. parallel to the floor.•  Squats – With feet shoulder width apart.pacerevolution. • Jump Squats – With body crouched. Begin with these muscles and work them first if you want to maximize the effect on your total body strength. arms at sides. feet together. Repeat.

Functional strength is supported by building powerful core muscle groups to improve your breath. raise your head and feet slightly. and mechanics of motion. hold. return to starting position. posture. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 157 . legs six inches off the ground. Repeat. you must have strong abdominal muscles. Lift legs another foot higher. and repeat. The four best floor exercises for concentrating on your abdomen include: • Crunches/Sit-Ups – Lie on your back.Easily Maintain Rock-Hard Abs and Wipe Out Lower Back Pain To prevent pain and injury in the lower back. • Leg Levers – Lie on your back.

Repeat. raise legs a few inches off ground. • Scissors – Lie on your back. Repeat. Spread legs apart and then bring them together.• Back Flutter Kicks – Lie on your back. 158 www.com .pacerevolution. and alternate each leg 2 to 3 feet off ground.

like lifting heavy packages or moving furniture. Straighten your back and place feet together. The best exercises for building upper body strength include: • Push-Ups – Lie face down. Lower yourself until you almost touch the ground. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 159 . will be easier as your muscles build useful strength.Pump Up Your Chest and Arms Without Going to the Gym You build practical strength by engaging in a full range of motion activities. Everyday activities. Challenge your upper body by using your own body weight. focus more on your back than your chest and arms. Place hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart. To prevent injury.

com . • Knee Push-Up (Modified Push-Up) – Start with your knees on the floor and your feet up. Place your hands parallel with your shoulders and a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. 160 www. Start standing up and then lean against a wall with your hands out. Repeat. Extend your arms until your arms come close to locking out. Now with your hands at shoulder length apart lower yourself toward the wall. Now press your body back to the starting position. Lower yourself until you almost touch the ground.• Wall Push-Up (Modified Push-Up) – This exercise is great for people who are not able to do a regular push up.pacerevolution. To make it more challenging find something lower like a desk or bench.

Stretch your arms in front of you. • Pull-Ups – Palms face out for a traditional pull-up on a bar to strengthen middle back muscles. Palms face toward you to do a chin-up. Raise arms and legs off floor and sweep arms back to your thighs (similar to a breaststroke). Repeat. which strengthens the back and biceps.• Arm Haulers – Lie on your stomach. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 161 . Return arms to starting position.

Pause. Jump up with your legs and pull yourself up at the same time. Lift feet off ground. Your hands are on the bar as you would for a normal pull-up. middle back and triceps. two chairs or two desks.com . while putting one hand on each object. • Dips – Use parallel bars. Slowly lower yourself until elbows are at 90-degree angles. but with your knees slightly bent. Repeat. Jumping with your legs gives you more power and lets you do more repetitions than if your body were hanging from the bar.• Jump Pull-Ups – Same as above except you start with your feet on the floor. Excellent exercise for chest. 162 www. Slowly raise yourself.pacerevolution.

Repeat. head straight and level. and bring the fingers of one hand to instep of opposite foot. arms extended to your sides and parallel to the floor. Simultaneously. Bend forward at your waist. toes slightly pointing outward. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 163 . raise your other arm to ceiling. turn your upper body.You can alternate with these other bodyweight exercises: • Instep Touches – Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep arms and legs straight but not locked.

pacerevolution. Your arms will be parallel to the floor in front of you. with fingers together and palms facing down and back. without stopping. rise up on your toes. Repeat. and return to original starting position.com . remaining perpendicular to the floor.• Knee Bends – With feet almost together and arms at sides. Reverse this motion. while simultaneously swinging your arms forward. 164 www. bend your knees to lower your body. When thighs are parallel. head straight and level.

Your feet should land softly on box. After you jump. Land on balls of feet and repeat immediately. Repeat. power and range of movement – especially in the lower body. Stand facing the box with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width. Remember to land soft on feet and spring back into the air. Stay on the ground for as little time as possible before repeating. Used for athletic and sports performance. Think of a long-distance jumper right before he launches himself… like a gazelle darting through the bush. which provides you with the “getting up” and “climbing” ability. keep your knees slightly bent and your arms at your sides. plyometric exercises build strength. Applied to PACE and functional strength. • Jump to Box – In this exercise a “box” can be a platform. Jump up bringing your knees up to your chest. step back down to the ground.Or you can try a few of these plyometric exercises. Don’t pause or wait too long in your squat position before jumping. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. plyometric exercise enhances the nervous system and allows for higher jumps. a bench or a piece of gym equipment that provides a “step up” of several inches up to a couple of feet. Lower your body into a half-squat position and immediately jump up onto box. faster sprints and farther throws. don’t jump back down. powerful movements. Plyometrics training is designed to produce fast. • Bounding – This movement resembles a big leap while running. • Tuck Jumps – This movement is basically a jump into the air as high as you can while bringing your legs in and your knees up to your chest. Start PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 165 .

Champaign. Science and Practice of Strength Training. you will transform your body through the power of calisthenics. refer to your PACE video. Endnotes 1 Zatsiorsky VM.com . IL. which are 3 to 4 feet out on either side.pacerevolution. At the same time. (See Appendix A. Kraemer WJ. Rest and repeat. 2 Ibid 166 www. Now hop to the left and land in the ring to your left side. slow down. • Box Drill with Rings – This movement involves jumping from side to side with 4 rings placed in the form of a square. Hop forward using both feet and land in second ring right in front of you.) If you feel any dizziness. Do not over-exert yourself. Think of an exaggerated running motion and focus on your push-off and air time. you’ll see improvements in your stamina and appearance. If done effectively. Human Kinetics. you land in the rings. forcefully push off with the left foot. As you push off your foot. Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart in the first circle. When you’re ready. • Bounding with Rings – Same as above except that you put rings on the ground. Note: For demonstrations of the plyometric routines. Repeat with the other leg and arm. Finish by jumping to your right to land in the ring you started in. 2006.by jogging to gain forward momentum. shortness of breath or pain. By doing a regular calisthenics routine. move your right arm forward. Now jump backward to land in ring behind you.

ScienCentral. Hatzaras I. Cardiology. Coady PM. Tranquilli M. JAMA. 2003.107:103-106 6 Gramza J. 2006. Weight Lifting and Rupture of Silent Aortic Aneurysms. Weight Lifting and Aortic Dissection: More Evidence for a Connection.3 Ibid 4 Elefteriades JA. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 167 . Jul 18. Weightlifting Death Risk. et al.290(21):2803 5 Hatzaras I. et al. 2007. Tranquilli MA.

After the holiday break he returned in January of 2007 to start PACE. During that first consultation we did a round of blood testing and talked about a plan of action. Rik: • Lost 48 pounds of fat • Built 24 pounds of new muscle • Lowered his triglycerides (blood fat) from 470 to 256 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 1/ 20 1/ 07 Body Fat (lbs) 2/ 20 1/ 07 3/ 20 1/ 07 4/ 20 1/ 07 168 www.PATIENT STORY Rik Pavlescak Rik came to my office in December of 2006 and told me he felt okay in general but had trouble losing weight and keeping it off.pacerevolution. He showed an immediate interest in PACE and felt like it could work. Rik’s progress was swift and dramatic. In just three months.com .

160 150 140 130 120 110 100 Lean Body Mass (lbs) 1/ 1/ 20 07 500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 Tryglicerides (mg/dL) 2/ 1/ 20 07 3/ 1/ 20 07 4/ 1/ 20 07 Baseline 2-months PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 169 .

Rik Before Rik with 48 lbs. His pictures tell the whole story. less fat 170 www.Rik is another example of PACE delivering fast results.com .pacerevolution.

tasteless food. builds muscle. And. raw vegetables and sweet fruits. Once again. It happened without our full knowledge or consent. In fact. tofu burgers and low-fat garbage that tastes likes cardboard are no better than the other unnatural processed junk food they are designed to replace. you won’t have to suffer through one more day of bland.Chapter teN Stay Lean for Life Power Your PACE With Foods You Love ACE naturally burns fat. your ancestors didn’t fret about fat or count PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 171 P . fish. And once again the modern medical establishment and popular media failed to recognize the real problem and prescribed the wrong solutions. fresh eggs. expands your lungs and bulletproofs your heart. But each one of these natural capacities comes faster and easier when you start eating the foods you were born to eat. In this chapter I’ll put these myths to rest. the modern world changed our eating habits as well. It’s all substitute food when what we really need is simply the same stuff we always ate for many millennia – I’m talking about real food: salty red meats. all the bird food. As you’ll discover. We are simply born into it. just like with our routine physical challenges. I’ll show you how to quickly hit and maintain your ideal weight.

calories. They enjoyed naturally lean and muscular bodies by following their instincts. You can too. It’s easier than you think.

Fat Loss Myth #1: Counting Calories Is the Best Way to Burn Fat
Doctors and nutritionists would have you believe that counting calories is the only way to lose fat. How many times have you heard this misguided advice? • Calories in, calories out… that’s all you need to worry about. • If you consume more calories than you burn, the rest turns to fat. • The best way to burn calories is aerobic exercise. There’s only one problem. Their theory seems to make sense but it almost always fails when you try to apply it in the real world. It just doesn’t work. Your body is not a machine. It’s a living, sentient being that has its own “intelligence.” It reacts to what it judges its environment to be. It decides on its own how to use the calories you consume. I propose that excess calories do not automatically turn to fat. Of course, some people just eat way too much. If you’re trying to lose fat, such over consumption will obviously get in your way. But for most people trying to lose weight that’s not the problem. And for the majority of people, I tell them: If you want to lose fat and keep it off, forget about calories. You may be surprised to hear that. It may sound like a contradiction. Let me explain why I believe counting calories is not necessary or even 172 www.pacerevolution.com

very helpful in losing fat. I will show you in the same way I learned – from a patient’s story. This point is one I was regrettably slow to learn. I thought it violated the laws of thermodynamics, so I had to be beaten over the head with it before it finally sank in.

Eating Fewer Calories and Getting Heavier By the Day
A young woman came to my clinic about 17 years ago. We’ll call her LS. She was 5΄ 2˝ and weighed 170 pounds. She had been trying to lose weight for two years but said, “No matter how little I eat, my weight just keeps going up.” When I asked her about exercise, she insisted, “I work as a waitress and I’m on the run for 10 hours a day. And I’m up to working out 5 times a week.” I told her to cut her calories to 1600 and see me in 2 weeks. She did this diligently and brought me a complete record. Her weight went up by 4 pounds. I told her to bring down her calories to 1400 per day. The result? She gained four more pounds. I cut her to 1200 then 1000 calories and again she gained weight. Now she lacked energy, “I’ve tried 11 years of weight loss diets and nothing seemed to work. I’d take off the weight and once I stopped the diet, my weight would creep up again. I went to see Dr. Sears and his weight loss program was so easy, I adapted quickly. I was wearing an extra, extra large and now I wear a medium. I weighed 210 lbs. and I now weigh 170 lbs. Everyone has noticed my weight loss and I’m so full of energy that I’m doing things now that I couldn’t do before.” Barbara S., Boca Raton, FL

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


couldn’t make herself go to the gym anymore, and was feeling depressed. She still wanted to lose weight. So… I told her to cut her calories to 800 and see me again in 2 weeks. I never saw her again and she didn’t return the calls from my office. If I could, I would apologize to her and tell her what we did wrong.

Sticking to the Wrong Strategy for Weight Loss
You have probably heard that conventional diets don’t work. History has shown that 5 out of 6 people who try to lose weight fail. And more than 90% of those who do succeed in losing weight gain all the weight back within 2 years. When you consider the flawed strategy these diets use, this is no surprise. It’s exceptionally difficult to stay healthy and achieve and maintain your ideal weight by starving yourself thin. Even if you could do it, it would eventually rob you of the very things that make life sweet. Losing weight has been so hard because you have the wrong tool for the job. If you drop your calories too low and go hungry – forcing your body to lose weight – your body will fight you in this effort. Remember, your body has a built in “intelligence.” It reacts as if you are starving and will do everything it can to preserve your fat. And when you lose weight through starving yourself, you also lose important muscle, bone and even vital organ mass. Your body has mechanisms for setting your weight at where it 174 www.pacerevolution.com

wants it to be. It is similar to the way you set your house temperature with your thermostat. So the right tool for the job is one that changes your set point. The good news is that you can change the controls for your set point. But they’re not the diet and exercise that we used to think. They involve eating differently – not necessarily eating less.

Pushing 5,000 Calories a Day and Still Dropping Pounds
At about the same time that I was becoming perplexed over why my patients were not responding to a low-calorie diet, I encountered a patient at the opposite extreme. We’ll call him ST. ST also weighed 170 pounds, the same as LS, the young lady who couldn’t lose a pound of fat from a low-calorie diet. But ST wanted to gain weight. His trainer had told him to eat as much protein as possible. But he hadn’t gained a pound. When this didn’t work, he added more protein. He kept adding more protein until he came to see me. Frustrated, he said, “Doc I’m up to eating like a pig 6 times a day. I’m stuffed all the time and I can’t gain a pound.” When I looked at his food log, I could hardly believe it. He ate a dozen egg whites a day. He ate 24 ounces of steak at a time, sometimes twice a day. He drank a 40 oz protein shake twice a day. And in between meals, he would scarf down 36 oz of canned tuna and pure protein snacks. When I totaled the calories, he ate between 4500 and 5000 calories a day for the previous 12 weeks. And he lost 6 pounds.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


I thought exercise might explain it. But he said, “No Doc, I’m doing very little. I go to the gym 3 times a week but I don’t do cardio and I’m out of there in 20 minutes. I don’t want to burn the calories…” At first, I thought it must be the difference in the rate these two individuals burn calories at rest. This is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). But to account for such a dramatic difference, the BMR would have to vary by more than 500%. But research shows only a marginal variation in a person’s BMR. Nowhere near that magnitude. Clearly, something else was at play… What ST had done was discover by accident the most important principal of healthy weight loss. To make weight loss relatively easy and healthy you must over-consume protein. I mean you must eat more protein than your body is going to use. Why do this? Because this is what throws the metabolic switch. It tells your body that times are good. When times are good, it doesn’t need the stored fat. It can now burn that fat for other things.

Fat Loss Myth #2: Eating Fat Makes You Fat
For 30 years, the American Heart Association, the modern food industry and the media have been telling you the secret to fat loss is a low-fat diet. This is a dangerous mistake. For years, a handful of us in medicine have been telling you the opposite – that dietary fat is not the problem. And when you eat low-fat, you inevitably eat more carbohydrates and inadvertently



sacrifice the most important nutrient, protein. This is a prescription for losing vital muscle and turning your body into flab. All along, we’ve had a growing body of medical studies backing up our claims. But the governmental organizations have stubbornly clung to their low fat hypothesis and the media has failed to recognize the mounting evidence against it. But over the last few years, that has finally started to change… In 2003, The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran a cover story entitled “What If It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” The article said the American medical establishment’s worst nightmare had come true – not only had they been wrong about what constitutes a healthy diet, but their recommendations had made the problem worse… and their critics had been right all along. Let me be clear: eating a low-fat diet not only makes you fatter, but also puts you at risk for a slew of medical problems, from the onset of diabetes to heart disease and stroke. “As a former long distance runner, I am thrilled with PACE. The sprinting workouts have allowed me to keep running and injuryfree. The definition in my muscles and the fact that I am not muscle wasting any more, contributed to an increase in fitness. I now have a better understanding of what it means to be fit. PACE is my cardio program. It requires less time and really delivers. Thank you for sharing this wonderful training program.” Linda O., East Greenwich, RI

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution


Along with becoming lean. you have to forget about tofu burgers. their high blood pressures resolve. 178 www. You can eat the things your father probably told you would “put hair on your chest” decades ago – like steak and eggs! I’ve helped hundreds of my own patients use this approach.com . Our Wellness Research Foundation has collected compelling scientific evidence that not only the modern epidemic of obesity but many “modern” diseases are either caused or worsened by following the diet that you’ve been told was healthy. Hundreds of medical studies have shown that the low fat. It’s the diet we were eating – without the help of modern medicine – for eons.pacerevolution. My clinic is full of patients who used to take multiple medications and now take none. cereals and whole grain breads. The good news is you can start eating the foods you like. these men and women see their cholesterols and triglycerides drop. their pain of arthritis vanish and their diabetes reverse. If you want to burn fat. But one thing is becoming increasingly clear: The best diet is the diet that we instinctively want to eat. highstarch diet advocated by so many has made Americans fatter and sicker. There is still much to be learned about nutrition. I’ve seen them make the transformation from fat and sickly to lean and healthy.Enjoy the Food You Were Designed to Eat The New York Times Magazine article was largely correct.

I still see this claim being made but we now know it to be false. He studied 14 remaining hunter-gatherer cultures. Many of these cultures survived unaffected by the modern world into the 20th century. Perhaps even more convincing. This was cited as a reason for people to swear off beef and eat bean sprouts instead. And we can go even further back in time.org Weston A. Man’s closest living relative. Most other primates regularly eat insects. Price 1870 . The meat is very highly prized with the highest-ranking members consuming their fill first. His whole culture was built around acquiring and consuming meat. Anthropologists studied and recorded their dietary habits. Photo © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation www.1948 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 179 . Weston Price. The record is clear. primatologists believed most other primates were vegetarians. Of particular note is the work of Dr. They show a preference for the fat and the organs of their prey.price-pottenger. When all those vegetarian books were so popular back in the 60s and 70s. forage for small animals and routinely hunt down and eat any game they can kill.What Did Your Ancient Ancestors Really Have for Dinner? The earliest evidence of the diet of early man comes from fossils. regularly hunts down and consumes animal flesh. Early man preferred animal flesh. He traveled throughout the world meticulously documenting their lifestyles. the chimpanzee. is the data from indigenous cultures.

Dr. Loren Cordain. An extensive study of the health of native people was conducted by Dr. Hunted game or fish was highly valued. Cordain also found hunter-gatherers relied on animal products as their main food source. they were universally lean and lacked the modern constellation of diseases. 180 www. They have read that we eat too much protein.pacerevolution. Organ meat was most coveted.” 1 The fact that native pre-agricultural societies universally ate more protein than the average modern diet surprises my patients. Cordain is an expert on primitive dietary habits and a professor of exercise physiology at Colorado State University. Animal foods made up 50-65% of the societies’ diets. Here’s a summary of his findings: • • • • He also found no vegetarian cultures. Dr. There was not a single vegetarian culture.com . He examined the diets of 229 of the world’s remaining native societies. Two. they all prized and ate meat. Cordain concluded: “… this high reliance on animal-based foods coupled with the relatively low carbohydrate content of wild plant foods produces universally characteristic macronutrient consumption ratios in which protein intakes are greater at the expense of carbohydrate. often reserved for the privileged. One.He discovered two very remarkable features in every culture. Game was their principal source of protein and fat.

The truth is the exact opposite. meat was universally prized in every primitive culture.” Jim W. What’s more. For instance. They live along the banks of the Nile River and live mostly on fish and shellfish. cattle meat and blood and organ meat appeared to completely lack dental cavities. For millions of years man has eaten meat. I try to tell everyone I can about it. Among the healthiest of all native groups studied are the Dinkas. The Biggest Meat Eaters Don’t Get Fat Politically correct or not. “PACE is outstanding. TX PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 181 . when taken together. the Masai of east Africa who live on raw milk.Pre-Agricultural Diet Carbs 31% Protein 31% Fats 38% Typical American Diet Fats 35% Carbs 49% Protein 16% The evidence. I even jot down your URL and give it to complete strangers that I meet. Plano. makes one conclusion undeniable: A low-fat vegetarian diet has never been the natural diet of man. obesity or heart disease. the healthier it appeared. heart disease or cancer in 15 years. the more meat an indigenous society ate. Keep up the great work. One western physician who lived among them reported to have never seen a single case of obesity..

” 2 182 www. There was a gradual switch from hunting and gathering to farming. gender.000 B. height.Set the Time Machine to 10. Archaeologists can identify the Agricultural Revolution in the fossil record. 1150 … these early farmers paid a price for their new-found livelihood. “Archaeologists have excavated some 800 skeletons that paint a picture of the health changes that occurred when a hunter-gatherer culture gave way to the intensive maize farming around A. – Back to the Dawn of High Carb Diets Beginning about 15. Human remains tell the tale. Hunter-gatherer skeletons in Greece show that the average height was about 5΄9˝. Archaeologists have found that farming communities were more malnourished and disease ridden than their hunter-gatherer predecessors.C. the farmers had a nearly 50% increase … in malnutrition. Skeletal relics can show the age. the Greek population has not fully regained the height of their primitive predecessors. Even today. This was the start of the Agricultural Revolution. illnesses.000 years ago. Quality was traded for quantity. Until the advent of agriculture. Farming could support a larger population. a fourfold increase in iron-deficiency anemia … [and] a threefold rise in infectious disease.pacerevolution. But not in the way you might think. when Greeks suddenly shrank to a mere 5΄.D. The record of native people in the Illinois and Ohio River valleys also demonstrate the health consequences of agriculture.com . some people began to domesticate plants and animals. and the state of health of an individual. weight. Compared to the hunter-gatherers who proceeded them.

Even the soybean often touted for is high protein is still over 80% carbohydrate. you can blame the commercial interest of food producers or slick Madison Avenue marketing but for one reason or another. Other staple crops like potatoes.Farmers always grow high-carbohydrate crops. “Dr. Malnourished farmers were more susceptible to disease. ‘What on earth have you been doing? You look so good!’ For the first time in my life. it began to be identified as the modern plague.. FL Fat Is Wrongly Blamed for Making People Fat You can blame a reductionist view of health. There are no other crops. the cause of the problem was misread. I am very happy with the way I look now. wheat. The incidence of malnutrition and diseases rose in every case I can find. The record is consistent. farmers do not consume high amounts of protein. And. In the middle of the last century. When hunter-gatherers switched to farming. corn. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 183 . and rice are all over 90% carbohydrate. She was amazed and said. Sears helped me go from a size 16 to a size 10. I actually have a waist! My neighbor hadn’t seen me in 3 months and could hardly recognize me. I’m looking forward to the future.” Theadora W. the sudden rise in the modern constellation of diseases did not go unnoticed. their fat and protein intake went down and their carbohydrate intake went up. Wellington. Of course. Farming communities no longer receive the range of nutrients that hunter-gatherers had.

It was not known that native diets consisted of more fat than modern diets. The National Institutes of Health jumped on the “ban fat” wagon. Fat in the diet. according to the “Dietary Goals. Eat more carbohydrate and you will secrete more insulin and build more fat all other things being equal. Hormones are used to set the controls. the food industry quickly produced a slew of “low fat” products. is neutral. Your body controls fat building. the food produced was bland. And. fat was identified as the culprit. But without the tasty fat. The hormone insulin controls fat. 184 www. High amounts of sugar became a common additive.Without real evidence. Scientists have even recently identified the cellular machinery that turns carbohydrates into fat. George McGovern led a Senate Committee that released its “Dietary Goals for the United States. In response. the endocrinology is really quite simple. How much insulin do you secrete in response to a fat-laden meal? Zero. It converts excess dietary carbohydrates into fat stores.” fat was the cause of illnesses sweeping the nation. NIH announced that Americans must cut their fat intake. Insulin is secreted in response to carbohydrate.pacerevolution.” The publication advised that Americans drastically cut their dietary fat intake. Big Mistake: Americans Abandon Fat and Go Carb Crazy In 1977. Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found a protein in cells called ChREBP.com . If we can divorce ourselves from the prejudice about fat. in contrast. Endocrinology or the study of hormones was not considered. In 1984.

Your Body Needs Essential Fats Every 24 Hours A huge problem with low fat is that it also means high carb.Americans replaced fat with refined carbohydrates and sugar. there might be a twisted kernel of truth. But there is another problem emerging from the low fat advice: The lower fat intake itself can be detrimental to your health. The amount of calories from fat in the American diet decreased. When Kellogg and other early proponents of cereals started their health farms. they preached that modern society was oversexed. the amount of calories from refined carbohydrates increased… dramatically. obesity and fatigue to name a few). Some of the most severe testosterone deficiencies I’ve encountered were in men eating a very low-fat diet. Often. As bizarre as this and the other inflated and unsubstantiated claims were. Testosterone deficiency has the worst kinds of consequences for men (impotence. If you deprive yourself of animal fat. Cereals were cheap to produce and could be sold at a huge profit. I’ve seen evidence for this first hand. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 185 . And. your testosterone will go down. they had gotten this advice from their physicians. Excessive intake of carbohydrate is the central dietary problem in my patient population. Cholesterol is the building block for testosterone. depression. Eating cereal they claimed would solve the problem.

3 The State University of New York at Buffalo also reported that low-fat diets cause health problems. The study found low-fat diets were associated with 20% lower calcium absorption than higher fat diets.One study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that low-fat diets affect calcium absorption.pacerevolution. takes very little time and has great rewards. and K and coenzyme CoQ10 cannot be absorbed without fat. I even sing better after my routine.4 A certain amount of fat is critical to absorb vitamins. The researchers found that people who eat low-fat diets develop weaker immune systems. without changing my diet.” Alison H. My body is toned and looks better than it’s looked in years. I would and do recommend this program all the time. You will 186 www. I lost 15 lbs. I have great energy and love the way I look. Over the course of about 10 months. D.com . MD Ditch the Modern Diets and Get Back to Your Native Fitness The good news is that fixing this mess is not as hard as you might think. “I love the PACE. I feel great and love to go to the gym for my 1520 minute routine. E.. it’s simple. The fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins A. which is not an outcome I expected from exercising. What was caused by 10-millennia of farming and worsened by weak science and bad advice can be fixed by you alone. Salisbury. Follow a few simple rules for selecting your food. It works. I receive compliments all the time.

After 8 weeks. Low protein consumption actually seemed to induce the oxidative effects of free radicals. The higher the protein consumed. And don’t be worried that eating meat is going to drive up your cholesterol. By the way.5 Numerous studies have proven that low-carbohydrate diets improve diabetes. During the low-carb diet the people experienced a significant drop in blood sugar levels. which was PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 187 . the higher their antioxidant levels became. You will be able to eat better tasting foods and feel more satisfied. it didn’t matter whether it was white meat and red meat. When they switched to the high-carb diet they experienced a rise in blood sugar levels and a worsening of their diabetic condition. The report.find a guide to selecting healthy “real natural” foods in this book.6 The Journal of Nutrition published a German study that proved the importance of protein. Both lowered bad LDL cholesterol and raised good HDL cholesterol. The researchers found that high-protein diets boost antioxidant levels. A number of studies have also been done concerning lean meat and cholesterol.7 An alarming report out of Stockholm University has raised even more debate about carbohydrates. One of the most recent studies has proven that the incorporation of lean meat into the diet helps reduce cholesterol levels. One important study analyzed diabetic patients. they switched to a high-carb diet with 55% of calories from carbohydrates (very similar to the average American’s diet). The people first ate a low-carb diet with 25% of calories coming from carbohydrates.

released through Sweden’s National Food Administration in April 2002. It’s called the Glycemic Load (GL). When your blood sugar levels are up for long periods of time. there’s a missing piece to it… something that can take you a step further and give you faster. Starchy foods like potatoes are a good example. Remember: insulin tells your body to make and store fat.pacerevolution. Why is this important? Some foods are high on the GI. and cereals. your body releases a flood of insulin. Potatoes have such a high GI rating. for example. Carrots. But the amount of carbs in one carrot is very 188 www. High glycemic foods turn into blood sugar very quickly. And. potatoes. That’s a problem. But the GI won’t tell you how much carbohydrate per serving you’re getting. But. Starch transforms into a compound called acrylamide when heated. found cancer-causing agents in breads. rice. rate a 92. slow and tired. It measures how quickly foods break down into sugar in your bloodstream. it’s a tool most people haven’t even heard about. it’s almost the same as eating table sugar. It measures the amount of carbohydrate in each serving of food. You’ve probably heard of it.com . The GI tells you how fast different foods spike your blood sugar. And all that insulin makes you fat.8 Burn Fat Faster With This Simple Rule of Thumb One of your best tools for fat loss is the Glycemic Index (GI). That’s where the GL is a great help. better results. Acrylamide is recognized as a carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency. I strongly believe in the GI and have been using it for years with amazing results.

That means for every serving of corn you eat. The USDA food pyramid recommends that you eat grains. Until you look at corn’s GL… a whopping 62. So even though they are high on the GI. and starchy foods and it’s literally making you sick and fat. That’s a little high. Here’s one that may surprise you. For millions of years before that. But were we born to eat grains? Farming and grain-based agriculture – the staple of our modern diet – were developed about 10. You Were Born to Eat a Low Glycemic Diet When your insulin is high.000 years ago. You then have to secrete more and more insulin to get its job done. carbs. It becomes a vicious cycle. That’s not a very longtime from an evolutionary standpoint. you’re getting a huge load of carbohydrate. Carrots rate a 1 on the GL. our hunter-gatherer ancestors PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 189 . Corn rates a 55 on the GI. Together. your body becomes less and less responsive to insulin. That makes corn a very fattening food.low. the GI and the GL make a powerful duo for helping you make the best food choices possible to shed fat and keep it off. but would be fine in moderation. their low GL makes them a good choice. Insulin resistance then makes it difficult to regulate blood sugar. You are just asking for diabetes at this point. And it eventually leads to insulin resistance.

And genetically speaking. but natural simple sugars like those found in honey and fruit tend to be much easier on the body’s glucose/ insulin balance than complex starchy foods like breads.998% identical. Many people think sweet foods have a greater impact on blood sugar. As you can see. Their bodies evolved around a diet that gave them the strength.com . and berries. Follow the Glycemic “Speed Limit” for Faster Fat Loss Different kinds of carbs have different effects on your body. your body is 99. They followed a low-glycemic diet. Our ancestors did something right. berries… all low glycemic.pacerevolution. not much has changed. while the simple sugars don’t have the same negative effect. There was no science behind it. And it kept them lean and healthy. It was all they knew. nuts. wild vegetables. The complex starches create a rapid glucose reaction in your body. stamina and muscle growth for the hunt. breakfast cereals and potatoes. All digestible carbs are converted to glucose in the bloodstream eventually. Lean meats. but how rapidly that conversion takes place and how long the resulting increase in blood sugar lasts makes a huge difference to your health. nuts. The GI is what we use to measure how rapidly carbs in a food 190 www. They developed this diet all on their own without books or charts.lived on a diet of meat.

Here at my clinic. more manageable amounts of glucose into your bloodstream. the higher the spike in blood sugar the food will cause.. those between 0 and 40 are low.” Diane Z. high GL foods have a greater impact on blood sugar. You may notice when you look at the chart that meats aren’t included. Foods that fall between 10 and 20 on the glycemic load scale have a moderate effect on your blood sugar. “PACE has helped my husband to lower his diabetic medications. Foods with a glycemic load above 20 will cause blood sugar and insulin spikes – eat these foods sparingly. Like the GI. Foods with a low GI contain carbs that break down slowly and release smaller. Meat is carb free so it doesn’t affect blood sugar. The higher the glycemic index. In the table beginning on page 193. Foods in the middle range are medium. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 191 . Different tables of glycemic load will vary because they may use different serving sizes. New York City. NY Foods with a glycemic load under 10 are good choices – these foods should be your first choice for carbs.convert to sugar in your bloodstream compared to straight glucose. Keep this in mind: foods with a GI of 60 or above are high. A GL above 20 is high. Below 10 is low. I’ve included a GL value that reflects a realistic serving size – the serving sizes of foods are also included. I tell my patients to eat below 40. and our goal is to have him off all medications within the year. Spikes in blood sugar create an excessive insulin response. Foods in the middle should be eaten in moderation.

pacerevolution. and therefore off limits – like fruit. white rice seems okay when you just look at GI. again. Spaghetti ranks a medium level GI.8. Ice cream. When making food choices. Cantaloupe has a high GI of 65 so you might think it’s off limits. so even though the carbs in the rice may not convert as fast. but in moderation. making it fattening if you eat it often. There are many other foods that you may think of as sweet. So. there isn’t much for your body to contend with. ice cream is a safe bet. 192 www. Most brands of white rice have a GI of around 50. Remember the carrot? Here’s another: Watermelon has a high GI rank of 72. Here’s another surprise… One ounce of a Dove dark chocolate bar has a low GI of 23 and a low GL of about 4. there’s a lot of carbs there for your body to deal with. Pasta is another example. but it has a low GL of 7. but the actual amount of carbs in the food may be so low that the overall effect isn’t so bad. But they have a high GL. Who doesn’t like chocolate? So enjoy this one too. If you want to indulge. despite the sugar. On the other hand. you need to consider both GI and GL because GI alone can sometimes be misleading. which also has a fairly high GI of about 60 has a very low glycemic load – just a 6! That means the amount of carbs you’re getting from ice cream is small.Follow the Numbers to Your Ideal Body Composition A food may have a high GI ranking because of the way its carbs convert to sugar. But its GL is very low. The overall effect on blood sugar is very moderate. so while its carbs convert very quickly into sugar.com . Judging by GI alone. but its GL is very high. it would be a poor food choice.

Food CANDY/SWEETS Honey Jelly Beans Snickers Bar Table Sugar Strawberry Jam Peanut M&M’s Dove Dark Chocolate Bar BAKED GOODS & CEREALS Angel food cake 67 28g (1 slice) 10. but think again. For example. It has a whopping 110 GI and almost a 31 GL.7 87 78 68 68 51 33 23 2 tbsp 1 oz 60g (1/2 bar) 2 tsp 2 tbsp 30g (1 oz) 37g (1 oz) 17.4 Glycemic Index Serving Size Glycemic Load PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 193 .1 5. So try some sweet cantaloupe for a treat. you might think that because it’s not sweet a piece of corn bread would have a low GI. Stick to those numbers and you’ll see results. This is one you want to avoid. I use this chart with my own patients. This one will spike your blood sugar through the roof. Below is a chart I put together combining both glycemic index and glycemic load numbers for some favorite foods.9 22 23 7 10. When using this chart a good rule of thumb is to stick to foods with a GI of 40 or below and a GL of 10 or below.6 4.you are only getting a small amount of carbs regardless of the sugar content. Simple sugars in moderation are fine – complex carbohydrates or starches are more of a problem.

5 194 www.5 21.pacerevolution.1 22. Sara Lee Pumpernickel bread Glycemic Index 72 59 74 60 74 38 110 83 92 80 70 67 76 95 74 75 73 69 70 66 58 55 65 55 54 41 Serving Size 89g (1/4 in.4 7.3 30 13.1 31.4 6 13.1 4.3 29.Food Bagel Blueberry Muffin Bran Flakes Bran Muffin Cheerios Chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting Corn Bread Corn Chex Corn Flakes Corn pops Corn tortilla Croissant.8 20.5 8.) 113g (1 med) 29g (3/4 cup) 113g (1 med) 30g (1 cup) 64g (1 slice) 60g (1 piece) 30g (1 cup) 28g (1 cup) 31g (1 cup) 24g (1 tortilla) 57g (1 med) 75g (1 donut) 64g (1 slice) 14g (2 sqrs) 58g (1/2 cup) 57g (1 roll) 31g (1 cup) 12g (4 rounds) 55g (2/3 cup) 117g (1/2 cup) 18g (1 large) 234g (1 cup) 8g (1 cup) 30g (1 piece) 26g (1 slice) Glycemic Load 33 30 13.7 17.5 5. Butter Donut (large glazed) French Bread Graham Cracker Grape Nuts Kaiser Roll Kellogg’s Special K Melba Toast Muselix Oatmeal Oatmeal Cookie Oatmeal.6 23.8 6.2 14.5 24. Instant Popcorn Pound cake.8 8.5 30.7 2.3 12.com .8 21.

Carbonated Cranberry Juice Cocktail Gatorade Powder Grapefruit Juice.4 11.25 14.4 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 195 .25 cup) 32g (1 slice) 25 (1 wafer) 13g (1 med) 64g (1 slice) 75g (1 waffle) 28g (1 slice) 25g (1 slice) 64g (1 pita) Glycemic Load 24.75 scoop) 250g (1 cup) 28g (1 packet) 249g (1 cup) 250g (1 cup) 245g (1 cup) 243g (1 cup) 11.7 7. sweetened Hot Chocolate Mix Orange Juice Pineapple Juice Soy Milk Tomato Juice DAIRY Ice Cream (Lower Fat) Glycemic Index 61 82 65 65 68 42 76 70 70 57 Serving Size 61g (1 cup) 33g (1.4 23 8.Food Raisin Bran Rice Krispies Rye bread.2 24.8 16 18.5 11. 100% whole Rye Krisp Crackers Taco Shell Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Frosting Waffle (homemade) Wheat Bread White Bread Whole wheat pita BEVERAGES Apple Juice Cola.7 8.5 11.4 17 41 63 68 78 48 51 57 46 44 38 248g (1 cup) 370g (12oz can) 253g (1 cup) 16g (.9 25.4 47 76g (1/2 cup) 9.1 4.7 14.7 4 3.7 13.

4 64 0 0 92 0 55 0 0 0 97 48 246g (1/2 cup) 78g (1/2 cup) 75g (1/2 cup) 15g (1 large) 62g (1 stalk) 166g (1 cup) 100g (1 cup) 135g (1 cup) 70g (1 cup) 78g (1/2 cup) 72g (1/2 cup) 9. Boiled Kidney Beans Lentils Lima Beans Peanuts Pinto Beans Soy Beans VEGETABLES Beets. cooked Cabbage.4 6.4 1. cooked Carrot.1 48 31 27 29 31 13 39 20 253g (1 cup) 240g (1 cup) 256g (1 cup) 198g (1 cup) 241g (1 cup) 146g (1 cup) 171g (1 cup) 172g (1 cup) 18.com . Plain LEGUMES Baked Beans Chickpeas. Whole Pudding Yogurt.pacerevolution. raw Celery.3 7 7 7.7 1. raw Corn.6 11.6 0 0 1 0 61.Food Ice Cream Milk.6 3. canned Broccoli.4 8. yellow Cauliflower Green Beans Mushrooms Parsnip Peas. Frozen Glycemic Index 38 40 44 36 Serving Size 72g (1/2 cup) 244g (1 cup) 100g (1/2 cup) 245g (1 cup) Glycemic Load 6 4.4 196 www.2 13.5 0 0 0 11.

canned in light syrup Apricot. light syrup Pears Pears.4 17. heavy syrup Peaches.2 12.2 24.9 12.3 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 197 .2 6.8 5. w/ skin Apricot.4 1.3 23 12.2 7. w/ skin Mango Orange Papaya Peach Peaches. canned.8 19.5 16.8 7.8 39 64 32 51 65 55 43 25 58 51 48 60 28 58 52 33 44 138g (1 med) 253g (1 cup) 130g (1 cup) 118g (1 med) 177g (1 cup) 214g (1 cup) 92g (1 cup) 123g (1/2 fruit) 76g (1 fruit) 165g (1 cup) 140g (1 fruit) 140g (1 cup) 98g (1 med) 262g (1 cup) 251g (1 cup) 166g (1 med) 248g (1 cup) 6.7 6.2 28.6 2.4 0 12.5 2. canned in pear juice Glycemic Index 104 0 54 38 51 Serving Size 213g (1 med) 30g (1 cup) 133g (1 cup) 123g (1 med) 136g (1 cup) Glycemic Load 36. dried Banana Cantaloupe Fruit Cocktail. canned. drained Grapes Grapefruit Kiwi.8 6.Food Potato Spinach Sweet Potato Tomato Yam FRUIT Apples.

sugar.2 Now that you know how to use the glycemic index and glycemic load here are some easy guidelines to help you build meals that are nutritious and burn fat: • Choose vegetables that are low-glycemic. • Avoid grains.pacerevolution. broccoli. • All meats. A good old-fashioned steak won’t raise your blood sugar and the 198 www. cauliflower.7 34. and tomatoes also make good choices. These are typically vegetables that grow above the ground like cabbage.6 3.com . green beans. choose berries and fruits you can eat with the skin on. Other low-glycemic vegetables like mushrooms.9 1.5 3. raw Watermelon Glycemic Index 66 24 29 64 40 22 72 Serving Size 155g (1 cup) 66g (1 fruit) 132g (1 cup) 43g (small box) 152g (1 cup) 117g (1 cup) 152g (1 cup) Glycemic Load 11.Food Pineapple.7 7. leafy green vegetables. and salt. Avoid other white foods. This will stabilize your blood sugar and get you off to a good start. and asparagus. Eat 1 to 2 servings per day. Eat 3 to 5 servings per day. • Eat a high-protein breakfast every morning. • For fruits. • Avoid potatoes and foods made with potatoes. Avoid dried fruits and fruit juices.2 20. like white rice. raw Plum Prunes Raisins Strawberries Sweet Cherries. fish and poultry are the real “guilt-free” foods. including corn.

Discover Magazine.protein will help you handle insulin better. and nuts. 2000. Limit natural sweeteners like sugar and honey. It kicks your metabolism into high gear. They are a good protein source and have Omega 3s. build muscle and repair tissue – all essential for staying lean and preventing diabetes. free-range poultry.72(2): 466-471. wild-caught fish and cage-free eggs to avoid the environmental toxins. • Avoid processed foods. Speth JD. artificial sweeteners. Eaton SB. olives/olive oil. It contributes to insulin resistance. May 1987: 64-66. Have 1 to 2 servings a day. Endnotes 1 Cordain L. Miller JB. and preservatives. • Try making protein the focus of each meal. Get healthy fat from lean proteins (grass-fed beef). wild fish. Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets. Holt SH. Cauley JA. avocados. • Snack on nuts and seeds. • Avoid trans fats – pick foods with no partially or fully hydrogenated oils. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 199 . hormones and antibiotics. The Worst Mistake in the Human Race. 71(3): 682-692. Mann N. HFCS has been conclusively linked to obesity. Pick fish that is high in Omega-3s like wild salmon. Am J Clin Nutr. Baker CE. et al. • Eat grass-fed beef. They are loaded with bad carbs. 3 Wolf RL. 2 Diamond J. • Avoid high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). 2000. Am J Clin Nutr. More fructose is converted to fat than other sweeteners – in fact. Factors associated with calcium absorption efficiency in preand perimenopausal women. And they keep you full.

 Kafonek SD. Adv Exp Med Biol. Leddy J. Med Sci Sports Exer. Acrlyamide in food: the discovery and its implications: a historical perspective. Randomized Clinical Trial in Free-Living Persons with Hypercholesterolemia. Jovanovic L. Utility of a Short-Term 25% Carbohydrate Diet on Improving Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. 1998. J Nutr. Metges CC. 200 www.19(3): 351-360. Dietary fats and immune status in athletes: clinical implications. 2000 Jul. 2005. 2000.32(7Suppl):S389-395.17(6):595600. 7 Petzke KJ.com . 2000. Dicklin MR. Long-Term High Protein Intake Does Not Increase Oxidative Stress in Rats.561:1-19. Pendergast D. Thielecke F. Kwiterovich PO Jr. Davidson MH.pacerevolution. J Am Coll Nutr.130(12): 2889-2896.4 Venkatraman JT. Proll J. Peterson CM. 6 Gutierrez M. 8 Törnqvist M. Maki KC. J Am Coll Nutr. Incorporation of Lean Red Meat into a National Cholesterol Education Program Step I Diet: A Long-Term. Elsner A. 5 Hunninghake DB. Akhavan M.

Overall. Steve: Steve won my PACE fat-loss challenge after losing 88 pounds. At one point he lost 67 pounds of fat over an 8-week stretch. • Lost 88 pounds of fat in 7 months • Built 42 pounds of new muscle • Brought his body fat percentage from 50% all the way down to 17. You can see the dramatic changes from his records: Body Fat (lbs) 120 100 80 60 40 20 2 6/ 8/ PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 1/ 5/ 0 20 7 3/ 7/ 0 20 7 5/ 9/ 0 20 7 10 /2 7 00 2 7/ 7 00 201 .PATIENT STORY Steve McGuire Steve is one of the most dramatic successes I’ve seen with PACE during my research. Again.1% • Lowered his triglycerides (blood fat) from 370 to 177 When Steve came to see me he said his biggest problem was losing weight and keeping it off. PACE provided big gains in record time.

pacerevolution.com .Lean Body Mass (lbs) 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 6/ 8/ 1/ 5/ 20 07 400 350 300 250 200 150 Triglycerides (mg/dL) Baseline 3/ 7/ 20 07 5/ 9/ 20 07 5-months 27 /2 00 7 10 /2 00 7 202 www.

they keep you feeling great. Best of all. It’s having both the muscle and the mind to get things done. others help your blood vessels expand. effective and inexpensive. It’s the ability to keep working. There are only three: protein. some give you energy when you need it. Some keep you lean. ramping up oxygen delivery. carbohydrate and fat. Y Give Your Body Power for High Performance What do I mean by power? It’s strength and energy.Chapter eleVeN Pocket-Sized PACE Power ou don’t need a gym or special equipment to practice PACE. They’re safe. How do you get more of it? Start by giving yourself the longlost natural balance of macronutrients. Get them in the right combination and you give yourself the right PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 203 . In this chapter I’ll show you why they work and how to use them. But there are nutrients that can help improve your performance.

load up on carbs and get all the wrong fats. In response. They had everything in the right balance: an abundance of lean protein. but when you combine it with low carbs and good fats. Good fats – like omega-3s – power up your brain. healthy carbs in low doses and lots of good fats. “Dr. Your brain is 204 www. MO It’s easy to fall short on protein.pacerevolution.hormonal signal for power on demand – whenever you need it. In today’s world it’s a lot harder. Maryland Heights. thank you for all of your great work. Use This Caveman Secret for Real Power and Super Strength Your ancient ancestors never had a problem picking the right nutrients. your body burns fat as fuel. If you’re like most Americans. you’re not getting the balance you need to stay active. and on the move. alert.. I’ve lost 6 lbs. Sears. Extra protein will help you slim down and pack on pounds of new muscle.” Tom P. And there’s more: this winning formula helps you slim down too. it’s usually full of sugar or empty carbs. And they never got tired or fat doing it. And when you look for something to keep you going.com . extra protein tells your body “times are good. you’ll get usable energy that pumps up your muscles and the brain food that keeps your mind sharp and clear – all in one tasty super food. But there’s more to the story… extra protein is a good idea. Let me explain how it works. Remember.” It gives your body the feeling that you have an abundant source of good food. in 2 weeks with PACE.

low-glycemic ingredients. Snack foods are a little different than the power bars mentioned PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 205 .more than 60% fat. Put the focus on protein and natural. They won’t give you the results you want. They also work well right after a PACE workout. That means healthy snacking is an integral part of your PACE program. I always monitor their diet. Finally… Snack Food Without the Guilt or Guesswork When I put patients on my PACE program. When you’re shopping for your own power bars. make sure they’re free of artificial sweeteners. I’ve applied these same principles to help you eat between meals without weight gain or a loss of energy. and it needs a regular supply of good fats to keep it fired up. Having the right carbs is critical. And I often recommend they eat five or six smaller meals a day instead of two or three big ones. And you’ll get fat too… but keep a tight rein on your blood sugar and you’ll get all the energy you need without putting on any extra fat. one of healthiest oils for your heart and brain. The power bar I designed has a potent complex of omega-3s with a shot of coconut oil. Eat too much of the wrong kind and you’ll wind up feeling slow and tired. grains and/or empty carbs. as they provide a reliable source of musclebuilding protein that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Here’s the problem: the manufacturer doesn’t know what’s supposed to be in it. you lose. It’s one of the big food makers’ favorite fillers.) 206 www. corn has a GI rating of over 100! (That’s at the top of the scale. Either way. In some forms.pacerevolution. or they decide to go “natural” and stuff them with bird food and fake sweeteners.above. Snack foods can be more varied in their ingredients as long as they maintain the right blend of macronutrients. And no matter what they try and tell you. So how do you shop for the right snack foods? Even if you go for one of those “health food bars” you’ll be surprised when you read the label. these grains are never low on the glycemic index. A power bar should give you a good shot of protein and healthy carbs to prepare you for a workout or help you recover afterward. They’re often packed with all kinds of stuff that makes you feel fat and bloated. Leave the Bird Food for the Birds… One of the biggest “junk science” myths is the notion that you need “healthy grains” to be healthy. Here’s a little surprise: there are no healthy grains. Corn is one of the worst offenders. They fill their products full of sugar and artificial ingredients.com . And these days. What do these experts consider healthy grains? Wheat… Soy… Corn… Oats… all the vegetarian garbage that’s no better than bird food. it’s in everything.

they would taste like sandpaper. To hide the fact that what they’re giving you is little more than pulverized bird food.” Steve M. Seriously. “I’m a 53-year-old ex-sporting fanatic who had ‘let it all go’ since ceasing real sports about 15 years ago. They put “made with soy” on their label like it’s some kind of badge of honor. HFCS is not even a natural product. Your body doesn’t need corn and wheat. Little do they know that soy is highly estrogenic. It will only make you fat and tired. many thanks. they inject a shot of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to keep you from throwing it back up.. My exercising heart rate has improved as well as my recovery times. United Kingdom Avoid the Stuff That’s Sickly Sweet Another pitfall in most snack foods is the way they sweeten it. Eat enough of it. Without any sweetener. do you think it’s going to taste good? Of course not. The enzymes they use to turn corn into PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 207 . Hindu squats. and it actually increases your risk of some forms of cancer. I never get on the scales anymore. stepper. I started PACE – treadmill. Even if it’s part of a socalled healthy snack. The companies that make most snack foods think this stuff is good for you. but my jeans tell me what I need to know – down from a 38-inch to a 32-inch waist. Exeter. PACE has changed not only my physical life but my outlook and self-esteem – many. Think about this for a moment… if you eat a “health bar” that’s full of corn. soy and wheat.Leave bird food for the birds. Never mind that it makes you fat. rowing. cycling and.

This is the messenger that tells your brain that your stomach is full. Your other best source of energy comes from protein.com . This is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid that helps your body burn fat as energy. You’d never find this stuff in nature. good fat will give you a boost of energy and make you feel like you’ve really eaten something – not that hollow feeling you get from eating grains. Get Real Energy From Fat A lot of my patients look at me funny when I tell them they can get real energy from fat. you keep eating and eating. You can eat naturally sweet without any of the problems or side effects. it has a very high GI rating and floods your blood with a tidal wave of sugar. it wreaks havoc on your body. Most fruits have a low GI rating and give you great taste without the extra fat around your waist. Clinical studies link HFCS to obesity. they have a hard time believing the reality: Good fat is good for you. You get an extra boost of energy. They’re so conditioned to think that fat is bad.a sweetener are genetically modified. It’s a win-win situation. Second. You don’t need this junk either. This is 208 www. First. and your body gets rid of fat that otherwise would have landed around your waist. metabolic syndrome and a higher risk of heart disease. One of the easiest to get in a real snack food is ALA. Even worse. diabetes. What’s more. Without it.pacerevolution. it cuts off a critical hormone called leptin. That means the fat in your blood stream is much less likely to be stored as fat.

most usable energy source. longer. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 209 . Good protein helps put it back. Ever wonder why you can only sprint for a minute or two at a time? ATP is the answer. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the stuff your body burns first when you ask it to do something.the number one ingredient that’s missing in most “energy on the go” foods. (This destructive process is called oxidation. the air makes the bread stale. If you leave it on the counter. but you only have small amounts of it. Antioxidants protect every cell. It’s just like a sandwich.) But seal it in a Ziploc bag and throw it in the fridge. and it stays good for weeks. tissue and organ in your body – keeping them healthier. Give your cells the right antioxidant protection and your body will last years – even decades – longer. And if you leave it out for a few days. Your body needs good protein sources to create ATP – your body’s fastest. Oxidation is carried out by free radicals. Your body is the same. Put a Bulletproof Vest Around Your Immune System Antioxidants are critical to good health and they should be a part of the foods you eat every day. It’s highpower energy. the meat and cheese go rotten.

• Currants: Renowned for vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant). Rich in powerful antioxidants called phytochemicals. zinc. • Almonds: Helps lower LDL “bad cholesterol” and provides a great source of protein. GLA (Gamma-Linoleic Acid. magnesium. a very rare essential fatty acid) and potassium. • Flax Seeds: Powerful healthy fats that normalize cholesterol. One of the best plant sources of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. magnesium and potassium. copper and manganese. • Sunflower Seeds: High in folate (B9).All-Natural “Primal Snack” – a Real PACE Partner I combined some of the healthiest nuts and seeds. • Pumpkin Seeds: One of nature’s most powerful seeds. Add to that some of the best antioxidant fruits like cranberries and blueberries and you’ve got a real fast food that’s high in energy – without any of the junk.pacerevolution. selenium and copper. They have four times the vitamin C of oranges. all packed with protein and healthy fats. • Cranberries: Powerful source of antioxidants called phenols. vitamin E. Rich in powerful antioxidants called phytochemicals. the flavor is simple and light.com . Research shows that cranberries can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and raise levels of HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood. vitamin E. healthy fats. phosphorus. In spite of the variety. triglycerides and blood pressure. • Cashews: Great source of protein and healthy fats with high levels of the essential minerals iron. 210 www. and twice the antioxidants of blueberries.

antibacterial and antifungal. It kept their hearts strong and allowed for consistent new muscle growth. blueberries are packed with tannins and anthocyanins that have been linked to prevention and even reversal of age-related mental decline. lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. Altamonte Springs. In today’s world we’re taught that somehow protein is bad… that if we eat too much we’ll get sick. They need to come from your diet. Over consuming protein keeps PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 211 . Good protein sources give you the essential amino acids your body needs every 24 hours. you need to fuel it with the right kind of energy. • Blueberries: Ranked number one in antioxidants when compared to 40 other fruits. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fuel Your PACE Program With Nature’s Most Powerful Nutrient: Protein In ancient times our ancestors thrived on a diet high in protein. and contains zero trans fats. “At 53.” Jose A. I applaud your efforts in getting people to exercise scientifically and with realistic goals.. These amino acids are called “essential” because our body can’t make them on its own. It is rich in lauric acid. lowers your risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and provides a great source of heart-healthy magnesium. FL For your PACE program to be successful. which is known for being antiviral. fat loss and youthful skin. Promotes heart health. my level of fitness and flexibility marvels my physician at the VA and my friends and family. • Coconut Oil: Easily the healthiest oil you can eat.Protects your prostate.

J Appl Physiol.pacerevolution. (Providing as many total calories as the carb-protein drink but without any protein. especially after exercise. Six men finished a two-hour stationary bike ride on three separate occasions.) And after the third trial they drank another carb-only drink. and a net muscle loss when the carb-only drinks were consumed. (Providing 1. Wolf SE. Your body depends on it.) The researchers found that the carb-protein trial resulted in a higher rate of protein synthesis than the two carb-only trials. An oral essential amino acidcarbohydrate supplement enhances muscle protein anabolism after resistance exercise.4 g of protein per kg of body weight. Only in the carb-protein trial was the whole-body net protein balance positive. After one trial they drank a carb-only drink.com . Tipton KD. The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.you lean and muscular. University Study Reveals: Protein After a Workout Builds New Muscle Researchers at McMaster University in Canada tested three different supplement drinks after exercise. A landmark study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology 212 www. Miller SL. 88(2): 386 . 2000.) After another trial they drank a protein-carb drink.2 g of carbohydrate per kg of body weight. Rasmussen BB. That means there was muscle gain only in the protein group. Wolfe RR. (Providing the same amount of carbohydrate plus 0.392.

It’s much easier than you might think. You probably don’t relish the idea of guzzling raw eggs. So skip the Gatorade and stick to high-protein drinks and supplements that include low-glycemic carbs.found that a supplement of protein and carbs consumed within an hour to three hours after intense exertion increased muscle synthesis. Raw eggs offer something that cooked eggs can’t. Interestingly. Raw Eggs: The Perfect Super Food Many experts in the field of nutrition are finally waking up to what athletes. But there is good reason to. They are Eggs: Nature’s Perfect Protein Food Source Eggs Fish Beef Milk Nuts Soybeans Whole Wheat Beans Potatoes Protein Rating 100 70 69 60 48 47 44 34 34 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 213 . Eggs may be the only 100% complete food.1 That means a protein supplement after PACE triggers new muscle growth. the same study showed that a carb-only drink consumed after intense exertion resulted in a net muscle loss. Some raw foods offer far more and better nutrients. I do it everyday. Case in point: eggs. Here are a few reliable ways to get more protein into your workout and daily routine. body builders and long-lived people already know. They have all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA can ease:2 • • • • • • • Hypertension Depression Brain function Heart disease Arthritis Diabetes Cancer But there’s more to the story: It seems the cooking process may reduce other nutrients in your eggs. I’ve done it myself and recommended it for 30 years. you’ll absorb a raw egg in as little as 30 minutes. Eggs are the highest quality protein you can eat. But still. Some people are afraid of salmonella bacteria. But I’ve never seen a case from modernly produced eggs and the US Department of Agriculture estimates that 0. However. Raw eggs are an excellent source of the essential fatty acid.the only protein source with a quality rating of 100 because they have every amino acid you need in exactly the ratios you need. I recommend locally farmed organic eggs and washing the eggs well before cracking. other nutrients and proteins collapse in the cooking process.00003% of eggs in the US have salmonella. 214 www. Raw eggs are safe to eat.com .pacerevolution.3 That’s a very tiny percentage. Along with DHA. where it takes 2 to 4 hours to digest cooked eggs. Cooking eggs denatures their DHA. DHA. cooked or raw.

” Do not eat the egg if it smells at all. Just think of it as an oyster. round yolk. The simplest way is to add a raw egg to a protein shake in the morning. Nitrogen is responsible for creating every muscle in your body and fueling cellular regeneration. To put it in perspective. I prefer to crack them into a glass of water. Only eat eggs that have a gel-like white and a firm. Only eat eggs that roll “wobbly. then progressively add more as you get more comfortable. For every 50 grams of protein you’ll get 8 grams of nitrogen. This is the quickest way. You can also just drink the egg. And the only source of nitrogen you have is protein. Eat one or two eggs each day to ensure a healthy brain and heart and boost your athletic performance. There are a few things you should look for before you eat any raw egg: • • • • • Cage-free. but the texture may be a little intimidating at first. stir and gulp it down.Adding raw eggs to your diet is very easy to do. Protein: How Much Do You Really Need? The importance of protein can be summed up in one word: nitrogen. no-hormone eggs are best.4 So imagine eating only 40 to 60 grams of protein a day like many diets recommend? It’s no wonder your muscles grow weak over time and as you age. They have no flavor when they’re fresh. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 215 . add a small amount of the egg the first few days. If you are a little hesitant. My father liked to punch a hole in the eggshell and suck it dry. your heart alone requires 8 grams of nitrogen a day to function normally. Don’t eat the egg if the shell is cracked.

which keep your heart and brain healthy. (cheddar. lean Poultry Fish (salmon. (And when it comes to beef.) To improve your protein intake you should be eating steak. It’s a bit more expensive. of lean muscle mass. chicken. choose grass-fed beef if you can. rapidly absorbable protein. Here’s a quick guide to the most common foods:5 How Much Protein Are You Getting? Protein From Animal Sources Portion Size 3 oz 3 oz 3 oz 3 oz 3 oz ½ cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 oz 1 large Food Source Beef steak. Wild-caught fish is low in unhealthy fats and high in omega-3 fatty acids. So if you’re a 180-lb.pacerevolution. lean Ground beef. trout) Pork chop.) Egg Grams of Protein 26 grams 21 grams 21 grams 21 grams 20 grams 14 grams 12 grams 9 grams 7 grams 7 grams 216 www.) Counting grams of protein is easy.Quality protein should be the focal point of every meal. (To find your lean body mass.com . etc. lean Cottage cheese Yogurt Milk Hard cheeses. That means you should eat 153 grams of protein each day. but it’s packed with healthy omega-3s. Try to eat one gram of protein for every pound of lean body tissue a day. turkey and lots of fish. refer back to Chapter 7. man with 15% body fat you have 153 lbs. Fish has a complete mixture of all essential amino acids in a bio-available. eggs.

There are plant sources of protein but you’ll make a sacrifice in terms of quality. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel. None of them are close to having the perfect balance you find in eggs. make sure you take a protein supplement.6 How Much Protein Are You Getting? Protein From Plant Sources Portion Size 1 cup 4 oz ½ cup 1 cup 1 tbsp ½ cup 1 cup 2 tbsp ½ cup 1 slice Food Source Nuts (cashews) Tofu Legumes. And many – like rice and bread – are starchy and high on the glycemic index. blood vessels. cooked Cereals Peanut Butter Rice Pasta Seeds Vegetables Bread Grams of Protein 21 grams 9 grams 8 grams 2 to 6 grams 4 grams 3 grams 3 grams 3 grams 2 grams 2 grams Start keeping track of your protein intake on a daily basis. I’m talking about potency. Ramp Up Your Athletic Performance With Better Blood Flow There’s an aspect of your PACE program that’s linked to your heart. muscle mass and sexual capacity. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 217 . And if you’re not getting enough protein from your diet.

well-defined muscles. like having your foot on the accelerator of a turbo-charged exotic. your veins and arteries get narrow and stiff.) • Surging waves of desire and arousal. (Better. Most people think of blood vessels as rigid tubes. As you get older. And you’ll get back all the luxuries that come with it. That means getting oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body at a moment’s notice. When they’re open full-throttle they 218 www. It’s the chemical from the lining of your blood vessels that makes them expand. It’s a feeling of extraordinary potential. But blood vessels are like balloons.pacerevolution.Potency is a combination of strength. In medical terms potency is all about blood flow. harder and more frequent erections. These include: • Bigger. • Pumping. muscle mass and readiness for sex. And it’s a term that applies to women too. They expand and contract rapidly. (NO).com . strength and mobility. whether you’re working out or simply getting out of bed. It’s easy for young people because their veins and arteries easily expand to handle the extra flow. more intense sexual response for women. But you can restore youthful blood flow at any age. Kind of like the pipes in your house. • Increased stamina. desire. Use the Power of Viagra Without Taking the Drug The secret to big blood flow is nitric oxide. Potency is power on demand.

makes your heart a tireless warrior and brings the desire back to your bedroom life. There is good news though… by giving your body a particular nutrient. As soon as that happens – usually 30 to 40 minutes after taking the pill – you’re in business. Potency grows your muscles. Here’s the real problem: As you get older. you can get your body to create more NO. but works in a similar way. But when they’re too narrow you’re in big trouble.can move tremendous amounts of blood. SC experience and limits arousal. But its effects diminish over time. “I started PACE about a week blood can’t get into your penis. ago and am very impressed with That means no erection and it. This breakthrough is not a substitute for Viagra. As far as drugs go. The studies I’ve seen show that over 50% of men stop using Viagra after three years because it stopped working. getting more NO does a lot more than give you big. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 219 . Bottom line is it makes sense no sex. Your body just doesn’t make as much as it used to. And it’s not a drug. That makes it much harder for your arteries to expand. Viagra isn’t a bad one. This is similar to how Viagra works.” blood flow deadens the sexual Joe S. And if your blood vessels can’t expand. All that extra blood flow brings back the thing that really matters: potency. For women. As much as you can handle. your supply of NO drops off. hard erections or better sexual response. Viagra binds to the enzymes that destroy NO. a lack of and I’m already seeing results.. By knocking out the stuff that gets rid of NO your body has the chance to accumulate more of it. Greer. As you’ll see.

your body is more apt to make the adaptive responses that improve heart health. By boosting your blood flow. When your blood vessels are stiff. Your blood vessels need NO to help them expand. You can improve all three areas by practicing PACE. life would not be possible. Without NO. artery and capillary – a network that spans thousands of miles – is dependent on NO for survival. even the major arteries that lead into and out of the four chambers of your heart will start to harden. Your muscles suffer too. And that’s just for starters. The “big three” are: • Muscle strength • Sexual performance • Heart health Breakdown in these critical areas gives you a kind of whole body erectile dysfunction. When you don’t have it. Every vein. major systems in your body start to shut down.com . new muscle growth and bedroom performance. 220 www.pacerevolution. Over time. your major organs don’t get the oxygen they need. Without NO your heart has to work overtime to move blood through your body.Does Your Whole Body Have Erectile Dysfunction? Potency is about blood flow. And that wipes out your energy supply. Your heart is a good example. Without blood and oxygen. your muscles shrink and start to atrophy. this dramatically increases your chance of heart attack. Of course.

Nitrates aren’t any better. You can trigger the production of NO with a few simple PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 221 . your ability to do everyday activities – even getting out of bed can become a chore. You’ve probably seen articles in the news showing the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease. And they were successful. A lack of potency gives you the feeling that your whole body has gone limp. but not in the way they intended. That’s why. They open vessels to allow blood to reach the heart easier. there’s no way to get a good. It’s not just a bedroom issue. And this zaps your strength and potency even more. there is also research that Viagra increases clotting activity. When your blood supply is weak and slow. Ironically. solid erection. the drugs designed to improve blood flow may also damage it.” Unfortunately. Instead of helping heart patients.7 Elevated clotting agents increase heart attack risk. Viagra isn’t the safest choice. Researchers were looking for a way to improve blood flow by tinkering with NO. You lose your sense of power.Your sex life is next on the list. But they also damage the lining of your blood vessels. Viagra Started Off As a Heart Drug Viagra was originally tested as a heart drug. Viagra test subjects got a “big surprise. Doctors prescribe nitrate drugs for people with chest pain. If you’re at risk.

Use Nature’s Viagra for Bigger. All that extra blood and oxygen to your brain gives you the feeling of clarity and mental calm. Better Blood Flow The first step to more NO (and huge blood flow) is a simple amino acid called l-arginine. 222 www. They tell me it feels like a power boost that affects their whole body. You’ll get bigger blood flow. That means your body uses it to create NO. boost strength and stamina during your workout and speed recovery after your workout. regardless of your current age or level of conditioning. There’s a strong mental component to this experience too. Your circulation will improve too. It’s hard to underestimate the benefits (and pleasure) of getting more NO to your cells.pacerevolution.supplements. This building block is a precursor to nitric oxide. I’ve been using l-arginine for years. Many of my patients tell me they can take bigger. Getting your body to make more NO ramps up your potency level. It’s like a wave of “can do” energy that wakes you up across the board.com . All at once they feel stronger. deeper breaths after taking l-arginine. L-arginine is an easy way to build new muscle. You’ll notice a big difference – especially if you have trouble breathing. It’s one of the most reliable. Taken before a workout. it gives them a “muscle pump” by dilating blood vessels and getting more blood and oxygen to their muscles. Body builders have been using l-arginine for years. more alert and more alive. fast-acting tools for giving your manhood a boost fast.

you can take l-arginine in a capsule form. take it between meals on a relatively empty stomach. and stave off erectile dysfunction.L-arginine is so essential. Because l-arginine is an amino acid. But there is a supplement that speeds the process.” telling your blood vessels to expand. improve sexual performance. It’s been an open secret in the bodybuilding world for years. You don’t need heavy weights or grueling gym routines. or reduce chest pains. To boost your PACE performance. To maintain healthy muscles. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 223 . Take a 500 mg cap each day for prevention. New Muscle Without Lifting Weights PACE is one of the most reliable ways to build new muscle. To build lost muscle. They revealed NO’s ability to send signals to your cells. Simply take a teaspoon of powder and mix it with water. take up to 5 grams each day. you’ll get the most from l-arginine if you take it in powder form. Get Hard. proteins compete with its absorption. They also provided indisputable evidence that l-arginine is your body’s chief source for creating nitric oxide. prevent heart disease. Instead. For this reason. Think of NO as a kind of “sex messenger. the guys who discovered the functions of nitric oxide were jointly awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. you shouldn’t take it with meals.

a nutrition adviser to athletes and author of Sports Supplement Review. After following a recommended regimen. And they play a lead role in your metabolism. jump further. 224 www.com . Top athletes credit this supplement for allowing them to sprint faster. Part of the “whole body erectile dysfunction” I spoke about earlier comes from your skeletal muscles becoming small. and fat takes its place… it’s a tell-tale sign of old age. Vince Andrich. another athlete said it took a half second off his 100-meter sprint and a power lifter claimed it added 40 pounds to his bench press. But that was before he tried it.pacerevolution. Building up muscle is critical for virility and potency.Just a few grams of this safe and reliable powder can add up to 10 pounds of new muscle – with almost no effort on your part. A baseball player I know told me creatine added 5 mph to his fastball. Lose muscle. They attach to your bones via tendons and power up your whole body. was skeptical when he first heard about creatine. They give you the feeling of confidence and they ensure you stay mobile and independent. Skeletal muscles are the ones you can see. Strong skeletal muscles fill you with strength and potential. he gained 10 pounds of new muscle in 2 weeks. and lift heavier weights. Stop Muscle Loss – Even Reverse It – With Creatine Professional athletes have been using creatine to naturally enhance their performance for years. weak and powerless. and the ones you exercise when you move.

but having power in your legs is essential. It gets you out of bed in the morning. Sears gave me a plan… and guess what.But did this added muscle actually make him stronger? In his words “my strength went through the roof. Creatine serves as an instant source of energy for muscle contraction. I’ll never go back to regular cardio – those days are over!” Dave B.”8 Creatine Can Help You. Denver. The ability to quickly contract your muscles is critical for success when performing a short-duration exercise like sprinting or weightlifting. But instead of just making claims. You may have no interest in running a 100-yard sprint. and I’ve kept it off for 2 years now! I’ve never felt stronger and more alive – PACE actually works. of fat. and keeps you out of a wheelchair. “I was very skeptical before trying PACE… Everyone in the world wants you to believe that their system will help you lose weight and feel great. Dr. lift your grandkids and get stuff out of the trunk. gets you through a round of golf. it worked! After 5 months. but you need strength in your arms to carry groceries.9 PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 225 . Too You may not throw a fastball.. CO Clinical Proof Creatine Boosts Athletic Performance Your liver produces creatine. I lost 33 lbs. but 98% of it is stored in your skeletal muscle.

The researchers then measured their single-rep maximum bench press. All participants were experienced weight trainers. A Nottingham.Another important function of creatine is its ability to block or buffer hydrogen ions. along with an increase in hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions are a sprinter’s or power lifter’s enemy.pacerevolution.11 226 www. they lifted 18 pounds more than the control group in only 28 days of training. England study at Queen’s Medical Center revealed that oral supplementation of creatine increased muscle creatine uptake by 50%.10 A study from Texas Southwestern Medical Center and The Cooper Clinic confirmed creatine’s performance ability. When you perform several short sessions of intense anaerobic exercise like sprinting or lifting barbells. On average. Studies on lab rats revealed those rats who received creatine supplementation ran faster and longer than rats without supplementation. Hydrogen ions cause the pH of muscles cells to become more acidic. a rapid depletion of your creatine starts within seconds. They took 20 grams of creatine for 28 days. Acidic pH causes muscles to fatigue. This is why you feel the burn of exhaustion in your muscles when pushing them to complete a set of exercises like bicep curls or pushups.com .

5 10 Modified by Dr. San Diego.5 7. You need a creatine supplement if you want to maximize the strength benefits. it’s not enough to create a “creatine loading effect. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 227 .How to Maximize the Benefits of Creatine in Your PACE Workout Although you get some creatine from red meat. Pure creatine is all you need. The following chart will assist you in determining your personal loading dose and maintenance dose: Your Creatine Loading and Maintenance Doses Lean Body Mass in lbs. Don’t fall for the marketing publicity. One teaspoon is 5 grams and one tablespoon is 15 grams. Notice the doses are in grams not milligrams so capsules are ineffective.5 20 Maintenance in Grams 5 5 5 7.” You would have to eat 9 pounds of meat a day to get 20 grams of creatine.5 15 17. The best time to take it is 30 to 60 minutes before PACE but you will still benefit from other dosing times. mix it with water and drink immediately. 100 120 140 160 180 200 Loading Dose in Grams 10 10 12. Buy creatine as 100% pure powder. You don’t need a carbohydrate load like some sellers of creatine drinks claim and the gels are no better than the inexpensive powder. Sears from: The Colgan Institute.

and has an exceptional safety record. Another concern you should be aware of when supplementing with creatine is to go light on the caffeine. Or you can switch back to the loading dose for 10 days again and repeat the cycle. all natural. Some researchers have found a slightly increased rate of muscle cramping with creatine. especially sprinters have reported nausea during exercise after taking creatine. stop the creatine for a week and then begin again at half the dose. and help to increase your lean body mass. There are two potential side effects of creatine you should be aware of.I recommend taking a loading dose for 10 days. Then continue with the maintenance dose for 3 months. try eating a couple of slices of pineapple or papaya after taking your creatine. It won’t work its magic by sitting on the couch. Other athletes. creatine can enhance your athletic performance. Remember. Others disagree.com . you have two options. it is very well tested. If you get muscle cramps. but neither is serious and they are both reversible. You can stop and use exercise to maintain your gains in performance and lean muscle. If you use it intelligently. Caffeine and creatine don’t mix well.pacerevolution. 228 www. you need PACE to realize the benefits of creatine. After a 3-month cycle. Massage the muscle that cramped to stimulate circulation before each exercise session. Overall. If you should get this. strength and virility. Some studies suggest that caffeine (a common performance enhancer among athletes) may diminish the effectiveness of creatine if taken at the same time.

egg. Mile High Publishing:48. 4 Frank B. 3rd issue. 4th ed. 2000.392. New York. Wolf SE. et al. Belmont. Gu M. 10 Colgan. Baker R. Muscle & Fitness. Dr.88(2): 386 . CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. An oral essential amino acidcarbohydrate supplement enhances muscle protein anabolism after resistance exercise. 1998: 146-148. V. A stimulatory role for cGMP-dependent protein kinase in platelet activation. Personal Nutrition.Endnotes 1 Rasmussen BB. Creatine: The Science Behind bodybuilding’s most popular supplement. Miller SL. 5 Boyle M. Health benefits of docosahexaenoic acid. 2003:30-31.22(2): 203-218. NY: Harper Collins. Sports Supplement Review. Xi X. 1998.. All Natural Muscular Development. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 229 . 6 Ibid 7 Li Z. 3 Hope BK. Risk Anal 2002. Cell 2003. J Appl Physiol. An overview of the salmonella enteritidis risk assessment for shell.35(3):90-94. 2 Horrocks L. Edel ED. Forever Young: 100 Age-Erasing Techniques. Tipton KD. Pharmacol Res. 1999. Colgan’s Best Body Supplements: Creatine.112(1):77-86. Wolfe RR. 11 Ibid. and egg products. et al. M.40(3): 211225. Yeo YK. 9 Weider Research Group. 8 Andrich.

com .230 www.pacerevolution.

Chapter tWelVe PACE for Life I n an ideal world you wouldn’t need PACE. As you’ve discovered. By now you’re already familiar with the most important patterns and natural cycles for staying fit and lean: • • • • • Exertion and recovery Progressive changes Adaptive responses Breaking plateaus Functional strength through daily life In this chapter. They instinctively followed life’s demands and natural cycles. you wouldn’t need any kind of exercise at all. the bodies of our ancestors were seamlessly connected to their environment. the nature of cycles. In fact. I’ll take you deeper into PACE by fine tuning your practice and adding elements that bring it all together. And their bodies responded in kind. PACE rekindles those instincts by putting you back in touch with the cycles of health and fitness. You’ll discover the subtleties of breathing. and the practicalities of goal setting. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 231 .

Irving Dardik was the first Chairman of the U. Olympic Committee. And clearly details its power to reverse chronic diseases as diverse as Parkinson’s. shortly after. diabetes.” 1 He also observed long-distance runners were prone to infections and chronic diseases. at the time.S. 232 www. they repeat this cycle of exertion and recovery. He said animals and natives in the wild run in short bursts. Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council. Olympic Committee Chairman Makes Gold Medal Discovery Dr. dropped dead of sudden heart failure.pacerevolution. the president of the U. This pioneering cardiologist and researcher confirmed PACE principles in a way that’s both unique and startling. “People have been running for thousands of years. He added. He was also an Olympic oarsman and. Dardik knew that heart attacks often occur after running or jogging – not during the workout. One morning he went out for his usual run and.S. and they didn’t die like that.com . Dr. they take time for recovery. It must be something in the way people run now that causes heart failure after exertion. His revelation illustrates the core principles of PACE. especially heart disease. multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Jack was the brother of actress Grace Kelly.I discovered some of these subtle yet powerful secrets after working with PACE for years. Let me start by introducing you to one of the great pioneers in the largely ignored science of health enhancing cycles. And. He compared their exercise practices to the habits of native people and animals. Dardik’s friend Jack Kelly. Then. The story begins with Dr.

I have cut my workout from 45-60 minutes on the cross trainer down to 22 minutes and burn more fat calories. They stop. the fastest creatures on Earth. Everywhere I looked. your heart rate begins to climb.. a burst of exertion. They run. which seems to be nature’s way. If you plot these changing rates going up. that is. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 233 . then down.” He concluded long-distance runners die of heart attacks because they don’t train their hearts to recover. birds in flight. This is the same conclusion I made in my own book. McMurray.” Brett K. followed by rest. when they are playing.. run in short bursts. And I found that all animals do that: a burst of exertion.“Cheetahs. Canada Reconnecting With Nature’s Rhythms and Cycles: Your Heart Wave These observations led Dr. it begins to come back down. then rest. Alberta. You see this in whales when they dive. Ft.” When you begin exercise. as well. When you stop. then rest. I am 52-years-old and feel as though I am back in my late 20s. no matter what kind of animal was involved. They stop. Dardik to his fascinating concept of viewing heart exertion and recovery as a wave – the “Heart Wave. it does indeed form a wave. The Doctor’s Heart Cure. it was the same pattern: a burst of exertion. sharks when they hunt. I burn 61 fat calories in 22 minutes and have reduced my ‘belly fat’ substantially.. these kids do it naturally – until we start training them in athletics. and so on. through time. Think about that. This mode of exertion.2 “Since implementing PACE. They run. You see it in young children.

com . or HRV. The more limited your HRV. Simply stated. Dardik. “The Origin of Disease and Health: Heart Waves. the non-athletic people Dr. the better your overall health. Heart Rate (Beats/Minute) 234 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 The central wave represents your heart rate increasing with exertion and dropping with recovery. No.” Cycles. They also gained: www. you gradually increase your heart rate variability.Inside that wave of exertion.pacerevolution. Dardik studied significantly increased their heart rate variability. you have smaller waves from each heartbeat – itself an alternating wave of exertion (systole) and recovery (diastole). Adapted from Irving J. 3. During his research. Dardik was the first to see these as “waves within waves. the greater your risk of chronic disease.” The picture below will help you visualize the concept. 1996 Reverse Disease With Stronger Heart Waves If you mimic the natural rhythms of your heart by exercising in intervals of exertion and recovery. the greater your HRV. Vol. 46. The smaller waves represent each heartbeat as it contracts and releases with its own wave of exertion and recovery.

To quote Dardik. “Cyclic exercise really worked in reversing disease. Most of us don’t have that degree of variability. we go to work. That kind of activity does not challenge the heart or give it room for changing speeds. Our heartbeat mostly stays inside a narrow band: We get out of bed.” 3 Think of HRV as your ability to experience a wide range of heart rates. decreased HRV is associated with disease and a high risk of death from all causes. They don’t know why. our heart rate also stays within a narrow band. we sit at a desk.• • • • • greater lung volume lower blood pressure improved immune function lower stress and anxiety greater sense of energy and well-being All of these changes happened in just 8 weeks. Aerobics and cardio are guilty of the same non-variation. When your heart has the capacity to jump into high gear whenever it needs to… and then recover at a PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 235 . Then back to resting just as quickly. Likewise. we come home. but clinical studies confirm it. just at a different speed than resting. Imagine going from a resting rate of 80 bpm all the way up to 190 bpm in a matter of a few minutes. Mainstream medicine accepts the fact that HRV is a risk factor for both infectious and chronic diseases. Think about this for a moment. When we exercise aerobically. we sit on a couch. Decades of research has shown that increased HRV is associated with longevity and non-disease states.

“I love what you have taught me with PACE. That’s the power of HRV. In this regard. expanding the Heart Wave range (increased HRV) leads to increased longevity and health. “A decrease in Heart Wave range is equivalent to a pianist trying to play a piano concerto using only one octave of a piano’s full range. you’re in trouble.moment’s notice.5 6 7 8 9 This association between fitness training and chronic disorders can now be explained by recognizing that prolonged continuous 236 www. which actually boosts our risk of disease. After just a few weeks. the implications for fitness training are significant. fitness should cause good health. Just as a decrease in the Heart Wave range (decreased HRV) leads to decreased longevity and chronic disease. you are in excellent health. long duration exercise with infectious diseases including polio. Your heart can pump blood and oxygen quickly and without effort. there are reports that suggest an association between continuous. I built up my lung capacity again.com . However. When we speak of fitness. this is not always the case.. CA When your heart doesn’t have the capacity to beat faster with any amount of certainty or reliability. and my strength. Here’s an excerpt from one of Dr. and multiple sclerosis.pacerevolution. In fact. echoviral meningitis.4 In it he describes how modern exercise trains us to lower our HRV. Dardik’s journal articles. we infer a positive relationship between fitness and health. El Sobrante.” Jane M. respiratory and gastrointestinal infections as well as with cancer. cardio-vascular disease. You have power on demand and the ability to adapt and turn on a dime.

more even – in other words. he did miss one point when it comes to fitness and training. And that’s progressivity. Dr. actually will train HRV to decrease.training in a narrow target heart rate zone. recovery.) Instead of linear aerobic fitness. Explore Nature’s Other Life Cycle: Breathing Martial artists. The same would apply to any behavior done in a continuous fashion. There’s no doubt: PACE increases your heart rate variability or HRV.” In other words. physical fitness (like energy) generally is described as ‘the ability to work. flattening the Heart Waves – the individual is actually training to become more susceptible to chronic disease and all cause mortality.. yoga masters and high-level athletes from PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 237 . In this way. In fact. Keeping your HRV high means changing up your routine and adding new elements that progressively increase the challenge. PACE is a complete program. By teaching HRV to become more linear. However. through aerobic exercise or any other form of linear stress.’ What this definitely does not take into account is ‘the ability not to work’ – i. we should be training the Heart Wave range to expand.e. Dardik’s research is remarkable. In just minutes a day you can program your body for longevity and disease prevention. when you practice long-duration exercise and ignore recovery you make your body weaker. more prone to disease and more likely to die young. (Emphasis added. It’s self-contained and has all the elements you need for a lifetime of strength and vigor. which is designed to push the limits of oxygen consumption (VO2max) but ignores oxygen recovery.

awareness and control of your breath will take you to a deeper and more advanced level of achievement. breathing is also the foundation for emotional intensity. When you’re practicing PACE. the breathing muscles (principally the diaphragm.com . 238 www. the muscles of the rib cage and the abdominal muscles) play a vital role in stabilizing and rotating the upper body. It’s what Bruce Lee called “Breath Power. So in essence. and a sense of internal power. On top of that.” the ability to control your breathing patterns to improve strength. Besides delivering oxygen to your muscles during exertion. stamina and sense of well being. improving your breathing literally helps improve your ability to develop higher and higher levels of functional fitness. In addition to their role in bringing the air in and out of our lungs.pacerevolution.around the world have a secret weapon. perform better and recover much more quickly. physical equilibrium. the quality of your breathing directly affects your core strength and lays the foundation for optimal athletic performance. Martial artists and high performance athletes of all kinds know that proper breathing techniques help them get in the zone.

tone and repair your muscles will be lost. Plus. Additionally. it tones and trains your diaphragm. Without sufficient oxygen. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 239 . steadies. gaseous by-products of metabolism. focuses attention. especially carbon dioxide. That means all those nutrients and vitamins you need to build. rib and abdominal muscles to improve core strength and stability. improper breathing inhibits your cells from metabolizing your food properly. during and after exercise deliver: • • • • • • increased stamina increased endurance better performance quicker recovery enhanced oxygen absorption increased muscle development Proper breathing provides your body with oxygen for the correct and efficient functioning of every cell. leaving you weak and listless part way through your workout. calms.What Are the Benefits of Proper Breathing During PACE? Hundreds of studies have proven that proper breathing techniques before. improves concentration. Proper breathing. and increases the ability to deal with complex situations without suffering from stress. Proper breathing soothes the nervous system. allows your body to metabolize food efficiently and to rid itself of all the noxious. on the other hand. and clears the mind. your muscles cannot perform at their peak.

For pushups. simply inhale as you descend. keeping the oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio in your body balanced. you would inhale slowly as you descend then exhale as you rise to a standing position. along the sides of your lower ribs. This type of deep abdominal breathing promotes a full exchange of air. using your diaphragm and ribs to fill and empty the lungs. The trick is to keep your mind focused on your breathing and on the muscles you are training. But for the sake of simplicity. 240 www. exhale as you push your body up.com .pacerevolution. Focused breathing utilizes this deep natural breathing pattern to develop rhythm and muscle focus while exercising. You’ll want to be sure to breathe in through your nose to strengthen your diaphragm and exhale through your mouth to alleviate pressure. using the same in through the nose out through the mouth technique described above. Your diaphragm is a large muscle that rests horizontally across the base of your rib cage. and along the back. (Imagine an inflated parachute attached all around your lower rib cage. Focused Breathing — Most experts agree that for optimal health. with no impediments. there are hundreds of different breathing techniques to choose from.) The diaphragm is connected in the front.Use These 4 Basic Breathing Techniques Today Depending on whom you talk with. your breathing should be full and rhythmic. we’ll discuss four main breathing methods that have proven to help athletes improve stamina and strength. when doing squats or deep knee bends. For example. Focused breathing should be deep and natural.

For maximum muscle gain. “I am a 58-year-old male with type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). The connection between your mind and body while performing this breathing technique produces improved performance and overall muscle gain. body fat dropped from 30% to 22%. sharpen your mental focus. inhale at your resting position and exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles. FL Bellows Breath — The Bellows Breath is an adaptation of an ancient yoga breathing technique revered for its ability to increase energy and a sense of well being. Take a few deep breaths through your nose filling the lungs from bottom to the top PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 241 . Thanks to Dr. My weight has dropped 11 lbs. Many people “forget” to breathe when doing sit-ups or abdominal crunches and lose much of the benefit of training. Land O Lakes.” Kiel B. Sears’ programs and advice. focus your mind on the muscles you’re training. Incorporate the Bellows Breath technique before or after your PACE workout to improve cardiovascular function and to recover more quickly.Focused breathing is essential for proper development of your abdominals as well. I believe I am on the right track to good health for the foreseeable future. See them contracting and relaxing as you rhythmically breathe in and out.. and lost 3 inches off waist.. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. Using this focused breathing technique enhances your ability to perform each movement and will increase your fitness results over time. For maximum effect. To increase your benefits. I began PACE in January 2009 and the results have been no less than incredible.

you will use deep diaphragmatic breathing to increase your lung capacity and to super oxygenate your muscles before and after a PACE workout. The Bellows Breath technique will improve your stamina.pacerevolution.– like a glass of water (expanding your abdomen and then filling the top of the lungs). the space just below the breastbone.com . Unlike the previous forms of diaphragmatic breathing we’ve 242 www. After 2 to 3 warm up breaths. overall concentration and sense of well being. It will “clear your head” and might even improve your cognitive abilities as well! Lung Expansion — In this exercise. When you inhale. staccato exhalations. while the bottom of your lungs pull downward to bring in air. Power Breathing — Use this technique to improve your actual strength while performing bodyweight calisthenics.  Inhale and exhale deeply pulling your shoulders back as you do. flexing your abdominal muscles inward with each short exhale. Exhale through the nostrils doing the exact opposite. try blowing little puffs of air through your nostrils as you exhale. let your breathing return to normal. Do 3 to 5 lung expansion breaths before and after each exercise to oxygenate your muscles and to shorten your recovery time. forcing the last of the air out with your abdomen pressing in. Expel the air from top to bottom. so that the ribs flare out slightly. Be sure not to go too fast. the diaphragm muscle pulls downward. at the upper abdomen pushes in slightly to exhale more completely. After 15 to 20 repetitions. This should feel like a series of short. This will open up your lung cavity and allow your lungs to expand. With deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Next. Bringing It All Together Good Planning Is the Key to Success Deep down. Special Note: Consult your doctor before performing this breathing technique if you have high blood pressure. But because I recognize PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 243 . strength and overall lungpower. you’ve seen power breathing at work. heart problems. You’ll probably feel the need to grunt. A quick primer on how to improve your breathing that will help you increase your natural stamina. Right before you perform a calisthenic exercise. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you see your abdomen expand slightly as you inhale. There you have it. Keep up the abdominal pressure through the full range of motion. Then as you begin to exert force. that’s okay. Now let’s have a look at setting goals and turning knowledge into action. which require you to exhale completely. Be sure to breathe down into your abdomen and not just your chest. power breathing does not. inhale deeply through your nose. then release. My natural inclination is to procrastinate. Here’s how it works. I know I’d be lazy if I allowed myself to be that way. hold your breath as you begin the exercise. hernias or other health concerns.discussed. increase your abdominal pressure slightly. If you’ve ever watched Olympic weight lifting or a martial arts competition. Power breathing is a method to increase the pressure in your abdomen to stimulate additional strength at the moment of exertion.

Every important accomplishment I have ever made started with planning. I put some motivation near the alarm the night before.this shortcoming.pacerevolution. Since I am in a leaning down cycle. and strength training at lunch.com . If you will get started now and follow this specific plan of action… it will ensure that you don’t put off your most important step – the actual doing. This makes it impossible to forget my goal and my motivation. I incorporate this in my routine. I take five minutes and plan my exercises and meals for the next day. I have my body composition log and my running equipment as the first thing I see. but without a plan. I 244 www. I’ve developed a system that makes health improving habits automatic. For lunch. Otherwise. I don’t bother with detail and I don’t feel guilty if it changes. Every night. I think of it as a self-coaching tool. Getting up early is profoundly health enhancing. So I plan a brief PACE workout before going to the office. I know I’ll never get it done. I take some steaks out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. 6:00 AM: My alarm sounds. I don’t always stick to it. Early to Rise Ben Franklin was right. Early to Bed. I’ll order a seafood salad to-go from the restaurant near the gym. I tend to miss workouts and eat whatever is available. Let’s say tomorrow is Monday… I know I will be very busy with patients at the clinic and have several meetings afterwards. I’ll have eggs and some left-over salmon from tonight’s dinner. For breakfast.

I then accelerate to a moderate 5 out of 10 rating for 1 minute. I follow my PACE program for cardio. I provide my heart and lungs with short challenges just above my capacity to sustain. By doing this a little bit every day. Today I’ve decided to bicycle. I feel an intense burn in the front of my thighs as I move into my supra-aerobic zone. 7. and 8 ratings for about a minute followed by a minute of recovery while I pedal at a 3 or 4 rating and breathe deeply. It’s now 6:45 AM and the sun is rising as I walk out the door. Warm-Up 2 min Set 3 45 sec 1 min 45 sec Set 1 1 min 1 min Set 4 1 min 30 sec 1 min Set 2 1 min Set 5 1 min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 245 . I know I’ve provided that little excess challenge.have a cup of coffee while I read my email. I start with a 2-minute warm up at a gentle pace. I know my body will get the message to improve my oxygen delivering capacity. I pedal as hard as I can for 30 seconds. To accomplish this. the principle is to build larger lung and heart capacity. Feels good today! For my last exertion period. When I stop to catch my breath. I gradually build reserve capacity. I repeat this cycle 3 more times advancing to 6. I then drop back down to a 3 rating for 1 minute of recovery. As you already know. I’m going to give it everything I have.

Your quadriceps muscle is the largest in your body. push-ups and instep touches. After breakfast. multi-antioxidant supplement with my breakfast. salmon and water. Most modern food is man-made or adulterated in one way or another. I put 10 grams of glutamine in my water. It requires the most fuel. One. Two. I don’t eat food I don’t like. I have 2 basic rules to guide my eating. First. Today. Hindu squats. Load Up on Protein for Breakfast Breakfast is a 3-egg omelet.I think about how important quads are to physical capacity as I am panting during recovery. I spend 20 minutes on calisthenics. I’ll just do 75 – although on some days. I follow this with crunches. I don’t care who says it’s good for me. I’ll push myself and do 500. Eating food that occurs naturally can be a challenge.pacerevolution. multi-mineral. I’ve worked my entire body. Total time: 12 minutes. It prevents muscle breakdown and boosts growth hormone. To build strength in the legs and back – and boost your lung volume – this exercise can’t be beat. As part of a regular rou- 246 www. In just a few minutes. I take 1000-mg of Vitamin C and a combinational multi-vitamin. I try to eat only food that occurs naturally. I pedal easily back to my house. I do one of my favorites.com .

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 247 . It also develops the kind of functional strength that keeps you fit and mobile past 100. Exercising with 8-yearolds has turned out to be great fun and I get to spend more time with my son. After 2 hours of patients. and get to the office… Calisthenics Training Log Muscles Worked Legs. I retreat to my office for a few minutes. then it’s time to see patients.tine. I take the kids through some calisthenics. I finish with my patients. I listen to music. drink a fruit smoothie and snack on some cheese. Since I’m working the big muscles of the legs today. One hour to practice basic throwing. this is the best way to build muscle. have a brief meeting with a perspective new employee for the Wellness Research Foundation and another with my office manager and it’s off to baseball practice. catching and hitting and it’s home for dinner. I meet with my research assistant while I eat mixed seafood and spinach. I want extra protein after my workout. Gluteus Abs. It’s time to shower. I ask them to add an extra portion of grilled dolphin to the salad. Lower Back Upper Body Full Body Exercise Hindu Squats Crunches/Sit Ups Push Ups Instep Touches Reps 25 – 25 – 25 15 – 15 – 15 10 – 10 10 – 10 Reliable Energy for the Afternoon I stop by a local restaurant and place an order for a seafood salad to-go.

In our natural environment. It makes them obese with all the wrong kind of fat. I enjoy my steak and vegetables on the back patio with my family as the sun goes down. In Florida. I wash and slice them and dinner is ready.com. I have found wild game from a local hunting group.alsearsmd.pacerevolution. In our modern world though. Today it’s T-bones on the grill. if you eat any animal you have to concern yourself with the environment of that animal. I also take 100 mg of the ubiquinol form of Coenzyme Q10. 248 www.The Most Complete Nutrition Source Despite the constant droning over the dangers of red meat.com . You can find out more about grass-fed beef at my website: www. I much prefer grass-fed beef or wild game. Keeping animals inactive and feeding them grains does the same thing to them that it does to us. I pick one yellow tomato and two red beefsteak tomatoes from my back yard. I take another 1000 mg of vitamin C and 400 IU mixed tocopherols with dinner. Red meat is the highest quality nutrition – bar none. I eat it just about every day. I also grill up some onions and bell peppers. we have tomatoes ripe now. It’s full of hearthealthy nutrients with none of the hormones and antibiotics that can threaten your health. approximately 85% of our total calories came from red meat. It makes all the difference in the world.

onions. In other words. we tend to focus nearly all of our energy for change on our careers. water Seafood salad with extra grilled dolphin and spinach Fruit Smoothie. cheese Grilled grass-fed steak. salmon. bell peppers. 3 egg omelet.Hungry for Dessert? Eat Naturally Sweet I have a bowl of ice cream with a sliced peach. work. You can get it from most grocery stores. and play. hand-whipped cream and walnuts. Meal Log Breakfast Cup of Coffee. When that happens. Peaches have a glycemic index lower than whole wheat bread. I don’t worry about fat but I do try to eat low glycemic fruit. I also buy ice cream without added sugar. occupation and recreation. we need to love. tomatoes Bowl of ice cream with a sliced peach and walnuts Vit C 1000 mg Tocopherols 400 IU Co Q10 100 mg Supplements Glutamine 10 gm Vit C 1000 mg Multivitamin Lunch Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack Quiet Reflection… Exercise for the Soul Freud said we need three things to be happy: relationships. Under the stress of our modern lifestyle. we often neglect relationships and recreation. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 249 .

I think for a few minutes about what I’d like to accomplish tomorrow. 250 www. Chart Your Daily Action Plan • Make your plan for eating and exercise the day before.pacerevolution. I jot it down in my log. I get to bed early. • Train for strength either before lunch or before dinner. chicken). I credit my good health to my daily habits. I may watch some TV or read. fish. • Eat a high protein breakfast. • Involve your family and your friends. You won’t succeed everyday and you shouldn’t expect to. But having said that. roast. I don’t beat myself up if I slip. Now. This is not real physical exercise and most people get plenty of walking during their daily routine but it does allow me to relax. I think it is a mistake to treat your health and fitness goals as you do your occupation. I clear my mind and reflect for a few minutes.I take a contemplative walk around my neighborhood. 11:00 PM: Time to hit the sack. I do not consider a health improving lifestyle to be work. • Focus your plan on exercise you enjoy and eat only the natural foods you like. • Make a portion of your physical activity recreation every day. Afterwards. No one will ever convince me otherwise. • Reflect on today’s progress and plan for tomorrow’s. Plan it in the same spirit you would plan a mini-vacation. • Start the day right with brief cardio exercise before breakfast. It’s part of my recreation. • Plan dinner around high quality protein (steak. What I would like to eat and how I feel about exercise. I also try to involve family and friends whenever possible. I am not perfect and I suspect you aren’t either.com .

September 1995. 58-61. 11. Paul. Parry-Billings M. pp. The New York Times. Vol. 1996. 3. 1995. Making Waves: Irving Dardik and his Superwave Principle. How Much Should You Run? Runner’s World. New Scientist. p. June 25. Can exercise damage your health? Athletes who train hard seem to unusually prone to illness. pp. 33-37. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 251 . St. August 15. excellent health is more of a journey than a destination. 5 Sharp C.2004. and Multiple Sclerosis. So be sure to enjoy the trip… Endnotes 1 Lewin R. But the complexities of the immune system make it difficult to understand why. 66-67. 1996.Remember. 1992. 2006:7(1):1 2 Sears Al. MN:Dragon Door Publications. August 1995. July 11. The Origin of Disease and Health: Heart Waves – the Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability and Ischemic Preconditioning. Cycles. 3 Lewin R. 9 National Center for Health Statistics.2005 4 Dardik IJ. Sharing Gold Medals. No. Physical activity and health: a report of the Surgeon General. Rodale Books. 6 Burfoot A. Holistic Primary Care. 8 Kanter E. Tuning Biorhythms through Cyclic Exercise. pp. 7 Martin S. Heart sick: why are the hearts of top riders failing – and what does it mean for you? Bicycling. The Doctor’s Heart Cure. 46.

com .pacerevolution.252 www.

Here’s a link where you’ll find workbook pages you can download and use with PACE: www. Don’t wait. I’ve worked with thousands of people. consultant.” athlete. I have found no better predictor of who will be successful at reaching their goals than whether or not they are willing to keep a log.com/workbook Visit this website and get started today. write down what you do. personal fitness trainer and integrative doctor. I have included workbook pages from my own log on a special website. Everything you need to set your PACE goals and track your progress is right there. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 253 . sports trainer. Okay.appeNdIx a PACE Workbook Guarantee Your Success: Keep a Record of Everything You Do As a life-long “health nut.pacerevolution. Let’s get down to it. I pencil it in and then write over it in pen when I actually do it. I also use it for planning. If you want progress. enough talk.

254 www. So I asked my PACE trainers to show you exactly what to do.com/video No more guesswork.Take the Guesswork Out of PACE Nothing helps you get results faster than seeing PACE demonstrated on video. You have all the tools you need to start doing PACE right now. Go to the exclusive website below and you’ll see and hear all the routines in Chapter 9 explained in detail. It’s all right here: www.pacerevolution.com .pacerevolution. We’ll demonstrate all the calisthenics and body weight exercises.

This is understandable since I often point out the weaknesses in endurance training. If you train ONLY for endurance. Can I still do PACE? And can I use PACE to help me train for endurance events?” A: Many people think that PACE means that they have to give up all endurance training. But actually PACE and marathons are not mutually exclusive. Sears. The key is using PACE effectively to build up your cardiopulmonary capacity. I run marathons. you’ll lose lung volume and your heart will slowly shrink. Using a PACE routine will boost your lung volume and achieve a higher cardiac output – which is precisely what marathon runners who train only for endurance are missing. causing your maximal achievable heart and lung output to drop.appeNdIx B Common PACE Questions Answered Endurance Plus PACE Q: “Dr. I’ve also seen the combination of PACE and endurance training work well in athletes from tennis players to wrestlers who need a combination of both endurance and explosive strength. In fact. This will weaken your performance PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 255 . PACE will help you tolerate the endurance training you need for a marathon while giving up less of your heart strength and lungpower.

Record your heart rate at the end of your PACE exertion set and make note of how long it takes you to get back to a rate within 10 beats of your resting heart rate. Lance Armstrong is a most excellent example. you’ll actually improve a broader range of athletic capabilities. He is principally an endurance athlete yet he uses high-intensity sprints as part of his regular workout routine. you’ll build and retain the heart and lung strength of youth. By supplementing your endurance training with a PACE routine. Slowly and gradually work up to 256 www. Start by logging your resting heart rate. focus on increasing your maximal exertion. At the same time.com . And he puts a great deal of emphasis on building lung volume and VO2max. If you are not willing to at least temporarily limit the frequency of endurance training – say running more than a mile continuously – you are not likely to make good progress at building your heart and lung capacity or strength. Here’s how to make PACE work with your endurance training: • First you will have to (for a time) limit your endurance training. for an 8-week block. What’s worse. (the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise…) – each of which are critical to both your athletic performance and your long-term health. is it will threaten your health over the long term by accelerating losses of aging and making you more prone to heart attack and stroke. During this time. 3 times a week. • Next.whenever you need bursts of high energy activity or strength. measure your heart’s recovery time. • Practice a short PACE routine of only 12 minutes.pacerevolution.

your payoff will be huge. And this added capacity will make you more competitive. Here’s how to make it work: PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 257 . You may have some resistance to cutting back on your endurance training..higher and higher speeds for brief exertion sets of no more than 1 minute. • Practice your endurance routine only once every 2 weeks. Give yourself enough time between sets so that you get to within 10 beats of your resting heart rate.. you’ll see dramatic changes. Start by eliminating carbs and pumping up protein.” A: Here’s how you can accelerate your fat loss. As an added bonus. But if you can have a little faith. When you return to your usual training after an 8-week PACE training session. you’ll notice a huge difference in your performance capacity. • Monitor your recovery heart rate throughout the 8 week block. Your lung volume and VO2max will be considerably higher. How to Accelerate Your Fat Loss Q: “I’m interested in what Dr. and you are very likely to get a significant boost in your lean body mass. You should notice your recovery time getting shorter and shorter over this 2-month period even though you are working at a higher level of exertion. Sears talked about for increasing the fat burning of the program. If you follow it for 2 to 3 weeks. Your heart’s pumping power and output will soar. you’ll probably drop body fat.

try cooked fish and/or meat. juice or water – whichever you prefer. you’ll have a chance to get rid of accumulated waste in your colon. If you like sashimi or sushi. I find soups very good for lunch as long as they have no additives.pacerevolution. raw foods are best but not mandatory. Afterward. This also gets rid of extra bulk around your middle. But try and keep carbs out of your breakfast in the morning. That should give you at least 50 mg of protein. raw foods are packed with nutrients that are untouched and undamaged by the cooking process. sweeteners or high carb ingredients. In the evening. have a salad of mixed veggies. Between meals.com . But no bread or potatoes. Mix in 2 scoops of whey protein isolate. aside from proving the perfect ratio of amino acids. Stir and drink up.” and signals your body to start burning off fat. but your body can easily digest them. You can use milk. Raw foods may sound extreme. What’s more. Your carbs should come from vegetables. If raw is not your thing. For this program. stay with lean protein. have another shake – the same one you prepared in the morning. But avoid 258 www. The raw eggs. That extra protein tells your body that “the hunting is good. start with a protein shake and throw in some raw eggs.In the morning. try a colon cleanser to help you with this. that makes a great lunch. Add 2 raw eggs. also give you the right kind of fat – triggering even more fat loss. By giving your digestive system a break. In the afternoon. You can also cook some eggs and have them with grass fed steak or bacon.

commercial. but it’s not intended for more than a few weeks at a time. as some people don’t push themselves to reach their maximum output during their PACE routine. Stick to olive oil and balsamic vinegar or better yet – sacha inchi oil. How Long Do You Maintain Maximum Exertion? Q: “Dr. This is a critical point. How do you know if you’re at your highest level of exertion? PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 259 . including boosting your maximum metabolic rate. This may be a tough plan for you to follow. But keep in mind that PACE only requires maximum output for short periods. But if you can stick with it – and do your PACE program at the same time – you’ll see incredible gains. You probably can only exert yourself at a maximum rate for short bursts of 20 to 30 seconds. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after just 14 days. or just above my resting rate?” A: Your maximum exertion triggers many of the changes you want from your PACE program. It requires effort and on some days. Sears. how long do I maintain maximum exertion? I know I need to pant and create an oxygen deficit but I’m not clear on how long I maintain the highest-level exertion… Also: How low do I need to let my heart rate drop before doing my next exertion period? Does it need to drop by a certain number of beats. you may not feel up to it. a percentage of how high it got. Fat will start falling off your body. store-bought salad dressings. How long you maintain it during your exertion period is less important than achieving your highest rate because that’s what will boost your performance capacity for next time.

Their daily activities demanded that they exert themselves in short bursts followed by rest. your heart will race and you’ll feel as if you can’t run another step. But it’s one of the capacities of a heart and lungs in top condition. you’ll feel winded and break into a pant. And when you stop. As your lungs expand and your heart’s pumping capacity increases.pacerevolution.” 260 www.Physically. I use a rebounder. Your ancient ancestors would have had this ability. our most popular forms of exercise focus on constant exertion without rest. helping you to burn calories as energy instead of storing them as fat. If this is the case. your highest level of exertion may only last a few seconds.com . If you’re out of shape. How can I apply your system with my equipment? I live in Canada and can’t go out during the winter. your legs will burn. You repeat this enough and your body interprets this as chronic stress from a poor or unstable environment. Hunting and fighting are good examples of how brief but intense their most important physical exertions would have been. It’s a trait we’ve lost over time. Training your body to recover after exertion is essential for good health. Today. This weakens your heart and shrinks your lung capacity. you’ll be able to boost your maximum output soon enough. That in itself is a formula for heart attack and stroke. It also modifies your metabolic rate. that’s fine. How Often Should You Do PACE? Q: “How many times a week do you suggest to do the program? For how long? And how often do I change the routine? Also. It is the gradual progression of your highest level of exertion that is so effective for building a stronger heart and a bigger set of lungs.

Start by doing PACE at least 3 times a week. If you’re not winded or if you feel like it was too “easy” then you’re probably approaching it as a type of “cardio. For example. If you feel like you need more. but don’t get stuck on them. then take time out and do it. Allow plenty of time for recovery. you could start with your treadmill and then move to your rebounder after a few weeks. They are guidelines. When you’re done.A: I applaud your efforts to stay fit. do it 4 or 5 times a week. not hard and fast rules. Push yourself to reach a little further each time you do the routine. But the core focus needs to be pushing for maximum exertion. Put the emphasis on challenging your heart rate and finding your limits. Follow the workout times. Increase the intensity each week. try different instruments. Your legs should ache and your shirt should be drenched in sweat. you should feel like you’ve really done something. you’ll be able to do it in a fraction of the time you spent on longer routines. Warm-Up 1 min Set 3 1 min 2 min 1 min Set 1 1 min 2 min Set 4 2 min 3 min 1 min Set 2 2 min Set 5 2 min Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 261 . Change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks. Not only will PACE help you get the results you’re looking for. If you need more than the book suggests.” Don’t make this mistake. Here is a program you can try. During that time.

what can I do on my off days? Would calisthenics work for this? If so. bend from the waist. for maximum fat loss. Pump with your legs. Take a break and recover and then get back on the machine for the next set. When you eventually come back to this workout. Is there anything I can do in between my PACE workouts? For example. out of bed. but that’s the most important movement you have. Strive to get your heart rate a little higher than it was last time. out of a car and up the stairs. It gets you out of a chair. you’ll be amazed by how your capacity and recovery times have improved.pacerevolution. try a stationary bike (or recumbent bike). Lose that power 262 www. try this simple test: Sit at the end of your chair with your feet flat on the floor. This will help work the big muscles in your legs. so start with a low resistance and give it all you have. Sears. relieve many types of lower back pain and improve your chances of staying active and independent as you age. lower your blood pressure. the first four sets are just one minute of exertion. Was that easy or difficult? You may not realize it. burn fat. Running either outdoors or on the treadmill works well with this exercise. how do you do calisthenics with PACE?” A: Calisthenics can build strength. You could cycle a number of workouts to take you through an entire year. First. lean forward and try to stand up. By working the bigger muscle you’ll speed up your weight loss. But. With your hands in your lap. if I do PACE at the gym three times a week. Turn up the resistance and push yourself. What to Do Between Your PACE Workouts Q: “Dear Dr.com . Compound hip and leg movements work the muscles that keep you mobile.As you can see.

This brings you back to the starting position: standing straight up with your arms extended in front of you. When you recover to comfortable breathing. bend your knees and squat.and you’ll be wheelchair bound. Let’s say that number is 50. Do as many as you can until you become winded and start to pant. but you have PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 263 . do another set of 50. Once you are comfortable with the form. you will have finished a great PACE workout. Recover again. shake out your limbs. your elbows should be behind you with both hands in a fist. From this position. exhale. turn the wrists up and make a fist. palm side up. Continue exhaling and let your arms swing up as you stand. parallel to the ground with your hands open and palms facing down. Inhale briskly and pull your hands straight back. It’s not hard to get great results from this routine. If you can complete three sets of 50 Hindu squats. you can increase your speed to one squat per second. Take the Hindu squat for example: Here’s what you do: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Increase it and you’ll be moving around until the day you die. try another set of 50. Extend your arms out in front of you. hands open and palms facing down. During your recovery. Repeat at the pace of one repetition every four seconds. Then. relax. walk around and drink water if you’re thirsty. At the end of the inhalation. Let your arms fall to your sides and touch the ground with the tips of your fingers. As you pull back.

your lung volume will blossom. There are dozens of exercises in your PACE book.com . Try doing three sets. Your thighs will become rock hard and strong enough for you to pounce. follow this checklist: • Use the routine I give you here.” A: I understand your situation. Try it. just focus on the basics. • Feel yourself pant. If you can keep up with it. I draw a blank.to do them. You’ll start to fly up stairs and lifting things won’t be a problem. After each exertion period. three times a week for six weeks. I have a few suggestions for you…when you get to the gym. • On your machine. But for now. That’s my challenge to you. find a resistance level that’s comfortable for you. I’ll give you just one.pacerevolution. feel your breath 264 www. I understand the concepts in your book but when I get to the gym and look around at the equipment. Think about your last routine… make this routine a little more challenging than the last. You could increase the resistance or you could increase the pace of each exertion period. Drawing a Blank at the Gym? Q: “Here’s my problem: I don’t really know what to do when I get to the gym. You’ll be amazed by the results. consider these points: • Do one thing differently. When you’re ready to start your workout. As you get started. It’s common for my patients to ask me for a more specific plan for taking PACE into the gym.

what do you do with it? Should you hit your max heart rate every time? There’s a big difference between what they PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 265 . Find a resistance level that’s challenging but not too hard. Making small changes in the same direction will help you succeed. Do whatever you need to do to make it different and challenging. this will work. Drink some water. Let your heart rate come down. or if you just want a more basic routine to follow. Get off your machine and walk around. Follow the guidelines I mentioned above. Give it all you can during your exertion period and take as long as you need to recover. You can leave the resistance at the same level for your third set. change one thing. Don’t think too much about it. If you want to keep the resistance the same during your first set. fine. • Recover fully. Confused About Heart Rate? Q: “I’m confused about heart rate… I’ve read there are different ways to calculate maximum heart rate. But you can turn up the resistance on your second set. If you’re not sure where to start. once you know what your max heart rate is. The next time you do PACE. Just do it and give yourself a challenge. Don’t worry about how long it takes. Or you can turn it up. Set 1 4 min Variable 3 min Set 2 Variable 2 min Set 3 Variable Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery You can’t go wrong here. Feel rested before you start again.accelerate as your lungs try to fill the oxygen deficit you just created. Also.

But this is slightly high. Let me clarify a few things about heart rate and how best to use it during your PACE routine. But the truth is closer to about 166 for someone that age.7 (age) = Max heart rate If you are 60. and slightly underestimates the max heart rate for older people. That gives you 166. what does max heart rate mean and what do you do with that number during your PACE routine? Your max heart rate is a way of measuring your heart’s level of 266 www. there are other ways.7 and that gives you 42.com . In actuality. The controversy around the “220 minus your age” formula is that it slightly overestimates the max heart rate for younger people. a 20-year-old has a max heart rate of about 194. Now that you’ve established an upper limit. Using this formula. On the other end. use this formula: 208 – 0. Then subtract 42 from 208.tell me my max heart rate is and what I can actually achieve during exercise. If you want to make the correction.pacerevolution. a 60-year-old has a max heart rate of 160 based on the “220 minus your age” formula (220 – 60 = 160). Some of these alternative formulas have interesting clinical studies behind them. While 220 minus your age is still the easiest and most widely used method to calculate your maximum heart rate.” A: Heart rate is a common concern. multiply your age by 0. a 20-year-old would have a maximum heart rate of 200 (220 – 20 = 200).

When you challenge your max heart rate during your PACE routine. when you’re being intimate with your partner or if you’ve just received shocking news about a loved one. That’s not a problem. you’re building up your reserve capacity – the extra pumping power you need during times of stress. If you find yourself in sudden need of extra oxygen – and your heart lacks the stroke volume and speed required to meet that need – you’ve just triggered a heart attack. Stroke volume is how much blood you pump with every beat and your maximum heart rate is the speed at which you can pump that blood. the lower your risk of heart attack. Maximum heart rate is a critical measure of fitness. The more reserve capacity you have. when you’re exercising. Heart attacks don’t happen because your heart lacks endurance. Your overall cardiac output is a combination of stroke volume and maximum heart rate. As you become more conditioned you’ll strive to slowly and gently increase your maximum heart rate knowing that 166 is the normal maximum. This can happen when you’re lifting something heavy. But just because your max heart is listed as 166 for your age (if you’re 60) it doesn’t necessarily mean you can get your own heart rate that high.conditioning. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 267 . Heart attacks happen when your cardiac output is too low to handle a stressful situation. If you’re just starting out. Consider it your base line – your starting point. In practice you may find that you can only get your heart rate to 150. Use your max heart rate as a guide.

It’s a fine point. You’ll see your max heart rate get higher over time. but can’t quite seem to find something that works. While it’s true that your dad will have to focus on intensity levels while exercising. But I’d like to help him out. Most people think they have to push themselves hard to get results when they begin working with PACE. used to be a runner for years.try and establish a base line. slowly increase the challenge. In fact. 268 www. By the time you’re on your third or fourth set. but one worth clarifying: PACE isn’t just about achieving “intensity” for its own sake in order to get in shape. he won’t ever have to work at uncomfortable levels to get results. As you make progress. Lately he’s been trying to get back into an exercise routine.com . who’s 71. can PACE work for someone his age? And what sort of workout would you recommend?” A: I get a lot of questions about whether PACE is too “intense” for people over 65. My own workouts are pretty intense – I do sprints myself – so they’re not an option for him. your heart rate should be climbing to its upper limit. Try doing three or four sets with recovery in between. Monitor your heart rate during exertion and see how high it goes.pacerevolution. So my question is. Are You Too Old for PACE? Q: “My father. Write it down and keep a log. Use your PACE program. some of the program’s most ardent fans have to deal with limitations caused by injury or other age-related conditions. That was before his hip replacement surgery. I can assure you it’s not.

Make sure he knows to recover fully before he starts up again. This is why PACE actually works better than conventional training for folks like your dad. Here’s a routine your dad might consider: Set 1 4 min Variable 3 min Set 2 Variable 2 min Set 3 Variable Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery As far as the right kind of exercise goes. This definitely does not mean pushing yourself too far. the amount of time shouldn’t change. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 269 . you increase intensity by either swimming faster or going for a longer distance.” So let him start at whatever level he’s comfortable with. Again. and he will add to his heart’s reserve capacity. I stress that they can and should go at their own “pace. Then he can rest and recover. too fast. When I work with them. only the intensity. or ligaments that comes with sprints or other high-impact routines. As soon as he starts to pant. It’s got many of the benefits of resistance training without any of the strain on joints. He can stop right there. tendons.Quite the opposite in fact: it’s about pushing yourself just a little bit each time you do it – and then resting. he’s reached his peak lung capacity. I suggest swimming if he has access to a pool. built up an oxygen debt. An important point to bear in mind: with swimming.

Those are good things. tendons.pacerevolution. So although you’re seeing bigger muscles – and shaping your body in a very specific way – you’re also violating the principles your physiology was designed to meet. There are two problems I have with weight training (as opposed to strength training – more on that in a minute): 1) It’s a fundamentally unnatural exercise. depending on the size of the pool.com . 270 www.So your dad can start out doing just one lap. or even half a lap. Can you think of a single circumstance in nature that would demand you isolate a single muscle group and work it over and over? There really isn’t one. Sidestep This Boring Routine for Bigger Muscles Q: “Do I have to give up weightlifting to do PACE? I like the way my body looks and I don’t really want to lose my muscle. Here’s my take on weights and PACE. Over time. He’ll get the same benefit you’re getting without the risk of injury. this can lead to injury. Weightlifting does give you some benefit. and then rest. Who knows? Maybe you can join him to switch things up in your own routine and enjoy a little father/son time together. It’s as easy as that. and ligaments are particularly vulnerable. no doubt about it. It’s something a lot of weightlifters ask me. Your joints. You’re boosting muscle mass and raising your metabolism. Is there a way I can use weights but still do your program?” A: I understand your problem.

and you won’t be able to get that sustained heart pumping action that really gets your fat-burning machine going. you’re not isolating just one muscle and taxing it to the max. challenging your heart and lungs. These periods of intense exertion are then followed by rest.2) Because it’s so focused on increasing muscle size. (Imagine trying to reach your maximum heart rate doing bicep curls.” It’s what helps you carry a box of books up five flights of stairs. The concepts of “rest-and-repeat” and using resistance are key to both lifting weights and PACE. And you want to do that repeatedly. you stop focusing on the goal of PACE.) This doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything you’ve learned from lifting weights in order to do PACE. I’ll bet you’ll find it doesn’t work. The difference is that with PACE. over the course of twenty minutes of exertion. This is the way your body was designed to work out. This is what I call “functional strength. It’s the “get-up-and-go” that gives you stamina throughout the workday. You want to be sure that you’re getting up to a point where your entire cardiovascular system is “maxed out. You’re using large muscle groups and exercising them to get your entire cardiovascular system to the point of maximum exertion. with periods of rest in between. It’s real “strength training. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 271 .” in the same way that your muscles reach “failure” when you lift weights.” The result is that your entire body gets stronger and more efficient over time instead of a single muscle group. The problem is that if you try to do this while limiting yourself to weights only. In fact there are similarities. You’re only going to put yourself at greater risk of injury.

This will give you that familiar “burn” from the extra exertion that you’re used to getting during a workout without compromising the PACE approach. So. it gets boring and you give up. How Can You Make PACE Work for the Long Term? Q. quick way to do PACE. You can switch to a different routine every two months to rotate muscle groups. Traditional exercise is just that. And I’ve never been able to stick to any of them. I understand that most people hate to work out. “I’ve probably tried every exercise program under the sun. A chore. You can find good quality 272 www. but it’s a fun. For example. If you want to add a weightlifting element to your routine. the short answer to your question is: Stop doing what bores you! Find exercises that feel more like play than work. No one gets excited about doing chores. It talks about this.pacerevolution. Try starting out with one of the calisthenic routines and see if it works for you. 20 lbs). It needs you to change things up. Exercising is just too boring! I went to some of the aerobics classes at the gym. maybe you haven’t jumped rope since you were a kid.com . But I feel silly jumping around like that. you could go with one of the squat routines in your PACE book but maybe hold a set of light weights in both hands (no more than say. The reason is your body isn’t built to do the same thing over and over again. You don’t like it. How can I be sure I’ll stick with PACE?” A. And when you perform the same old routines.Take a look at Chapter 9. I don’t have time for long routines. and your body doesn’t like it either.

For a nice warm-up and to get your rhythm. I have about 20 to 30 pounds to lose but nothing is coming off. start jumping rope slowly for about 30 seconds. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 273 .jump ropes at your local sporting goods store like Sports Authority or discount store like Wal-Mart for around $15. leaving enough time for your body to recover. Let’s see if there’s something you’re missing. Then. They should fit below your arm pits. What am I doing wrong? Is there some secret I don’t know about?” A: The fat busting benefits of PACE are available to everyone. I use the equipment at my gym. Modify it to what you like to do. this isn’t set in stone. Rope Jumping Warm-Up 30 sec Set 3 1 min 30 sec 2 min Set 1 30 sec 1 min Set 4 30 sec 1 min 1 min Set 2 1 min Set 5 30 sec Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery Exertion Recovery You’re Not Seeing Results… What Do You Do? Q: “I’ve been doing your PACE program but I haven’t seen any results. To make sure you’re getting the right length. And remember to always go at your own pace. stand on the middle of the rope and lift up the handles. follow the routine below. As always. Try to increase the number of jumps per exertion period each time. I never feel winded like you say.

Sometimes people practice PACE like it was a traditional cardio routine and that’s where you might get into trouble. To pass the time you read a magazine while you pedal away. If you simply start your workout and “watch the clock. Effective exercise is not like baking a cake. You don’t set the clock and then passively wait around until it’s done. PACE is not passive. You set the resistance and off you go. Every so often you look up at the clock on your stationary bike.” Here’s a PACE checklist. Most of us have built in workout habits and sometimes they get in the way.com . Most cardio workouts are like this. I don’t recommend reading while you do your PACE routine. It’s dynamic and full of intensity. Two minutes pass… five minutes pass… still not done yet… back to your magazine. Clock watching is one of them. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say you’re on a stationary bike. Consider these points as you do your workout: • Oxygen Debt: Do you feel winded after each exertion period? Are you panting? Do you feel like you’ve pushed yourself? • Heart Rate: Do you notice your heart rate going up slightly after you finish each exertion period? (This is a sign you’ve 274 www. It doesn’t take a lot of time but you should “feel the burn. You set the clock for 40 minutes and then zone out while you read a book or watch one of the TVs mounted above the exercise equipment.” you may not get a real PACE workout.pacerevolution. This approach will get you nowhere.

achieved oxygen debt.) Are you able to progressively challenge your maximum cardiac output? • Recovery: Do you allow enough time for recovery? During recovery do you get off your instrument and walk around? Do you relax and drink water? Do you focus on your breath, allowing it to become slow and deep? • Worthy Challenge: Do you do the same routine every time, or do you progressively challenge yourself, making sure you do something a little different than before? • Diet and Lifestyle: Do you sabotage your PACE efforts by routinely eating or drinking things that will work against you? PACE will work without changing your diet but if you constantly load up on empty carbs, you’ll have a hard time achieving lasting results. Next time you do PACE, don’t watch the clock. Give your heart and lungs a worthy challenge and allow yourself to cool down afterward. Review your checklist and make sure you’re hitting every point.

Post-Workout Drinks Help Build New Muscle
Q: “Should I eat before or after working out? Are there supplements to take?” A: These guidelines will help you burn fat faster and get more out of PACE: Do not eat right before your PACE workout. PACE involves a progressive level of exertion, so it’s best to not eat an hour before or after your workout.

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After you finish, drink enough water to fill your stomach. Give yourself a little more than you’re thirsty for. When you get hungry a little later, go ahead and eat a regular meal. When I do my PACE routine, I usually follow it up with lots of water. By the time I’m out of the shower and dressed, I’m ready to eat. Another option is adding protein to your post-exercise drink. You deplete amino acids during a workout and protein powder is a good way of putting them back. But there’s more… recent studies show adding protein to a recovery drink reduces muscle damage, and helps rehydration by helping fluids stay in and around your cells.1 What’s more, added protein will boost your future performance. In one study, cyclists were able to ride 29% longer in their first workout and 40% longer in their second – just from adding a bit of protein into their recovery drink. In the study, they used Gatorade, but I don’t recommend it. Gatorade is full of artificial sweeteners. Water with one scoop of protein powder and some berries is better.2 For supplements, one of my favorites is another amino acid, L-arginine. It helps with muscle loss, especially as you age. Muscle loss with aging is something I measure everyday. When I show people they’ve lost muscle mass, no one is happy about it. Healthy muscles boost your resting metabolism, make you more vigorous and make it easier for you to stay trim. With L-arginine, you can prevent muscle loss and restore lost muscle. I am familiar with a study showing 5 grams of L-arginine



dramatically boosted muscle mass and strength in just 12 weeks. It also reduced body fat.3 In the muscle, L-arginine works as a building block for creatine. Your body needs creatine to build and maintain healthy, strong muscles. By helping your body to make more creatine, L-arginine helps you keep your muscles healthy, strong, and lean. Take up to 5 grams each day. For doses this high, you really have to use a powder. Because L-arginine is an amino acid, proteins compete with its absorption. For this reason, you shouldn’t take it with meals. Instead, take it between meals on a relatively empty stomach. Simply take a teaspoon of powder and mix it with water.

1 Seifert JG, Protein added to sports drink improves fluid retention. Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Meatabolism European (In Press). 2 Saunders MJ, et al. Effects of a Carbohydrate-Protein Beverage on Cycling Endurance and Muscle Damage. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 2004 Jul;36(7):1233-8. 3 Flakoll P, et al. “Effect of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, arginine, and lysine supplementation on strength, functionality, body composition and protein metabolism in elderly women,” Nutrition 2004; 20(5): 445-451

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Research Summaries

Schunemann H, Dorn J, Grant BJ, et al. Pulmonary Function is a Long-term Predictor of Mortality in the General Population. Chest. 2000;118(3);656-664. 1195 adults (554 men and 641 women) aged 20 to 89 years participated in a prospective cohort study. FEV(1) was used to assess pulmonary function at baseline and at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25-years after enrollment. A sequential survival analysis revealed a significant negative relationship between pulmonary function and allcause mortality. There was also a significant negative relationship between pulmonary function and ischemic heart disease mortality. Further analysis revealed significantly higher all-cause mortality in the participants in the lowest quintile of pulmonary function relative to participants in the highest quintile of pulmonary function. Perkins GD, Stephenson B, Hulme J, Monsieurs KG. Birmingham assessment of breathing study (BABS). Resuscitation. 2005;64(1): 109-113. Forty-eight second-year medical students were shown six video clips depicting normal, abnormal, or absent breathing. The students were asked to indicate whether or not the patient in the video was breathing and whether the breathing was normal or abnormal. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 279

They were also asked to indicate the appropriate emergency action (rescue breathing or recovery position) for each patient. The videos were validated by three emergency practitioners, all of whom correctly identified breathing types and appropriate emergency action. Students correctly identified normal breathing 61% of the time, abnormal breathing 61% of the time, and absent breathing 85% of the time. Correct emergency actions were identified 86% of the time for normal breathing, 51% of the time for abnormal breathing, and 85% of the time for absent breathing. The inability of medical students to reliably differentiate normal from abnormal breathing resulted in a large number of incorrect emergency responses. Kubzasky LD. Angry breathing: a prospective study of hostility and lung function. Thorax 2006;61:863-868. A prospective cohort study involving 670 men, with an average follow-up of 8.2 years. Hostility was measured using the Cook-Medley Hostility Scale and pulmonary function was measured using FEV1 and FVC. At baseline, men in the high hostility group exhibited significantly lower pulmonary function compared with men in the medium/low hostility group. This effect persisted even after adjusting for smoking and education. Higher hostility was also significantly associated with a more rapid decline in pulmonary function.

Lee IM, Sesso HD, Oguma Y, et al. Relative intensity of physical activity and risk of coronary heart disease. Circulation. 2003;107(8):1110-11166. 7337 men (mean age 66 years) were followed for 8-years. Using the Borg Scale, participants were asked to report their perceived level of exertion during exercise (weak, moderate, somewhat strong, strong). 551 men developed CHD during the follow-up period. 280 www.pacerevolution.com

Platelet studies demonstrated a significantly decreased lag time to aggregation with collagen and an increase with epinephrine. 1995. and fibrinolytic activity. Amer Jour Card. Exercise intensity and longevity in men. participants demonstrated significant increases in CRP. but were significantly decreased at 24-hours post-race. 2001. Researchers examined the effect of prolonged episodes of physical exercise by examining the effect of marathon running on a variety of hematological variables. Hematocrit and red blood cells counts were unchanged immediately post-race. significant elevations were still observed in D-dimer and vWB levels. et al. 3728 cases of all-cause mortality were reported. 17. combined with evidence of sub-clinical intravascular PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 281 . JAMA. however serum creatinine and electrolytes remained unchanged. D-dimer. Vigorous activity was associated with increased longevity. BUN also increased 24-hours post-race. The decreased lag time to aggregation also persisted. Analysis of the relative risks of death revealed a significant inverse relationship between total physical activity and mortality. Siegel A. vWF. while non-vigorous activity was not. and a significant decrease in fibrinogen levels.88( 8):918-920.273(15):1179-1184. During the follow-up period. Lipinska I. Immediately following marathon completion. The marathon-induced increase in inflammatory markers of cardiac risk. Effect of Marathon Running on Inflammatory and Hemostatic Markers. Participants were followed for between 22 and 26 years. Hsieh CC. At 24-hours post-race. Lee IM.321 Harvard alumni males completed questionnaires regarding their physical activity. Stec JJ.Multivariate analysis revealed a significant inverse association between perceived exercise intensity and risk of CHD. The Harvard Alumni Health Study. Paffenparger RS Jr.

108 male marathon runners were evaluated with regard to the presence of coronary artery calcification and risk of cardiovascular disease.29(15):1903-1910. Post-test echocardiographic measurements also revealed significant changes in cardiac function. 282 www. Lehmann N. et al. et al. Coronary artery calcification in marathon runners was similar to aged-matched controls. along with baseline echocardiographic measurements.114(22):2325-2333.pacerevolution.coagulation suggest that marathon running mimics the damage often seen in the early stage of cardiac events. Running: the risk of coronary events: Prevalence and prognostic relevance of coronary atherosclerosis in marathon runners. and 40% had triponin levels above the concentration used to diagnose mycocardial necrosis. 2008. The likelihood of remaining coronary-event free was inversely related to the degree of coronary artery calcification. Circulation. but significantly elevated relative to FRS-matched controls. Breuckmann F. Möhlenkamp S. Eur Heart J. 2006. Baseline levels of triponin and N-terminal probrain naturetic peptide (NT-proBNP) were obtained.com . Neilan TG. Januzzi JL. Lee-Lewandrowski E. Post-race levels were greater than the 99th percentile for 60% of participants. 60 participants in the Boston Marathon participated in a study to assess the potential for cardiac damage during long-distance running. N-terminal probrain levels were approximately doubled post-race. Pre-race triponin levels were normal in all subjects. Myocardial Injury and Ventricular Dysfunction Related to Training Levels Among Nonelite Participants in the Boston Marathon. Four runners experienced coronary events during the 21-month follow-up period. Data from the runners was compared with age-matched controls and Framingham risk score match controls.

Measurements of bone mineral content were taken in the lumbar spine. After accounting PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 283 .276(6 pt 1): E1083-E1091. In addition. proximal femurs. These data suggest male runners experience accelerated bone loss. Low bone mass and high bone turnover in male long distance runners. Physical activity and coronary heart disease risk in men: does the duration of exercise episodes predict risk? Circulation. S. and serum alkaline phosphatase. Blood was collected prior to the marathon. and 4-days post race and assayed for the levels of circulating antioxidants and LDL oxidizability in vitro. 1993. and forearm. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 120 physically active men (aged 19 – 56) were studied to evaluate the effect of running on bone mass and bone turnover. Paffenparger RS Jr. Makimattila. Haarbo J.77(3):770-775. total body. An inverse relationship between distance run/week and bone mineral content at all measured sites. Participants were followed for 5 years. Sesso HD. plasma osteoclacin. et al. an increase in LDL oxidizability was observed. as measured by a reduction in the lag time for formation of conjugated dienes. A marathon run increases the susceptibility of LDL to oxidation in vitro and modifies plasma antioxidants.Liu M. 2000. immediately post-race. 7307 men (mean age 66-years) were asked to report both the type and duration of their physical activities. Bergholm R.1999. Both immediately post-race and 4-days post-race. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Christiansen C.102(9): 981-986. Hetland ML. Blood samples were collected from 11 runners to determine if participation in a marathon increased the production of oxygen free radicals. Lee IM. Bone turnover was assessed using urinary pyridinium cross-links. elite runners exhibited a 20 – 30% increase in bone turnover. during which 482 developed CHD.

8 times greater effect on DBP. 1998. 101:721-727.pacerevolution. Harber M. intensity had a 13. and chest. speed. and power were determined for both slow-twitch 284 www. Single muscle fiber adaptations with marathon training. and a 4. The muscle fibers of seven marathon runners were assessed to determine the effects of marathon training on muscle fiber size. relative to shortduration exercise. Participants were asked to report their average running amount as well as their running intensity (km/hr) during their best recent 10-K race. a 2. exercise intensity. These findings support the reported benefits of highintensity.158(3):237-245. CHAPTER 4 Trappe S. hips. the researchers found that.7 time greater effect on SBP. intensity had a 5. lower triglycerides. 2006. CHAPTER 3 Williams P. for men. For women. and after 3-weeks of taper. it was found that. and CHD risk factors was studied in 8896 participants (7059 men. Size. lower BMIs. Biopsies from the gastrocnemius muscle were taken prior to training. short-duration exercise. and lower circumferences of waist. strength. longer-duration exercise did not offer any additional protection from CHD provided that total energy expenditure was similar. 1837 women). Increased intensity was significantly associated with lower blood pressure. When examining the effects of distance versus intensity. relative to distance. lower CHOL/HDL ratios. after 13-weeks of training.for the total energy expenditure.com . Arch Intern Med.3 times greater effect on SBP. et al.7 times greater effect on waist circumference. Relationships of heart disease risk factors to exercise quantity and intensity. J Appl Physiol. The relationship between exercise amount.

Researchers examined growth hormone levels in 5 males before. followed by 2-mintues of rest. Goode RC. Effect of Anaerobic and Aerobic Exercise of Equal Duration and Work Expenditure on Plasma Growth Hormone Levels. Markers for beta-oxidation activity were also elevated in the HIIT group.and fast-twitch muscle fibers.9 MJ. the effect of the HIIT program on fat loss was 9-times greater than the ET program.4 MJ or a 15-week high-intensity intermittent-training program (HIIT) with a mean total energy cost of 57. 27 participants were assigned to complete either a 20-week endurance-training program (ET). Bouchard C. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 285 .43(7): 814-818. Accumulating brief walking for fitness. After controlling for the difference in energy costs between the 2 programs. Nevill A. Tremblay A. cardiovascular risk and psychological health. Training resulted in a decrease in the size of both slow-and fast-twitch fibers. Murphy M. participants cycled at 285W for 1-minute. Muscle glycolytic enzymes were increased in the HIIT group and decreased in the ET group. Neville C. During aerobic exercise. Radomski MW. and repeated that cycle 17 times. with a mean total energy cost of 120. participants cycled continuously at 100W for 20-minutes. Simoneau JA. Hardman A. Growth hormone was significantly higher after anaerobic exercise relative to aerobic exercise.52(3): 255-257. and after aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Eur J Appl Physiol 1984. 1994. during. Biddle S. Vanhelder WP. The HIIT resulted in a greater loss of subcutaneous fat relative to the ET program. Metabolism. 34(9): 1468-1474. During anaerobic exercise. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism. 2002. Med Sci Sports Exerc.

et al. Participants in the CME group exercised 286 www. aerobic interval training (AIT). Total body skinfolds. Häkkinen K. Two groups of men. Effects of heavy-resistance training on hormonal response patterns in younger vs. J Appl Physio. Both groups reported similar reductions in tension/anxiety.com .l 1999:87(3) 982-992.Two different walking programs were assessed: the first program (long) consisted of one continuous 30-minute walk per day.pacerevolution. Tjønna AE. older (62 years) and younger (30 years). VO2max decreased in both groups. Aerobic interval training versus continuous moderate intensity exercise as a treatment for the metabolic syndrome: a pilot study. Kraemer WJ. free testosterone. cortisol. Rognmo Ø. Both programs resulted in significant increases in HDL and significant decreases in triglycerides and total cholesterol. growth hormone. Lee SJ. waist circumference. and ACTH. lactate. Newton RU. participated in a 10-week periodized strength-power training program. although the effect was more pronounced in the younger men. older men. Insulin-like growth factor and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 were also assessed pre. Blood was drawn at baseline and at set post-exercise intervals and was assayed for total testosterone. Both groups demonstrated significant increases in exercise-induced increases in testosterone.and post-training. or control. Circulation 2008. and the second program (short) consisted of three 10-minute walks per day.118(4):346-354. and hip circumference were also decreased in both programs. but the decrease was significantly greater in the short group. Both total and free testosterone were higher in younger men than in older men. Thirty-two patients with metabolic syndrome were randomly assigned to one of three groups: continuous moderate exercise (CME). both done 3 times a week for 16-weeks. Stølen TO.

 Bradwell SN. Two experimental protocols were used to assess the effects of different exercise intensities on aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.min-1 increase in VO2max as well as a 28% improvement in anaerobic capacity. The first protocol was 6-weeks of moderate-intensity endurance training. No changes in anaerobic capacity were observed. CHAPTER 6 Tabata I. AIT resulted in the removal of significantly more risk factors relative to CME. Effects of moderateintensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max. These data suggest that while moderate-intensity endurance training can improve aerobic power. Nishimura K. Kauzaki M. insulin signaling. the moderate-intensity endurance training group demonstrated a 5 ml. 1996. et al. In contrast. Med Sci Sports Exerc. and the second was 6-weeks of high-intensity intermittent training. skeletal muscle biogenesis. Six sessions of sprint interval training increases muscle PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 287 . the high-intensity intermittent-training group demonstrated a 7 ml. At the end of training. Both exercise programs resulted in a reduction in arterial blood pressure and body weight. AIM was also significantly more effective than CME at improving endothelial function.min-1 increase in VO2max.at 70% of their highest measured heart rate (Hfmax) and participants in the AIT group exercised at 90% of Hfmax. Gibala MJ. Heigenhauser GJ. Hughes SC.kg. and lipogensis.28(10):1327-1330. and reducing blood glucose.kg. Burgomaster K. only high-intensity intermittent-training can improve both aerobic and anaerobic power. Maximal oxygen uptake was increase significantly more following AIT then CME. indicating an improvement in aerobic power. In addition.

Eight “recreationally active” adults between 21 and 23 years of age participated in a sprint interval training (SIT) protocol. Spriet LL. Talanian JL. Net glycogen use was also decreased during the post-HIIT cycling trial.oxidative potential and cycle endurance capacity. and cycle endurance capacity increased 100%. resting muscle glycogen content. and resulted in a lower heart rate during the last 30 minutes of the post-HIIT 60-minute cycling trial. Jonkers RA. Galloway SD. Heigenhauser GJ. muscle mitochondrial beta-hydroxacyl-CoA dehydrogenase increased 36%. and cycle endurance capacity were assessed at baseline and then again 3-days following completion of the SIT protocol.1 +/. Exercise whole-body fat oxidation increased by 36%.pacerevolution. Significant increases were seen in all three measures. CS maximal activity increased 38%. Type 2 diabetes patients 288 www. 98(6):1985-1990. Praet SF. a 60-minute cycling trial at 60% Vo(2 peak).2 years old) participated in 2-weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training (HIIT). J Appl Physiol. Citrate synthase (CS) maximal activity.com . 102(4):1439-1447. et al. HIIT increased Vo(2 peak) by 13%. Schep G. muscle glycogen content increased 26%. Eight women (22.0. Baseline assessments consisted of a Vo(2 peak) test. and multiple hematological and cardiovascular assessments. citrate synthanse maximal activity increased 20%. Two weeks of high-intensity interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women. consisting of 10 4-minute sessions at approximately 90% Vo(2 peak). 2007. Bonen A. with 1 to 2 days of rest between each session. The protocol consisted of six sessions of SIT (using the Wingate test) over 2 weeks. with 2-minutes of rest between intervals. 2005. J Appl Physiol. and total muscle plasma membrane fatty acid-binding protein content increase 25%.

with 4. Laughlin MH. 2008.respond well to interval training. Significant decreases in arterial blood pressure. IST consisted of 6 2. Myburgh KH. Following completion of the training program. Improved athletic performance in highly trained cyclists after interval training. fasting plasma glucose. Interval training enhances endothelial function in some arteries that perfuse white gastrocnemius muscle. 96(1):233-244. Eight competitive cyclists with a background of moderate-intensity endurance training (BASE) were evaluated to determine the effects of a 4-week high intensity interval training program (HIT). researchers observed a 17% increase in muscle strength and a 14% increase in maximal workload capacity. Noakes TD. 1996.5-minute exercise bouts.158(2):163-172.28(11):1427-1434. 2004. and non-esterified fatty acid concentrations were also observed post-training. Male Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to interval sprint training (IST). Woodman CR. Subjects trained 3 times per week for 10 weeks. Obese males (n=11) with type 2 diabetes took part in a combined resistance and interval training exercise program. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. Schrage WG.5 minutes of rest between each bout and continued 5 days/week for a total of 10 weeks. EDD was significantly enhanced in IST rats relative to sedentary rats. Dennis SC. The cyclists replaced approximately 15% of their BASE training with HIT PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 289 . endothelial nitric oxide synthase and/or superoxide dismutase-1 protein was assessed following completion of the IST in both the IST group and the control (sedentary) group. Endothelium-dependent dilation (EDD). Gute D. daily exogenous insulin requirements. J Appl Physiol. Price EM. European Journal of Endocrinology. Lindsay F. Hawley JA. Schomer HH.

2% increase in the 4 x 4 group).290(21): 2803. Høydal K.training. 3) 15/15 interval running (15-seconds of running at 90-95% HRmax. HIT resulted in significant improvements in 40-km time trial performance (TT40) and performance on a timed ride to exhaustion at 150% of perceived power output (TF150). 2) lactate threshold (85% HRmax). Tranquill MA et al. CHAPTER 9 Elefteriades JA. nonsmoking. followed by 15-seconds of active resting at 70% HRmax). Helgerud J. The improvement in TT40 can be attributed to significant increases in absolute and relative power output following HIT. JAMA. HIT consisted of six to eight 5-minute repetitions at 80% of peak sustain power output. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine reviewed 5 case studies of acute dissection of the ascending aorta during 290 www. Aerobic highintensity intervals improve VO2max more than moderate training. et al. All programs were matched for total work and frequency. Stroke volume of the heart was also significantly increased in both HIT groups. HIT resulted in significant increases in VO2max (5. with 60-seconds of recovery between bouts. Helgerud J. Forty male participants (healthy. Weight Lifting and Rupture of Silent Aortic Aneurysms.39(4):665-671. and 4) 4 x 4 minutes of interval running (4 minutes of running at 90-95% HRmax followed by 3-minutes of active rest at 70% HRmax). moderately trained) were assigned to 1 of 4 groups: 1) long slow distance (70% of HRmax). 2007.5% increase in the 15/15 group and 7. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 2003.pacerevolution. Hatzaras I. Wang E.com . Researchers evaluated the effects of two different intensities of aerobic endurance training programs with two different highintensity interval training (HIT) programs.

Cardiology. they determined that 73% of huntergatherer societies around the world obtained >50% of their energy from animal food. The patients consisted of 30 males and 1 female with an average age of 47. Five patients (aged 19 – 53 years) experienced aortic aneurysms. These data demonstrate diets with a relatively high (19 – 35%) of energy from protein.107(2):103-106. 71(3): 682-692. Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets. The dissection was fatal in 10 patients (32.7%) had a family history of aortic disease. Two of the patients were weight-training. et al. 2000. only 14% of hunter-gather societies obtained >50% of their energy from plants. Am J Clin Nutr. and one was attempting to move a heavy structure. Additionally. Using ethnographic data. Only 3 patients (9. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 291 . Weight Lifting and Aortic Dissection: More Evidence for a Connection. One patient had a family history of aortic disease. with the onset of dissection pain occurring during strenuous strength activity. two were doing push-ups. collagen-vascular disease. et al. Eaton SB. the researchers proposed that all individuals who engage in intense strength training get routine echocardiographic screenings. None of the patients had a history of hypertension.2%). Thirty-one cases of aortic dissection during strenuous exercise were studied by researchers at Yale University. Miller JB. Coady M. Based on these findings. Twentyseven cases (87%) occurred in the ascending aorta.3 years (range 19 – 76 years). 2007. In contrast. Hatzaras I. CHAPTER 10 Cordain L. Tranquilli M.high-intensity activity. or Marfan syndrome. researchers determined that hunter-gather populations received a larger portion (45 – 65%) of energy from animal food.

dietary fat intake. Davidson MH. serum 1. and symptoms of constipation. Factors found to have a significant positive effect on calcium absorption included: body mass index. Baker CE.Wolf RL. Dicklin MR. Participants were assigned to begin the study in one of two groups: lean red meat (beef.25 dihydroxy vitamin D concentrations. and parathyroid hormone concentrations. Randomized Clinical Trial in Free-Living Persons with Hypercholesterolemia. 2000. Dietary fats and immune status in athletes: clinical implications. The impact on red meat consumption on lipoprotein concentrations was evaluated in 145 hypercholesterolemic men and women. 2000.32(7Suppl):S389-395. et al. Maki KC. followed by a 4-week 292 www. Incorporation of Lean Red Meat into a National Cholesterol Education Program Step I Diet: A Long-Term. veal.com .pacerevolution. Women in the bottom tertile of dietary fat to fiber had 19% lower calcium relative to women in the upper tertile. Calcium absorption was assessed in 142 pre. Kwiterovich PO Jr. Diets were followed for 36 weeks. physical activity. Significant inverse associations included: dietary fiber intake. 2000 Jul. These negative effects can be reversed by increasing dietary fat intake to 32%. Leddy J.19(3): 351-360. Low-fat diets (15% fat) have been shown to increase inflammatory immune factors and increase anti-inflammatory immune factors.72(2): 466-471. Hunninghake DB. alcohol consumption. Low-fat diets have also been shown to negatively affect antioxidant levels and cholesterol ratios. and pork) or lean white meat (poultry and fish). Venkatraman JT. Am J Clin Nutr. Factors associated with calcium absorption efficiency in pre-and perimenopausal women. Kafonek SD. J Am Coll Nutr. Pendergast D. Cauley JA.and perimenopausal women. Med Sci Sports Exer.

Hematological markers of oxidative stress. either treated with diet alone (n=9) or with second generation sulfonylurea agents (n=19) were placed on a low-carbohydrate diet (25% carbohydrate). Jovanovic L. Utility of a Short-Term 25% Carbohydrate Diet on Improving Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. all subjects showed significant improvements in fasting blood glucose values and hemoglobin A1c levels. moderate protein (25. Petzke KJ. The effect of adequate protein (13. There were no differences in lipoprotein concentrations between the lean red meat or lean white meat phases of the study.8%). 1998. Thielecke F. Participants were then assigned to the alternative group. Additionally. 2000.7%) or high protein (51. PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 293 . Twenty-eight subjects with type 2 diabetes.130(12): 2889-2896. plasma protein carbonyl concentrations. participants who had previously been on oral hypoglycemic medications exhibited a significant decrease in weight and diastolic blood pressure. A significant rise in hemoglobin A1c levels was observed when participants followed the 55% carbohydrate diet. Following 8-weeks of the low-carbohydrate diet. Long-Term High Protein Intake Does Not Increase Oxidative Stress in Rats. Akhavan M. Peterson CM. Proll J. J Am Coll Nutr. The diet of each participant was also tailored to their ideal body weight. Metges CC. After the low-carbohydrate phase.washout period during which participants were allowed to eat any type of meat. while HDL levels rose in both groups. All oral hypoglycemic agents were discontinued prior to beginning the diet.3%) diets was examined to determine if high protein intake was a factor in oxidative stress. J Nutr. Total cholesterol and LDL levels decreased significantly in both groups. Gutierrez M. participants were switched to a diet consisting of 55% carbohydrates.17(6):595-600. Calories remained consistent across both diets. Elsner A.

22(2): 203-218. Edel ED.5% are hospitalized and 0. The drinks were consumed on 2 different occasions. In contrast to the researchers’ original hypothesis.lipid liver peroxide levels. femoral arterial and venous blood. Baker R. researchers estimate that 2.or 3-hours after exercise. CHAPTER 11 Rasmussen BB.3 million eggs are contaminated with salmonella enteritidis (SE). Of the 69 billion eggs produced each year. the data suggest a possible relationship between an adequate protein diet and increased oxidative stress. as well as compared to placebo. egg. 2000. An oral essential amino acid-carbohydrate supplement enhances muscle protein anabolism after resistance exercise.05% result in death. An overview of the salmonella enteritidis risk assessment for shell. and muscle biopsies. reduced glutathione levels. Miller SL. 94% will recover without medical care.pacerevolution. These effects were observed at both 1-hour and 3-hour post drink. 294 www. et al. Leg muscle protein kinetics were assessed via infusion of ring-(2)H(5)-phenylalanine. J Appl Physiol.392. six subjects were randomly assigned to consume a drink containing essential 6 grams of amino acids and 35 grams of sucrose or a flavored placebo. Following resistance exercise. Tipton KD. and egg products. Hope BK. either 1. the high protein diet did not increase oxidative stress. and leucine kinetics were all assessed. Of those. Commercially pasteurized eggs contribute a negligible contribution to SE.com . Additionally. Risk Analysis 2002. et al. Approximately 0.633 human illnesses per year.88(2): 386 . SE is estimated to cause approximately 661. Phenylalanine net balance and muscle protein synthesis increased relative to pre-drink levels.

PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 295 . Retrospective examination of the effects of reduced HRV revealed that reduced HRV is associated with increases in infant mortality. Researchers at the University of Illinois College of Medicine proposed that sildenafil (Viagra).46(3):67-79. multiple sclerosis. via its ability to increase levels of cGMP. has the potential to increase platelet aggregation. followed by an inhibitory phase during which thrombi size was limited. type-2 diabetes. Xi X. A review of the risks associated with a reduction in heart rate variability (HRV).112(1):77-86. with the initial response being enhanced aggregation. A stimulatory role for cGMP-dependent protein kinase in platelet activation. 1996. Cell 2003. This effect was biphasic.Li Z. sudden-infant death syndrome. as well as all-cause mortality. The Origin of Disease and Health: Heart Waves – the Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability and Ischemic Preconditioning. Gu M. et al. coronary artery disease. Cycles. CHAPTER 12 Dardik IJ.

com .296 www.pacerevolution.

pacerevolution.com Al Sears.wellnessresearch.alsearsmd. MD www.acsm.org Primal Force www.net American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) www.acam.org American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) www.org PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution 297 .alsearsmd.com/glycemic-index American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine www.net Glycemic Index www.primalforce.com The Wellness Research Foundation www.appeNdIx d Resources PACE Revolution www.worldhealth.

MD.drlife.com Jeffry S.framinghamheartstudy.defendis.com .com/pace Jonny Bowden www.org Jonathon Wright. MD www. Life.pacerevolution.tacoma-clinic.org Framingham Heart Study www. PhD www.American Council on Exercise www.com Coach Yari www.acefitness.com 298 www.getfitin6.jonnybowden.com John Defendis www.

This is a sure-fire way to know you’re doing PACE correctly and will help you build a bulletproof heart and powerful lungs. Using a heart rate monitor makes it much easier to track your heart rate than stopping to count pulse beats.” When you finish an exertion period and go into a recovery period.How to Get the Most Out of PACE Congratulations on being part of the PACE Revolution. Measuring intensity is an important aspect of your PACE workouts. you’re in excellent shape.792. Call 866. your heart rate will start to come down. so you know you’re always getting an accurate reading.1035 or visit www. This is the best kind. This usually takes place in the first 10 to 15 seconds. It’s durable. Your heart rate gives a clear and accurate picture of your progress. lightweight. In fact. Overperform and you’ll put yourself at risk.pacerevolution. It’s as simple as that. and everything you need to know is right there on your easy-to-read monitor. you’re in poor shape.com/hrm . because the chest strap rests right up against your heart. If your heart rate doesn’t slow down at least 30 beats in the first minute. If it slows down more than 50 beats in the first minute. As your recovery period continues. • Gauge the Intensity of Your Exertion. and comes with a chest strap and wristwatch. Your recovery time is a marker for your heart health. your heart rate should go up a few ticks. it has three different audible alarms (two visual alarms) that help you track your progress. All you have to do is look at your wrist. • Determine Whether You’ve Entered the “Supra-Aerobic Zone. Measuring your heart rate is critical to the success of PACE. It helps you … • Track Recovery Time. This easy-to-use heart rate monitor has everything you need to gauge your exertion levels and find out if you’re reaching your supra-aerobic zone. Underperform and you won’t get the benefits.

792. this will wipe out any confusion. PACE is easy and takes up much less of your time. it’s not at all what cardio feels like. it’s not a problem. We’ve been conditioned to believe that burning fat is hard work that takes hours to achieve. The ease and simplicity becomes clear.Getting Lean Is as Easy as Pushing Play Dr. You feel invigorated after it’s done. If you ever had trouble following PACE. you’ll get sample PACE routines for both indoors and out. But compared to cardio or aerobics. Call 866. It’s as easy as inserting the DVD and following along. Sears explain PACE in his own words gives you an instant sense of recognition. No more guesswork… no more wondering if you’re doing it right… You’ll get the whole story in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to do. not tired and bored. You’ll find a PACE program that fits your needs. Sears explain PACE in his own words. giving you an insider’s look at the revolutionary exercise program that put aerobics out of business. PACE is fast and to the point.com/pacedvd . Dr. In this hour-long video.. And when you combine his instruction with an actual demonstration of some of his best techniques.pacerevolution. everything falls into place.1035 or visit www. Sears and his team of fitness experts guide you through the techniques that make PACE work and how to do them. you’ll see the PACE principles laid out in front of you. Hearing Dr. Applied to actual workouts you can do yourself. You’ll discover the PACE fat burning secrets and see them in practice. If you don’t have access to a gym. Sears takes you step-by-step through PACE. It’s not the grueling drudgery you may be used to. Aside from hearing Dr..

792. The Doctor’s Heart Cure lowers your risk to zero. Call 866. Call 866. shows you how to stop heart attacks and strokes in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to follow.com/flb Clinically-Proven Plan of Breakthrough Health Secrets Helps You Build a Powerful. Sears uses these same techniques to slim down his patients. 18 even 22 lbs.Burn Fat Without Dieting or Counting Calories Dr. DiseaseFree Heart Dr. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the lightning fast and deadly strike of a heart attack or stroke.792.com/dhcb . With amazing results… Many patients make double-digit drops in their first month: 12. You’ll learn how to determine your own risk and put together a program that fits your own needs. The Doctor’s Heart Cure. Sears’ bestselling book. of fat loss in the first 30 days! Within minutes you’ll put these easy-to-understand principles to work and effectively burn fat – even if nothing has worked for you in the past.pacerevolution. Dr.pacerevolution.1035 or visit www. Learn why: • Counting calories won’t help you lose weight • Eating fat won’t make you fat • Traditional exercise won’t keep you lean and trim High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps returns you to your native diet and makes hitting your ideal weight a sure thing.1035 or visit www. Sears busts the biggest fat-loss lies in High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps.

Put One of the Most Dangerous Myths of Our Time to Rest Your Best Health Under the Sun. stressed out or worried sick when you are in your native sun… Your Best Health Under the Sun gives you an easyto-follow guide for taking full advantage of the sun’s disease-fighting power. you can slow down and even reverse aging. A group of scientists stumbled upon it just ten years ago. you’ll feel better almost immediately! Call 866. improves your response to insulin and helps you burn fat… There is no need to feel guilty. You’ll be in the front row as Dr. Sears and a team of leading anti-aging experts walk you through the process in his brand-new DVD.pacerevolution.792. gives you everything you need to enjoy the sun safely. Most doctors have never heard of it. burn fat and power up your sex life… Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover: • How 20 minutes in the sun can prevent 17 deadly cancers • The 7 dangerous chemicals in sunscreen that increase your risk of skin cancer • Why skin cancer rates are skyrocketing in cities that get the least amount of sunshine • The little-known secret that powers-up your sex drive and boosts your sex hormones by an amazing 200%… How sunlight controls your blood sugar. It controls how long you live… and when you die. It has the power to extend life—maybe indefinitely. while using its power to prevent disease.com/ta65 . For the first time ever.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution. And best of all.792. They watched in awe as generation after generation of cells multiplied … without aging.1035 or visit www. Call 866.com/sun Switch on Your “Immortality” Gene There’s a hidden switch in every cell of your body.

strengthen your body and regain youthful sexuality. They can feminize your body and wreak havoc on your sex life.” Dr. But here’s the good news… You Can Get on the Fast Track to Super Manhood – Today! Dr. Sears’ book – 12 Secrets to Virility – exposes the dangers of estrogen and gives you quick and powerful ways to: • Toss Your Viagra in the Trash: Dr.Attention Men: Have More Sex… More Ambition… More Gusto… Stronger Muscles…Bigger Dreams… Fact: Many modern chemicals closely resemble estrogen.. Sears Shows You How to Enjoy Your New York Strip and Improve Your Heart Health at the Same Time.. • Eat the Foods You Love – Guilt Free: Stop Torturing Yourself with Low-Fat “Health Food. Walk a Round of Golf… You’ll Use the Quick and Easy Solutions that Slash Your Risk of Arthritis and Wipe Out Joint Pain Forever.com/12sec . You’ll lose your gut.1035 or visit www.pacerevolution. Sears’ Simple 2-Step Strategy for Turbo-Charging Your Sexual Performance Will Keep You Rock Hard and Ready for Action – No Matter What Your Age. ambition and sex drive will zap your enjoyment of life. “It’s just part of the aging process…” 12 Secrets to Virility will reveal the real truth about male health and aging. Run to the Store. These hormone look-a-likes get into your body and send powerful and confusing messages to your tissues and organs. Never again will you have to listen to a doctor tell you. • Live Pain Free: Jump out of Bed. Starting as soon as you begin practicing the secrets in 12 Secrets to Virility. Call 866. More importantly. the secrets you will learn will transform you. That’s not all: Loss of muscle.792.

pacerevolution. and even less to do with drugs. In this report. maintaining your memory has little to do with genetics..com/rybreport .Give Your Brain the Power of Total Recall and Extreme Alertness As you age. What’s more. the more resistant they are to the disease.792. you’ll discover a different approach. the less your risk of Alzheimer’s. Tools you can use to reverse cognitive decline 2. and we’ll immediately send you his exclusive research report… Absolutely FREE! Call 866... you preserve your memory. along with the latest health news and little-known health solutions that really work. or synapses. cognitive decline is REPORT not inevitable. plus access to over 420 articles on the HOT topics that affect YOUR health. By stimulating your mind. Al Sears’ FREE Health Confidential e-letter. Simply sign up to receive Dr. The neurons respond to environmental factors and mental stimulation. (published 5x per week). It’s probably natural. your mental functions slow down. And. They’re easy to understand and easy to do. in Just 15 Minutes a Day! Get your FREE report INSTANTLY. you can develop between brain cells. Sears’ Free Report – Repair Your Aging Brain. It’s the best way to improve your mental performance and stave off age-associated cognitive decline. and can even restore the clarity you had in your youth! Research shows the more you use your brain. How to beat the brain-destroying effects of cortisol 3. Both your thinking and your reaction time slow. You’ll find: 1. The more connections. How do you create these connections? Discover now in Dr. it’s free! Many of these simple exercises take just minutes a day.1035 or visit www. The best way to protect yourself from dreaded Alzheimer’s disease Think of your brain as a dynamic system. But is it unavoidable? FREE Despite what you may have heard..

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