Assignment III,2010 Subject : Science Date of Submission : 03.12.10 Section A : (Physics ) 1.

MPS : X MM : 25

Draw a ray diagram to locate the image of an object formed by a convex lens of focal length 20cm when the object is placed a) 30cm away from the lens. b) 40 cm away from the lens. State the nature of the image formed. 3 a) b) What is the cause of refraction of light? A coin in a glass beaker appears to rise as the beaker is slowly filled with water. Why ? Draw the ray diagram for it. 3



Define and indicate the following in a convex mirror. a) Principal focus b) Center of Curvature c) Principal axis 3 Section B ( Chemistry )


Give reasons for the following a) The size of a cation is smaller while that of an anion is bigger than the atom from which it is formed. b) Atom is electrically neutral but still it has a tendency to form an ion. a) b)



What were the two achievements of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table? What was the basis of classification of elements in it? Why do we classify elements? 3


Four elements A,B,C and D along with their electronic configurations are given below : Elements A B C D Electronic 2,1 2,8 2,8,1 2,8,8 Configuration Now answer the following questions – a) Which two elements belong to the same period ? b) What is the nature of compound formed by ‘c’ ? Why? c) Which element out of A and C is more reactive and why? Section C ( Biology )


7. 8.

Explain the process of multiple fission alongwith diagram. Distinguish between the following : a) Sexual and asexual reproduction. b) External and internal fertilization. c) Self pollination and cross pollination.




Explain the three methods of contraception giving one example of each. _______________


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