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"Heaven" - Erotic Lesbian Story (With Video)

"Heaven" - Erotic Lesbian Story (With Video)

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Published by Shannon E.
"Heaven": She sat in wait on the couch, her hearts desire in the next room fixing a drink. The moment you realise your life is going to change is amazing, so frightening and so deliciously exciting at the same time.
"Heaven": She sat in wait on the couch, her hearts desire in the next room fixing a drink. The moment you realise your life is going to change is amazing, so frightening and so deliciously exciting at the same time.

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Published by: Shannon E. on Dec 26, 2011
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Author: Stephen Andersson Editor: Shannon Edwards Publication Date: 09.2011
She Sat in Wait on the couch, her heart's desire in the next room fixing a drink. The moment u realize your life is going to change is amazing, so frightening and so deliciously exciting at the same time. What are you doing here? Is it right? Will it be all you expected it to be? More? She returns with drinks and sits close to you on the couch, moving closer still, unnecessarily just to be able to feel you near. You feel her thigh move against yours and rest there, the heat from her body seeping into yours like running Water only softer and more filling. Your eyelids close for only a second as you savour the moment of that touch, you turn to her and see that she has seen your reaction, you can do nothing but gaze at her beauty as you feel your eyes begin to well up at just how much you realize you Love, and will love forever the women in front of you. She looks down at your hand resting in your lap and places her hand above it, her touch is so soft, so perfect, you look to her hand and then back to her face, as she Smiles at you softly. Moving closer still, she takes the drink from your hand, the very drink you haven't been able to find the strength to lift to your lips, and places it on the table nearby. She turns a little to face you, and there is no other being in the world other than the two of you at that moment, she is so beautiful, you want her, and she wants you. Pausing looking at each other each searching the others eyes for that sign of approval, hoping upon Hope not to find regret, you know you don't find it and you know you won't find it, ever. Your chest is so tight and your breath is coming in shorter, harsher bouts, each breath is shorter than the last as you struggle to retain whatever little composure you have left as she leans forward, eyes never leaving yours. Her hand still on yours, resting in your lap as she takes in your body, smelling your sweet skin, reveling in the feel of your breath on her face, and just as your last breath is held tight in your chest and you feel so Scared in case you breath and she disappears, you feel her lips on you, your breath rushes out of you and into her and you fall a little as your chest drops so suddenly to find that she catches you by kissing you all that bit harder, you moan almost painfully, and you pull your head back a little, your breath is coming in short sharp shallow gusts and you tremble as you stay so close, willing her to kiss you again. You both look into each other's eyes and slowly, together move forward, the instant you feel her lips you feel a moan form in the back of your throat, its begging, pleading with you to keep Kissing her keep her close, as your lips play together, softly, tentatively. You start to move your hand in your lap sliding it across to her thigh, you touch her and she tenses in Passion, kissing you deeply, she needs you, wants you and you need her and want her. You become filled with passion as your fingers graze over her thigh, and up around the outside of her hips, tracing a little path along her Stomach and over her abdomen. you move your other hand to do the same, you feel as

though you just can't move any further, you need to just kiss her you need to feel her heart her love her desire for you as she kisses you. Her hand moves up to your face and gently cups your cheek, u take a second to compose yourself as you gently pull away from her kisses, your lips only mere centimeters away from hers, you gasp for breath your mouth seems so impossible dry, and you Realize in that moment that you are where you want to be, have wanted to be for as long as you can remember, all the love you feel all the time you waited for her, the passion and the desire rushes and culminates in your lips, you feel yourself being led by them to her, your lips hold everything you feel in this one moment and you must give that to her, you must tell her how you feel, the only way... ...you move your head up, your face contorted with passion as you press your lips to hers, your eyes roll in your head as you feel every emotion run from your Mouth and into hers, she kisses you back, this kiss is soul clenching, you feel like her breath is seeping down into your body and wrapping itself around your heart, you feel her take your body, and you know that you are hers, she feels the same, and you kiss her with so much luster, hunger and passion that you feel no moment can better or equal this. Her Tongue reaches out slowly and slides like velvet over your lips and into your mouth, you instinctively close your mouth gently around her and suck her tongue into your mouth sensually, tenderly. Just at that moment your eyes roll back into your head and you moan painful arousal as you realize that she is not only going to kiss these lips, but your other most intimate ones, you realize that this is what it will feel like, her tongue will be on your pussy gliding over your outer lips, the very Touch making you pulse uncontrollably, teasing you as she presses down deeply between your lips and slips the very tip of her tongue expertly into your sex, as you clench down around her... Suddenly you feel, so light headed you start to tremble as you become so consumed with passion and Desire, your mind wanting her, you need to have her, need to feel her kisses her caresses on every part of you. Yours fingers, emboldened, now press against her stomach and flare out towards her sides as your thumbs meet in the middle of her body and start to slide up. You need to watch, you need to know that your about to touch her, that your dreams are becoming real, you stop kissing her and yet, not losing the proximity between you look down resting your cheek against her chin, you feel her breath hot and ragged over your neck, she is panting. You watch as you see your hands move around and under her breasts, your thumbs curving outwards towards your fingers at the base of her Breasts as they move to meet each other, you hear her moan as your grip on her body is recognized, you feel her chest fall as she breathes so heavily, you squeeze gently at her breasts as you gaze with such awe at the beautiful mounds in your hands, you move your hands outwards moving down the length of her pendulous globes, the line of thumb to forefinger grazing the sensitive underside of her breasts, you move your fingers round and underneath letting her breast rest on each set of fingers as you slide them out from underneath her slowly. You move to look at her, and the Passion she has for you is evident in her eyes, tears forming, she is so happy and so aroused, you look into those eyes as you move your finger to touch her already sensitive nipple, the tips of your forefinger and middle finger just grazing the very tip, exploring, she takes a sharp breath in and out almost together and her head juts forward, closer to yours as she lets out a sob. Your fingers move over her nipple more and she moves her hand to yours again and presses you into her, telling you she needs you to touch her, just as much as you want to, need to. The palm of your hand moves over her now painfully erect Nipple and your fingers cover her soft flesh, her breasts are so full, the sheer arousal sending blood pumping into them. You tremble again as you realize you have aroused this gorgeous woman. God knows you want her. You kiss her again, and this time you are quick with your tongue moving into her Mouth, tasting her, finding all her sensitive spots, like you'd known each other for years. This was meant to be... ...Suddenly she stands, the strength coming to her from somewhere even she doesn't know about, almost lifting you, she breaths into your ear that she needs to have you, she needs to make love to you, her words so full of Emotion, she is almost crying, begging you, 'please...come with me to the bed', is all she can muster through her strained moans. She takes your hands as you look into her Eyes and nod silently, no words need to be spoken now, she leads you to the bed and takes the lead, laying you down on your back making you comfortable. You look up to see her crawl up onto the bed beside you, gently pushing open your thighs as she moves her Body and comes to rest in between them on top of you. You moan loudly as for the first time you feel her naked body cover yours, the feeling unlike any you have felt before. She leans up on her elbows and rises to her knees, looking down at you, she slowly lowers herself to Kiss you, small butterfly kisses, then she whispers you the question you've waited to hear...'can I make love to you, tell me I

can, tell me you want me...' All you can do is sob, she accepts your approval, and kisses you once more stoking the hair from your face, then moving her kisses to your cheeks, nose, eyes, and down slowly to your ears, slowly licking her tongue over your sensitive lobe, and then kissing the sensitive part behind it, her Tongue making small spirals as she moves it expertly down your neck, coming to rest in the nape where she gently nips your flesh...you moan again deeply and your breathing increases, to a point where you can hardly stand it, already you want her to lick your pussy as you imagined before. She continues to love your body, nibbling your collarbone and licking down over your Chest, around and under your arm, licking the sensitive flesh there, only to kiss her way back across your chest to the other side, her hands all the while stoking your arms, your shoulders your forearms your hands, caressing every part and as of your body as she can. You feel like you are out of your body, you can see and feel everything, but you can't believe it. Your eyes closed u feel your right hand move to her head, running your fingers through her hair, lost in the way she makes you feel, touching her just to know she is real. She licks a wet glistening trail right to your breast bone, all you can do is look and lie and wait, you catch your breath again as you see her move down, her mouth kissing the swell of your breasts, she kisses all over them and around each taking her time, no one has ever made love to your breasts for as long as she has or with as much care, she has deliberately not taken your nipples into her mouth, teasing you, wanting you to enjoy this forever. You can't stand it anymore you beg her to take your nipples into her mouth, you need her so much you can't wait another...'AAahhhhhhhh ooooo', your breath catches in your chest as you feel her hot lips close around you painfully erect nipple, her tongue bathing it, sucking on you perfectly, you can't describe the feeling, it is almost like she has found your Soul and taken it from your body, making love to it right there in front of you, unable and unwilling to stop her, you are hers completely, and you love it. She suckles your nipples for a long time, nipping and licking, rolling them in between her lips and pulling them gently from your body, they are so full and swollen, you are on Fire. You feel like you could cum right now, you almost can't control it, she has you feeling like no one ever has and ever will. Just at that moment you realize that her lips are on your abdomen, kissing down, and still, further down, oh my god this is it, your breathing so hard and yet so shallow that you feel like there is no Oxygen around you, she is going to make love to you. Her tongue trails down your stomach as you hold your breath tightly, she teases your hip bone with her mouth, her lips brushing over your mound and you feel her chin graze against the small amount of hair you have there, she suddenly moves her kisses to the side, kissing the crevice between body and thigh, you let out that breath again, tortured, you are sobbing pleading with her, not because you are in Pain, but because you need release, you need to cum for her, and only her. She hears your pleas and puts her hands on your thighs spreading them widely, she looks up to your Face as you move from having your head thrown back to looking at her, thrusting your hips forward a little, pleeaseeeeee, looking at you, she tells you she loves you through her eyes alone, as she reaches up with her hand and strokes your outer lips with her middle and forefinger either side of your cunt, you moan again loudly but you don't stop, nor does she, she continues to stroke you in this way, getting you hotter bringing you to the very edge of ecstasy. Then she moves her fingers apart and she opens her lips softly, finding you wet and waiting, the deep contrast of reddish brown, inner lips, set against the pinkest of sexes, she marvels at how beautiful your pussy is, looking up to you again, moving her head down, closer, you feel her breath on your open pussy and you can't wait... ...her tongue flattens against you and runs the length of your slit from bottom to top, slowly languidly, so slowly sensually and torturingly, your moans Verbalize her tongue strokes as she licks you again and again, faster, tasting you, your thrashing on the bed, your body writhing, and your hips thrusting forward, you move your hands to her head and hold her to you, as you loose yourself in her. Each stroke of her tongue ending with her tip knocking your clit like the sound of fingers clicking. You Are in Heaven. She starts to work her tongue over your pussy harder and faster, dipping her tongue deeply in between your lips and savouring your taste, sweet and a little salty, its Perfect everything about it, your breathing becomes ragged and you start to grind against her face, neeedingggggg so much to cum, she senses this and heightens her efforts, slipping her tongue deftly into your pussy, plunging deeply into you, her tongue stroking your inner most walls, thrusting deeply in and out as her lips clamp down around your opening, sucking you deeply, wanting to take you all into her mouth. You thrash and moan loudly as she moves her hand up to your pussy, wetting her fingers before moving them to your clit, gently working in circles as she makes love to you with more of yours and herself than you could ever imagine, it is all too much, your body tenses as you thrust your hips up towards her, you are still and then you Scream her name over and over gasping for breath, riding wave after wave as you climax over and over, you cum for her, in her, because of her, moaning loudly and uncontrollably, your juices running out of you like every emotion you feel, giving it to her, giving yourself. You go limp and sob gently, so many emotions.

She Removes her tongue softly taking care not to hurt your now so sensitive flesh she softly laps up your juices, kissing around your lips and thighs before crawling up to take you in her arms and holds you tight, Kissing away your tears, as you manage whilst gasping for air that you love her, she smiles at you tears in her eyes, she says she loves you too, you hold each other tight, never wanting to let go of each other. You fall asleep covered only by the love you share for each other! …Heaven.

To Your Lesbian Fantasies and Pleasure, Shannon E.

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