Pay attention to “Current mode” for actual status

The Z flag is used to show SELinux security contexts

Use grep when you want to quickly parse output

You can quickly enable/disable SELinux with setenforce

Security contexts can associate port numbers for ACLs

You should chkconfig services after you install them!

Go to a line and press yy to copy a line and p to paste

Verify updates to rules are always as you expected

links is great for quick web browsing from the CLI

Be sure not to enable more than one UserDir line

If you uncomment a <tag> always uncomment </tag>

Don’t forget to restart your service after changes

sudo -u bjones makes the user own the new directory

A simple ‘directory listing’ because no index is present

htpasswd usage is great for quick authentication needs

Ensure your .htaccess file is in the public_html directory

We need to make sure SELinux is configured properly

crypt is very insecure so use SHA-1 hashing instead

Yep, links supports authentication... neat, right?

Don’t forget to add .woot for BOTH lines needed

phpinfo(); is a great function for a quick install summary

Scroll through this page and see some of the content

It’s not .php but it will work per our configuration


Don’t let anyone fool you, telnet is a very useful tool

newgrp apache ensures we are utilizing the new group

Don’t forget the a flag with your usermod command!