find can help you locate files not just by their name

Utilities that access protected files need these bits

The suid bit on ping lets normal uses run the command

The ‘4’ in chmod 4755 refers to suid; ‘2’ represents sgid

View the content within the parentheses to the far right

‘nosuid’ mounts ignore the suid bit on programs

Notice the ‘rw,nosuid’ next to /dev/sda5 for /home

The suid bit is ignored, rendering the command useless

‘noexec’ is related to ‘nosuid’ but different!

Don’t try to ‘remount’ a partition you are inside of

‘noexec’ refuses to execute a file, suid or not

chattr +a will make a file append-only for content

chattr +i will refuse an edit, addition, or deletion to a file

shred has overwritten the location of the file content

if stands for ‘input file’ and of is for ‘output file’

shred can be configured for various levels of security

openssl is an awesome tool for many crypto uses

Use md5sum for a quick & accurate way to compare files

Use modprobe to load kernel modules as needed

dd is used here to make a fixed-size file, 10MB large

Using a ‘loop device’ we attach the file as a normal device

You need to make a filesystem before adding files

The encrypted filesystem is treated like any other disk

unmount the filesystem and then remove the loop device

ssh-keygen generates a public/private key pair for you

We copy our public key into ‘authorized_keys’