dovecot is a fully featured IMAP & POP server

POP is generally deprecated so only IMAP/IMAP is used

We are utilizing already installed SSL support

A properly configured system has ‘imap’ and ‘imaps’

sendmail is widely used but older; postfix is our choice

Don’t forget to chkconfig services on

SquirrelMail is a very stable webmail software

You can utilize links or a normal web browser for this

When sending locally, you only need a username

Remember, it’s easy to get put on a SPAM blacklist ;)

‘unix’ mail has the home directory hold sent/trash/drafts

‘unix’ mail files are appended to without an end

‘unix’ incoming e-mail is stored in /var/mail/<username>

‘Maildir’ is a newer, better method of e-mail storage

Ensure all mail server components use the same style

Always reload your services after configuration changes

You will note ‘old’ e-mail is now missing

Maildir is much more structured with separate files

A ‘’ URL is used to save you typing! Welcome :)

This package prevents overriding important packages

Excluded packages are a good thing in this situation

A lot of mail filtering software is PERL based...

Ignore the out of date warning, we’re going to fix that

freshclam updates anti-virus signatures for us

amavisd unifies our filtering/spam solutions with postfix

Be sure to disable sendmail as it was re-installed; argh!

sed can quickly edit files without ever opening them!

Be sure to uncomment only these four lines

It’s not as much to type as it looks but take your time

Ensure that the ‘amavis’ user is in the ‘clamav’ group

Your test e-mails may start to fail due to ‘SPAM’ filters

Log files are awesome, don’t ignore them!

This is a ‘SPAM’ test signature

This is a ‘VIRUS’ test signature

You should notice that it states ‘Eicar-Test-Signature’

Easy spoof e-mail method. Don’t abuse it!

Wow, Bob is an FBI agent now. Rad.