LDAP is extremely common in various implementations

Did you know that Active Directory is LDAP based?

The sed command allows for more PHP memory usage

cn is ‘Common Name’ & dc is ‘Distinguished Name’

We are configuring this file to help automate things

You should see a lot of these ‘adding new entry’ lines

More SELinux context fixes.

Remember, use your virtual machine IP address

Verify you in fact do have these ‘ou’ values present

LDAP is a great way to organize users across systems

slapcat is a quick content dump from LDAP’s database

The ldap command line tools are pretty annoying to use

Verify you don’t receive errors running this command

TIP: Go to the first line of the file and execute ‘500dd’

/etc/nsswitch.conf controls system account integrations

Take your time and reference this slide for accuracy!

Be sure this works properly. Also, test a normal login.