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A Duke Jeyaraj FaceBook Event If you love someone If you are in love with someone, wouldnt you talk with that person EVERY DAY? If you are in love with Jesus, wouldnt you want to read his word, EVERY DAY? If you are in love with someone, wouldnt you want to spend time talking a LOT with that person, EVERY DAY? If it is true that you are in love with Jesus, wouldnt you want to SPEND A LOT OF TIME WITH HIM BY READING 10 CHAPTERS FROM HIS BOOK, EVERY DAY? All of the Bible All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful...(II Tim 3:16). Would you like read 'all' Scripture then? God's desire is that we read HIS WORD DAILY copying the wiser kings of Israel and nobler believers of Berea (Dt 17:19; Acts 17:11). Would you like to read all of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation by reading portions of it DAILY? Then join Duke Jeyaraj, a fulltime travelling evangelist n essayist to the Google Generation n Facebook Folk who operates out of his base in Hyderabad, in this exciting journey. The plan.. Since the Bible has 1189 chapters in total (approx 1200 chapters) you will have to read approximately 10 chapters a day to complete all of it in just 120 days (4 months or 16 weeks). Facebook allows one to run events that last for four months only. So, if we read all of the Bible in four months, then we would also have an event that can be managed on Facebook without any issues or hassles. We had issues when we tried to run a 1-year Bible Reading event in the year 2011. What was posted on the event wall was not showing up on the walls of the FaceBook users who had signed up for the event after the event end date. Now, with a four-month event, we will have no such problems. This year we will read through all of the Bible, a little differently. We will read from different sections of the Bible, each day Sandwich Scripture Reading Method, as I call it. The Subway Way of Reading the Way (one of the many names for the Bible is The Way), as Duke labels it! We have 6 different sections in the Bible. They are: The Law Books Section - Genesis to Deuteronomy - 5 books - 187 chapters in total

The Old Testament History Books Section - Joshua to Esther - 12 books - 249 chapters in all. The Poetry Books Section - Job to Song of Songs - 5 books in all - 243 chapters in all. The Prophetic Books Section - Isaiah to Malachi - 17 books in all 250 chapters in all. The New Testament History Books Section - Mathew to Acts - 5 books in all 117 chapters in all. The Letters Section - Romans to Revelation - 22 books 143 chapters in all. A grand total of 1189 chapters, that includes 929 from the OT and 260 from the NT. In his writings, Paul quotes from four different sections of the Old Testament to make his points. Obviously, Paul read from different sections of the Bible each day. Jesus too quoted all the four sections of the Bible in his messages. Even Jesus, perhaps, had this holy habit! Except five books of the Old Testament, all the other 34 books of the Old Testament are quoted in the New Testament. The message of the rest of the Old Testament books, not quoted, are alluded to in the New Testament. To cite an example, Ecclesiastes is never quoted in the New Testament. But what is written in Eccl. 2:25 (without God you cannot find enjoyment) is underlined by Jesus in John 10:10 (without a relationship with Jesus, one cannot find true life). Jesus himself quoted 24 different Old Testament books in the New Testament. Check this link for the full list: So, let us enjoy reading from every section of the Bible, every day, and possibly copy Jesus and Paul! It would be a tasty experience - as tasty as eating a six layered sandwich! DONT MISS THIS PART! TO READ THROUGH ALL OF THE BIBLE IN 120 DAYS FLAT WE NEED TO READ 10 CHAPTERS IN TOTAL PER DAY 2 CHAPTERS FROM EACH OT SECTION AND 1 CHAPTER EACH FROM EACH NT SECTION. SIMPLE! IN THE LAST FEW DAYS OF THESE 120 DAYS, WE WOULD BE READING ONLY FROM THE SECTIONS THAT HAVE MORE CHAPTERS, INSTEAD OF RETURNING TO SECTIONS WE HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED. DONT WORRY THE POSTS ON THE FACEBOOK WALL OF THE EVENT WILL HELP YOU! So, we will start on 1 January 2012, and finish on 30 April 2012. Between this period of 120 days, we would have read all of the Bible at the pace of 10 chapters a day! Volunteers Needed! We will have volunteers of the event post what you need to read every day on the event wall. We need lots of volunteers for this event! God bless Ajith Kumar and Dora Sundari, our most regular volunteers in events like these, during previous times! Version Confusion? The best way would be to buy a Bible version you have not so far used and use the highlighter pen on it. If you highlighted the verse that spoke to you most powerfully from each of the 10 chapters you read,

then you would know where you had stopped the previous day. Also, if you kept chewing upon what you read, you will know where you stopped. In Acts 10, we read, Peter was still thinking about the vision he saw earlier that day a vision from God. The portions/stories/verses of the Bible we read earlier in the day, we too must keep thinking/pondering/meditating about them, as the day wears out. The D word we dread: Discipline! If you fall behind during the weekdays on your Bible reading, do catch up during the weekends. But discipline yourself to keep pace every day. It is possible! Reading the Bible DAILY is something God expects us to do (Dt 17:19). If you miss a few days, skip those chapters and join in where the rest of the group is reading. And take time in the weekend to catch up. Resist the temptation to skip reading the Bible altogether. Since we are reading 10 chapters of the Bible in a single day, if you had a simpler version of the Bible, the task would be that much more simpler. Simple Versions of the Bible: Dukes pick Talking about simpler versions of the Bible, here are four Bible versions on top of Dukes list: New Living Translation The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language By Eugene H. Peterson The Goodnews Bible. The Jerusalem Bible is one Bible version Duke has loved reading, of late. It is a Roman Catholic Bible with certain extra books - that is its only downside. Otherwise, it makes for riveting reading. Since it has all the 66 books of the Bible in it, it could be still used. There is no restriction on what version of the Bible you will want to read that days portion from. Scripture Reading The Smart way! You could read the Bible online, from your smart phone, from wherever and whatever not just the tradition Bible made of pages The only Andriod/Apple I-phone or I-pad all-of-the-Bible Text in one application that can be read EVEN IF YOU NOT NET-CONNECTED/ONLINE, ONCE YOU DOWNLOAD IT, IS THE ESV BIBLE (the English Standard Version Bible) ACCORDING TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. AND ESV, the English Standard Version, is also a fairly simple version to read. The good thing about ESV is, but it still keeps up with the traditions of the KJV in its language, sentence-construction style, the version that gives the Bible feel the most while using manuscripts that were not previously available to the KJV translators, thereby making it one of the most accurately translated Bible versions, presently available in the planet! You can search for phrases, verses in this application, with great ease. The online link is this:

The Bible Scholars, I deeply respect, also have said that the Todays NIV (TNIV) which is available as part of the free BIBLE application called YOUVERSION (available to both Andriod/Apple users) is a reliable, readable translation to follow. But YOUVERSION can be only used if you are online. Post what you leart on the event wall Duke will post a striking lesson from each day's reading on his Facebook wall, as far as possible. You could also do that same on this event's wall. It would be a great way to connect with believers from all over the world and interact with them - believers who are reading the same Bible passage are you are reading. In similar FaceBook events we have conducted in the past, over 200 FB folk across the planet got connected. Starting steps to become Max Lucado! Let's start from 1 January 2012. Duke will try and have my post early in the morning itself, though it may not be possible during his Facebook Fasting days or during his ministry travels. Dont wait for him to post. You can be the first one to post that day. First post that days reading. You can also post the lesson that remained with you in a few lines on my event wall. This would be great training for you to become a writer who will bless the World! This could be the starting steps for you to become a Max Lucado! What you write can influence people you may never meet and will continue to make an impact after you pass away from this planet! The same cannot be said about speaking! So, speak less and write more! Keep inviting your FB Friends for this event! Keep inviting folk for this event from your Facebook account. Let us do our bit to get the Facebook Folk back to God's Book - The Bible.