This bar chart shows the results of eight factors affecting work performance from a survey conducted by a personnel

department at a major company of two groups : younger group (18- 30) and older group( 45- 60). Significantly, younger group’s chance for personal development remains the highest percentage of nearly 90% while older group’s job security has the lowest percentage of nearly 20%. Precisely as many young people as old people have team spirit. Generally more young people than older people have relaxed work environment. Not quite as many young people as old people have competent boss. Moreover, younger group’s job security is as doubled as older group’s job security. Younger people have lower percentage in respect from colleagues than older people. Surprisingly, fewer ole people than young people have promotion aspects. There is a little difference in terms of job satisfaction between younger group and older group. The work environment of younger group and older group are identical. The final factor is money which is about the same in young people as in old people.

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