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Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd (HOCL) Kochi unit, incorporated under the ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers was commissioned in the year 1987. The main products in Kochi unit are Phenol, Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide. These products are transported to the various locations of the country through the Petroleum Trucks. A separate filling station is incorporated for controlling the filling activities accurately and safely. In olden days positive displacement meters with preset counters and mechanical linkage systems were used for this operation. At present, the Truck loading system consists of mass-flow meters for measuring the flow accurately, a batch processor called DANLOAD for controlling the entire activities of the filling process and ball valves with solenoid valves for starting and stopping the liquid flow. All these batch processors are connected to a Personal Computer for monitoring, recording and logging purposes. Our project aims to replace the application of the batch processors and PC from the existing Terminal automation system and try to introduce the Distributed Control System (DCS) for controlling the entire Truck terminal automation system. The process control industry considers the DCS to be the most dominant form of control system for industrial process control. DCS helped to improve the productivity flexibility, advanced control, redundancy, optimisation, quick start up and less maintenance on the Instrumentation. We are planning to use Yokogawas DCS CENTUM - CS 3000.