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• (PA) Personnel Administration • (PD) Personnel Planning & Development

Personnel Management HR R/3 .

HR Process .Employee Life Cycle Job / Position Description Promotion. Salary increment. Retirement Vacancy Planning Qualification Updates Organisation Management Employee Training Master Data Recruitment Transfer applicant data to Master data Career Planning Additional data & benefit info Payroll Travel Expense Time & Attendance .

Personnel Administration & Planning & Development .

Job. workplace.etc. Position.)     Organization plans Reporting Structure Position description Vacancy / Occupancy plans . Org. unit.Organization Management  Planning Objects (e.g.

Organization Structure Management   Managing Information on Departments/ Org Units Tracking of Positions in various departments    Maintaining Jobs Generating Graphical Reports of organization structure Reporting relationships. who reports to whom? Multiple reporting !! Vacancy related reports  .

creating additional relationships Graphical maintenance and reporting  .Maintaining PD Master Data       PD Organizational Management Creating Organization unit Creating jobs and positions Assigning Cost Centers Assigning persons to positions Detailed maintenance of objects .

Recruitment Advertisement WANTED Skilled. Ideal / Actual Selection . efficient person for . . . Applicant Internal External Unsolicited Internet Vacancy Qualification / Requirement Profile matchup Hiring Correspondence Specificat.

Recruitment Processes  Vacancies  Advertising  Receiving Applications  Structuring Applicants  Recording Applicant Data  Selection Process  Applicant Actions  Applicant Activities  Applicant Correspondence  Hiring an Applicant  Applicant Reports .

Master Data (Information Types Info-Types) Working time Family Pay / Bank details Person Address/ personal data Qualifications Organization Assignment .

Personnel Administration .. .Personal Data      Bio-data/ Resume Leave Administration Compensation & Benefits Payroll & Time Data Work Schedule     Planning Data Salary Administration Appraisal Many more …..

Maintaining PA Master Data         Individual Infotype maintenance: Contract Elements Monitoring of Dates Family/Related Person Education Other/Previous ERs Cost Distribution Internal Medical Service .

Wage Maintenance Company Pension    Membership fees Communication PA Reporting through PD Graphical reporting .Maintaining PA Master Data (Contd.)       Internal Control Corporate Function Objects on Loan Time Recording Info.

equipment provided by company etc. .Electronic Personnel File Management      Manage Employee progression in the company Details of employment outside company Family related Information Education details Leave Management  Other information like Medical history.

... Vacation Sick Time Valuation Payroll Time Statement for Employees ... to. time recording Substitution Overtime Vacation Sick Mixed and Special Forms Pos. to. from... to.Time Management Neg. from.. to.. from....... from... time recording Positiv-Erfassung Substitution Overtime approved Present from.. to...

Time Management          Holiday Calendar Personal Work Schedule Monthly Work Schedule Attendances & Absences Attendance Check Graphical Attendance / Absence Overview Leave Overview / Leave Reporting Attendance and Absence Quotas Activity Allocation .

CATS: Cross Appl. Time-Sheet CATS HRMinimaster CATS Time Sheet Time data input Release Approval Transfer HR CO Data entry profile Authorizations PS PM SM MM .

Time Management Process PP PM PS CO PAYROLL ACCOUNTING Cost distribution SAP Time Management TRAINING & EVENT MGMT SUBSYSTEMS Time evaluation .

Time Management Process   Interface with Punching/Swipe Card system Generate attendance reports by individuals. BAU/Department wise or by user specific requirement Leave record management Leave accrual calculation Deductions Maintaining Plant Holiday Calendar Subsequently integrate with Payroll      .

Benefits Administration Flexible Benefits Credit Plan Complex Benefits Programs Health Plan Spending Account Single Step Enrollment Insurance Plan Unlimited Benefit Plans Customized Eligibility Rules Flexibility with Control Savings Plan .

SAP Benefits Overview          Open enrollment New hire enrollment Life event changes (benefit adjustments) Status changes (benefit adjustments) Participation monitoring Insurability monitor Plan termination COBRA processing Benefits forms processing .

PA 40 Hire Applicant Direct Hire Rehire External Hire Save General Benefits Information IT 0171 During Action with default values Save Benefits Adjustment reason IT 0378 During Action with Default Adjustment Reason 0001. On the pop-up box select to go to enrollment Automatic Enrollment US Benefits Default Enrollment if applicable Benefits Administrator prints Benefits Enrollment Form from SAP Interface from Fidelity update 401k % on IT 0169 Enter New Benefits Elections into SAP Yes Receive Benefits Enrollment Form back from employee Forward Benefits Enrollment Package to employee No Employee has access to ESS No Print Benefits Confirmation Form through SAP and forward to employee Yes Manually (or Custom Program) enroll employee into Default Health Plans No Employee enroll online within 30 days END Print Benefits Confirmation Form through ESS Yes .SAP Benefits Overview New Hire Enrollment Process Flow Action .

Family/related persons  0041 .Actions  0001 .SAP Benefits Overview Master Data Infotypes  0000 .Additional payments  0021 .Organizational assignment  0007 .Planned working time  0008 .Basic pay  0014 .External organization .Date specification  0077 .Additional personal data (Medicare eligibility)  0219 .Recurring payments/deductions  0015 .

Savings plans 0170 .Health plans 0168 .SAP Benefits Overview Benefits Infotypes              0167 .Adjustment reason 0379 .HCE information 0377 .Miscellaneous plans 0378 .Stock purchase category .Flexible spending accounts 0171 .COBRA health plan 0236 .General benefits information 0172 .FSA reimbursement 0211 .Insurance plans 0169 .Credit plans 0375 .COBRA qualified beneficiary 0212 .

Qualifications and Requirements/  Administration of Applicant’s Employee’s Qualifications  Administration of Requirements for Job / Position  Consideration of Alternative Qualifications/ Requirements  Comparison of suitability based on Requirements and Qualification matchup  Exemplary qualifications/ requirements catalog  Search for a suitable person .

Qualification Deficit MS Word Requirements Qualifications Course Desktop Organization MS Word Word Desktop Organization ? MS Word Prebooking MS Word 05/01/-05/05/ MS Word 06/11/-06/15/ Booking Suitability profile .

prebooking.... cancellation. Correspondence printing Qualification Updates Appraisals Schedule Resources Cost .Training & Event Management Capacity planning English II Lesson 1 Booking.

Training and Development process support   A comprehensive model for T&D process Update the qualifications acquired at the end of training program automatically to attendees Manage training programs Manage resources like OHP / Video Projector. Track information on external resources Automate correspondence generation     . Room facilities. handouts etc.

re-book) Maintaining Procedures infotype for Business events Follow-up of business events Appraisal of business events . waitlist. cancel. firm-book.Training & Event Management           Maintaining Training Needs Maintaining Training Calendar Creating Business Event groups and types Creating resource types. resources Planning & Scheduling a business event Cost Allocation for a business event Booking attendees (pre-book.

    ..Reports in Training Attendances   Resources  Business events  Attendee list Prebookings per business event Attendance Resource reservation Available/reserved resources... Business event schedule Business event brochure Business event prices..

Career and Succession Planning  Employee’s career development based on Career models Profile matchup Determination of need for further education Training Plan is suggested Integration with Training and Event Management on courses booking      Hit list for most suitable person in Succession planning .

Direct integration to FI and CO Online or batch processing   .Payroll Accounting  Gross payroll accounting with automatic wage calculation     Automatic special payments computation Full gross/net retroactive accounting Freely definable payroll form Data exchange with banks. social insurance agencies. etc.

R/3 Payroll Process Employee Data Benefits/Pay Tables Time Management Payroll Simulation Release/Start Payroll Calculate Payroll Payroll Results Payslip Payroll Reports .

Compensation Management Overview Compensation Policy? Compensation Process Compensation policy cost? Compensation Plan Budgets Administer compensation awards? Compensation Administration Relative value of our jobs? Compensation costs control ? Salaries & Benefits compared to other companies? Salary Survey Results Job Evaluation Results Compensation Plan Budgets .

Job Evaluation Results –Link to a job or a position –Job evaluation results (Infotype) –Subtypes for multiple evaluation systems –Points determine relative worth of each job/position –Link to salary structure through Planned compensation Infotype –Benchmark job indicator –Reporting available .

000 Compensation/ Actuals $320.Budgeting  Used as a control within compensation administration  A budget type is linked to a compensation plan  Actual compensation costs can be compared to budgeted costs Budget/ Planned $400.000 .

Budgets  Create budgets in planned status  Link budgets to organizational units  Release a budget to change status to active  Active budgets are available to compensation administration $ 25.00 O BU BU O O $ BU BU O O $ BU O BU $ 75.00 $ 100.000.00 $ 500.00 .

Compensation Process Components Compensation Process Compensation Plan Budget Type Eligibility Rules Compensation Area Compensation Plan Type Guidelines Category Basic Pay IT 0008 Recurring Pay/Deds IT 0014 Additional Payments IT 0015 Compensation Stock Plan IT 0382 .

Compensation Plan Types & Categories  Logical grouping of plans for compensation packages and reporting Salary Base Pay FIXED Car Allowance Housing Allowance  Predefined categories:  Fixed  Variable  Stock  Benefits .

Compensation Plan Details  Validity date of plan  How the effective date for the award is calculated  Calculation data depends on compensation plan category:  Calculation base  Calculation result or  Results model  Guideline – optional .

performance  User-defined  Infotype for eligibility exceptions  Eligibility groups further define criteria within a rule Rule Bonus Bonus Group Criteria 12 month service Executive 06 month service . pay grade. salary.Eligibility Rules  A rule specifies the criteria for employee participation in a compensation plan  Each rule uses criteria such as  Hire date or length of sevice  Number of hours worked  Other: pay scale. job.

Basic Infotypes Compensation Plan Category Infotype Fixed Basic Pay Recurring Payments Additional Payments Variable Basic Pay Compensation Stock Plan Compensation History Stock All .

g national.Personnel Cost Planning  Cost planning   according to organizational units/cost centers as percentage/absolute  Cost preview    Determination of actual costs Integration of future changes Target/actual comparison   Simulation of structural changes Survey comparison (e. market survey) Direct Excel link Business graphics presentation Integration with Controlling (CO)    .

Travel Management  Entry of trip data Calculation of Meal Allowance (per diem) Maintain Receipts claim Advance Payment     Allowances for stopovers Representation of internal company rules Trip-specific account assignment Nature of applications and authorizations Simulation of statement (to determine refund or reimbursement amount) Integration to Payroll and/or FI/CO      .

Assignment Infotype 0002: Personal Data Form of address Date of birth Nationality Number of children Initials Last name First name Title Infotype 0006: Addresses 3rd Party Tools Country key City Postal code County Infotype 0007: Planned Working Time .Reporting Adhoc Query ABAP/4 Report HRIS Ad Hoc Query Infotype Selection Displ. Field Available fields Infotype 0000: Personnel Actions Employment status Infotype 0001: Org.

1997 Field selection Selection field Personnel area City From 0001 Detroit To Selection result Output fields Personnel number Name of employee or applicant House number and street Postal code City Hits 9 .Ad Hoc Query Ad Hoc Query Ad hoc query Edit Goto View Environment System Help Query Report Output From 29.10.1997 Selection Option = = to 29.10.

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