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Maxim 1

1 sbAyt nt The instruction of 4 imi-rA niwt TAty ptH-Htp


The venerable mayor and vizier, PtahHotep

5 xr Hm n nizw-bit issi anx Dt r nHH


Under the majesty of the King of Uper and Lower Egypt, Isesi, living forever unto eternity

6b Dd.f Saith he: 7 iti nb.i Sovereign, my lord, 8 Tni xpr iAw HAw As infirmity arrives and old age descends,

9 wgg iww iHw Hr mAwy Frailty has arrived and weakness accumulates 10 sDr n.f Xdr ra nb


One drowses in discomfort every day.

11 irty nDsw anxwy imrw Eyes serve poorly and ears strain to hear. 12 pHty Hr Aq ni wrdw ib.i Vigor on the wane grants me no relief. 13 rA grw ni mdw n.f The mouth is quiet and he does not speak.


16 ib tmw sxA n.f sf The heart is void and recalls not yesterday. 23 n Tnw aHa Hmst Worn out, standing or sitting, 17 qs mn n.f Aww His bones ache their length from age. 18 bw-nfr xprw m bw bin What was good has become ill. 22 fnD DbAw ni ssn n.f The nose is blocked and won't smell for him.


5. [29] di. 30 ix aHa zA. 4 . serve as a "staff of old age".i Allow my son to stand in my place.i m st.2 20 irrt iAw n rmT What old age does to people 21 bin m xwt nbt Is negative in every regard.27=21 28 wD tw n bAk im irit mdw-iAwy Order that our apprentice. 31 zxrw imyw HAt And the designs of the originators: 32 pAyw sDmw n nTrw The matters heard among the gods.19 dpt nbt Smti Taste is altogether gone.i n.3 24=18.26=20. here.f mdw sDmyw And so may I speak to him the words of the auditors. 5.25=19.

k Until he is trained. 5. 5 .4 33 ix iritw n. 34 dr.f biA n msyw srw And so make of him a model for the children of the nobles. Maxim 2 36 Dd in Hm n nTr pn So said his divine majesty: 5. 39 ix iri.k sw r mdt Xr HAt Instruct him then concerning the words from the past. this may serve for you as well. [38] Dr Hmzt.5 37 sbA ir. 35 bAk Snw m rxyt That sufferings may be subdued for the people.[32a] pAyw bAkw n tpyw aw That were put into effect by the first chiefs.k mitt Indeed.k idbwy As you govern the two shores.

the young one will not come up short. vizier PtahHotep. 46 imi-rA niwt TAty ptH-Htp Overseer of the city. 5. [45a] sDm Hwt wryt sisw Magistrate in the house of the six great ones.40 aq sDm im.7 44 zA nizwt smsw n Xt.f King's eldest natural son.6 41 ddw.f mtyt-ib nb May attentiveness and all honesty enter into him. god's father and beloved of the god. [45b] rA shrr m tA r Dr.f nin msy sArw If you speak to him. 5. Maxim 3 42 HAty-a m Tzw n mdwt nfrwt Beginning of the collection of fine words 43 Ddt n iri-pat HAty-a iti-nTr mry nTr Spoken by the premier and sheikh. 6 .f Whose utterance is pacifying throughout his land.

f Said he then unto his son: 52 m aA ib. 5.k Hr rx. Maxim 4 51 Dd in.k Hr ntt tw m rxw Nor drive your mind behind this or that teacher.8 49 m Axt n sDm ty. 50 m wggt n nty r tht.9 54 nDnD r. 48 r tp-Hsb n mdwt nfrwt According to the rules of fine words. [53] m mH ib.k Hna xmw mi rxw Inquire of the unlearned as well as the learned.47 m sbA xmw r rx In teaching the ignorant to be wise.k Don't inflate your ego on account of your learning.fy As a benefit to whomever heeds. 5.f xr Yet an impoverishment to whomever disregards it. 7 .

f Should you encounter an adversary in his moment.f Drw Hmwt The pinnacle of an art is never attained: 56 nin Hmww apr Axw. 5. for you cannot dissuade him.55 ni in.k Bend your arms and bow.s m-a Hmwt Hr bnwt Yet it may be found among women at the grindstone.k One superior in skill to you. 8 .f nin r mni n.k XmsA.k DAisw m At.10 [57]=55 58 dgAw mdwt nfrwt r wAD Rarer is fine speech than malachite.k r.k Do not raise your heart against him. 59 iw gmm tw. 5.11 61 xrp-ib m iqr r.f And here is no craftsman whose skill is flawless. Maxim 5 60 ir gm. 62 xAm awy. 63 m TAi ib.

f When your poise has shouldered his exorbitance.12 64 s-anD.k Your equal.k DAisw m At. 71 iw. 5.k r.5.k xpr iqr.f m gr Establish your excellence over him with silence.k nty m rmnwt.f If you encounter an adversary in his moment. a man from your ranks.k aHaw.k dd bin You can overcome bad talk 65 m tm xsf sw m At.14 70 didi.f Hr mdt bint While he is complaining.13 67 rmn n dAir ib. 66 nis tw. Maxim 6 68 ir gm. 5. 69 mitw. 9 .f m xm-xt pw He will be dubbed an ignoramus.f By not resisting him in his moment.

2 77 imi sw r tA xsf.72 wr wfA in sDmyw In a big huff before the witnesses. 80=77 10 .k A poor man. 73 rn. 75 m Hwrw ni is mitw.k Do not wash your heart to an enemy.k DAisw m At.f n. 78 m wSd sw r isy ib.k Don't answer him to unburden your mind. 6.k r. 79 m ia-ib n nty xfty.f Draw him onto ground where he will confute himself.f Should you encounter an adversary in his moment. and not your equal.1 74 ir gm. Maxim 7 6.f Ds.f xft Xzz.k nfr m rx n srw Your name remains good in the estimation of he officials.f Do not pounce upon him on account of his wretchedness. 76 m Ad ib.

k nin iw im.f Until there exists in your comportment no fault. 85 Hr wD n zxr n aSAwt In charge of the guidance of the many. Maxim 8 6. 6.6.k sw m xsf n srw As you scourge him with the censure of the officials.4 84 ir wnn. 88 wr mAat wAH spdt Great is Maat and ever at the ready.k m sSmyw If you are to be among leaders. 82 tw r irit ntt m ib. 86 HHy n.k It will work out the way you want: 83 Hww. 11 .k zp nb mnx Search thyself for every flaw thoroughly.5 87 r wnt zxr.3 81 qsn pw HDDw Hwrw-ib Loathsome is one who oppresses the lowly.

tw aHaw From coarse motives does one seek excesses. 6. it is integrity that amounts to something. 6.i He who proclaims. "I gather for my needs.s Crime does not bring its venture to port.i Doesn't mean.f Dd.i r." 96 ni Dd n. 12 ." 97 wn pHwy mAat wAHt.i Hr Hnt.f sxt.6 91 swAt pw m-Hr-n awn-ib Neglect is tantamount to greed: 92 in nDywt iTi.s Dr rk wsir It has not been thwarted since the time of Osiris.7 94=92 95 iw. 93 ni pA DAyt mni zp.i Ds. 90 iw xsf.89 ni Xnn In the end. "I snare for myself.f n swA Hr hpw One who skirts laws is punished.

i siAt. 101 iw zi Dd.i 104 105=111 108=96. "This (property) is my father's.i Hr tp. "I have been snared by my own perception." 13 .f wsr.i pw And a man says.f Dd.109=101.110=102 He ultimately will say.k iri Hryt m rmT Don't put horror of your schemes into people. "I vintage on my own behalf.f sxt. "Such is might!" [106] nin Dd HAw. "Such is life!" 102 iw.i Does not mean. 6.i im The man who says.i r." Maxim 9 6.i n.f m tAw n tp-rA He will be short of provisions owing to this.8 99 im." 107 iw.9 103 iw zi Dd.f Sw.98 Ddw zi w iti.f anx im The man who says. 100 xsf nTr m-mitt As God chastises in like fashion.

117 kAy anx m-Xnw hryt So live abiding in serenity. 118 iwyw didit.10 113=103. 120 r st Tt wr r.f ky The man who says he will souse another.11 119 ir wnn.k m zi n Hmsyw Should you be seated with a man at a gathering.f ph.f He will end up given to self ignorance. 6.111 iw zi Dsw iry That Their provision may come of its own accord.114=112 115 ni pA Hryt n rmT xpr It is not the scheme of humans that will materialize: 116 wDwt nTr pw xprwt But the commands of God are what manifest. Maxim10 6. 112 iw.k In place at the table of one greater than you.f Hwt.f n xm n. 14 .f rdi tw.

k Inspect what is before you.f Do not speak until he has invited you: 127 ni rx n.f diw r fnD. 126 m mdw n.f Don't stare at what is before him.k xft wSd.121 Ssp didit. 123 gmH. 128=126. 129 mdw.1 124 m stiw sw m gmHw aSAw Do not dart him with many glances.f r iASt. 125 bwt kA pw wdt im.k r ntt m-bAH.f tw Speak according to his address to you. [122] m dgA r nty m-bAH.f It is an affront to the ka to burden him like that.k Accept what he puts in front of your nose. 7.129 15 .tw bint Hr ib One knows know what may seem evil to a mind.

137 iw.k r nfr Hr ib And what you say will please.k m-xt sbt.f wrt And it shall please him well. 138 sxr pw n grH xpr Thus proceeds the night's hap. 139 in kA dwn awy.f Laugh along when he laughs. 16 .f HA tAw For when a great man dines.f He will give to the one he favors.f It is for the ka to stretch forth his hands.f He behaves according to the mandate of his ka. [132] wnn nfrw Hr ib.134=127 135 ir wr wnn.f r rdit n Hssy. [131] sbt. 7.2 133=130. 136 sxr.130 iw Ddt.f xft wD kA.

4 149 aHA tw m s-Dw m mdwt Guard against causing trouble with words.s But throught ignorance does one contend with it.f ni pH n zi 141=139 A great one gives not to a contentious man.f Carry out the assignment as he says.3 142 iw wnm.140 wr di. 144 in xm anay.k m zi n aqyw If you happen to be a man of the public trust.f tw Be precise in the mission he sends you. Maxim 11 145 ir wnn. 17 . 147 mty Hr qd hAb. 148 iri n. 7.f Hr.f wpwt mi dd. 4. 146 hAbw wr n wr Sent by official to tAw Xr sxr nTr 143=138 The eating of bread is according to the design of God.

152 ni is ia n ib Yea.150 zkn. [153] m am-ib. 7. 18 . this is repulsive to the ka.157=149. Maxim 12 161 ir skA.156=152. 151 nDrw mAat m zny.ti wr n wr Embroiling the great with the Hold scrupulously to what is authentic.5 155=151. [154] sAA ti Hr zp n maht-ib And guard well against the error of negligence. a confidence should not be repeated 159 m mdyw rmT nbt Where it might become common talk.k rwD m sxt If you farm and there is bounty in the field.k Do not swallow your heart when speaking to him.158=150 160 wr ktt bwt kA pw Be one great or otherwise.k Hr Dd ti n.

166 wr irit Hrywt nt grw. 19 . 167 ir nb qd m nb xt When a master of character is a master of means.f Do not chide someone without children. 7.164=169 God grants it to be great by your hand. 170 m Hwrw m aba im Do not demean by boasting that way. 165 m-sA rA. Great becomes dread of the silent man.k r-gs hAw. 169 m twA n iwtw msw.162 rdi.k Watch your mouth around your nTr wr m a.k 163=170. 171 iw wn wr iti m Ahw There is many a father with trouble.f mi msH m qnbt He takes hold like a crocodile before the court of magistrates.6 168 iTit.

s A mother in childbirth more at peace than another. 7.f While the lord of a clan may pray that someone follow him.k Smsi zi iqr If you are of lowly station.k r.s Smsi. 174 iw nb wHyt nHi. 176 nfr sSm. 20 . Maxim 13 175 ir Xzi.172 mwt mst Htp Hr kt r.k nDsw xntw When you know a man to have been lowly at first.7 173 in waty zi s-xprw nTr For the lone one is brought forth by God. 7.8 178 im. 177 m rx n.k im. follow a man of excellence.f Do not pride yourself over him 179 Hr rxt n.k aA ib.k nb xr nTr And all your conduct may be good before God.f xntw Owing to your previous knowledge of him.

187 m iri HAw-Hr mddwt Do not take on in excess of what is assigned.f Ds Now.9 185 xsf.k tr n wnn.k Follow your heart during your lifetime.f Respect him according to what has taken place for him.f iw. 183 ir Ttf iw sAq n.180 snD This is how Their designs unfold.s For property does not come on its own: 182 hp. Maxim 14 186 Smsi ib.f Yet God ordains his excellence.f sDr And guards over him even while he sleeps. 21 .f xft xprwt n.f Hr. this bounty is his own spoil. 181 ni iwy n is xt Ds. 7. 184 in nTr iri pw n mrrwt.

k To inflate the furnishing of your house.196=172 198 iri. 7.11 194=191. Maxim 15 197 ir wnn. 7.10 190 m ngb zp Xrt hrw Don't divert the daily allotments.k m zi iqr If you would be a man of excellence.195=171. 193 nin km n xt iw zfA. 191 m HAw n grg pr. 22 .f It is an offense to the ka to violate its moment.188 m xbi tr n Smsi ib Do not squander the season of following the heart. 189 bwt kA pw HDt At.f Surplus profits not the one overburdened. 192 xpr xt Smsi ib In manifesting things.k zA n s-imAm nTr Beget thyself a son appeasing to God. use good judgment.

k And listens to your instructions.k iwd ib.k This is your son.f bw-nb nfr Do for him everything good: 204 zA. who springs from the seed of your ka.s Snty But ambition can make a rebel.k If he is careful about participating in your business.k Makes excellent his conduct in the affairs of your house. 205 im.f n sbAyt.f Do not separate your heart from him.k r st iry Arranging your possessions in their proper place. [200] sDm.k pw ns-sw sti kA.f pXr.f n qd. 203 iri n.12 206 iw mtwt iri. 23 . 202 nwi.k r.f m Xnw pr.199 ir mty.f xt. [201] s-iqr s-xrw. 7.

if he transgresses your orders.f is n.f Ddt nbt Rebels against all your mandates. [208] tm. [212] wAw m Hr. 24 . 211 Sm rA.207 ir nnm.f ni wnt m awy. [214] nin msi n tw. [209] Xzy sxrw.f m-Xnw pr.f m mdt Xzt Or His mouth wanders into spoiled speech.f irt sbAyt. 210 bTn n.f sxrw.fy His destiny is not in your hands.k Or he lacks heed for your instructions.k Is slack with the regulations of your household.k sw nin zA. for he is not really your son. [213] rwi.f thi.k is pw Quit him.k If he goes astray.k Nor even is he kindred to you.

k Stand and sit at your station.1 217 wDd sDb n.f pw m Xt His hubris was ordained in the Never aimless is Their guidance. 8. Maxim 16 220 ir wnn. 218 ni nnm n sSm.k m xbd n.2 219 ni gm n iww.f mi qd.f Govern him so that his speech represents your designs.k sw r To mistreat you is to offend Them. 8. 8.215 DAt As Their boatless find no passage.k hrw tpy Assigned to you on the first day.3 221 aHa Hms r nmtt.k m rwyt If you are in the audience hall. 25 . 216 wdi r. 222 wDd n.

223 m swA xpr Sna tw. 229 in nTr sxnt st By God is awarded a post: 8. Maxim 17 232 ir wnn.k hna rmt If you are to be among the people. or you will eventually be reined in. 26 . 8.5 226=224 227 iw rwyt r tp Hsb The audience hall follows rdiw kaH One does not secure advancement with the elbow. 225 wsx st nt iAS n. 8. 228 sxr nb xft xAyw Every step according to procedure.f Spacious is the seat when one has been called.k Don't presume.4 224 spd Hr n aq smi Keen is the countenance when one arrives announced.6 230=229 231 ni irr.

f The one without issues twisting in his belly.233 iri n. you are not involved in controversy. 8.k Your name is good.f There is regard for him in accordance with his eminence.k nfr nin mdwy.k mrw n kfA-ib Make for yourself confidants of the trustworthy. 8.k r hAw.f Dd m Xt.k Your limbs are looked after for you more than for your contsituents.f The master of means: What of his comportment? 240 rn.k And be honorable behind your good name. himself.f xft Sfyt.8 236=239 239 nb xt mi-m sxr.7 234 iw kfA-ib nfr Hr rn. 235 iwtw pXr. 8.f m Tzw Ds. 27 . 237 xpr.f He becomes a commander. [238] iw snD n.9 241 Haw.k DfAw Hr.

f ns-sw xfty Listening to ones appetites is but allegiance to the enemy.242 abwt. his body unkempt.f r.f He hands out resentment in place of his love.k And you are praised by those know you not. Maxim 18 249 smi sSm. n.k m xmt n.10 244 rdi. 28 .f Akw Haw. 245 ib.f m st mrwt.f XsAw His mind is unfocused.f He will become paranoid. 243 wnn ib sDm n Xt.11 247 iw wr ib rdiw nTr But greatness of heart is a pronoia of God: 248 iw sDm n Xt. 8.k nin am-ib Report on your responsibilities without swallowing your heart.f When ones heart hearkens to his belly.f knwt. [246] Xr iri ib.

12 250 rdi sxr. 29 .f Hr.f xft Dd.k Deliver your advice in the council of your master.f nnm As then the elder's agenda could miscarry: 8.k m sSmy If you would be a leader. 256 iw.i He will fall silent at.s Should someone incline to take him to task him over this. 251 ir Ttf r.f r xsf. 8." Maxim 19 257 ir wnn.k m sH n mi-A rx st He is not answered. "On whose authority?" 254 in wr r xt.f For one fully fluent in speaking 252 nin qsn r wpwty smit Will not experience difficulty reporting as a messenger.14 255 ir kA.f Hr iw Dd n. "Thus it was said to me.f gr.13 253 nin wSb.8.

f hrwyw iwy Hr-sA So as to be remembered in days to come.9.1 258 wsTn sXrw m wDyt.4 265 hr sDm. contention is r Hn And one is turned back from the objective. 9. [263] ann. 261 ni iwy mdt m qAb Hswt A litigation does not arise in the midst of praises: 9.k mdw sprw Be patient when you listen to the words of a petitioner. Maxim 20 264 ir wnn.k xt Tnw You should do outstanding things.2 260 sxA n.3 262 bss kApw xpr sfAt If the monster makes its way in.k With broad scope in your commission. 259 iri r. 9. 30 .k m sSmy If you are to be a leader.

6 272=276 273 ir iri gfnw iw tr r mi thi. 269 r irit iwyt n.s Even more than the accomplishment of what he came for. 274 iw Dd.f Hr. [271] r xprwt pAyt sDm Than the outcome of the hearing.f st Of what he had planned to say. If one makes rebuffs to petitioners.f Dd n.f One who has been wronged loves a soothing of his heart.5 267 m kAt n. [270] Hai sw im r sprw nb Any petitioner more rejoices from this. 268 mr Xr iw iat ib.266 m gfn sw r skt Xt. "Why pray tell did he trample thus?" 31 .f st It will be said.f Do not belittle him before he sweeps out his gut 9. 9.

f Within the house you may enter. 9. 280 r bw nb aq. Maxim 21 9.8 277 ir mri. Not everything for which one petitions can come about.k r.9 279 m nb m sn m xnms rA-pw Whether as master.7 275 nin sprt n.k swAH xnms Should you desire a lasting friendship. 281 aHA tw m tkn m Hmwt Guard against approaching the women. brother. 32 .s m xprty.9. 278 m-Xnw pr aq.f nbt Hr. or friend.10 282 ni nfr n bw irrw st im There is no benefit where this may happen.k im Or anywhere you may go. 276 s-naa ib pw sDm nfr But a good hearing smoothes out the heart.

11 284 iw And death comes from having known her. [288b] mdw pfA aA Such behavior is arrogance. A brief moment.f Man by the thousand is blocked from his blessing. 287 At kitt mitt rswt. like a dream. 9. [289] m isyw biAwt Do not debase your conduct. 290=284 33 .tw zi xA r Axt n.283 ni spd n Hr Hr pxA st There is no prudence in starting it.12 288 iw pH. 9. [285] mwt Hr m awt tn ti Hnwt As limbs hewn of horn-stone [286] aHa sxpr ti m Hrst Arise and become carnelian.

[291] nin st Ax m irit There is no advantage such conduct. 292 Tz pw Xz sti xfty It is a coarse custom to provoke enmity.

293 Hr irt.f ib Hr win.f Proceeding to do so, ones heart abandons him. [294] m bwt ms pw Avoid that tragedy, surely; [295] Swi.k m HAt ib n ra nb And be free of grief in every day. 296 ir whh m snk Hr.s Should one blunder in such selfishness, 297 ni mar n sxr nb m a.f No project could flourish in his hand. Maxim 22

298 ir mri.k nfr sSmw.k If you wish to excel in leadership,


299 m-a Dwt nbt And be preserved indeed from all evil. 300 Hr zp n awn-ib Guard against the mistake of greed.

301 xAyt pw mrt nt biTitw It is a grievous affliction of the forsaken. 302 ni xpr.n aq im.s Nothing welcome can arise from it. 303 iw.s Hr s-ibt itiw mwwt It is an estrangement of fathers and mothers,

304 hna snw Hr mwt Brothers from the mother therewith, [305] iw.f s-dH r.f xnms bnr It can bring down for one an agreeable friendship. [306] iw.f swAt.f aq r nb It can wipe out access to ones lord. 307=303


308 iw nS.s Hmt TAy It comes between wife and husband,

309 TAwt pw bint nbt It is a burden of every malady, 310 arf pw n xbdwt nbwt A bundle of every disgraceful thing. 312 wAH zi aqA.f mAat The man prospers whose measure is Maat, 313 Sm r nmtt.f And he escapes from entrapments.


314 iw.f iri.f imt-pr im He may draw up a testament by it; 315 nin wn iz n awn-ib While the rapacious man has no sepulchre. Maxim 23 316 m awn-ib.k Hr pzSt Do not be stingy over an apportion,


318 m awn-ib. 321 Sw m int n mdt Void of conciliatory manner: 10.k And. 324=321 37 .8 322 in nhyw n awnt Hr. don't be greedy with your neighbors.7 319 wr twA n sfA r nxt For greater is the claim of mercy than of might.k Nor covet what is clearly not your lot.k pr.k grg.6 317 m Hnt ni is r Xrwt.s When a fraction of what is sought 323 s-xpr Snty m qbb Xt Could transform the contentious into the contented.k If you would pursue excellence and establish your own house.10.k r hAw. 320 and pw prr Xr hAw. Maxim 24 325 ir iqr. 10.f Wretched is one who wrails against his kith.

k Hmt.k Humor her heart during your lifetime.s mrht The remedy for her limbs is unguent.s Hbs sA.11 332 s-Hry si r sxm ArwD is But do direct her past arduous responsibility. 333 Da.9 326 mri.s pw irt.k m-Xnw Hsb Love your wife in good faith.s She is a field of blessing for her lord.s A squall is in her eye when she looks about.s tr n wnnwt.10 329 s-Awi ib. 330 AHt pw Axt n nb.s mAA. 10. 328 pXrt pw nt Haw. 327 mH Xt. 10.10. 38 . clothe her back. 331 imi.s Fill her stomach.k wDa si ryt Don't be judgmental of her issues.

s mr By her charms she commissions a canal.k m xprwt n.k Satisfy your intimates with what comes to you. Maxim 25 339 s-Htp aqw. 340 xpr n Hzzw nTr It accrues to one favored of God.f If one neglects to provide for his kindred.s n awy.2 341 ir whh m s-Htp aqw.s iri n. 11.k si mw pw To over regulate her would be pointless.k But her attitude will smooth as your affairs take shape.s pw m pr. 10.k This will keep her in your house: 336 Snay.s m xprwt n. 337 kAt di tw.12 335 s-wAH. 39 .[334] s-naa ib.s The vulva bestows her means: 338 Snnty.

Maxim 26 aqw wn Aq One seeks intimates in time of trouble.3 344 kA pw kA n mty Htpw im. 40 .f 345=343 The ka of the scrupulous is the ka that brings one peace.f dwA One knows not how things will turn out as he takes thought for the morrow: Htpt r dmi One does not beckon propitiation from a strange place. 11. 346 ir xpr zpw nw Hswt When there arises cause for celebration. 349 iw in.wy It is kindred who say. 343 ni rx n. "Come on over!" 348 ni xprwt siA.5 350 imi.k wHm mski n mdt You shouldn't engage in malicious gossip.4 347 in aqw Dd iy.342 iw kA pw aAbw He will be called selfish.

not simply heard. 41 . 352 prw pw nt tA-Xt It is the method of the belly acher.s When it is ordered that a sanction be carried out.k sw Nor should you listen to it.k rx iqr Take note of good sense when it is before you.s msDt mi hp Its plaintiff may get drawn up by like statutes.k xft Hr. [358] iw mski mi zp n rswt Scandal is like a bad dream.6 353 wHm mdt mAA ni sDm n Report what you have seen. 356 iw wD. 11.8 357 s-xprw r iTit. 11.351 ni sDm. 11.7 355 TAwt irit. 354 st r tA m Dd r-sst What falls to the ground should not be stirred up.

42 . 11. 360 Hr. 11. Maxim 27 11.f Sitting in the council of his lord.9 361 362 ir wnn.k m zi iqr Should you become a man of excellence. 366 mdy. 363 Hmsi m sH n nb.359 mi.s One covers his face.k rx n.k sswn rswt pw As if to chase away a nightmare like this.k Ax st r tftf Reticence brings more benefit than controversy.k Speak up when you understand your own contribution.10 365 gr. 364 sAq ib nb r bw iqr Focus your will entirely upon excellence.11 367 in Hmww mdww m sH It is those who are skilled who should speak in the council.k wHa.

373 iw Stm ak.1 374 m qA ib.k tm.k snD. one brings it under effective control. tread carefully 43 . 369 in wHa sy didi sy r-xt Through sorting a matter out. 375 m gr zAw xnd.k Furthermore. for it culminates in disappointment. 371 m rx m hrt Dd By knowldege or by gentle speech.k didi. Maxim 28 11. 12.f dHi Do not be invasive.368 qsn mdt r kAt nbt Speaking is the trickiest of any responsibility.f n iwyt The overbearing man welcomes cause for regret.k If you are successful in commanding respect for yourself. 11.13 372 m wD tp ni is r sSmw Don't boss people around except by the regulations.12 370 ir wsr.

f If he dwell on cares all day long 381 ni-n iri n. 378 iw nswt nt tA-ib sXr.k mdt m n nsrw When you answer the speech of a fiery man. 377 sHri Hr. 44 .f If one is gay all day long.f For the one gracious in treading. control yourself. 383 ni-n grg n.12.f That the the missle of the bully may miss. smooth will be his course.f At nfrt One never enjoys a good moment. 382 wnf-ib n hrw r Aw.f pr He will never establish a house.2 376 wSb. 12.k Hn tw Avert your face. 379 an xndw qd miTn.4 380 mnS n hrw r Aw.

f r Snt sw It will turn out that he thwarts the one who threatens him. 391 xpr s-Dbi.f r Hn A And the heart will hear its cry of regret.7 389 m sHDnw ib n nty Atpw Don't vex the heart of him who is burdened. 392 sfx kA m mrr sw As his ka supports the one who would love him.384 stiw mHi An arrow launched 385 mi iri Hmw zp r tA Is like an oar dropped overboard: 386 ky nDrw Another collects it. [390] 45 .n ib. 12. Maxim 29 388 m xsf tw m At wr Do not impede the focus of a great man. 12.6 387 iw sDm.

f What he wills shall be accomplished by him.12.9 [396] 397b iw s-Dbi xr xfty As there arise setbacks for the accuser. 12.f Instruct a great one in what is useful for him. 398 kAw pw srwd mrwt For. Maxim 30 399 sbA wr r Axt n. 397 iw Htp xr kA. 394 mrrt.f There is peace for his ka 12.k Hr m-xt nSny If he bestows his favor to you again after a tempest.f m Hry rmT Foster confidence in his policies among the people. 395 s-qdi r. sowing love yields sustenance.f irtt n. 46 .10 400 s-xpr Ssp-a.8 393 didi kAw pw Hna nTr This generosity of living spirits is connected with the Divine.

11 404 wnn DfAw n. 47 .401 rdi. 407 iw sA.s anx.k xr sAA. 12. 406 iw Xt nt mrwt r Htpw The livelihood of loved ones will be nurtured.f Hr nb. 12.k His patronage will be over you and the life of your house.f 405 Yea.k r Hbs Xr.f Help his contribution to show its worth to his master.f Xr. [403] nfr.k mrr.s Your back will be clothed by it.12 408 wn Ssp-a. 409 xr saH. [402] iw Ssp r wDwt zf Customary authority is milder than mandates...k xr kA.k r anx n pr.k For your patron.. there may be rewards for you before his ka.. the one you love. And one lives well under its grace.

2 417 Sdi mAdw nw wDat Read aloud the words as they appear in the official record. 416 wpwty n hrt aSAt A messenger for engaging the public. 411 iri.k sA zi n qnbt If you act as the son of a man in the court of magistrates. it is the ka who loves to listen. 414 mi. 12. 13. moreover.f qaH nfr im.s He enlivens by it.1 415 ir iri. Maxim 31 13. assures your reciprocity 413 m Xt nt mrrwt tw In the bodies of those loved by you. you should not be silent.k gr 410b=411a When he makes a benevolent gesture.k kA pw mrr sDm You see.k pw This. 48 .410 anx sw Xr.13 412 wAH grt mrwt.

49 .6 425 Dr gr.f zxr.f n.4 421 wDb zp.k r wDaty A slip up may turn into an unfavorable decision. 13. 12.418 mdy. 424 swA Hr.f Value a man for his straightforwardness.5 423 gsA. Maxim 32 422 ir sfn.k hrw tpy 426=497. some day.3 419 sAw Dd. do not bring it up.k n zi Hr aqA.f m sxA sw Pass him by.f One should be careful when he relates his counsel. 420 srw rdi.f mdt Hr gs iry Should one give his address to the magistrates leaning to one side. 13. 427=498 For he might hold his peace for you.k Hr zp xprw Should you incline to lenience on the back of a mishap. 13.k m rdi Hr gs Speak without taking either side.

k Hr aHaw.8 430 432 m zSAw xprt n.k xntw With an appreciation of what happened to you before.k m-xt nDsw. 13.Maxim 33 428 ir aAi. 13.k Do not place your trust in what you have stored up: 434 xprw n.f mitt iry For he has arisen in like manner.7 429 iri.k m rdiw nTr They are arisen to you by the generosity of God.k That you need not bow to another who is but your peer.k If you are a magnate having earlier been of lowly estate.k xt m-xt gAwt tp-im Carry on with things as in your previous austerity 431 m niwt rxti n. 433 m kfA ib. 437 50 .9 435 nin tw HA ky mitw. 436 xprw n. 13.k In a town where you are recognized.

k m st iry 445=448 And you will be equipped according to your position.[438] zAw Sm nma. 446 qsn pw itnw m Hry-tp Wretched is one who is contentious with a chieftan.f Your house will be established in its affairs. 13.k n Hry-tp.k r gs iry For it is formed at your first exchange. 443 wnn pr. Maxim 34 441 Xms sA.10 442 imi-r.k mn Hr xt.k n pr nswt Your superintendent at court. 13.k im Take care in passing that you are mindful of him.k Bow in respect of your superior. [439] m zf rn. [440] tp mdw. 51 .11 444 DbAw.k xr srw Don't sabotage your reputation with the nobles.

451 m dAir xt tkn im.f You thrive while his good will endures.12 447 anx. 14. [452] nin st Ax n iri r. 454 imi pw n ib bqbqw The indolent one has no honor 14.k Let no one write you off before you have been heard out.k Nor ravage things close to Never does this yield benefit. 52 .f r Sny If he is reputed for his storminess.f st tr n sft. 448 ni xAb.13.f Nor will bending the shoulder denude it.n qaH n kfyt.1 449 450 m TAwyw pr sAHw Do not appropriate a house of dependants.f siw r. 14.3 455 ir rx.k r sDmt.2 453 imi.

5 458 rx n. Maxim 35 457 imi. 459 nin qbb n ntt m Xt.k qd n xnms If you would investigate the disposition of a friend.f While he does gratify himself. he impoverishes his heart. 464 461=459? 53 .4 456 qsn pw n itnw m st tknt There is vexation for the disagreeable man in his own back yard.14. 462 qbb.f You understand the convoluted courses about his heart. 14.f What's in his gut never cools down.f m-xt HD.f swxAw r irt xsfwt He has no shame about doing what is shameful.f ib.6 460 imi. Maxim 36 463 ir Dar.k xsfwt r mw Hr HAty.k niki Hmt Xrd Do not diddle a lady boy: 14.

m Snn r. after a while.f That you may ride out misunderstanding his concerns. 471 ir pri mAt n. 14. but approach him about it. 474 54 . one on one.k xnms sw rA pw Or detect if he is of a friendly disposition toward you.9 468-469 470 wSm ib.8 466 r tmt.f If he will be forthcoming with his point of view. 472 iri.k mn xrwt. 467 DAis hna.k tkn im. 473< > 14.f m zp n mdt Test his heart in the difference of opinion.10 mi.k Hr. 14.f zp Spt.f m-a.f m-xt aHaw Confront him with it and.f waw Take the matter up with him. 465 iri zp hna.f Don't probe about for yourself.f If he addresses the issues you hold with him.

k Let your face beam in the lifetime that is yours.f m hbw sw Do not negate him with derision. 14. 475 sAqw m wbA n. Maxim 37 481 HD m SA sw One cannot default on what is due of him. 14.11 476 m wSb m zp n zhA And do not respond in a tone of hostility. 55 .tw m-awAy And be wary of entrapment. 477 m wiAn.m iTi.f mdt Be refined in your speech that it does not drill him.12 479 ni pA Hr Don't become stingy about it.k tr n wnn.f tm iw His time will not fail to arrive: 480 ni whi n. [478] r.

Maxim 38 15. on leaving this storehouse.13 482 ir pri m miXr ni aq.14. 484 srxy pw Sw m Xt.n For.f At the parceling of provisions one discovers the greedy. 483 in tAw n pzSwt Hnty Hr.3 489 rx Swt.k Don't give someone cause to deplore you.f The bitter man is the one with an empty stomach. 15. 487 sxAw pw n zi iAmwt The legacy of a man is in his gracious deeds 488 n rnpwt imt-xt wAs In the years that follow his career. 485 xpr itnw m sAhhw Disaffection arises from deprivation. we do not return.k wnn xt. 56 .2 486 m iri sw r tkn im.k Know your audience and your affairs will move forward.

6 497 ir zp ni is Hr iyt For when a problem goes uncorrected.k r xnmsw. 494 iw qdw nfr r sxAw As good character will make one remembered.f wr sw r Spssw. 15.f A forbearant humor is an asset for a man's son. 493 Ax biAyt nt sA zi n.f They are the prime estate one conserves above his riches. 496 iw nDrt xww r mnt biA The redress of wrongdoing demonstrates acumen. 57 .f pw mHi.490 m Xzi biAyt. 492 iw xt ky n ky They are the business of one to another.k Don't test the forbearant humor of your friends: 491 wDb. Maxim 39 495 xsf Hr tp sbA Hr qdw Regulate with authority but instruct by virtue.

but let her enjoy herself.7 500 wnft-ib rxt n niwtyw.s aqAA As a light heart makes for navigable waters.k Hmt m Spnt If you marry a party girl.8 504. 503 m nS si imi r. Maxim 41 507 58 .s One known as fun-loving to her townfolk. Maxim 40 499 ir iri. 501 iw.k wnm.s m hpwy If she is rather unregulated.s Do not deny her. 502 an n.s nw And indulges for a while. 15.505 506 iw wnft-ib s-ip.498 rdi xpr anay pw m iTnw It allows a complaint to become a dispute. 15.

i n.9 509 ir zp n mAat iry Spss. 510 rwi sxA. they will be blessed. 508 wnn sxr.k If you heed these things which I have said to you. they must find merit in the mouths of Owing to the appropriateness of their arrangement. 15. mdt nbt When every opinion is brought pw If ventures are trustworthy.k nb r HAt Your every design will move forward. 511 m-a nfr n Tzw.s Ssrt r nfr When something is discussed in good faith 516 59 .k nn Dd m rA n rmT To flourish.10 513=511 514 ni ski n m tA pn Dt It does not ever disappear from off this earth. 512 in n. 515 irit.

s The appraisal of the officials will accord with it.f st xpr m Hmww sDmw He listens to it and becomes an alert man of skill. 519 nfr Dd n imyw xtw ntf sDm.12 520-1 ir xpr zp nfr m-a wnn m Hry-tp If there issue good deeds from him who becomes a supervisor.f mnx n nHH He will be an eternal example.13 525 60 . 518 sDm. 524 in rx sm bA. 15.f nb r Dt His wisdom will be forever. 523 iw sAA. 15.f m smnt When the learned one nurtures his soul with what is lasting.mdw srw r. 522 wnn.f st It is good for one to speak to descendants who will pay attention: 15.11 517 sbA zi pw r Dd n imyw xtw To instruct a man is thus to speak to posterity.

nfr. 16.f nfr As is the nobleman for his good times. Maxim 42 533=531? 61 .fy iw.f tp tA It shall be good to him on the earth.f im.2 531 anxwy. 528 m-a n ib.f The prudent man is recognized for his understanding. 16. 527 in sr Hr zp.f Hr Dd Reliable are his lips whenever he speaks.f His ears are intent on hearing what is useful for his son: 532 iri r mAat Sw m grg Because to do what is right is to stay free of fraud. 530 irty.1 529 aqAy spty. 526 sAi.fy Hr mAA And his eyes when seeing.f nst.f twt Hr sDm Axt n rx Hr rxt n.f His heart according with his tongue.

541 nfr sDm r ntt nbt Better it is to listen than anything. 62 . 16. 538< Sspw sDmw nb Axt He who cultivates attention is ever effective.4 536 xpr sDmw m sDmi One who listens becomes one who is heard.3 534 Ax sDm n zA sDmw Beneficial is listening for the son who hears.5 < > > 539 540 < > Ax mrr sDm n sDmw Loving to listen well serves the listener. 16. 535 aq sDm m sDmw Attention enters into one who listens.16. as 542 xpr mrwt nfrt From what is loved comes what is beautiful. 537 nfr sDm nfr wDa mdt Good listening leads to good discernment.

it is an affront to God.7 545 mrrw nTr pw sDm He who listens will be loved by God: 546 ni sDm. 552 anx wDA snb n zi ib.549 553 in sDmw sDm Dd It is the listener who hears what is said: 63 . 16.n msDDw nTr When we do not listen.9 547=546?.f A man's heart to him are life.543 nfr wy Ssp zA Dd iti.s He attains maturity owing to it.f iAwt Xr. 550 in ib s-xpr nb.548=552. and drive. 16. 551 m sDm m tm sDm Do not hear from him who will not listen.f Now. the heart creates its keeper. wholeness.f How good it is when a son grasps what his father says: 544 xpr n.

16. there is confidence in his gut. 16. will do what is said.f m nb sDm 559 The son is magnificent who hearkens to his These in the world are the ones who make progress.f m rA n anxw Is remembered in the speech of the living.f st mnx.13 563 ntyw tp tA wnnty.f One who is reverent in the presence of his father 562 iw sxA.10 556 nfr wy sDm zA n iti. 16.12 561 imAxy xr iti. 560 sDmw Ddw n.f nn How happy is he in speaking to such a one.11 558 zA an.554 mrr sDm pw iri r Ddwt 555 And loving to listen. 16.f m Xt Listening to what is said. Maxim 43 64 .f How good it is when a son hearkens to his father! 557 rS wy Dddy n.

17. 566 sbA. 65 .f Guiding his mouth according to what he has been told.2 569 mAw m sDmw Recognized as one who heeds.k sDmw Teach your son to be a listener.k m zA. 570 zA iqr. 568 sSm rA.3 571 572 nnm bsiw n tm sDm But apprenticeship goes awry if one fails to heed.14 565 nin nnm n zxr.f nb None of his designs will miscarry.f nmtt.f r Dddt n.564 ir Ssp zA zi Dd iti. his steps are distinguished. 17.1 567 iqr ti. 16.f If a man's son receives what his father says. 17.f Tnw The son who excels.fy Hr ib n srw Who will be thus excellent in the mind of he officials.

66 .f ra nb And and there will daily be complaints against him.f xbdwt nbwt He is wont to make all kinds of mistakes.f The learned man rises early to organize himself.573 dwA rx r smnt.4 574 iw wxA mDd.f Now. 17. 576 nin iri n. 577 mAA. Maxim 44 575 ir wxA iwtw sDm.f While the unskillful one may become hard pressed.6 578 Axwt m mniwt And things that serve well as onerous.f rx m xm He will views wisdom as ignorance.7 580 r Tsswt im. 17. 17.f xt nbt He will never accomplish anything. as for the slow-wit who doesn't pay attention. 579 iri r.

s He lives by that from which one dies. 589 nfr n.f m mwtt Xr.f His faults are passed over. every day. 582 aqw. 17.f ra nb On account of the sheer abundance of his errors.f m-xt sdm.f He does well because he listens throughout.f pw xbn Dd His sustenance is twisted talk.9 586 Hr zpw.581 anx. 17.10 588 zA sDmw m Smsw Hr A son who heeds is a follower of Horus. 587 m-a aSA n iwywt Hr. Maxim 45 17.f im m rx n srw The officials are aware of his mettle in this 585 Hr mwt anx ra nb Owing to his perpetual sluggishness.8 583=573? 584 biAt. 67 .

18. 591 s-Dd. do not pass down your prejudice. they can tell their children.2 597 s-rwD mAat anx msyw. 17.f In renewing the teaching of his father.k Show noblesse. 593 zi nb sbA mi iri.17.f He will deliver likewise to his children. 68 .1 596 iri biA m rddiw aDt.13 594 s-Dd.f imAx In maturity he attains revered n Xrdw. 18.f Every man instructs by his example.11 590 < > < > And so.f pH.f m-mitt n Xrdw.2 592 m s-mAwy sbAw iti. 595 ix Dd n. 17.k Trustworthiness secures the life of your children.f xr mstyw In speaking to his offspring.

4 601 mitt is pfA pw "This one is just like that one!" 602 Dd n sDmty.7 607 nin km n Spssw m-xmt.6 605-6 s-grH aSAt And the multitude is pacified.3 598-9 ir tpi iy Xr isft But. 69 . 18.5 603 mitt is pfA pw gr "He is just like that one!" as well. 600 ix Dd rmT People declare what they observe: 18. 604-5 mAA bw-nb sn Everyone sees To say to those who will There is no lasting benefit in wealth without them. 18. for the principal who arrives with wrongdoing.18. 18.

11 615 mdwy.k "Pay heed.k mr.s m Xnw n Xt.k smnt. 18. [610] iw st. if you wish to advance yourself 614 m rA n sDmyw In the repute of the assessors." 70 . nor add it.k Its place is within your belly.10 613 sDm r.9 612 sAw tw r Dd rx-xt Or be admonished when one worldly-wise says: 16.608 m iTi mdt m in.k Resist violation of the safeguards on you.8 609 m rdi kiti m st kiti Do not put one in place of another. 18.s Do not remove a word. 611 aHA tw m wn iniw im.k m zp ni Hmww You should speak when are familiar with the ways proper to the craftsman.k aq n. 18.

1 622 r dd n st So that those who hear it will say.f zA pfA pw Do as he tells you. 18. 621 iri r Dd n.14 620 mtr Hr qd xr nb. 19. 623 Hsi grt msy n.k nb r st.f sw "A refreshment indeed to him who engendered him.k r zp n qn If you speak with elegant timing.12 617 wnn sxr. Maxim 46 618 hrp ib." 71 .k mi-m srw Then surely your designs will be in accord with the nobles'.k Submerge your heart and regulate your mouth.k Be upright in character before your lord. 18. 18.k Hn rA.616 mdw. as would his son.13 619 ix sxr.f Then every plan of yours will fall into its place.

k Act so that your master will have said to you: 19.f "How well he has been taught by his father! 630 pri n.f im.f iw.k xt Tnw And so say things of distinction.k Be patient of heart at the time that you speak. 631 Dd n.3 626 ix Dd srw sDmty. 627 nfr wy prw n rA.19.k tr n mdwy. 625 Dd.f m Xt r-Aw Of whom it was said of him while yet within the womb.f When he came forth from his members. 19.f That the nobles who hear may say.4 629 nfr wy sbA n iti.2 624 wAH ib.k r.f "How good is what comes from his mouth!" Maxim 47 628 iri r Ddt nb.f xnt Haw. 72 .

6 636 iri n ib. a good son.k wDA As you being of sound body succeed me.k rnpwt m anx You should be accomplished in years of life.k zA nfr n didi nTr You see. 19.f mAat He does what is right.5 632 wr irit n. by the grace of God.f And his heart will follow proper steps. 73 .f r Dddwt n.f r nmtt.f Surpasses what he has been asked to do before his lord. 19.f 'His deeds will exceed what he has been commissioned!'" 633 mi.19. 637 mi pH. 638 nizwt Htpw m xprwt nbwt The king at peace with every emergence.7 639 iTi. 635 iri.f xr nb. 634 rdi HAw Hr Ddwt n.k wi Aw.

641 iTi n. 647 74 .i nizwt By the grace of the Pharaoh.f r pHwy.i tp tA Not meagre is what I have accomplished on earth.f pw HAt.8 642 n didi n. 643 Hswt xnt tpiw awyw Favored before the great chiefs. 19. 646 mi gmyt m zXA As it was found in writing.640 nin Srr irit n.9 645 iwi.i rnpwt Snt-mD m anx I have betaken 110 years of life. Colophon: 19.fy This has arrived from beginning to end. 644 m-a irit mAat n nizwt r st imAx Having done right by the King unto the Place of Reverence.