[The following survey contains questions about the ethical practices associated with the RMG Company.

The findings gathered from this survey will be incorporated into a group project. I’d appreciate your honest answers to the questions. Thank you for your time.] Ethical strategy policy for a RMG company Male Age: ____________ Target People: Stakeholders Please tick on your choice of answers to the following questions: Occupation: ___________________________ Female

Q1. For how long you are working in this company? a) Less than a year b) 1-5yr c) 5-10yr d) More than 10yr Q2. How many hours do you have to spend during office hour? a) 1-5hr b) 5-8hr c) 8-12hr d) more than 12hr Q3. Do you think excessive working hours have negative impact on RMG workers mental and physical health? a) Yes, I do b) Maybe c) No, I don't d) Not sure Q4. Does your company provide you good working condition? a) Yes, and I am happy b) No, but salary is good c) I love working here d) I hate this place Q5 Are you happy about your work? a) Yes, a lot b) No, not at all c) Happy but stressful d) Hate it but salary is good


Does your company have a performance appraisal system? a) Yes. but I am fine b) No c) Yes.Q6. Is there are any form of incident that you think have abused you mentally or physically? a) Yes. Does your company uses any kind of environmental friendly technologies? a) Yes b) No c) Maybe d) Strongly disagree Q10. but no one will hear me out d) I don't want to talk about it Q8. we don't c) Yes. it's more than enough b) No. Do you think your company is operating with output transparency? a) Agree b) Neutral c) Disagree d) Strongly Disagree Q9. but I am not sure d) No idea  THANK YOU VERY MUCH  2|Page . we do b) No. it's not enough c) Strongly agree d) Strongly disagree Q7. Do you think minimum wage for RMG workers is still enough to maintain a family in city? a) Yes.

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