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Tchibo from Germany famous, Tchibo is Germany's largest manufacturers of coffee processing factory and business, it is headquartered in Hamburg in 2003, it's coffee market in Germany share accounted for a third. Tchibo was founded in Germany, two years ago, sales reached $ 4.6 billion. This was originally a coffee business of operating companies in recent years in Hamburg, Germany ling shou industry quickly emerged as Germany's largest consignment company, the world's fifth-largest coffee seller. Now, with the further development of the world economy, Tchibo's business network has spread to the world, Davidoff coffee as the company's flagship brand, Tchibo has perceived the whole world, in Asia, the situation of the development of coffee Davidoff is good. Davidoff 2002, the first public appearance, at present in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia (China, Korea, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia the Philippines) can see Davidoff coffee presence. In South Korea, sales and catering industry, the market share of Davidoff coffee steadily; in China Taiwan, has been well-known coffee Davidoff is obvious; in China, despite Davidoff coffee to the time is not long, but in Chinese food service industry experts --- Man Delin fine efforts of food companies encouraging prospects, Davidoff coffee will also be accepted by more and more people. Introduction Tchibo is a German chain of coffee shops and cafés, also known for its weeklychanging range of other products. In Germany, Tchibo's slogan is "Every week a new world". The company is based in Hamburg, Tchibo's coffee is sold in supermarkets in the United States, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Russia and Poland. On the Isle of Man in the UK, Shoprite sells its coffee as well as clothing, household items, electronics and electrical appliances.The Tchibo holding company, which in 2007 changed its name from Tchibo Holding AG to maxingvest ag, is owned by the Herz family, one of the wealthiest families in Germany. Tchibo was founded in 1949 in Hamburg by Carl Tchilling-Hiryan and Max Herz and still maintains its headquarters in the north of the city. The name Tchibo is an abbreviation for Tchilling and Bohnen (beans, i.e. coffee beans). During its formative years, Tchibo concentrated on a mail order service of freshly roasted coffee beans, processed in the company's own roasting facility in the Hamburg district of Hoheluft. In 2006, the rights for the brand Davidoff café remained with Tchibo. The company’s reorientation program was presented to Tchibo employees at a staff meeting on 7 December 2007. The new motto "Stärken stärken 2010" ("Strengthen our strengths in 2010") is intended to convey that all changes associated with the programme are to be concluded by 2010, by when the company hopes to have returned to its traditional strengths and growth.In the UK, following a consultation period, Tchibo GB decided to close half of its existing retail stores and re-structure the

all of the Tchibo GB stores were closed by the end of October 2009. At the same time.On 26 November 2008. showed a steady. Also the UK online webstore closed 1st September 2010. a Tchibo spokesman announced that the concessions in Somerfield and Sainsbury's would close in 2009 and blamed difficult macroeconomic conditions in Britain. the trend of ready-to-use now to make coffee becoming growing strongly. Coffee Organization by exciting the demand of coffee in emerging market. Situation analysis Political Forces In the past. 75 percent of German consumers are ready to eat roasted grains and coffee.a business concept revolutionised the coffee market. It has since been confirmed that Tchibo GB would leave the UK market 'as soon as possible'.head office and field teams. from 2007. coffee in its own coffee bars and the weekly changing variety of consumer goods and services.The company was founded in 1949 and has its roots in the idea of merchants Max Herz and Carl-Tchiling-Hiryan to send roast coffee by mail . keeping prices relatively stable. At present. The UK board was streamlined from 11 directors to four. strong recovery. Tchibo stands for a unique business model combining the highest expertise in roasted coffee. For more than 60 years a synonym for coffee passion and pleasure. 14 February 2008 issue. Tchibo's lack of success in the British market was summarized in the Retail Week. in which Tchibo was described as "a glorified pound shop".000 employees and posted in 2010 sales of € 3. German political and social situation is generally stable. Economic Forces German economy out of stagnation of weakness for many years. Sociocultural Forces In 1972 the company supplied its customers in the out-of home market for the first .4 billion. let the consumer demand for coffee products over the control of the market. In addition. Those economic phenomena clearly reflect the higher requirements of the coffee and coffee related products. Per capita coffee consumption remains at 150 liters per year.Tchibo has started distribution of its brand Davidoff café to the US. International Coffee Organization implemented a set of past quota system. help eliminate poverty. enhance long-term competitiveness of coffee growers. Tchibo is one of Germany's largest international active consumer goods and retail companies that employs approximately 11. reducing insect damage in losses and improve marketing and quality level id order to achieve price equilibrium.

as a Germany coffee company." officially take effecton October 1. Davidoff's coffee. both the respective national legislations and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are considered. This is implemented through a multilevel company's internal quality management system that is based on the elements of DIN / ISO 900ff and guarantees the central quality assurance. 1963. Quality assurance measures from receiving to the process control to storage and transport are defined and documented. is the world's first vacuum packs made into instant coffee was developed in Europe and the Soviet Union and other countries was well received. were usually roasted before a maximum of two months. Here. The comprehensive package of services for our customers is under the motto "We make our customers more successful!". The general asked food hygiene standard is of course guaranteed by our products. Responsible produced coffee quality . Tchibo Coffee Service is one of the leading coffee-food service provider in Europe and underlines its quality leadership as partner of business customers and bulk consumers in the hospitality and hotel industry as well as in the workplace and community board with a holistic brand concepts. Today. Tchibo has a keen awareness of quality for its products and services. In our production facilities is ensured that all goods are produced only under the strict quality standards and product specifications. which for us the latest version always shall prevail. Tchibo. All Tchibo Coffee Service products are delivered in accordance with food regulations. the Joint Forum of Industry and Trade coffee has been established.time with coffee. 1994. but also individual complete solutions that are designed for different application fields and be tailored to the needs of each client. Competitor Analysis KreisKaffee. We offer not only high quality coffee specialities and filter coffees. born in Germany in 1963. so that coffee-producing countries and consuming countries to participate in the joint organization of industrial coffee issues of common concern.for a sustainable future。 Legal Forces The new "International Coffee Convention. General laws of this is the Food and Commodities Act (LMBG) together with its special regulations: •Food labeling regulation •Packaging regulation •Hygiene Regulation LMHV (Food Hygiene Regulation)Freshly roasted at Tchibo Coffee Service is important! The products that we deliver to our customers. Technological Forces As a brand. A new organization. the world's first vacuum packs of coffee into instant coffee .

hot chocolate and trendy products. The unground coffee beans are stored in hand painted porcelain vessels from Nymphenburg. Most of the coffee comes from Ethiopia. and the main store in Munich purchased electric coffee roasting equipment. the exclusive Davidoff Café. Tchibo. Furthermore there is a close distributor network outside Europe. A series of cappuccino. even after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. we assume responsibility for the future of the coffee world. Czech Republic. In 1930. In order to do justice to this role in every aspect. we offer our customers a wide assortment of tea. Dallmayr started to sell coffee. Common market.method is. Dallmayr ranks fifth on the German market after Kraft (Brand: Jacobs Krönung). but also on environmental protection and reasonable living conditions of coffee farmers and their families. •Experts decided to have 55 years of experience in the quality of coffee tasting . The brand is well known in Germany and is advertised on TV.Dallmayr Munich. is refined by a special procedure which removes the many irritants and bitter ingredients. With different brand concepts. Melitta and Aldi. The main brand name Dallmayr Prodomo was created about 1960 and. The quantities are still measured on historic balances. Germany's leading coffee brands. sour and mellow flavor. shiang mellow. Tchibo is one of the largest coffee supplier in the world. the carry bag packaging. Russia. Germany between Dale Meyer has coffee shops. Eastern European countries are very popular. SWOT Analysis Strengths •High quality materials requirements. the authentic Italian Piacetto Espresso or the Fairtrade coffee Vista . in the local German popular for granted. Poland and United Kingdom. Customer/ client Analysis In recent years we have successfully expanded our customer base and operate with four subsidiaries in Austria. coffee Zengyin their favorite royal family is known for Bayer. we meet every requirement of our clients: whether the classic Tchibo coffee. They also sell different types of Espresso and decaffeinated coffee. KreisKaffee instant coffee is characterized by has micro fresh sweet. The revenue in 2004 was 285 million euro.the sophisticated portfolio covers your every need. The company has many years of experience in catering and can incorporate this expertise directly into its customer concepts. This means: We do not only pay attention to delicious taste and best quality. Besides the core business of coffee. Up to 200 tons of coffee are roasted every day by Dallmayr in its coffee roasting buildings in Munich-Giesing and in Berlin and sold nationwide. according to advertising. GrandosCoffee. and some rare types of coffee from all over the world. but is also popular in European countries like to use the mark.

Weaknesses •Competition with the pressure •Open up new markets overseas. Every Wednesday. cell phones. Threats •Increasing competition. •The demand of coffee go up. each series is usually only placed a small shelf was replaced two weeks off. where you can buy binoculars. the season series. which hit most of the goods are marked by the TCM in China) is equivalent to "a cheap and poor quality" of the myth. there is a certain risk. "Italian" theme. •Recognized by consumers. but the design is similar to the high section line of goods. •Davidoff coffee. Tchibo more than 1.experts. the goods are sold. . sell bath oils. or whether another type of beverage or leisure activity will replace coffee in the future? Objectives Specific: Introduction of a new week. •Who knows if the market for coffee will grow and stay in favour with customers. Opportunities •Overseas markets. in the event of sale of 25-30 kinds of non-food goods. to create a TCM (TCM is one of Germany's largest chain Tchibo commodity Group as its registered trademark name. yoga mats and candles. •The problem of localization of overseas markets. Tchibo will host a different theme activities. and these themes. These series are characterized by well-known in the price with the low end of cheap goods stores such as Aldi and Lidl match. familiar with every aspect of coffee.200 stores throughout Europe. such as "consciousness of the world" theme. and perhaps drill. selling cheese grinders and dishwashers. use the world's most advanced air-baking. •Davidoff global coffee business strategies.

Davidoff coffee success of Asian PGA Tour title. Target market Pursuit of high quality of life of the young generation of 20-35 year-old. copying and imitation. all products in a unified brand. but never bother to copy to steal the design. but this brand extension strategy must be cautious. Tchibo's of course to participate in various exhibitions. the formation of customer loyalty. the first public appearance. Malaysia the Philippines) can see Davidoff coffee presence. Tchibo will recognize each other's intellectual property rights."the taste is the taste quality of life. this level of perceived psychological benefits it also brings greater customer loyalty." Reasonable: TCM Tchibo brand products are exclusively designed. As the consumption of Starbucks customers feel unique emotional and psychological touch is difficult to imitate. at present in Eastern Europe. study new trends in fashion and fashion. "Italian" theme. such as "consciousness of the world" theme. Actionable: TCM is the secret of success in product design for "stealing. Korea. and Starbucks this experience almost fanatical pursuit to build the Starbucks brand positioning. in the event of sale of 25-30 kinds of non-food goods. according to the different . so that customers feel a greater value to pay a higher premium Starbucks. Time tabled: Every Wednesday. the Starbucks brand extension can be considered the product strategy. Hong Kong. Secondly." Coffee in Germany in 2003 it accounted for one-third market share. the Middle East and Asia (China. I think. Marketing mix strategy Product First of all. there are invisible spiritual experience. the main vice brand extension refers to the enterprise with a variety of products. selling cheese grinders and dishwashers. seize to-drink coffee market. Davidoff 2002. As the founder Zino Davidoff Davidoff's famous phrase . China. yoga mats and candles. sell bath oils. China Taiwan. also formed a Starbucks the core competitiveness. designers often do not know a Tchibo design has been a small company registered a patent. can be considered an extension of the main sub-brand strategy. Tchibo will host a different theme activities. If this design very similar to the situation. is to achieve product and service differentiation. and these themes. as long as there is legal basis. hard to imitate because of its copy.Measurable: In 1999.The Davidoff Café world embraces four Super Premium variants and once a year special Limited Edition. the goods are sold. Starbucks Coffee provided in addition to tangible products. Singapore. making Starbucks coffee into supermarkets to sell.

This can make the resources and the application of the Starbucks brand to seize to-drink coffee market share. create value. people buy coffee at Starbucks. Price: Starbucks price positioning is "most people can afford the luxury" consumer orientation is the "white-collar class.Received university education in groups with higher level of education. they are compatible with aggressive body. In South Korea. but also can reduce the negative effects of high-end brand Starbucks. Not received a university education are less educated people. Starbucks' hearts and minds strategy "to move customers to develop customer loyalty. In the food service industry. in China. consumer market segments by psychological factors." Most of these customers are intellectuals. respect for instant gratification. Pursuit of the social upper class taste: the pursuit of taste. in China Taiwan. so I want to attract customers through the products and prices is very difficult. the heart spirit of sublimation and symbolism of the elite to enjoy the brand. in a very long time will not change. the Middle East and Asia (China. Malaysia the Philippines). . tradition. will long-term and stable use of this service.Man Delin fine efforts of food companies encouraging prospects. also bought a way of life. China Taiwan. food and art. warmth. sales and catering industry. In Eastern Europe.characteristics of each product labeled their names. Korea. Distribution: Breakdown by geographical factors. People: Consumer market by population segment. Davidoff coffee will also be accepted by more and more people. while . to build their own high cost difference. personality initiative. Promotion: Davidoff positioned themselves outside the home and office independent of the third space. but also higher income. love of communication. and to avoid a single brand extension may cause confusion in product positioning. and customers often identify a service. high consumer loyalty levels. despite Davidoff coffee to the time is not long. they always have a psychological tendency to seek stability. Thus. the consumer market. Singapore. Economically developed coastal cities. which is in the white-collar workers was particularly evident. Starbucks goal is to mainstream of China's middle class and upper class in a fresh fashion style social networking sites. the economy is relatively well-developed secondary inland cities. Avoid a single brand extension may dilute the brand image problem. but can also be easily distinctive impact on herd mentality. love boutique. and create and contribute to the community's values. the market share of Davidoff coffee steadily. China. has been well-known coffee Davidoff is obvious. but in Chinese food service industry experts --. Hong Kong. the pursuit of fashion social middle class: the pursuit of fashion. like their own decisions. highlighting the self-style.

To store operating 30 days per month 24 Ma seat (about 6 Ma desktop) per .often drink coffee. the combination of leisure social activities. including a wide variety of household consumer products. This is reflected in him and the customers.000 yuan. Coffee lovers: the quality of coffee. to create a TCM (TCM is one of Germany's largest chain Tchibo commodity Group as its registered trademark name. coffee random consumers: the coffee is not exclusive. and happy to learn about coffee knowledge and culture. brand and positive image.7 / passenger capacity rate × 2 / revolutions per 1 × 30 = 25200. suppliers. media company. Davidoff as the spokesman for high-quality coffee. social and other relationships.000 yuan a month. Average per person spending a few turntable × × × number of seats the number of days per month. tea or other drinks prefer instead of coffee. the net profit after the rent has 25% to 30% of the profits. coffee excluded: this part of the population do not drink coffee from a basic. through education. which hit most of the goods are marked by the TCM in China) is equivalent to "a cheap and poor quality" of the myth. the season series. continue to spread Davidoff experience. Through the establishment of the team is full of passion for the work of the partners. such as the monthly rent of 5. to coffee shops also little choice of coffee. middle-class mainstream consumer groups affordable luxury. coffee culture and the dissemination of expert knowledge.consumer market segments by behavioral factors. but not love. occasionally drink coffee. employees. each series is usually placed on the shelf in the small twelve weeks to be replaced down. the second largest cost of the rent is very important). but refused to take the initiative to coffee. marketing strategy is to launch a new week. but coffee is not essential to their lives drinks. after deducting the salary of personnel and materials. Process: Dotted with coffee shops selling everything from fashion to small appliances. what is the target customer base of high quality coffee to show Davidoff's coffee expertise. for example. second-tier city market. These series are characterized by wellknown in the price with the low end of cheap goods stores such as Aldi and Lidl match. Davidoff believed and advocated a good start to promote a virtuous circle. government departments. its consumption of coffee is often more out of a leisure or social needs. Coffee and estimated gross profit of 65% to 86% of the profits. as 25 per capita consumption of 25 yuan / person × 24 / seat × 0. coffee knowledge and understanding of their often like the atmosphere over coffee cafe itself. but the design is similar to the high section line of goods. have high requirements. (Control personnel. monthly turnover is at least 25. monthly rent spreadsheet ÷ 20% turnover. Physical evidence: Davidoff experience is the experience of romantic. Budget To develop the Chinese market. a spiritual Island.

rent. after the soft opening by the continuous adjustment and perfect details of the work. discount for each purchase prepaid cards. and ultimately achieving improved from a cost: such as personnel costs. 00 ~ PM12. Manage the job shop application before the hardware part of the progress of the project management software is part of the store shop business plan addressing the main store location target store of the benefits of the negotiations. ² consumer sites with the same grade (not conflict) with each other to do publicity. mainly to customers around the the main. through questionnaires. Evaluation six months to a year. through the media. 5 Menu prices above the coefficient of the reference 6 around the market. ² publicity through the website. administrative details. community environment. According to early custom cafe VIP business habits. mainly on account of car owners. evening tea set as a condition. while a consumers account for two-bit or 2 bit tables for 4 people. to understand our strengths and weaknesses.capita consumption of $ 25 per day × number of 2 Ma turntable off coefficient of 25. timely adjustment of service and quality produced. media.200 yuan turnover is within reasonable limits. sponsors public service activities. daily consumables will have a uniform cost accounting and the value of the average monthly spending. disadvantage correct. and well-known enterprises such as the final choice is propaganda. visibility from the shop. Coffee shop in three to six months. consumer group structure basis for the set menu price. or personnel are not allowed due to market positioning and product instability is not a fixed factor. There will be an adjustment over the stage. including radio. Opening Offer promotional products. Implementation Through various channels. such as networking. electricity. and must reach (2) to open AM10. such as scenes. cafes right track. We are a lot of publicity. by customers about the customer. ² high in some high-end sales magazine advertisements. depending on when the coffee shop occupies the chair 70% rate It can be said has been fully booked. the publicity surrounding the source in place. water. mainly targeted at various groups. 00 3 turntable number of afternoon tea. with the cafe's popularity gradually around the open market gradually expanded customer base increased. well maintained. websites and other aspects of free publicity well. personnel and other details need fixed an adjustment process. Changes step by step according to the actual positioning. After the formal business plan will focus on positioning the main propaganda. coffee lovers group. . To be guests in the consumer. 4 coefficient is generally fully booked more than a table with four chairs or 2 chairs. evening E round.During the soft opening promotion: mainly for schools and large office buildings around the release of some leaflets. the store has reached maturity. magazines. sales in the trial state.

is expected to be there is a good prospect. the enterprise's survival rests in the hands of customers. along with economic development. and its global market consumer recognition. and its unique business model and brand core value of its tremendous success. Marketing Plan Producer: Sophie Dec. the coffee market demand to expand. Davidoff coffee industry in the world's largest market share a cup of soup. As Davidoff's reputation and their way of life on behalf of the petty bourgeoisie.Conclusion With the economic level of improvement to enhance the lifestyle of young people. more and more companies go global coffee market strategy. However. Davidoff as the world's leading coffee chain.2011 Class C G0905103 . the market is changing in the competition. 11.

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