30 Things to do FOR Yourself

1. Spend time with good, supporting & loving people 2. Face your problems head on. 3. Be honest with yourself (even if it sucks) 4. Put yourself -- and your needs -- at #1 5. Always be yourself. 6. Give yourself permission to let go (of people & the past). 7. Allow yourself the chance to make mistakes. 8. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made & then let them go. 9. Find happiness in immaterial things. 10. Find happiness in yourself, first. 11. Keep moving forward. 12. Believe that you’re ready & capable. 13. Form relationships for the right reasons. 14. Allow yourself the chance to form new (healthy) relationships. 15. Focus on personal bests, rather than external competitions. 16. Let yourself feel content with what you DO have. 17. Strive to find the positive in situations. 18. Find emotional freedom in forgiveness. 19. Keep your standards high, regardless of others’ actions. 20. Do what you believe is right, without explanation. 21. Give yourself permission to take a break. 22. Remember to find beauty in the small things. 23. Embrace imperfections in the world and yourself. 24. Acknowledge challenges and work with them instead of fighting them. 25. If you need to cry, do it. You’ll feel better after. 26. Take responsibility for your actions and their results. 27. Remember that you are only one person, and that your best IS enough. 28. Live in the present, instead of ruminating on potential “what if’s.” 29. Focus on what you want to happen... and what CAN happen if you let it. 30. Remember to be greatful. And a bonus #31- always, ALWAYS, tell the important people in your life that you love them.