(a) (b


From AS400 Main menu type MBMRS, you will get the below screen and take option 2 and enter.


BRMS Media Menu

And from the resulting menu, select Option 1:

Give library Name and System name (XXXXXX) b (d) From this option. From this screen you can get the desired date’s back up.Work with Media Information (WRKMEDIBRM) . . you will be presented with the following screen.

then you will get the below scree. select the backup date and take option 7 next to the saved ITEM and Enter. (f) Then press F9 and name ‘To Library – here example ‘TEMPLIB’ .(e) Once the list of tape backup is displayed.

g) it will take for awhile for restoration(based on number of objects) and gives the following msg 8329 objects restored to TEMPLIB .

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