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Differences Between Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped Countries

Differences Between Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped Countries

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Published by: Ardoni Saharil on Dec 28, 2011
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Differences between Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped Countries

In order to classify a particular country for variety of term such as developed, developing or underdeveloped, the factor that used was according to their economics status based on per capita income, literacy rate, living standard etc.

Developed countries have industrial growth, whereas developing countries depend on the developed countries for help to establish their industries. Developed countries enjoy flourishing economy, whereas developing countries begin to taste the growth of economy and underdeveloped country on the other hand face a weak economic growth and poverty.

Other than that, the developing countries are characterized by many shortcomings. These shortcomings include less awareness regarding matters relating to health, poor amenities, shortage in water supply, shortcoming in the area of medical supply, a higher rate of birth rate. The most important and worrying factor in the developing countries are the factor of poor nutrition and source of food.

Indeed, poor nutrition is toward both mothers and infants are the main concern in the developing countries. Due to high birth rates, the probability of natural diseases is more in developing countries. Hence the death rates are also eventually high in developing countries. It is the same picture for underdeveloped countries which experience high death rate and health problem for their citizen since they are lacking in the health expertise and consciousness. Developed countries are characterized by a low death rate and low birth rate as well. There is usually a very small gap between the two rates in developed countries.

Developed countries are not characterized by shortcomings. They are well-developed in all fronts and are served well by water supplies, amenities, educational institutions, health care concerns. This is because of the fact that people are endowed with awareness about every possible aspect relating to human existence. The absence of shortcomings in the developed countries is possibly due to the fact there is a low birth rate in these countries. Nutrition is available in plenty to mothers and infants in developed countries. The invisible of these factors was distinguishing the developing and underdeveloped country to the developed country.

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Heavy emphasis on education 5. High Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 6. High Per Capita Income Developing Countries 1. Low or medium Per Capita Income Underdeveloped countries 1.Other differences between developed. Rate of employment is very low 2. Very Low or medium Per Capita Income 7. developing and underdeveloped country Developed countries 1. Heavy emphasis on health 4. Low Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 6. Rate of employment is low 2. Poor health care 4. Low level of education system 5. Poor education 5. Lowest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita 3. Rate of unemployment is low 2. Poor health care 4. Have a poor government Page | 2 . High Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita 3. Low Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita 3. High Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 6.

how much in USD. Developed Country (Australia) Retirement age is 65 for men and is increasing to 65 for women from 2014. Identify one country each from these countries: developed. Your answers must have at least the following items: a. Death and disability benefits are provided on a means tested basis. The state pension is means tested. developing and underdeveloped. Respective Law Industrial Relations Act 1999 Page | 3 . The biggest industry/sector A. based on family status and home ownership. Personal and corporate income tax rate f. e.10 a fortnight for a single person and AUD 528. Medicare. Legally required benefits and the respective acts/laws b. Per capita income (in USD) d. or in other standard COL index) c. Is there a minimum wage legislation set for all jobs? If yes. Legally required benefits and the respective acts/laws I. Develop country (Australia) Developing Country (Turkey) Underdeveloped country (Sudan) 3. The full state retirement pension from January 2011 is AUD 701. It is then due to increase to age 67 in stages between 2017 and 2023.50 a fortnight each for a couple. the national health scheme. Cost of living (in USD. provides permanent residents with free medical treatment or a rebate of scheduled fees. This is reduced by income and assets.2. Compare the three countries in the perspective of compensation and benefits for employees.

that means in the average in that city rents are 30% less expensive than in New York City. for example. If the city has rent index of 70. The accrual rate is reducing to 2. Page | 4 . Which means that for New York City. The state also provides survivors’ pensions. holidays and official holidays. Other than that 25 days for 8 years till 15 years and 30 days leave for employees working more than 15 years. If another city has. Respective Law Labor Act of Turkey Law No.0% in 2016. each index should be 100(%). In term of maternity leave. the employees receive 4 week before and after confinement or can choose 2 weeks before and 6 weeks after the confinement if she wishes so. From 2008. the state retirement pension is 2. There are plans to introduce universal health insurance. Cost of living (in USD) Basically indexes calculated are relative to New York City (NYC). Developing Country ((Turkey) Normal retirement age is 60 for men and 58 for women and is planned to increase in stages from 2035 to age 65 for both men and women. Underdeveloped country (Sudan) Annual leave of 20 days for employment duration of 1 year to 3 years. Respective Law The 1976 Industrial Relations Act B. The employees also entitled for 15 days paid leave for hajj.II.6% of average revalued earnings multiplied by years of coverage. rent index of 120. Indeed Sudanese employees entitled for 10 days paid leave for travel. 4857 III. it means rents in average in that city are 20% more expensive than in New York City. disability pensions and limited medical care.

83 47.00 Yes.Attribute/Country Consumer Price Index (Excl.407 Developing Country (Turkey) = USD 13.380 D.47 55.43 112. II.83 51. Developing Country (Turkey) = USD 515. Yes.577 Underdeveloped Country (Sudan) = USD 2. Developed Country (Australia) = 30% Developing Country (Turkey) = 20% Yes.03 87.56 C. III.Rent): Rent Index: Groceries Index: Restaurants Index Consumer Price Plus Rent Index: Local Purchasing Power: Australia 107.03 88.51 35. III.35 79. II. Underdeveloped Country (Sudan) = 15% Page | 5 .95 17. Personal and corporate income tax rate Personal Income Tax I. Underdeveloped Country (Sudan) = 17% Corporate Income Tax I.93 63.00 E. III.1 Turkey 61. II. Is there a minimum wage legislation set for all jobs? If yes. III.27 30.08 45.53 42. II. Developed Country (Australia) = USD 39. Developed Country (Australia) = USD 3083. Underdeveloped Country (Sudan) = USD 1. I.18 Yes. Developed Country (Australia) = 45% Developing Country (Turkey) = 35% Yes.67 117.91 27. how much in USD.89 Sudan 86. Per Capita Income (In USD) I.

htm http://en.htm www.gov. Developed Country (Australia) = mining. armaments..com/etc/slml/slnw/obedl/.gov.com/. petroleum refining.F. lumber. steel. steel b. mining (coal. cotton ginning.au/ http://www. sugar.org/wiki/List_of_minimum_wages_by_country http://www.nsw.. industrial and transportation equipment.jcu.../turkey-employee-benefits-state-mandatory-priva.au/resources.com/businfo/australia/employment. The biggest industry/sector a.au/library/intguide/law/industriallaw. edible oils.. electronics. food processing.worldlink-law. Developing Country (Turkey) = textiles. petroleum. pharmaceuticals.corporatesolutions. copper. www. textiles. Yes. chromate.portaloceania./australia-employee-benefits-state-mandatory-/australia. autos.htm#a64 www.intlben. food processing.swisslife./Turkey.cfm/lResourceIDs/1764/generalID/8/subjec tID/119/displayStyle/9/ http://www.ilo. cement.com/au-work-law-ing.cia. paper c.edu.au/17128/ Page | 6 . shoes.workplace. boron).html http://www.org/wiki/Tax_rates_around_the_world http://en.pdf https://www. Underdeveloped Country (Sudan) = oil.legalanswers.wikipedia.intlben. soap distilling.com/.gov.sl...htm http://eprints. construction.org/dyn/natlex/docs/WEBTEXT/49122/65103/E97SDN01.pdf www.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/su. automobile/light truck assembly REFERENCES http://www.. chemicals.aph.wikipedia.

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