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Kashmir Conflict

The Kashmir Conflict dates back to 1947. Due to the partition of the Indian sub-continents along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan,1 states within it have the options of deciding which country to join or remain independent. However, the Kashmir Region lies in between these 2 regions and the conflict arises when there is a territorial dispute over India and Pakistan over who should the region belongs to over both geographical (Kashmir is the origin point for many rivers and tributaries; providing a good source of water) as well as historical can religious affiliation of the Kashmiri people. Indias Viewpoint on why should Kashmir belongs to them: India does not acknowledge the Two-Nation Theory that forms the basis of Pakistan and considers that Kashmir despite being a largely Muslim state is still in many ways an integral part of India. India points out that Pakistani Terrorists are violating human rights in Kashmir and there is chaos and instability, and that there is lack of control, economic development in the Northern parts of Kashmir. Pakistans Viewpoint on why should Kashmir belongs to them: Based on the Two-Nation Theory, any region with more than 70% Muslim will go to Pakistan and since Kashmir is more than 90% Muslim, it should rightly belong to Pakistan. The Kashmiri insurgency states how Kashmiri people no longer wants to be in India, and this suggests that Kashmir wants to be with Pakistan or stay independent. Effects and Impact of the conflict: Due to the territorial disputes, India and Kashmir have fought at least 3 wars which include the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947, 1965 and 1999(Kargil war) led to many lives loss and wounded, and infrastructures destroyed. Solutions: After the 9/11 attacks in America, the U.S government wants to restrain militancy in the world and with the intensive diplomatic efforts from many other countries, India and Pakistan agreed to withdraw troops from the international border on 2002. There was a total ceasefire. There were also mutual confidence-building measures taken place reducing tensions between both countries.

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