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Wordfast 5.9 Manual

Wordfast 5.9 Manual

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Published by: hjpserra on Dec 28, 2011
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If you want to leave a segment in a temporary, "provisional" state because it has not been
completely translated (because its translation requires knowledge you will receive only later,
or because you're missing some specific terminology), press F10 on the segment while it is
opened. This will mark the current segment as provisional with a pink marker, and move to
the next segment. Later (the translation session being closed, i.e., no segment being opened),
pressing F10 again will take you back to the first provisional segment in the current document
and open it again so you can finalize it. When you close (validate, or commit) the segment by
pressing Alt+Down Next segment or Alt+End End translation session, the segment will lose
its provisional segment status, and the pink marker will be removed.

A provisional segment can be finalized (its translation completed) at any time, even days after
you marked it with F10. Cleaning-up a document will be impossible as long as the document
still contains at least one provisional segment.

If you deliver uncleaned (segmented, or bilingual) documents, make sure they do not contain
provisional segments. Simply press F10 on a document to see if it contains any provisional

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