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Barry Finds Natalie Williams’ Calvary Church Efforts Off-Point and Misguided The planned protest of the Calvary Women’s Shelter in Ward 8 led by Natalie Williams, a candidate for the Ward 8 City Council seat indicates, her insensitivity and knowledge about the shelter. This is an issue I investigated and have been working with the Community on for over three months. Her Johnny-come-lately efforts are just that. If she had taken the time, she would have found that Calvary Church is doing the Lord’s work and that they have successfully operated a women’s, transition house at 5th & K for almost 30 years. They are focusing on single women with health or personal problems and, working hard to get them employment. Ms. Williams apparently does not know city law which allows the transition house to be on Good Hope Road as a matter of right. While the ANC ought to be given great weight when there’s a variance, this is not true in this case. The transition house has a matter of right to be there. I couldn’t stop the transition house if I wanted to and I don’t want to. Calvary is doing the Lord’s work. It is putting a 50 bed transition house on Good Hope Road for 50 single women, a third of whom are already working; the Calvary people intend to work vigorously to get jobs for the others. Anyone who opposes this transition house opposes 50 women trying to get their lives back together. Natalie Williams just recently moved into the Ward and knows very little about it. She should be ashamed of herself to oppose a group that is trying to bring help, hope, jobs and, resources to 50, single women who are attempting to get their lives together. I am positive that the residents of Ward 8 will see Natalie Williams for what she is. I stand firmly for housing, jobs and healthcare and to help people, not hurt them.