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Airbrushing at the Emmy’s
As the founder and president of Dinair, Dina Ousley pioneered the art of airbrush makeup. And this year, she recived one of the most gratyfing compliments of her career when she and Dinair were invited to airbrush the “cast” (aka the performers, waitstaff and bartenders) of the Governor’s Ball, the glitzy party held after the annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Her assignment? Create black and white pop-art style designs on more than 100 people in just an hour. Previously recognized for her mod body paint designs in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Dina, who has logged more than 30 years in the business, was up to the challenge. What’s more, she invited BTC to come along to observe the airbrush applications and attend the ball. The Dinair team got the job done - they met their one hour deadline and the airbrushed “clients” were the talk of the night. What’s more, Dinair instructor Al Lozano provided a fascinating tutorial for this unique airbrushed effect:
1) Assemble the airbrush, color and stencils. For the Governor’s Ball, the Dinair team used graphic spots, checkered patterns and radial line stencils. 2) Position the brush six inches from the face and apply the white base color in small circular motions. This will keep the application smooth and eliminate hot spots. 3) Place one of the stencils near the eye and carefully fill in the pattern with black color. If necessary, adjust the stencil and reapply for a cleaner, denser result. 4) Clean up excess color and citrus cleaner. 5) Grab a drink and head to the party!
Dina Ousley works on one of the main performers of the night.

Instructor Al Lozano applies a stencil for the perfect mod look.

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