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The First Thing to Do When You Get to Know About Something is to Look Up to What It is About

The First Thing to Do When You Get to Know About Something is to Look Up to What It is About

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Published by Trang Nguyen

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Published by: Trang Nguyen on Dec 29, 2011
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The first thing to do when you get to know about something is to look up to what it is about.

Today we’re going to do the same. Our research is about youth. Then what is youth? Why do we have to research about them? Let’s find out. Youth, according to the Oxford dictionary is the time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult. The youth is young people considered as a group. And when we’re young, we have something called vitality. We’re enthusiastic, curious, and have a need to communicate with others. We want to do everything fast. The faster, the better. And we also have many researches, studies to do. Those assignment will cost you a lot of time if you carried out the traditional way. And we can’t talk to our friends all day using the telephone, it’ll cost us a fortune, especially when we’re far from each other. That leaves us, the youth, to the best solution: using the Internet. Let’s talk about the Internet. It’s a global system if interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web(WWW) and the infrastructure to support email. The Internet has enabled or accelerated new forms of human interactions through instant messaging, Internet forums, and social networking. Online shopping has boomed both for major retail outlets and small artisans and traders. Business-to-business and financial services on the Internet affect supply chains across entire industries. Let’s go further back to the origins of the Internet. It all began in 1960s, from a research of the US government. And in the research they formed a network in which several network can be joined together to create what we call “ a network of networks”. After many years of continuous researches, finally in 1974, the term “Internet” was first mentioned and Internet made it first debut to public. But not until the 1990s that the Internet became extremely popular. They estimated that the traffic in the public internet had grown by 100% and continued to rise. With these number we could expect the

That is also one of the reason why we decided to choose this topic for our research. if a person called educated.…. in 2007 the number was 97%. especially in schools or colleges. They keep us alive. So internet has been the best way to do it. According to a survey. etc. The first one is that you can study traditionally and the latter is online studying. If you’re a normal human being. to have a status or position in our life. training and learning. Talking about the youth you can’t possibly exclude the education. or keep up with it. to improve knowledge and develop skills. The youngster like to use Internet because it’s convenient. second is the spiritual world. he is expected to have the knowledge about everything. the appliance. we can’t live without it for even a day. We work for the physical things that help us to live better to improve our live. felt. And if before we have to takes hours to read the references about the problem or issue we have to study. and through the physical things we can prove ourselves make people acknowledge our . First is the physical world. The physical world is the world that connected with things that actually exist or are present and can be seen. In March 2011 the total estimated Internet user was 2. They use it to communicate with the whole world. That why every nations on our planet place education as the most important mission. it’s the environment around us. from the point of which only 1% of two-way telecommunication was carried out by the Internet in 1993. For example. your life will revolve around two worlds. exist. and you can use it almost everywhere. To many of us. then education is a process of teaching. rather than things that only exist in a person’s mind. Internet has changed education once and for all. the youth. But today in the world where millions pieces of news was delivered every second then we could hardly have the time and memory to study it all. equipment in our everyday life. By the Oxford dictionary. then now with a click you can have any information on the subject. With the second form you can learn anywhere. And a majority of them was the youth.095 billion (30. From the old time. Internet is irreplaceable. Internet has divide the education to 2 form in general. anytime you like. It enable us to study even if we’re in the remote area or even further. Our country has a saying “The youth is the country’s future”.2% of world population).user of the internet had increased about 20% to 50%. fast.

too much information both good and bad that confuse many people and make young people. cry. it’s important to teach them well about both world so that they can have a complete point of view. Whether a human is properly matured or not is decided by this world. But we can’t live a physical world alone. magazines or something . They may have diversity knowledge. There too many ways of thinking. But today when everything can be posted on the internet. According to philosophy. follow the good example. easily affected by them. the world that makes you laugh.existences. smile. There’s a world inside us tell us to live well. it has become a big issue.… That’s the spiritual world. So if people want to educate somebody. it’s human being’s conscience. then do many good deeds or learn the bad ones and doing nothing but laying around and chatting playing game online watching porn movies. the subject who use Internet the most.

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