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Unit 1

Unit 1

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Published by: Pavan Kumar D on Dec 29, 2011
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1. a) Discuss in detail various model of propagation in an optical fiber.

(1,R05,s1,march 2010) b) Light traviling in air strikes glass at an angle of ᶿ1=33ᴼ where ᶿ1 is measured between incoming ray and glass surface . part of beam is reflected and part is refracted . if the refracted and reflected beam make an angle of 90ᴼwith each other , what is the refractive index of glass ? what is the critical angle of the glass ? (1,R05,s1,march 2010) 2. a) Draw the block diagram of an opitical transmission link and explain the function of each element.(1,R05,s2,march 2010) b) Discuss the applications of optical fiber system. .(1,R05,s2,march 2010) 3. a) Draw and block schematic of a general communication system and explain the function of each block. .(1,R05,s3,march 2010) b) Discuss briefly about the leaky modes and mode coupling losses in the fiber optic communication. .(1,R05,s3,march 2010) 4. a) Give any three applications of optical fiber for instrumentation and explain them with the necessary figures. (1,R05,s4,march 2010) b) Calucalate the number of modes at 1550nm and 1300nm in graded index optical fiber having a parabolic index profile , a 20 micro meter core radius , n1=1.48 and n2=1.46. .(1,R05,s4,march 2010)

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