Sunday, January 22, @ noon on the corner of 3rd St. and Oakdale, San Francisco, Ca.

3rd St. Protest & March Kenneth Harding JR. was murdered by the San Francisco police on July 16, 2011 for allegedly evading a two dollar Muni train fare. Kenneth was only nineteen years old when he was gunned down and left in the street for over twenty eight minutes where he bled out and died on third and Oakdale. The Kenneth Harding JR Foundation is asking for the community’s support in bringing the noise. We are doing a protest and march down 3rd street to Gilman and Jamestown in order to surround Candlestick Stadium during the NFC championship game. We need justice for Kenneth Harding JR, hands off of truth tellers, and to fight back against police brutality. We will start off at Kenneth’s memorial sight and disburse at the stadiums park. We want to bring awareness to all game attendee’s that the police in the Bay View/Hunters Point community is killing our children, violating our rights, and trying to silence people for speaking out. Come out take a stand and help support us. We are fighting for an injustice we want to see change. Kenny may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Help honor his memory by supporting his movement. To Candlestick Stadium

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