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National Land Policy May 2007

National Land Policy May 2007

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Published by: Mzalendo Wa Kenya on Dec 30, 2011
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148. Land adjudication is the process of ascertaining and recording rights
and interests in land claimed by individuals and other entities. Once
ascertained, such rights and interests are entered into a land
register, which facilitates the accuracy of the land information
system and enables efficient transactions in land.
149. There are too many statutes dealing with the registration of land
rights. No attempt has been made to harmonize these statutes to
ease the process of registration of land rights and facilitate speedy
access to land registration information. There is need to harmonize
the registration statutes to enhance the efficiency, transparency and
accountability of the process of land registration.
150. The Government shall:
(a) Enact a “Land Registration Act” which shall recognize and protect
all legitimate rights and interests in land held under the
categories of land set out in Section 3.3.1of this Policy;
(b) Repeal the Land Adjudication Act and Land Consolidation Act;


(c) Repeal the land registration provisions of the Registration of
Titles Act (RTA) (Cap 281), the Land Titles Act (LTA) (Cap 282)
and the Registered Land Act (RLA) (Cap 300).

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