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National Land Policy May 2007

National Land Policy May 2007

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Published by: Mzalendo Wa Kenya on Dec 30, 2011
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250. The Ministry in charge of Land shall within its rationalised roles and
reorganized structures undertake to devolve land administration and
management functions to the NLC, DLBs, CLBs and local
251. The functions of the Ministry shall include:
(a) Giving policy direction to the NLC;
(b) Making policies on land and coordinate their implementation;
(c) Mobilising resources for the sector;
(d) Undertaking policy advocacy and providing political leadership;
(e) Facilitating implementation of the land policy reforms;
(f) Coordinating the management of the National Spatial Data
Infrastructure (NSDI);
(g) Rationalising its functions with a view to privatising service
delivery where appropriate. For instance, surveying, valuation,
physical planning and revenue collection;
(h) Setting service standards, regulating providers, ensuring quality
control and capacity building;
(i) Monitoring and evaluation of sector performance in collaboration
with civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders; and
(j) Coordinating and overseeing the statutory bodies established to
regulate land planners, surveyors, valuers and estate agents.

4.3.2 Local Authorities

252. The land use planning functions of local authorities shall be
reviewed to conform to this Land Policy.
253. The functions of local authorities set out in existing legislation on
agriculture and land based natural resources shall be harmonized
with this Policy.


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