to Ask students divide ajoumal page into four parts,numbereach part. and write tlie follouing. . Section1 - Drarv and label a seed. . Section2 - Draw and label a plant's roots. . Section Dra*'and labela plant'sstenr. 3 :l . Section Dra$,andlabela plant'slcaveswith \rriting and dividirs the page. ma) necd to nssiststudents You

A. Placeseedsin pots arld label the pots. Cover them rvith clear plastic bagsto crealea to terrarium.Ask students recor-d 91o\\1hand pattemsir1the plants. to B. Bring botan) books10class.Ask students lool through the books to secho$ plants Sho\\'then the scientific nainesofplanls. including those foutrd in )orrf area. are labeled. to C. Ask students use a magni$ing glassto look at the tiD] hoirs lbund on roots.Discuss the purposeofthe hairs. Comparethe roots ofvadous plants.

Checkjournals levelofunderstanding for aboutplantparts. Also. assess onguing the "growing"knowledge plantpans. sprout experiment understand to of

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