Four Keys to Scouting Your Opponent

-Pete Gillen, University of Virginia/Providence College/Xavier University

1. Read the point guard
-Do we have the advantage? If we do, how can we capitalize on it? If not, how can we get him out of sync? -Cut off the head!

2. What do they do best?
-What can we do to limit that? -Don’t let them beat you with what they do best.

3. How can we score against them?
-What pace is most conducive to us winning? Play an up-tempo game? In the half court?

4. Turnovers
-How can we win the turnover battle?

“I wouldn’t trade my 36 years in the coaching business for anything because of the great relationships I’ve built with the game’s coaches.”
10/28/09 Daily Chalkboard Zak Boisvert

-Coach Gillen

10/28/09 Daily Chalkboard Zak Boisvert

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