Warm-ups Celtic Layup Teams split Forward drill w/ shooting and boxing out Defense Zone 4 minutes

Triangle Offense Drill Scrimmage Foul Shooting

12 minutes ½ up ½ down 3 minutes Guys do road work 18 minutes Guard Drill 10 minutes Man to man 4 minutes 8 minutes 4 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes


Legs Plyo metrix Upper Body Burpees /Military Pushups 30 reps 1 minute

Stability reach Each leg 10 reps 1min Bicycles Six inches 2 minutes Wild man jumps Full court and back 1 minute Sprint to full courtIn runners stance Jog back 3 minutes Squat Lunge Curl 12 each leg 1minute Cone sprints minutes Stretches 2minutes

Team drills
Team 1 From sideline w two cones One on One Control Dribble Drill W ½ spin Mikan Drills Team 2 Pistol Pete Team 3 Rebounding Drill

Power Dribble Fending off partner

Change of Direction

Sideline to sideline

Foul Shots

Left Block Mikans Quick Spins Chin its Fake left go right Fake Right go left W partner Face up Jump Shot Foul Line Elbow To Elbow Foul Shots

Right Block 1 Minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2