FAGLL03 - Display/Change Items (New)
Functionality This transaction code gives a G/L Account Line Item Display. This is an interactive report, in the sense you interact with the report, you can hide some field, display some more fields from the available list, sort the list based on any criteria, carry out total for a column field carry out subtotal for a column field. Scenario You want to see a GL account line item display for a particular account. Requirements The GL master should have line item display switched on. There should be transactions posted for the GL being displayed. Menu Path Transaction Code Accounting → Financial Accounting → General Ledger → Account → FAGLL03 - Display/Change Items (New)


Double click on FAGLL03 - Display/Change Items (New)

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NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS 2.sapficoconsultant. Click 4. Update the ledger applicable for parent reporting www. Update the following fields: Field Name G/L account Company code Field Description Code identifying a General Ledger account Code identifying a separate legal entity for which a separate set of accounts is maintained for external reporting purposes 460001 9101 Values Page 2 of 7 .

according to entered criteria: www. To confirm your entries. 5.sapficoconsultant. click Enter Click Execute .NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS You can display the following types line items: a) only open items (at particular date). c) items posted at a key date or within a specified period of time. The SAP system during operation clearing always creates and stores a special clearing document (including a clearing date).com Page 3 of 7 . to display a report. You can also ask the system to display noted items or parked documents. 6. That’s why it is possible to display open line items within a specified period of time even if they’re cleared at present. b) only cleared items. and you can also select the screen layout you prefer – just click on the relevant radio button.

400000001): www. 7.sapficoconsultant.g. Select from menu path List -> Export > Spreadsheet or Local Page 4 of 7 . Simply double-click on the document number (e. You can display document details you want to check. The system will automatically open a requested MS Office application or create a file in required format.NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS You can export your report to MS Excel or MS Word.

Click 10. Update the local reporting ledger www.NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS 8. Click Page 5 of 7 . Page 6 of 7 . Click www.NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS 11.

com Page 7 of 7 .NEW GENERAL LEDGER END USER TRAINING DOCUMENTS www.sapficoconsultant.

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