August 2011

Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 MB0038 – Management Process and Organization Behavior - 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1127)

Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.
Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Write a note on the functions of management.. Discuss any two learning theories in detail. [10] [10]

Explain the classification of personality types given by Sheldon.[10] What are the factors influencing perception? [10]

Mr. Solanki is the VP- HR of a leading Financial services company. He is having a

meeting with Ms. Ramani leading HR consultant. Mr. Solanki is concerned about creating an environment that helps in increasing the job satisfaction amongst employees. Assume that you are Ms. Ramani, the HR consultant. What suggestions you will give to Mr. Solanki, for creating an environment that increases job satisfaction [10] Given below is the HR policy glimpse of the “VARK-LEARNING” a learning and


training solutions company 1. It offers cash rewards for staff members 2. It promotes the culture of employee referral and encourages people to refer people they know may be their friends, ex. Colleagues batch mates, relatives. 3. What all needs do it takes care off according to maslow’s need hierarchy 4. It recognizes good performances and give fancy titles and jackets to the people who perform well and also felicitates them in the Annual Day of the company. What all aspects does it takes care of according to the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy ? [10]

2. Explain. They have also formed groups at different levels to clarify doubts and explain the perspective of change.1 Write a note on classical era for evolution of Organization behaviour. This helps HR to decide about giving a bonus or promotion to employees. Explain the type of power they use often [10] Q. Q. Write a note on different types of groups.5 Given below are certain instances observed by the summer trainee – Ritu. Now explain what base of power does Mr. they frequently call meetings of employees.August 2011 Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 MB0038 – Management Process and Organization Behavior .2 . [10] Q. They also decide the redefine the policies and culture of window to truth’ To start implementing. She makes the following observation about two key people in the organization. Dutta . [10] [10] Q. Analyze the situation in the context of organizational change and elaborate why the top management is following the discussed practices and what approach is most evident in the context.4 Credits (Book ID: B1127) Assignment Set. Patnayak and Mr. Mr. The top management decides to start the e.4 The environmental stressors have a great impact on work performance and adjustment of the individual in an organization. [10] .3 Explain the approaches of conflict management. 1.He is an aggressive person. Discuss the different categories of environmental stressors. while making an observational study at GlobalGreen consultants. Dutta belongs to. Q.6 “Fashion4Now” is a famous and old magazine. An organization dealing with recycling of plastic products waste etc. Answer all the questions. this change. Mr. Ritu observes that he frequently punishes the non-performers and also give them warnings regarding suspension etc. Patnayak – He is a very friendly person and encourages his team members by giving those recommendations and appreciations. He frequently loses his temper. [10] Q.edition of the magazine.2 (60 Marks) Note: Each question carries 10 Marks.

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