RE-EVALUATING NYPD PERFORMANCE ON 9-11 Last year on 9-11, 343 firemen and 23 policemen were killed .

As these figures s how, it is obvious which faction of uniformed public servants suffered the worst losses. Painful as it may be, the following questions must be asked: * Why was there such a huge discrepancy in fatality rates between these two grou ps of equally-lauded individuals? * Why have mainstream media outlets fostered equal public adulation for both pol ice and firemen, when the firemen suffered many times more losses? * Why is every police department across the nation permitted, (if not encouraged ), to bask in the reflected glory of the NYPD (undeserved as it may be)? * Are we supposed to believe that the lives of policemen are worth more than the lives of the other decedents? Don't forget, before 9-11 unjustifiably whitewashed their image, the NYPD had a far more sinister, far more realistic, and far more deserved reputation. Are we supposed to forget this fact, (and ignore reality), simply because twenty-three police officers happened to die on the same day that 15 times as many firemen di ed, and 130 times as many civilians died? These questions become even more pressing in light of a credible report that the NYC Police Department may in fact be largely responsible for the tragic and unn ecessary deaths of firemen on 9-11. According to an independent study commission ed by the City of New York, the failure of the NYPD to share vital information w ith the FDNY in a timely manner contributed to the horrific carnage among the fi remen.