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12th Grade English Interactive Write

12th Grade English Interactive Write

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Published by Shaima Al-Rawahii

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Published by: Shaima Al-Rawahii on Dec 30, 2011
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Shaima Abdullah Al Rawahi

Grade 12 Green


12th Grade English Interactive write (Editing) Summary Analysis In my interactive write essay I’ve had an online conversation to a GED student in a bilingual school (Azzan Bin Qais International school) Leen Al Zedjali and We’ve been discussing AIDA principles , advertising strategies , marketing techniques and in-class Ministry test questions and we both shared an advertisements of our choice to explain our intended points. Leen didn’t seem to know the advertising techniques we’ve learnt in class so I shared that with her and a sample of an advertisement to prove my point after having the conversation with Leen I’ve reliesed that in the advertisement there was more than one technique and I only explained one that may gave her an idea that in an advertisement only one advertising technique may be used. Another thing is that it would have been useful if we shared our thoughts off all ministry questions rather than one for us to share ideas among each other and how we both think on the specific questions not mentioning it’ll be practice for both of us on the GED ministry exam.

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