Please bring all the three books in ODCM, i.e. 1 UDAI Parekh - Understanding Organisation Behaviour 2 Richard L.

Dalit - Organisational Theory, change and design. 3 ARM material. All three books are compulsory. Inference: There is one case which is related to UDAI PAREKH i.e. BP : Focus on learning. ACHE SE PADHNA THEORY + CASE. Sylabus : after midsem as shared by Pulkit ODCM ODCM CASES 1 The Leo Burnett company ltd. 2 Microsoft:Balancing Creativity and Discipline 3 Managing Diversity at Spencer Owens & co. 4 Deloitte and Touche: Integrating Arthur Andersen 5 British Petroleum (B): The focus on learning 6 Building Global Champions in Latin America Topics: 1 Information Technology and control (Ch-8, Richard Daft) 2 Decision making processes (ch-12 Richard Daft) 3 Managing for Creativity - HBS note 4 Making Differences Matter - A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity - HBR articl e 5 Anatomy of a Merger:(Behavior of Organizational Factors and Processes througho ut the pre-during and post stages (part 1 and 2) 6 Leading for change:Enduring Skills for change Masters 7 Organizational Learning and Learning Organization (ch 26 - Udai Pareek) 8 Building a Learning Organization . HBR article 9 Is yours a Learning Organization? HBR article 10Designing Organizations for the International Environment (ch-6 - Richard Daft ) 11 The Organization of the Future: Strategic Imperatives and Core Competencies f or the 21st Century

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