Wings Spreading

Life of elements controls is benevolent Speaker of majesty, is common sense, so the bravery of tomorrow’s leaders is our healing tune of voices Purity defining additional purity, nothing to subtract, but all needs to be divided, Darkness is nothing but a pure emblem of glory, where is the confusion of the lullaby poetry So my feelings engulfed in comfort gets heard throughout the globules’ mockery of detachment From this world and to the next, one flies before he spins into all of this disarray, Oh, whose name is whipped to kiss the angels of disguise? So one understands these words that I spread from my wings Hopeless romantic or romantic hopeless is a virus contrary to ones belief A system of merchandise produced to walk the line of nothing but empty promises Mechanical difficulty seems to be bothering me, but I am getting above and ahead of my time Will I slow down, in time to help an angel of mine, speak to me, as I spit in tongues No one understands me, but the one Who plays before me on a dark and white balcony… These words are not supposed to mean a thing to anyone As these are just words that are spoken to me in reemerging order So then, I can re-enter this paradise of beauty in multiple forms of truth

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