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Love Chess Game1

Love Chess Game1

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Published by Leonid (Leon) Basin

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Published by: Leonid (Leon) Basin on Dec 30, 2011
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Love Chess Games Yes, here I am and here you are…here we go…listen..

Just listen I want you to listen for 1 min. just listen.

Glory name, is love the same, When one is to blame for all the games, How pretty is your name, when not spoken But reacted and acted upon, Through mirrors of emotions, My devotions speak through journey, It’s my own convulsions, I need to go through, In order to release my pain through poetry, My emotions are glorious as they are speaking to you through these beautiful words of honor, Compassion and forgiving myself first, And then perhaps you, It’s my own progressive moments of glory, To raise my hands up above my head, And speak, in words that only you can understand, As these words are written for you in hot steamy arrow of rainbow rays, And then re-connected to descramble into ocean of waves, Then re-posted into icicles form of visionary imagery, So one can stare at them, Without feeling a mystery, As these words are true, like these feelings that ring from my heart rang through your telephone wire of musical notes of bringing you white light through, when darkness was on your side, but you began to seek embezzlement against dark side, And lifted your head for a happier light I was there, watching you, guiding you, seeing you and believing in you,

As I was in darkness too, and I experienced pain too, but I wanted to stay back and help you Understand, I was there for you and that it will always be that way I would never leave, and I will stay connected to your soul and to your mind Let us listen enjoy this opportunity now, to understand our destination, it is never late, to repeat these word again…love is so true, I belong to you….

Leon Basin http://www.leonbasin.net

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