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Terror everyday in different new forms effecting our peace in every nook and corner of our country .

Every day there is a loss of some human lives due to some form of terror or the other . It is very important and imperative for us to understand the environments we are living in and the modus operandi of the terror groups and various kind of there nafariuos activities which are effecting our day today life so badly . We have to organise ourselves and adopt various measures to increase general awareness in the public and also suggest some measures to our Govt (s) how to deal with the various kinds of terror and related issues to handle the situation in a more effective manner time to time.

Mumbai has been the most preferred target for most terrorist organizations, primarily the separatist forces from Pakistan.[citation needed] Over the past few years there have been a series of attacks, including explosions in local trains in July 2006, and the most recent and unprecedented attacks of 26 November 2008, when two of the prime hotels, a landmark train station, and a Jewish Chabad house, in South Mumbai, were attacked and sieged
The government should think more about the security of the common man than the security of politicians and ministers.The irony of our security system is , most of the NSG commandos in India are employed to provide security to the ministers.Since they are busy with their duties , they are not trained on the latest techniques of rescue.All the main cities should have a terror rescue team containing trained defence people. During the mumbai blasts , the NSG team had to come from delhi.Though mumbai is attacked somany times , there is no team of NSG commandos in mumbai.There should be proper co-ordination between all the security and defence departments like Aviation secuirty , home security ,Army. Even the common public can contribute towards our security.Public should help these departments by informing them of suspicious incidents.Our political parties should stop their dog fights and taking political advantage of this situation and should sit together and make some stringent laws to curb terrorism. Unless everyone of us put our sincere efforts to fight terrorism , we will see many such mumbai blasts throughout our country.

The Effects of Terrorism
Summary: All terrorist acts involve violence or the threat of violence. These violent acts are usually committed by nongovernmental groups or individuals who are either part of or officially serving in the military, law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, or other governmental agencies of an established nation. Terrorists attempt not only to create panic but also to weaken confidence in the government and the political leadership of the target country. The Effects of Terrorism Terrorism has occurred throughout history, but today the world is experiencing a global rebirth of attacks. Today it no longer affects only small societies, such as isolated third world countries who fell victim to regular terrorist attacks, but the whole world is becoming more familiar with Arab and Muslim names. The terrorist violence that is on the rise today has informed citizen all over the

suicide terrorism ranks with other spectacular modus operandi such as blowing up airplanes in mid air or the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction as a sure means to win maximum effect." (National Center for Policy Analysis) Some of the most recent act of suicide terrorism in the U. (National Center for Policy Analysis) The suicide bombers often do die while attempting their terrorist acts. religious. limited firepower. One the most commonly seen forms of terrorism have been Suicide terrorism. Terrorists mean to frighten and therefore scare a wider crowd. If the media were not there to report terrorist acts and to explain their political and social significance (the motives inspiring them and so fourth) terrorism as such would cease to exist" (Netanyahu 70) What has caused terrorism can be a mystery for many reactionary groups. These violent acts are usually committed by nongovernmental groups or individuals who are either part of or officially serving in the military. They require publicity. or other governmental agencies of an established nation. For this reason they rely on intense bloody and destructive acts of hit-and-run violence to attract attention to their group and their cause. But even countries with strict police-enforced laws have not been immune to terrorism. civil liberties are protected. . Also by through the same reasons repressive societies.S.world about different types of terrorism. Terrorists attempt not only to create panic but also to weaken confidence in the government and the political leadership of the target country. economic. law enforcement agencies. ensures full media coverage." (dictionary. Generally democratic countries have been proven to be grounds for terrorism because of the open nature of their societies. It is their lifeblood. they are in fact pawns in large terrorist networks that wage calculated psychological warfare. but for other groups the main causes can be historical. but the bombers do wish to live to see how the tragedy has affected their victims. guarantees mass casualties. Terrorist groups are generally small and have few members. Terrorism can be defined as "the deliberate creation of fear to bring out political change. intelligence agencies. suicide bombers have no fear to surrender information. which are usually carried out in crowded areas. Thus. and the intense impact on the media. and other resources. such as a rival ethnic or religious group. Through the media they are able to create a larger voice for themselves and create hostilities among people. or Ordinary Decent Criminal. In such societies people have fundamental rights. and government control and constant surveillance of the people and their activities are absent. or the entire international community. hence the name. an entire country and its political control. other wise known as psychological warfare. social. was the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. cultural. This sets him far apart from what British officials in Northern Ireland have taken to calling the ODC. the Nation's have been to do what they can to eliminate terrorism. "A terrorist is a criminal who seeks publicity. guarantees the act will succeed. where the government closely monitors citizens and restricts their speech and movement. The wide range use of suicide terrorism is because it is simple and low-cost. who understandably shuns the limelight. "The relatively high number of casualties guaranteed in such attacks. even though they limit civil liberties and are against free speech and rights of assembly. have often provided more difficult environments for terrorists. Also with the resurgence the world is experiencing of terrorism. Terrorism therefore is designed to have psychological effects that reach farther beyond the impact on the immediate victims of an attack. and psychological.com) All terrorist acts involve violence or the threat of violence. "While suicide bombers are often portrayed as lone mad zealots.

In the 18 century. Japanese citizens in Tokyo and other cities were terrorized by chemical attacks planned and executed by members of the Aum Shinrikyo (supreme truth) religious cult and its leader Shoko Ashara. Another popular form of terrorism is Bio-chemical terrorism. intestinal track problems. This suicide attack is the worst act of terrorism ever committed on US soil. When the end of the war came and tens of thousands of troops returned home they came down with an illness. in Atjeh in Northern Sumatra and in Mindanao and Sulu in the Southern Philippines. The country that has been involved in most conflicts that pertain to biological and chemical weapons has been Iraq. "Looking at history of terrorism. This type of terrorism has been around for many years and dates back to the 18th century. internal bleeding. and memory loss. Naval base in Yokosuka The effects that chemical and biological weapons have had on US troops started after the Persian Gulf. "(National Center for Policy Analysis) "Suicide terrorism is defined as a politically motivated violent attack perpetrated by a self-aware individual who actively and purposely causes his own death through blowing himself up along with his chosen target. it can be seen that suicide attacks are in actuality a very old modus operandi. the Jewish Sicairis and the Islamic Hashishiyun became infamous for such attacks. and were sent to consult with psychologists. US jets fired back with laser-guided bombs that knocked out antiaircraft artillery. This terrorist filled country has done everything from forging documents and making fraudulent statements to completely dismantling equipment and destroying documents to cover up their production of Biological weapons. These symptoms have been classified as "Gulf War Syndrome. who called himself "Holy Pope." The veterans were told they were suffering from psychological problems as a result of war.Suicide Bombers hijacked two planes full of fuel and used them as missiles into the Twin Towers. but also the mode of warfare has changed. severe joint pain and headaches. Military intelligence agencies have no doubt that in the future there will be more confrontations with Iraq as they continue to try and build their weapons arsenal. (dictionary. In ancient times two notorious sects. In all of these places Muslims carried out suicide attacks in their fight against Western hegemony and colonial rule.com) " In the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf war Iraq produced and planned to use not only chemical weapons but also biological weapons " (Gay 12) This is a good example of how other countries have tried to use bio-chemical warfare against another country. Iraqi surface-to-air missiles *were fired at British and American fighter jets." (Gay 13) This cult tired to create a war by attacking the legislature and other authorities like the U. suicide tactics were used on the Malabar Coast of Southwestern India. "(Gay 27) Iraq has shown extreme hostile behavior against other countries leading the US and other nations to believe that Iraq does in fact have been creating and building up their biological and chemical weapons. Modern suicide attacks are often for the purpose to inflict both physical and psychological damage to the population."(Schweitzer) Today's suicide terrorist attacks are obviously different from ones of ancient times. Along with the threat among opposing nations.S. "Just days before the end of 1998. Computers and other communications . Bio-chemical terrorism can be defined as a group that threatens or attacks their target with the usage of a chemical that is very harmful and can be fatal. Killing everyone aboard the two planes and collapsing the towers. "Information warfare is "an electronic conflict in which information is a strategic asset worthy of conquest or destruction. The perpetrator's ensured death is a precondition for the success of his mission. there is also the threat of this terrorism in one nation. "In 1994 and 1995. which is one of the most deadly types. The symptoms included chronic fatigue.

"(French) Since this type of terrorism has grown to such a vast strength. and in locating Scud missile launchers in Iraq." (Johnson) Since the disbanding of ST6 the Navy had no maritime CT unit. With the growth in computer software and other technologies. The United States counter terrorism groups include Delta Force. which is with other groups like the US Army's 1st SFOD-D and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Team Delta also saw some action during Desert Storm. it can become one of the most commonly choice for warfare. Counter terrorism teams have existed in one form or another since the 1920's. DEVGRU. Combat Applications Group (CAG). The training for the MP's was so successful. in which both groups are listed in the counter-terrorism units.500 personnel.and information systems become attractive first-strike targets. making this one of the more popular terrorism tactic. The terrorist can hack into a computer system that is so far away that the hacker will be in no danger. information warfare is becoming easier. "Information warfare is essentially superior conventional strength. Secretary of State Madeline Albright designated twenty-eight groups as foreign terrorist organizations. The threat of info war means that computer systems would have to be protected from an "Electric Pearl Harbor" "The surprise attack would not hit just one location. Delta's main purpose is for hostage rescue. and was held captive in Modelo. "In October 1999. and the US Army special reaction teams. According to Geffery French. The third counter-terrorist group that was formed by the United States was the Special Reaction Teams (SRT's). "What is known is that they were formed in the mid 1990's after SEAL Team Six. Delta Force is one of the US's Counter Terrorist Groups which is also known as. This unit was formed when the Army sent a small group of Military Police to attend Emergency Services Teams training. today the Delta Force is though to have an estimated 2. With the new technologies today. the Department mandated that the MP group would be reassigned to an . The US Congress passed in 1996 the Antiterrorism and effective death penalty. the original commander of ST6 published a series of books that outlined the history and purpose of the original Team." (Gay 78-79) The threat of information warfare is a major disruption that should definitely be paid attention to due to its great affect it could have on a nation's communication and computer systems. The newly formed group is also a division of JSOC. The State Department also provides descriptions of these organizations and their areas of operation. the Navy's Counter-terrorism was disbanded. "(Gay 47) Counter-terrorism is to terminate terrorism and is usually enforced but authorized military organizations. The counter terrorist group recruits its soldiers from the US Army's Special Forces Green Berets and Rangers. when troopers provided General Norman Schwartzkopf security. information warfare groups are much easier to form. The Delta Force has their own fleet of helicopters painted in civilian colors with fake registration numbers to keep their existence out of the media. DEVGRU was created after Richard Marcinko. DEVGRU is estimated to have about 400 personnel which are separated into four combat teams and a training team. as was the case with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii during World War II. and they got the chance to rescue an American business man who was operating from an underground radio station. The recent rumors have said that the DEVGRU is actually a CT unit created to take the place of ST6. "(French) Information warfare is becoming a popular form of terrorism these days. The second counter terrorist group in the US is the DEVGRU which is a Naval Special Warfare Development Group. which has the secretary of state to put together a list of the top foreign terrorist groups. The organizational stronghold that the perpetrators have increases the flexibility and reduces the reaction time to fight against an attack. but instead could disrupt the entire nation. Not only are US weapons better than any other military's but advances in computer and communications have led to a method of integrating conventional forces so well that a new type of fighting emerges.

Each plane that struck the towers killed everyone aboard and causing the towers to collapse. and was flying without incident until they had reached Cleveland. United Airlines flight 93 took off around 8:45 a. American Airlines flight 77 also reported several men aboard with box cutters who rushed passenger to the rear of the plane. United Airlines Flight 93 was flown nose first into a field in Pennsylvania killing everyone aboard. The plane's target was apparently changed when the pilot pulled off a tight maneuver cutting 270 degrees to the right to head towards the Pentagon.was at the helm. but the ones that will always remain the most important to you are the ones that happen in your home nation. They made sure to take over aircraft's with loaded fuel tanks. some passengers had learned from cell phones of the crashes into the World Trade Center. The passenger had reported that the terrorists had cigarette lighters with hidden knives inside to take over the plane. They also chose the correct planes after careful planning. The treats of bio-chemical. . Suicide or psychological warfare. Along with the rise of terrorism is also the increase in Counter-Terrorism acts.m. the increase of terrorism has also counter balanced. Later. "Aviation experts said the plane was flown with skill. The US alone spends about $5 billion dollars a year combating terrorists. Then Flight 93 had made a few midair maneuvers which resulted in crashing into a field near Shanksville. Terrorism is a major problem that is reoccurring over the globe in many different forms.extensive scouting of the airport to ensure success. Throughout the years many radical and reactionary groups have been the cause for terrorist attacks throughout the world. The passengers and crew were held captive in the first-class section. Even though most counter terrorist groups are kept secret. A flight attendant onboard reportedly made a call from a cellular phone and said there were "several Middle Eastern men" who had used knives or box cutters to take over the plane. and less people for less opposition. making it highly likely that a trained pilot--possibly one of the hijackers-." (Counter-Terrorism) The results of the hijacking of the four airliners were devastating. American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and steered into the Pentagon in Washington DC killing everyone aboard. and information warfare are on the rise in today's societies as more political argument and groups emerge. Pennsylvania. the hijackers told the passengers that the planes that were flying from Boston would be used as bombs and hit the Twin Towers in New York. Aboard American Airlines Flight 11. and wounded several passengers. The two aircrafts that struck the World Trade Centers twin towers were United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11.

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