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Recitation of Sura for Rizq

Recitation of Sura for Rizq

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Published by Saeed Rizwan Husain

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Published by: Saeed Rizwan Husain on Dec 31, 2011
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Recitation of Sura 56 (Waqiyah) after Isha Salat Recitation of Ayat ´Mashaallahu laa Quwwata illa billah" (Ch. Al-Kahf (18), vs.

39) "It is as Allah has pleased, there is no power save in Allah." DUA'A 58 Who ever recites surah al Falaq time and again receives sustenance regularly. DUA'A 59 Whoever recites AR RAZZAQ 308 times in the morning receives more sustenance than he expects. DUA'A 60 To earn independent income recite regularly surah Ta Ha in the last part of the night. DUA'A 61 According to Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir recite the following du'a' for increase in sustenance.

O Allah, I beseech You for sustenance ± abundant, good and lawful-from the ³sustenance´ You own. ALLAAHUMMA INNEE AS-ALUKA RIZQAN WAASI-AN T'AYYIBBAN MIN RIZQIKA
DUA'A 62 Recite the following du-a'a 1000 times at midnight for removal of poverty and increase in sustenance.

Glory be to You, (my) master, the ever living, the selfsubsisting, for whom there is no end.

DUA'A 63 For increase in sustenance recite YAA GHANIYYU 1060 times between maghrib and Ishaa prayers DUA'A 64 The Holy Prophet taught the following du-a'a to ahl al safi for increase in sustenance.

O Allah, the Lord of seven (or several) heavens and the Lord of the arash (the seat of divine authority) repay our debts and free us from poverty.

O Allah, (You alone) administer my affairs. Do not let me depend on any other for the direction of my affairs.

DUA'A 66 According to Mulla Muhsin Kashani if the following du-a'as are recited, as mentioned for every day separately, there will be a noticeable increase in the means of livelihood. Recite each du-a'a 1000 times. SATURDAY

O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad. So be it.

O Lord of the worlds.


YAA D'AL JALLAALI WAL IKRAAM TUESDAY : O He who decides definitely regarding wants and needs.O Owner of splendour and generosity. the self-subsisting. YAA ARH'AMAR RAAH'IMEEN THURSDAY : O the everliving. YAA H'AYYU YAA QAYYOOM FRIDAY : There is no god save You. YAA QAAZ'IYAL H'AAJAAT WEDNESDAY : O the most merciful of all the merciful. the true and manifest sovereign LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTAL MALIKUL H'AQQUL MUBEEN .

there was no improvement in his financial matters and he remained poor and deprived. .DUA'A 67 Once a very poor man came to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq and told him that in spite of his best efforts. The Imam advised him to recite a du-a'a after Ishaa prayers regularly.

(because) verily You are the owner of limitless gifts. I go round in its search to (many) cities. or on the mountain. Truly. There I (wander) as its seeker.O Allah. I do not know whether it is in the plain. as creator. because You do not want to punish me whereas I am always in need of Your mercy. its system (of production and distribution) is in Your power (because) You are. let its source be near me and let me not in vain run after the sustenance You have not selected for me. or in the sky. Give generously Your superabundant bounties to Your servant. From where and through whom it will reach me? At all events. know all about its (availability. make easy for me its seeking. I know. verily I do not know wherefrom I will get my sustenance? Indeed to look for it I lay myself open to possible risks which threaten my heart. O my sustainer give me abundant sustenance. quantity and quality). Through Your grace and mercy it is distributed. or in the earth. ALLAAHUMMA INNAHOO LAYSA LEE I'LMUN MIN AYNA RIZQEE WA INNAMAA ANAA AT'LUBUHOO BIKHAT'ARAATIN TAKHT'URU A'LAA QALBEE FA-AJOOLU FEE T'ALABIHIL BULDAANA FA-ANAA FEEMAA ANAA T'AALIBUN KAL-HAYRANI LAA ADREE AFEE SAHLIN HUWA AM FEE JABALIN AM FEE ARZ'IN AM FEE SAMAA-IN AM FEE BARRIN AM FEE BAH'RIN WA A'LAA YADAY MAN WA MIN . or under the earth or in the sea.

. O Allah. I beseech You in the name of Your great ³ism azam´ to give me sustenance. It is said that Allah may give the reciter so much sustenance that it will suffice seven generations. It is recommended to recite it after Fajr or Maghrib prayers.DUA'A 68 To receive sustenance in abundance recite the following verse of surah ash sura 66 times daily after obligatory prayer with ALLAAHU AKBAR in the beginning each time. O the most merciful. in abundance. O owner of splendour and generosity. ALLAAHU LATEEFUM BI-IBAADIHEE YARZUQU MAY YASHAAA WA HUWAL QAWIYYUL AZEEZ DUA'A 69 Recite the following du-a'a 3 times with salawat at the end after Fajr and Maghrib prayers regularly. O Allah. O self-subsisting. all-mighty. Allah is benign to His servants. O Lord. He gives sustenance to whomsoever He wills. O Lord. O Allah. O everliving. O Lord. YAA ALLAAHU YAA ALLAAHU YAA ALLAAHU YAA RABBU YAA RABBU YAA RABB YAA H'AYYU YAA QAYYOOM YAA D'AL JALAALI WAL IKRAM AS-ALUKA BISMIKAL A'Z'EEMIL A'Z'AM AN TARZUQANEE RIZQAN WAASI-A'N H'LAALAN T'AYYIBAN BIRAH'MATIKA YAA ARH'AMAR RAAH'IMEEN DUA'A 70 Recite the following du-a'a 7 times with salawat after every obligatory salat for increase in sustenance. He is strong. lawful and pure by Your mercy.

verily I have need of what You have sent me of the good. RABBI INNEE LIMAAA ANZALTA ILAYYA MIN KHAYRIN FAQEER DUA'A 71 For increase in sustenance recite the following du-a'a 144 times with salawat after Isha salawat for 7 days from Friday. O self-subsisting. None but He knows them: and He (alone) knows what is in the land and the sea. nor anything wet or dry but is in a clear book. WA I'NDAHOO MAFAATIH'UL GHAYBI LAA YA'LAMUHAAA ILLAA HUW WA YA-LAMU MAA FIL BARRI WAL BAH'R WA MAA TASQUT'U MIW WARAQATIN ILLAA YA-LAMUHAA WA LAA H'ABBATIN FEE Z'ULUMAATIL ARZ'I WA LAA RAT'BIW WA LAA YAABISIN ILLAA FEE KITAABIM MUBEEN YAA H'AYYU YAA QAYYOO DUA'A 72 According to Imam Ali ibn abi Talib recitation of the following du-a'a after Fajr salat increases sustenance . And with Him are the keys (treasures) of the unseen. O Everliving.O Lord. and there is not a grain in the darkest (recess) of the earth. Not a leaf falls but He knows it.

administers grants and refusals. . and thus be degraded by having to praise those who may give and shrewdly tolerate those who may refuse.O my Allah. Verily You have power over all things. save my honour and worth by giving one affluence and do not substitute my prosperity with poverty (in which case) I may have to seek sustenance (created by You) from the wicked among Your creatures. under all circumstances. (although) it is You who. ALLAAHUMMA S'UN WAJHEE BIL YASAARI WA LAA TUBADDIL JAAHEE BIL IQTAARI FAS-TARZIQA T'AALIBEE RIZQIKA WAS-TA-TIFA SHIRAARA KHALQIKA WAB-TULIYA BIH'AMDI MAN A'-T'AANEE WA UFTAT'ANA BID'AMMI MAN S'ANA -A'NEE WA ANTA MIN WARAA-I D'AALIKA KULLIHEE WALIYYUL A'T'AA-I WAL MAN-I INNAKA A'LAA KULLI SHAY-IN QADEER DUA'A 73 According to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib recitation of the following du-a'a after Fajr salat increases sustenance.

blessings of Allah be on him and on his children. Praise to be Allah who gave me (wisdom) to follow and obey Muhammad. Praise be to Allah who covers my defects and shortcomings and does not disclose my infamy among the people. Praise be to Allah.Praise be to Allah who made me aware of His nafs (reality) and did not forsake me to be one of those whose hearts do not perceive. . the one and only. and also peace. and kept on the body for increase in sustenance. ALH'AMDU LILLAAHIL LAD'EE A'RRAFNEE NAFSAHOO WA LAM YATRUKNEE U'MYAANAL QALBI ALH'AMDU LILLAAHIL LAD'EE JA-A'LANEE MIN UMMATI MUH'AMMADIN S'ALLALLAAHU A'LAYJI WA AALIHEE WA SALLAM ALH'AMDU LILLAAHIL LAD'EE JA-A'LA RIZQEE FEE YADIHEE WA LAM YAJ-A'LHU FEE AYDIN NAASI ALH'AMDU LILLAAHIL LAD'EE SATARA U'YOOBEE WA LAM YAFZ'AH'NEE BAYNAN NAASI ALH'AMDU LILLAAHIL LAD'EE WAH'DAHOO DUA'A 74 The following du-a'a is taken from Sahifa Alayiyyah by Imam Ali ibn abi Talib. This du-a'a is to be written. preferably on the skin of a deer or on any skin of a lawful animal. Praise be to Allah who has kept my sustenance in His (own) hand and did not give it to other people (like me) from whom I may have to seek it.

they will withhold much. do not keep back from him Your liberal distribution (of bounties). Whosoever is aware of the divine laws (and follows them) to him He shows the true way out and gives him sustenance from where he does not reckon. (mention the name of the person with father¶s name for whom this du-a¶a is written) has no capacity. because. Whoso relies upon Allah. do not be less generous in giving him from the vastness of Your bounties. ALLAAHUMMA LAA T'AAQATA LI (name of the person with father's name) WA LAA S'ABRA LAHOO A'LAL BALAAA-I WA LAA QUWWATA LAHOO . with every difficulty there is ease. nor he has strength to withstand hunger and destitution. whereas You have no need of him. Verily Allah completes His decisions. give much to him from Your abundant bounties and do not let him be without (Your abundant bounties). and if at all they give. because he will not be equal to the task and will be too weak to perform well or set aright that which has gone (wrong) before.O my Allah. but You by Yourself put into good condition the disorder in his business and confusion of affairs and take charge of his welfare. do not give him over to Your creatures. nor he has endurance to come to grips with misfortunes. and do not let his means of sustenance (from You) fluctuate. do not give him over to Your liberal distribution (of bounties). they will give that which is less and trifle. O my Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on his children. and if they refuse to give. Allah has set a due measure for everything. for him He is sufficient. and You are fully aware of his (needs and wants). do not exclude him from Your generosity. they will take possession of (his rights). look after all his affairs. verily very much in need he turns unto You to seek and obtain that which is in Your hands. nor hand over (his affairs) to his relatives. nor (even) to himself. nor he has endurance to come to grips with misfortunes. O my Allah. If You put Your creatures in charge of (his affairs) they will not serve him. and if they be niggardly they do full justice to niggardliness. Verily.

O lasting survivor. Begin on any Saturday. Before reciting the surah recite the following du-a'a every time. my Lord and Lord of everything. I turn to Allah through You (He is) Your Lord. . on the authority of the Holy Prophet. if the following du-a'a is recited after praying a 2 rakat salat. YAA MAAJIDU YAA WAAJIDU YAA AH'ADU YAA KAREEMU ATAWJJAHU ILAYKA BI-MUH'AMMADIN NABIYYIKA NABIYYAR RAH'MATI S'ALLALLAAHU A'LAYHI WA AALIHEE YAA RASOOLALLAAH INNEE ATAWAJJAHU BIKA ILALLAAHU RABBIKA WA RABBEE WA RABBI KULLI SHAY-IN FA-AS-ALUKA YAA RABBI AN TUS'ALLIYA A'LAA MUH'AMMADIN WA AHLI BAYTIHEE WA AS-ALUKA NAFQATAN KAREEMATAN MIN NAFQATIKA WA FAT-HAN YASEERAA WA RIZQAN WAASI-AN ALUMMU BIHEE SHA-THEE WA AZQ'EE BIHEE DAYNEE WA ASTA-E'ENU BIHEE A'LAA I'YAALEE DUA'A 76 For increase in income recite surah Al Waqi-ah 3 times daily after Ishaa salat for 5 weeks continuously. (with a request to) send blessings on him and on his children-O messenger of Allah.DUA'A 75 It is written in Kanzul Maknun. and support my family. it increases sustenance. O unique. Your prophet. the prophet of mercy. pay my debts. (and I beseech Him to) send blessings on Muhammad and on his Ahlul Bayt and give me sustenance generously from the sustenance You own. I turn to You in the name of Muhammad. O glorious. easy success and abundant livelihood with which I will set aright my disordered business and confusion of my affairs. O generous.

I seek refuge with You from the disgrace of poverty and debt. Do not reject it. WA MAY YATTAQILLAAHA YAJ-A'L LAHOO MAKHRAJAA WA YARZUQHU MIN H'AYTHU LAA YAHTASIB WA MAY YATAWAKKAL A'LALLAAHI FA HUWA H'ASBUH INNALLAAHA BAALIGHU AMRIH QAD JA-A'LALLAAHU LIKULLI SHAY-IN QADRAA DUA'A 78 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to recite the following verse 186 of Al Baqarah between wudu (ablution) and salat for increase in sustenance. Whosoever fears (the wrath of) Allah.O Allah. Allah has indeed prescribed a measure for every thing. without subjecting us to extra hardships. lawful. O the most merciful. Allah is sufficient for him who relies on Him. ALLAAHUMMAR-ZUQNAA RIZQAN WAASI-A'N H'ALAALAN T'AYYIBAN MIN GHAYRI KADDIN WASTAJIB DA'WATEE MIN GHAYRI RADDIN WA AO'OD'U BIKA MIN FAZ'EEH'ATEE BIFAQRIN WA DAYNIN WADFA' A'NNEE HAAD'AYNI BIH'AQQIL IMAAMAYNIS SIBT'AYNI AL H'ASANI WAL H'USAYNI A'LAYHIMAS SALAAMU BIRAH'MATIKA YAA ARH'AMAR RAAHI'IMEEN DUA'A 77 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to recite the following du'a'a for increase in sustenance 141 times daily after Isha salat 40 days continuously. peace be on them. Verily Allah accomplishes His purpose. Accept my supplication. give us abundant sustenance. through Your mercy. so drive away these misfortunes from me for the sake of Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn. . and provide him with sustenance from where he does not reckon. Recite 41 salawats in the beginning and at the end of each recitation. He will make a way out for him. purified.

so that they may be led aright. recite verses 26 and 27 of Ali Imran (given in A) 10 times and after salam say salawat 10 times. You exalt whom You like and abase whom You like. verily You have power over all things. WA ID'AA SA-ALAKA I'BAADEE A'NNEE FA-INNEE QAREEB UJEEBU DA-WATAD DAA-I'ID'AA DA -A'ANI FAL-YASTAJEEBOO LEE WAL YOO-MINOO BEE LAALLAHUM YARSHUDOON DUA'A 79 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to pray a 2 rakat salat and after reciting al Fatihah in every rakat.When My servants ask you about Me. and believe in Me. So they should hear My call. You give kingdom to whom You like. in Your hand is the good. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he beseeches Me. and You take away the kingdom from whom You like. QULILLAAHUMMA MAALIKAL MULKI TOO-TIL MULKA MAN TASHAAA-U WA TANZI-UL MULKA MIMMAN TASHAAA WA TU-IZZU MAN TASHAAA-U WA TUD'ILLU MAN TASHAAAA BIYADIKAL KHAYR INNKA A'LAA KULLI SHAY-IN QADEER TOOLIJUL LAYLA FIN NAHAARI WA TOOLIJUN NAHAARA FIL LAYL WA TUKHRIJUL H'AYYA MINAL MAYYITI WA TUKHRIJUL MAYYITA MINAL H'AYYI WA TARZUQU MAN TASHAAA-U BIGHAYRI H'ISAAB . then (say to them) verily I am very near. master of the kingdom. You cause the night to pass into the day. go into sajdah and recite verse 35 of Sad (given in B) 10 times for increase in sustenance. (A) Say: ³O Allah. without measure. You bring forth the dead from the living and You give sustenance to whom You like. and You cause the day to pass into the night.

O Guardian. DUA'A 85 Some religious scholars add another name YAA WAFIYYU-O in du-a'a 83to be recited 1398 times daily. picket or box. You are the great bestower. O He who gives much long periods. wealth and prosperity. DUA'A 86 . and give me such a dominion as no one after me shall have the like. if surah Ali Imran is written with the mixture of saffron and rose water and kept on the body (better to wear as a neclace) poverty goes and sufficiency comes. forgive me. O Self-Sufficient. Verily. YAA QAWIYYU YAA GHANIYYU YA WALIYYU YAA MALIYYU DUA'A 84 In Mulla Muhsin Kashani's opinion the above noted du'a'a 83 should be recited one thousand times daily between Mughrib and Ishaa salats. DUA'A 82 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq. to increase sustenance and have abundant means of livelihood . DUA'A 83 Recite the following names of Allah twelve thousand times in "one sitting" without talking to any or himself to have a large means of sustenance. keep written surah al Hijr in the purse. RABBIGH-FIR LEE WA HAB LEE MULKAL LAA YAMBAGHEEE LI-AH'ADIM MIM BA-DEE INNAKA ANTAL WAHHAAB DUA'A 80 Recite surah ash shams and surah al Layl after Ishaa salat for increase in sustenance.(B) O (my) Lord. DUA'A 81 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq. O Mighty.

O drive away poverty and to get sufficient means of sustenance recite the following du-a'a 30 times daily after Fajr salat and also after Maghrib salat Glory be to Allah the great. for Allah is the owner of infinite grace. and praise (be to Him) SUBH'AANALLAAHIL A'Z'EEMI WA BIH'AMDIHEE SUBH'AANALLAAHIL A'Z'EEM DUA'A 87 Recite the following verse 350 times daily for large means of livelihood And that the grace is wholly in the hands of Allah to give whomsoever He wills. WA ANNAL FAZ'LA BIYADILLAAHI YOO-TEEHI MAY YASHAAA WALLAAHU D'UL' FAZ'LIL A'Z'EEM DUA'A 88 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq recite the following du-a'a 400 times daily for two months to have rizqi akbar (large means of sustenance. .

injustices and transgressions (I committed to destroy my self)¶ and I turn repentant unto Him. the beneficent. 41. the everliving. the self-subsisting. 42 of al Baqarah 21 times daily after Fajr salat for 40 days for having rizq akbar (large means of sustenance) . who is: ³There is no god save He. the merciful. ASTAGHFIRULLAAHAL LADEE LAA ILAAHA ILLAA HUWAR RAHMAANUR RAH'EEMUL H'AYYUL QAYYOOM BADEE-U'S SAMAAWAATI WEAL ARZ' MIN JAMEE-I JURMEE WA Z'ULMEE WA ISRAAFEE A'LAA NAFSEE WA ATOOBU ILAYHI DUA'A 89 Recite the following verses 40.I seek forgiveness from Allah. the creator of the heavens and the earth´. from all the offences.

Do not mix up truth with falsehood. On the 40th day recite it 179 times. remember My bounty which I bestowed on you. and Me alone should you fear. and fear Me alone. preferably from Thursday or Friday (see Talaq 2 and 3 in duaa-77 ) . and fulfill your covenant with Me.O children of Israel. and do not be the first to deny it. verifying that which is with you. The total of 40 days recitation is 6380. At the end recite salawat 100 times (repeat this amal till your legitimate desires are satisfied) DUA'A 91 Recite the following du-a'a 70 times every Friday to have rizqi akbar . YAA BANEE ISRAAA-EELAD'-KUROO NI'-MATIYAL LATEEE AN-A'MTU A'LAYKUM WA AWFOO BI-A'HDEEE OOFI BI-A'HDIKUM WA IYYAAYA FARHABOON WA AAMINOO BIMAAA ANZALTU MUS'ADDIQAL LIMAA MA-A'KUM WA LAA TAKOONOOO AWWALA KAAFIRIM BIH WA LAA TASHTAROO BI AAYAATEE THAMANAN QALEELAA WA IYYAAYA FATTAQOON WA LAA TALBISUL H'AQQA BIL BAA'TILI WA TAKTUMUL H'AQQA WA ANTUM TA'-LAMOON DUA'A 90 Given below is the a'mal to have very large means of sustenance (rizqi akbar) Have a bath (ghusl) with intention of seeking nearness to Allah for the fulfillment of the legitimate desire of having rizqi akbar Pray 2 rakat salat with above noted intention Recite salawat 100 times With sincere faith and full concentration recite verses 2 and 3 of at Talaq 159 times after Fajr salat regularly for 39 days. I shall fulfill my covenant with you. And believe in that which I have sent down. nor hide the truth while you know (it). nor take a mean price in exchange for My signs.

. let me always obey You.In the name of Allah. and save me. O pardoner. the beneficent. YAA MUFEEDU YAA GHAFOORU YAA WADOODU AGHNINEE BIH'ALAALIKA A'N H'ARAAMIKA WA BI T'AA-A'TIKA A'M MA-S'IYATIKA WA BI FAZ'LIKA A'MMAN SIWAAKA BI RAH'MATIKA YAA ARH'AMAR RAAH'IMEEN DUA'A 92 It is written in Tafsir Burhan to recite surah Ya'sin after praying a 2 rakat salat on 3 Thursdays to have wealth and prosperity. the merciful. O affectionate. with Your mercy. with Your grace. DUA'A 93 Recite the following verses daily to have wealth and honour. protect me from that which you have forbidden by giving me lawful (sustenance). and keep me safe from disobeying You. O the bestower of benefits. O the most merciful. from others than You.

A sending down from Him who created the earth and the heavens. willingly or unwilling. Your Lord has commanded that you shall not worship (any) but Him.´ They said: ³We come willingly. and it was smoke.´ Be it known that all affairs go back to Allah. If you count the bounties of Allah you will not be able to number them. Whosoever fears (the wrath of) Allah. most merciful. He will make a way out for him. the all-knowing (Lord). Verily Allah is oft-forgiving. Allah is sufficient for him who relies on Him. and elevated region. and provide him with sustenance from where he does not reckon. firm in His authority. and do good to the parents. Then He turned to the heaven. 1) WA MAA YA'-TAS'IM BILLAAHI FAQAD HUDIYA ILAA S'IRAAT'IM MUSTAQEEM 2) WA LAA TAH'SABANNALLAAHA GHAAFILAN A'MMAA YA-MALUZ' Z'AALIMOON 3) WA IN TA-U'DDOO NI-MATALLAAHI LAA TUH'S'OOHAA INNALLAAHA LA-GHAFOORUR RAH'EEM 4) WA QAZ'AA RABBUKA ALLAA TA'-BUDOOO ILLAAA IYYAAHU WA BIL WAALIDAYNI IH'SAAN 5) TANZEELAM MIMMAN KHALAQAL ARZ'A WAS SAMAAWAATIL U'LAA 6) AR RAH'MANU A'LAL A'RSHIS-TAWAA 7) D'AALIKA TAQDEERUL A'ZEEZIL A'LEEM . The beneficent. Verily Allah accomplishes His purpose Allah has indeed prescribed a measure for every thing. So He said to it and the earth: ³Come you two. This is the decree of the almighty.And whoever holds fast to Allah is surely guided to the right path Do not (ever) think that Allah is heedless of what the unjust do.

daal. wa as'alukallahumma bi haqqi waliyyika abi ja'farinil jawaad. maa astaghni bihi 'ammaa fi aydi khalqik. the beneficent. has hamza. muhammadibni 'aliyyin 'alayhis salaam. wa khaabatil aamaalu illa feek. BISMILLAAHIR RAH'MAANIR RAHEEM HUWAL GHANIYYUL A'ZEEZ DAAL-HAAA-HAMZA-LAAMDAAL-DAAL-BIHEE Dua by Imam Mahdi (atfs) This dua is taken from a book called Sahifa of the Mahdi and its a tawassul through the 9th Imam. wa khaassatan ya rabbi li'aamihim wa baarik lee feehi wa fee ma laka 'indee min ni'amika wa fadhlika wa rizqik. illa judta 'alayya bihi min fadhlik. daal. In the name of Allah. Daal. as'aluka bihaqqi man haqquhu 'alayka waajibun an tusalliya 'ala muhammadin wa ahli baytihi . the merciful. (It is) He (who is) the independent self-sufficient almighty. ilaahi anqata'ar rajaa'u illa mink. for his sake. wa tafadh-dhalta 'alayya bihi min wus'ik. Shaykh 'Abbas Qummi also in his biography of the 9th Imam (muntahal aamaal) mentions something on these lines that asking Allah (swt) by the 9th Imam for increase in sustenance is a tested and proved method that really works. laam. ya dhal jalaali wal ikraam.DUA'A 94 It is written in Bihar al Anwar to write the following du'a'a on a paper and keep it in the purse or pocket to have steady income.

For an indepth look at this particular 'tasbih'. Business.scribd. Job etc. This Tasbih is usually recited after each prayer. The person should recite the tasbih with the niyat (intention) of seeking rizq (sustenance). The Prophet(saw) advised her to recite the following Tasbih which is now known as Tasbih e Zehra. before leaving the house .33 times Alhumdolillah & 33 times Subhanallah Inshallah rizq problems can be overcome with this. However it also has great value for solving the problems of Rizq.wa an tabsuta 'alayya maa khatartahu min rizqik wa an tusahhila dhaalika wa tuyassirahu fee khayrin minka wa 'aafiyatin wa ana fee khaffadhi 'aiyshin wa da'a ya arhamar rahimeen . 34 times Allah o Akbar.before commencing business or before starting work at office. Sustenance.com/doc/2296632/The-Tasbih-of-Fatima-Zahra . have a view of this particular compilation http://www. Tasbih of Fatima Zehra (sa) Once the Prophet's (saw) daughter Fatima Zehra (as) asked the prophet for a helper.

³I have many dependants and I am suffering too much because of debts. Therefore. the Prophet of Mercy.Also the Tawasul of Bibi Khadija an be used to overcome Rizq problems as her wealth made the Prophet (saws) wealthy . to send blessings upon Mu¦ammad and his Household. Upon accomplishment. PRAYERS FROM BAQIYATUS SALEHAT FOR SUSTENANCE Prayer for More Sustenance It is reported that a man came to the Holy Prophet (¥) and said. Allah¶s blessings be upon him and his Household. an easy opening. O Mu¦ammad! O Allah¶s Messenger! I turn my face in your name towards Allah. and I beseech You to grant me one of Your generous gifts. instruct me a supplication by which Almighty Allah will provide me sustenance so that I can settle my debts and cover the needs of my dependants. I thus beseech You. Your Prophet.´ The Holy Prophet (¥) taught him to do the following: You may do the ritual ablution very accurately and then offer a two unit prayer with accurate genuflection and prostration. y¡ m¡jidu y¡ w¡¦idu y¡ kar¢mu atawajjah£ ilayka bimu¦ammadin nabiyyika nabiyyi alrra¦mati ¥all¡ all¡hu `alayhi wa ¡lih¢ y¡ mu¦ammadu y¡ ras£la all¡hi inn¢ atawajjah£ bika il¡ all¡hi rabb¢ wa rabbika wa rabbi kulli shay'in wa as'aluka all¡humma an tu¥alliya `al¡ mu¦ammadin wa ahli baytih¢ wa as'aluka naf¦atan kar¢matan min nafa¦¡tika wa fat¦an yas¢ran wa rizqan w¡si`an alummu bih¢ sha`ath¢ . and expansive sustenance by which I can put together my scattered things. my and your Lord and the Lord of all things. O Allah. you may say the following supplication: O Glorious! O One an Only! O All-generous! I turn my face towards You in the name of Mu¦ammad.

O my Lord. In the second unit. Another Prayer for Sustennnce Our master scholar. Another Prayer for More Sustenance You may offer a two unit prayer. (please) make it easy for me while I am enjoying wellbeing that You confer upon me. by Your might and power. The Sayyid therefore taught him a supplication that would relieve him from poverty and bring him good sustenance. As he asked about the lord of that tent. he was answered that it was owned by Imam al-Mahd¢. He therefore hurried towards that tent and complained about his poverty. I am verily your servant. When he reached there. asking the Imam (`a) to teach him a supplication that would relieve him from his grief and save him from his misfortunes. in dream. He therefore left the Imam¶s tent and headed for the tent to which he was guided. the Awaited²the protecting shelter and the relief of the deprived ones²may Allah hasten his reappearance. ghadawtu bi¦awli all¡hi wa quwwatih¢ wa ghadawtu bil¡ ¦awlin minn¢ wa l¡ quwwatin wa l¡kin bi¦awlika wa quwwatika y¡ rabbi all¡humma inn¢ `abduka altamisu min fa¤lika kam¡ amartan¢ fayassir l¢ dh¡lika wa an¡ kh¡fi¤un f¢ `¡fiyatika . and have the ability to cover the needs of my dependants. you may recite S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah once and repeat S£rah al-Kawthar (No. Shaykh al-N£r¢. The Imam. in the first unit. he saw Sayyid Mu¦ammad al-Sul§¡n¡b¡d¢ sitting in his prayer-place while he was engaged in uttering supplications and litanies. He greeted him and told him about his story with the Imam. 108) three times. O Allah. you may go to the mosque to offer two or four units of prayer after which you may say the following supplication: I begin this day by Allah¶s might and power. you may recite S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah once and repeat S£rah al-Falaq and S£rah al-N¡s each three times. Another Prayer for More Sustenance wa aq¤¢ bih¢ dayn¢ wa asta`¢nu bih¢ `al¡ `iy¡l¢ Before you go to your shop (or place of work). I am seeking Your favor. So. in his book of D¡r al-Sal¡m. instructed him to visit the tent of one of his offspring. as You have ordered me to do. having heard his complaint. rather. has recorded on the authority of his mentor Fat¦ `Al¢ al-Sul§¡n¡b¡d¢ that Shaykh Mu¦ammad ¯¡diq al-`Ir¡q¢ had lived in harsh poverty for a long time without finding any solution for his state until he saw. I begin it by no might or power of mine.settle my debts. that he was in a valley where there was an enormous tent with a dome over it.

therefore. he hurried to the house of the Sayyid and found him in the same state that he had seen in the dream. and Who has not have a helper to save Him from disgrace. the man recovered health and got rid of poverty. The man hence asked the Sayyid about that supplication and the Sayyid answered him. after the Dawn Prayers. he studied under him. Who has not taken a wife or a son and Who has not have a partner in the kingdom. all¡humma arsil `alayya sij¡la rizqika midr¡ran . It is thus necessary to constantly say these supplications since great rewards will be given to those who do not neglect so. after the Dawn Prayers. Soon after that. he found that he had learnt that supplication by heart. Immediately after saying the supplication persistently. send forth on me the bails of Your sustenance in abundance. For some time. should put his hand on his chest and repeat seventy times the phrase of: O Greatest Judge Y¡ fatt¡¦u (2) He taught him to regularly say the following prayer that. l¡ ¦awla wa l¡ quwwata ill¡ bill¡hi tawakkaltu `al¡ al¦ayyi alladh¢ l¡ yam£tu wal¦amdu lill¡hi alladh¢ lam yattakhidh waladan wa lam yakun lah£ shar¢kun f¢ almulki wa lam yakun lah£ waliyyun min aldhdhulli wa kabbirhu takb¢ran (3) He taught him to say the abovementioned supplication. All praise is due to Allah. As if the Sayyid had already known about the dream. he welcomed the man and smiled in his face. the Holy Prophet (¥) taught to one of his companions who had been afflicted by disease and poverty. the man became so wealthy that fortune covered him from all sides. Confidential Prayer for Sustenance O Allah.When the man woke up. and magnify Him with all magnificence. as is recorded in al-K¡f¢. The supplication is this: There is neither might nor power except with Allah. The following three matters were taught by the Sayyid to that man: (1) He taught him that he. I put my trust in the Ever-living (Lord) Who never dies. which is recorded by Ibn Fahad al-°ill¢ in `Uddat al-D¡`¢. °¡jj Fat¦ `Al¢ al-Sul§¡n¡b¡d¢ used to praise the Sayyid so laudably.

target at me the most productive arrows of opulent sustenance wa am§ir `alayya sa¦¡'iba if¤¡lika ghiz¡ran wa adim ghaytha naylika ilayya sij¡lan wa asbil maz¢da ni`amika `al¡ khallat¢ isb¡lan wa afqirn¢ bij£dika ilayka wa aghnin¢ `amman ya§lubu m¡ ladayka wa d¡wi d¡'a faqr¢ bidaw¡'i fa¤lika wan`ash ¥ar`ata `aylat¢ bi§awlika wa ta¥addaq `al¡ iql¡l¢ bikathrati `a§¡'ika wa `al¡ ikhtil¡l¢ bikar¢mi ¦ib¡'ika wa sahhil rabbi sab¢la alrrizqi ilayya wa thabbit qaw¡`idah£ ladayya wa bajjis l¢ `uy£na sa`atih¢ bira¦matika wa fajjir anh¡ra raghadi al`ayshi qibal¢ bira'fatika wa ajdib ar¤a faqr¢ wa akh¥ib jadba ¤urr¢ wa¥rif `ann¢ f¢ alrrizqi al`aw¡'iqa waq§a` `ann¢ min al¤¤¢qi al`al¡'iqa warmin¢ min sa`ati alrrizqi all¡humma bi-akh¥abi sih¡mih¢ . make me dispense with those who are in want for what is possessed by You. let the superfluity of Your graces to me fall on my neediness increasingly. refresh my dead dearth with Your conferrals. pave the way of sustenance towards me. out of Your clemency. O my Lord. and cut off any relationship between destitution and me. make the rivers of opulent living to flow before me. medicate the malady of my poverty with the remedy of Your favors. O Allah. make the fountains of Your expansive mercy to gush out for me. cause the land of my poverty to be barren. strengthen its foundations with me. make me in ceaseless need for Your magnanimity. fertilize my barren harsh paucity. and give to my shortage Your generous grants.make the clouds of Your favoring rain on me heavily. give as alms to my scarcity Your profuse gifts. keep continuous the drizzle of Your gifts to me plenteously. hold off all obstacles against gaining my sustenance.

and strike my distress.and endow me with the most perpetual affluent living. make me too rich to need Your creatures through Your repetitive conferrals of favors. O Allah. O my Lord. supply me with ever-growing properties. make the sky of Your sustenance shower me with large quantities of the water of Your heavy clouds. for. on behalf of me. present me with expansive favoring. O my Lord. carry the ridding of my misfortune on behalf of me on the quickest riding animals. with the exterminating sword. throw deadly shots at the vulnerable spots of my financial deprivation. to endue me with the errand of eliminating my impoverishment. equip me with the shirts of opulence and garments of comfort. wa¦bun¢ min raghadi al`ayshi bi-akthari daw¡mih¢ waksun¢ all¡humma sar¡b¢la alssa`ati wa jal¡b¢ba aldda`ati fa'inn¢ y¡ rabbi munta¨irun li'in`¡mika bi¦adhfi alma¤¢qi wa lita§awwulika biqa§`i altta`w¢qi wa litafa¤¤ulika bi'iz¡lati alttaqt¢ri wa liwu¥£li ¦abl¢ bikaramika bilttays¢ri wa am§ir all¡humma `alayya sam¡'a rizqika bisij¡li aldd¢mi wa aghnin¢ `an khalqika bi`aw¡'idi alnni`ami warmi maq¡tila al-iqt¡ri minn¢ wa¦mil kashfa al¤¤urri `ann¢ `al¡ ma§¡y¡ al-i`j¡li wa¤rib `ann¢ al¤¤¢qa bisayfi alisti'i¥¡li wa at¦ifn¢ rabbi minka bisa`ati al-if¤¡li wamdudn¢ binumuwwi al-amw¡li . to bestow upon me with the grace of cutting off the impediment. I expect You to do me the favor of removing my distress. and to confer upon me with connecting my cord to Your generosity through facilitation of my affairs. O Allah.

serve me with copious dosages of the water of Your sustenance. massive favoring. Prayer for Sustenance wa¦rusn¢ min ¤¢qi al-iql¡li waqbi¤ `ann¢ s£'a aljadbi wabsu§ l¢ bis¡§a alkhi¥bi wasqin¢ min m¡'i rizqika ghadaqan wanhaj l¢ min `am¢mi badhlika §uruqan wa f¡ji'n¢ bilththarwati walm¡li wan`ashn¢ bih¢ min al-iql¡li wa ¥abbi¦n¢ bilisti¨h¡ri wa massin¢ bilttamakkuni min alyas¡ri innaka dh£ al§§awli al`a¨¢mi walfa¤li al`am¢mi walmanni aljas¢mi wa anta aljaw¡du alkar¢mu Twenty-first: In addition to sustenance. all¡humma inna dhun£b¢ lam yabqa lah¡ ill¡ raj¡'u `afwika wa qad qaddamtu ¡lata al¦irm¡ni bayna yadayya fa'ana as'aluka m¡ l¡ asta¦iqquh£   . I beseech You for what I do not deserve. surprise me with wealth and money through which You may refresh me from scarcity.safeguard me against the distress of paucity. grasp against me the evil of aridity. and start my evenings with ability to meet my liabilities. and You are the All-magnanimous and Allgenerous. extend before me the carpet of fruitfulness. may be used for other purposes: O Allah. Therefore. Verily. pave before me many paths of Your massive abdications. which is quoted from Sayyid Ibn ¡w£s¶s book of al-Mujtan¡. start my mornings with solvency. and plentiful conferral. You are the Lord of great bestowal. this prayer. nothing has indeed left for my sins except my hope for You pardon although I have done things due to which I deserve deprivation of Your pardon.

if it is far off. My situation is not concealed from You although the actual knowledge of my manners is hidden from people. and if it is little. then (please) show it to me. then (please) multiply it for me and grant me its blessings. if it is near. if my sustenance in the sky. if it is in the earth. then (please) send it down to me. O Allah.I seek from You what I do not merit. and I implore You for what I do not earn. then (please) make it easy for me to reach it. wa ad`£ka m¡ l¡ astawjibuh£ wa ata¤arra`u ilayka bim¡ l¡ asta'hiluh£ wa lam yakhfa `alayka ¦¡l¢ wa in khafiya `al¡ alnn¡si kunhu ma`rifati amr¢ all¡humma in k¡na rizq¢ f¢ alssam¡'i fa'ahbi§hu wa in k¡na f¢ al-ar¤i fa'a¨hirhu wa in k¡na ba`¢dan faqarribhu wa in k¡na qar¢ban fayassirhu wa in k¡na qal¢lan fakaththirhu wa b¡rik l¢ f¢hi . then (please) draw it near me.

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