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Devotions to St. Rita a Compendium Life of St. Rita, Devotional Exercises, Novena

Devotions to St. Rita a Compendium Life of St. Rita, Devotional Exercises, Novena

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Published by: MDStevens on Dec 31, 2011
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passed in devout exercises of religion,
when her desire to consecrate herself

entirely to God s service was mirac

ulously obtained and within convent
walls she passed the remaining forty-
four years of her mortal existence,

leading the perfect life of a religious,
until her beautiful soul winged its glad

flight to Heaven.

In the Consistory of April 19th, 1900,

the canonization of Blessed Rita was
asked for and the Holy Father express
ed his great joy at being able to grant
the request, but first wished to have

the opinion of the Episcopate. The
Cardinals and Bishops gave their con

sent in the Consistory of May 17th,
and the Holy Father appointed the
24th of the same month for the cere
mony of canonization. Special devo
tions were proclaimed in preparation

for the event, which was at length

celebrated with the grandest pomp and

splendor amid the joyful acclamations
of thousands drawn to the Holy City

by their desire to gain the great Jubilee
indulgence of that year. The enthu
siasm reached its height when the Holy

Father, to whom alone pertains the



right of proclaiming a Saint, decreed
and defined that Blessed Rita of Cascia,

professed nun of the Order of Saint
Augustine, was a Saint and was here
by inscribed on the catalogue of Saints
and that her memory should be held in

perpetual veneration on the 22nd of
May each year by the Universal
Church. In the Name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.


Thus closes the last act in the life-
drama of a true servant of God. And
while the canonization of Saint Rita
adds nothing to her glory and happi
ness in Heaven, it

emphasizes the vir
tues she so nobly practised on earth and

sets her more clearly before us as a
model for imitation. It

only remains
for us to go forward, courageously de
termined to conquer the difficulties that
beset our pathway through life, bear

ing ever in mind the fact that the grace
by which she overcame the world is

also ours.

Saint Rita, pray for us!

Christ Appears to St. Rita

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