1) What is your “go to” or bread-and-butter play? Why do you believe in that play?

2) How many plays do you use in a season?

3) What is your philosophy regarding formations? Do you believe in multiple sets or?

4) How do you approach game planning? Do you tend to look at last year’s film more so than your opponents recent games?

5) How much 3 or 5 step passing game do you use?

6) What defense / adjustment do you think gives you the most issues and why?

7) What advice would you give to an offensive coordinator and/or Head Coach who is currently running the Wing-T and wants to be successful?

8) What is one thing you believe is unique to your program and the success of your offense?

9) Do your coaches have specific in-game or gameplanning assignments when it comes to your offense?

10) What do you think is the most important aspect of your program that contributes to the success you have had?

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