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Coastline Systems Consulting

Phone: 555-555-5555 Fax:555-555-5555


SERVICE REQUESTED FOR DEPARTMENT(S) Tech Support / IT consultants EXECUTIVE SPONSOR (funding authority) Name Peter Charles Title President / Analyst Office Coastline Office Phone 555-555-5555

SUBMITTED BY (key user contact) Name Douglas Davies Title Web Programmer Office Coastline office Phone 555-555-5555

TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTED: Information Strategy Planning Existing Application Enhancement Business Process Analysis and Redesign Existing Application Maintenance (problem fix) New Application Development Not Sure Other (please specify _______________________________________________________________________ BRIEF STATEMENT OF PROBLEM, OPPORTUNITY, OR DIRECTIVE (attach additional documentation as necessary) The company is unable to adequately keep track of their clients hardware and software configurations. Tech Support is unable to access information from home. This causes them to be unable to fully support their clients in the field Clients are unable to enter service request Techs are unable to track hardware installations Consultants are unaware of any work previously done on a prior job.

BRIEF STATEMENT OF EXPECTED SOLUTION A new system is to be created, both responsive to clients and helpful to technicians, that allows techs to access and update data and software configurations remotely. It will also allow them to track installations as they occur. The system will also allow clients to enter service requests remotely. The system will also allow technicians to document the work done on those requests, and for everyone to be able to see the history and status of each request.

ACTION (ISS Office Use Only) Feasibility assessment approved Feasibility assessment waived Assigned to: Douglas Davies Approved Budget $ _____________ Start Date ASAP Deadline 6 Months Backlogged until date: ______________ Reason: ________________________________________________ _____Anna Kelly__________________________________ Project Executive Sponsor

Request delayed Request rejected Authorized Signatures: _____________________________________


PROJECT: CREATED BY: DATE CREATED: IS581ON_B Douglas Davies 11/4/2011 PROJECT MANAGER: LAST UPDATED BY: DATE LAST UPDATED: Benjamin Perez Douglas Davies 11/4/2011

Brief Statements of Problem, Opportunity, or Directive 1. There are no records of past job history with client records.


Visibility Med (Consultants and office)

Annual Benefits Saving approx. 5hrs a week, 260hrs a year @ $75 an hour: $20,000 Saving approx. 5hrs a week, 260hrs a year @ $15 an hour: $4,000 Saving approx. 1,000hrs @ $75 an hour: $75,000 Saving approx. 5hrs a week, 260hrs a year @ $75 an hour: $20,000

Priority or Rank 1

6 months

Proposed Solution Create a new company wide database for job records.


Clients are unable to submit their service request directly to the office.

6 months

High (for office and customers)

Build an online client portal


The current system for inventorying clients equipment, configurations, purchase and warranty dates is unreliable Consultants need to be able to access client data in the field

6 months

Med (Consultants and office)

Update & revamp client information database. Update in house network to make it accessible through a VPN


6 months

Low (consultants only)

5. 6.

PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES AND CONSTRAINTS MATRIX Project: customer technology tracking system Project Manager: Benjamin Perez Created by: Douglas Davies Last Updated by: Douglas Davies Date Created 11/4/2011 Date Last Updated: 11/4/2011 CAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS Problem or Opportunity 1.Client files are unacceptable Causes and Effects 1. Information is incomplete and disorganized 2. Documents never get updated 3. Loss of time on the job to fix the problem 4. Look bad and unprepared to the customer. 1. 2. 3. 3. Service request system is inefficient Dont have username and passwords available Passwords get lost and have to reset router Loss of productivity at clients location Clients confused about status of request Time wasted in office to get updates and check on status. Unable to maintain history of service SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT OBJECTIVES System Objective 1. Make the database searchable 2. Implement barcode scanning System Constraint 1. Need barcodes on clients computer

2. unable to track components


Have a intranet application

1. 2.

Workout replicating and updating the data Update to tablet PCs

1. 2. 3.

1. 2.

Clients enter their own request online Tech can enter new service request from clients location


Only techs can update a request as resolved.

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