January 31st, 2011 This is the OccupySF Labor Solidarity Working Group's newsletter. This working group was initiated to begin to centralize the outpouring of support that organized workers and unions are showing the Occupy movement. We have seen that labor solidarity in NYC, and now the Bay Area, has been a key component to the sustainability and growth of Occupy. We want to streamline communication between organized labor and the OccupySF movement by developing a network of sympathetic unions and rank-and-file activists. This working group will also help union members garner support within their unions and work sites for OccupySF. The hope is that OccupySF can continue to benefit from the resources and labor skills that organized labor can provide; we also hope union members find inspiration and learn from a fresh and growing movement. occupysflaborsolidarity@gmail.comservefacebook.com/occupysflaborsolidarity There are five sections to newsletter: 1. Next Meeting Info 2. Important Updates 3. Key Dates for Mobilizing Unionists 4. Overview of Working Group Activities 5. Opportunities to Get Involved in Working Group 1. Next Meeting Info Time: Regular Tuesday Meeting (Jan. 3rd this week) at 6:30pm Location: One Rincon Center food court at 121 Spear Street. It is a quiet food court very close to the Justin Herman Plaza camp. From Justin Herman Plaza walk down Steuart Street to halfway between Mission and Howard. Enter the plaza directly across from the Embarcadero YMCA. You could also enter the plaza from its official entrance at 121 Spear Street. The meeting will be at the inside tables just past the entrance to the One Rincon Center food court. If lost, don’t hesitate to call: 415 613-3253 Proposed Agenda: 85 Minutes a. Check-In Around Occupy: Due to the holidays many of us have been out of the loop. Let’s get the latest updates on the arrestees and see how we can get labor to support. 20 mins. b. ILWU Longview Caravan: As of now, Occupy Oakland is handling the logistics for the caravan to defend the ILWU against multinational EGT and the rogue OE union. On our side of the bay, we are being asked to gather folks to caravan up to the port some time in mid January. We are also being asked to pass resolutions to help pay for buses and mobilize workers. 20 mins c. January 20th Planning: How can we build for January 20th: Occupy Wall Street West? This is going to be a large action. We need to figure out how to promote this within our unions. The SFLC is on board for the action. A delegate from the council will be reporting back on what they are doing. 25 mins. d. Occupy and Foreclosures: OccupySF will be having events at bank branches to shed light on the foreclosurefor-profit actions taken by banks across the city. We should look at how we could mobilize unions to these events. There are also many foreclosure actions coming as well that we should consider getting involved. A member of SEIU 1021 will likely attend the meeting to tell us about the steps they’ve already taken in such work. 15 mins. e. Occupy support for Teamsters drive for organizing Port of Oakland truckers. An organizer with teamsters is asking for support in a campaign to help unionize the independent-contracted port truckers. 10 mins f. Change the meeting time? OccupySF now has general assemblies on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Should we stick with Tuesdays or try another day? 10 mins. f. Announcements: Report backs from the Outreach, Communications, Direct Action working groups, and subgroups; review Action Council Meeting; update from Labor Council reps. 10 mins. EMAIL LIST TO PROPOSE AGENDA ITEMS! 2. Important Updates a. OccupySF Labor Solidarity WG Discussion Forum. We now have a discussion list serve. If you are receiving this newsletter, you are on the announcement list serve. There is now another list serve for all members to share articles and links that are relevant to our work. If you are interested in joining the second list serve, please visit this address: groups.google.com/group/OSFLaborSolidarityDiscussi onForum b. OccupySF now has an online magazine: sfoccupier.org. Please contribute your work. MORE INFO ON BACK!!!

c. OccupySF General Assembly has endorsed mobilizing a caravan to help defend ILWU in Longview, WA. d. Occupy SF General Assembly and Action Council have endorsed January 20th. 3. Keys Dates for Mobilizing Members.* a. Saturday, January 7th! OccupySF will be teaming up with ACCE to hold rallies at banks around the Persia Triangle in the Excelsior District. The action is to shed light on the evictions and foreclosures ravaging SF residents. This will be one of the Saturday actions building momentum for Jan. 20th!! Flier will be sent to announcement list soon! b. Wednesday January 11th! Possible action to demand the Mirkarimi stop the evictions. More info coming soon. c. Saturday, January 14th! Action to shed light on foreclosures and related housing issues in and around Mission District. This will be one of the Saturday actions building momentum for Jan. 20th!! Flier will be sent to announcement list soon! d. Friday, January 20th! Occupy Wall Street West: Mass Day of Action in the Financial District. OccupySF is working hard to make this a considerable demonstration. Keep up to date at the website: www.occupywallstwest.org e. Thursday, March 1st and Monday March 5th: National Day Of Action For Education: To endorse the call, or for more information, visit www.occupyed.org   e. May 1st! A national network of Occupy labor outreach groups has voted to begin organizing for a mass day of action/ strike on May 1st. More info to come. Please contact working group to join the national network. *OCCUPYSF ENDORSES NO CANDIDATES. PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO PROMOTE POLITICAL CANDIDATES AT ANY OF THESE ACTIONS. 4. Overview On Working Group Activities a. We are building a network of sympathetic unions and members that want to support OccupySF. Get on the list: occupysflaborsolidarity@gmail.com b. We are involved in a number of projects to get invigorate working class strength. We are continually looking for ways to help increase unionization and bolster union struggles.  

c. We are networking with a number of Occupy labor outreach groups from across the country. Contact for more info. d. We want to help members draft resolutions and facilitate union activities at OccupySF. Participation in Labor Thursdays is encouraged. Email if you would like assistance. e. We are creating a system that cold calls all San Francisco unions to let them know about how they can support OccupySF and vice versa. f. We are creating educational material and events to show why unions matter!!! 5. Opportunities to Get Involved in Working Group a. Come to meetings. Regular meeting time is Tuesday at 6:30pm at 121 Spear Street. Enter food court at One Rincon Center. Check messages in case of changes. Call 415 613-3253 if you need help finding the location. b. Promote working group and collect contact info of union members and sympathizers at Occupy events or other political actions. Contact occupysflaborsolidarity@gmail.com if interested. c. Volunteer to “cold call” unions and working group contacts to push unions to participate in Occupy events. Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll send you directions. d. Join a subgroup in the working group. Work on education, labor defense campaigns, organizing Thursday and Saturday events, resolution writing support, etc. e. Print the newsletter and distribute it to friends and at assembly meetings. e. Write resolutions that: 1. purchase items needed for the movement. Check website or contact working group for assistance. (example: UESF passed resolution to purchase up $1,000 in supplies each month for OccupySF) 2. include language that encourages rank-and-file members to deliver items. 3 . adopt a day to bring food, entertainment, and participate in the general assembly@6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (12pm on Sat.); participate in Labor Thursdays. 4. mobilize membership to a day of action and/or a Saturday protest (see Key Dates section).

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