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a. Current doctrinal terms do not adequately address the broad range of tasks associated with
the DOD definitions of cyberspace and CyberOps. For example, cyberspace includes computer
and telecommunication networks as well as embedded processors and controllers in equipment,
systems, and infrastructure; and CyberOps encompasses more than just CNO and NetOps.
Consequently, the framework developed for this pamphlet establishes four components for
CyberOps: CyberSA, CyNetOps, CyberWar, and CyberSpt, with CyberWar and CyNetOps
being the primary operational components. This framework is illustrated in figure 4-1 and
further elaborated upon in this chapter.


"Just as it is necessary to understand human psychology and human social behavior to succeed in the art of unifying physical and psychological
impact, and that or keeping friends and winning allies, knowledge in these fields is crucial to this art. The first term, electrophysics, is the root
science that defines this field. Cyber-electronics is a term I prefer over Cyberspace to cover the science that bounds and defines modern
communications, including the Internet. Moreover, the character of modern operations is so shaped by these sciences, and the enabling
capabilities that stem from them, that to not consider these a "dimension" would be limiting." Introduction to Winning in the Cyber
Electromagnetic Dimension of "Full Spectrum Operations," Brigadier General Huba Wass de Czege, U.S. Army, Retired.

TRADOC Pam 525-7-8




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