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a. The primary DOTMLPF implications arising from this pamphlet vice an exhaustive list,
are described below. The items cited will require additional analysis before comprehensive
actionable recommendations emerge. This is intended to be used as one of the starting points for
the Army CyberOps CBA.

b. How will the Army concurrently develop CyberOps doctrine with the evolution the
cyberspace domain and USCYBERCOM; unfolding joint CyberOps and Army concepts and
doctrine; and emerging joint and Army CyberOps requirements?

c. What are the most effective organizational designs for implementation of the Army
CyberOps that support USCYBERCOM and all combatant commanders; and support Army
expeditionary operations, and an Army enterprise construct that includes the operating and
generating forces, active and reserve components, and other specified cyberspace?

d. What is the appropriate balance between joint and Army training for CyberOps


e. How should the Army work with the joint force in developing robust and responsive
CyberOps RDT&E, and acquisition processes?

f. How will the Army keep pace with the rate of technologic advancement, and adapt these
advancements to operational advantage?

g. How does the Army develop leaders that understand cyberspace and CyberOps;
understand how to integrate and employ CyberOps as part of FSO; and understand how to
recognize and adapt advance technologies into operational advantage?

h. How does the Army best organize to develop the requisite CyberOps personnel skills and


i. What test and training facilities are required to support CyberOps and the integration of

CyberOps into FSO?

j. What are the public-private partnerships required to secure commercial segments "inside"
the Army or other specified cyberspace?

TRADOC Pam 525-7-8


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